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Special Forces arrest Space Force Commander for TREASON

Saltzman, 54, had 30 Years In Service Prior to his Arrest. In 1991, he Graduated from Boston University and was Commissioned into the United States Air Force. He was a Career Missile and Space Operations Officer with Operational Experience as A Minuteman III Launch Officer and as A Satellite Operator for the National Reconnaissance Office. On July 27, 2022, the Criminal Joseph Biden Nominated Saltzman for Promotion to General and Appointment as Second Chief of Space Force Operations, Replacing General John W Raymond, whom President Trump had Chosen to Helm the Fledgling Armed Forces Branch in December 2019.

White Hats became Interested in Saltzman in Early March when US Army Cyber Command intercepted A Phone Call between him and National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby. On it, Kirby asked Saltzman to send him A Progress Report on the Development of ACommunications Satellite” Scheduled for Completion in Early 2024. Saltzman Reportedly Replied that the Project was Behind Schedule because he had “Loaned $ 19.7 Billion to Ukraine’s Government, as per Lloyd Austin’s Instructions.

The Idea sounded So Preposterous that the Officer who Intercepted the Call at First Thought it was A Joke, until Saltzman said, “I was Told the Money would be Replenished. And It has to Be Soon. I don’t Want to End Up on the Wrong Side of A Congressional Inquiry.” Kirby Reassured him that Since the Bulk of Space Force’s Projects were Classified Even from Congress, he could Survive A Farrago of Inquiries by Uttering Just Two Words: “That’s Classified.”

“I hope You’re Right,” Saltzman told Kirby. “I was Promised Protection.”

The Conversation prompted White Hats to Investigate Further, our Source said, Especially since Deep Staters like Bridget Brink had Already been Arrested, Tried, Convicted, and Executed for the Same Crime. More Recently, White Hats apprehended OMB Director Shalanda Young, who will Face A Tribunal on April 27, for Illicitly Wiring Billions of American Dollars to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Vice Admiral Crandall, our Source said, Wanted Hard Evidence, Documentation, to Supplement Saltzman’s Telephone Confession, and if Such Proof Existed, White Hats Believed It would be Found at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs, where Saltzman spent Most of his Time.

On April 2, Cyber Command made Futile Attempts to Access Peterson SFB’s Network; they were Unable to Penetrate or Bypass the Network’s Security System.

That Our Best People couldn’t Hack in was Suspicious Itself,” our Source said. “The Deep State has A Silly Habit of Leaving Paper Trails. If 20 Billion Bucks Disappear, there’s A Record Somewhere, Either on a Hard Drive, an SD Card, or Good Old Fashioned Paper. We have Allies at Space Force Bases. When President Trump Created It, we Populated It with White Hats. Yet Somehow Biden’s Guy Managed to Give Away the Farm Undetected. General Smith Risked Asking Supposed Allies at Peterson to Look for Evidence. It was A Risk because we Never Know Who might’ve Switched Loyalty, it happens All the Time. I can’t Say Who he Asked, but it was an Officer in A Senior Leadership Position.

On April 10, General Smith’s Office Received Financials showing Saltzman had Authorized the Transfer of $ 19.7 Billion to A Nexus of US Defense Contractors, Primarily Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, with A Presence in Ukraine. Further Investigation Revealed Those Companies then Forwarded the Funds to Ukroboronprom, A state association of Major Defense Conglomerates in Ukraine.

The Criminal Biden Regime has Made No Public Mention of the Space Force giving $ 20 Billion to Ukraine.

General Smith Shared the Findings with Admiral Crandall, and they Decided they had More than Enough Proof to Make an Arrest,” our Source said.

On April 12, General Smith and the White Hat Council met to Discuss A Plan of Action. Topics Included How the Deep State would Respond to Saltzman’s Disappearance. Colonel JD Keirsey, Commander of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Opined that A High Profile Arrest would Likely Prompt the Deep State to launch A Retaliatory Strike on White Hat Assets. Following A Brief Discourse, they Unanimously Agreed Saltzman had to Answer for his Treachery, and 5th Special Forces Group Commander Colonel Brent Lindemen Volunteered his Men to Arrest “The Treasonous Bastard.”

A Day Later, Special Forces Arrived in Colorado Springs, Located Saltzman, and Began Shadowing him When he was Off Post, Learning his Movements and Routines and Awaiting an Opportunity to Isolate and Arrest him without Creating A Public Spectacle. Saltzman Moved about Carefree, Nonchalantly, Clueless that America’s Elite Fighting Forces had him in their Sights, Tailing him for Several Days before the Perfect Opportunity to Grab him Arose.

On April 16, they Spotted Saltzman’s Vehicle pulling into A Motel Parking lot. They Suspected he was There to Visit A Young Woman who was Not his Wife and Who had Been in Saltzman’s Car on Previous Nights. He seemed Confused when A Half Dozen Special Forces with Weapons Drawn Approached him.

He thought They were There to Arrest him for Adultery under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. And When told the Real Reason was Treason and that He’d be Sent to Guantanamo Bay, he said Something like ‘President Biden Won’t Stand for This’ and Argued with Special Forces. Saltzman is A Disgrace to the Uniform. He will Face A Military Tribunal,” our Source said.

Michael Baxter

Real Raw News,

Deep State Clones Expire After Three Years, Cloning Scientist tells Military

Deep State Clones exist for Only Three Years Once they leave their Maturation Chambers and are Recalled to A Reclamation Center at Least One Week Before they Expire, According to A Deep State Cloning Scientist who was Arrested by US Special Forces in Early January and taken to an Undisclosed Safe House for A Lengthy Interrogation.

A Source in General Eric M. Smith’s Office told Real Raw News that Military Interrogators began Questioning the 49 Year Old German Born Scientist, Now Identified as Harald Kraus, at Once after his Arrest. A Reticent Kraus Refused to Answer Questions after Being Told he could Cooperate or Face A Military Tribunal with A 100 Percent Conviction Rate over the Last Two Years.

Before that, Interrogators used Gentle Language trying to Persuade Kraus to Disclose the Whereabouts of Cloning Centers in the United States. They described Kraus as Intelligent but also Timid and Fragile, and Feared that Coercion might make him Crack, Just Not the Way they wanted. They Promised him Protection from Deep State Retaliation and said if they Turned him Loose on the Streets, the Deep State would Surely Kill him, since it Knew he was in the Hands of the White Hat Partition of the US Military.

If we Release you, I Give you 24 hours, Probably Less, Before they find you. Even if you Tell us Nothing, They’ll Assume we Broke you, They’ll Assume you Talked. We’re the Good Guys Here. If you’re Lucky, they’ll Kill you Quickly, Painlessly, but your Bosses aren’t Known for Being Merciful,” One Interrogator reportedly told Kraus.

That was Mild Language, our Source said.

Kraus got Royal Treatment, Quality Food Tailored to his Diet and Ample Recovery Time between Isochronous Interrogation Sessions, and he Stayed in A Room with A Bed instead of A Cell with A Rickety, Uncomfortable Cot. The Interrogators hoped their Generosity would Elicit A Confession. But Kraus, Headstrong and Palpably Fearful of his Former Employers, Still Answered Questions with an Indignant Shoulder Shrug and Proclamations of “I Really don’t Know Anything.”

His Convenient Amnesia Continued into March, Frustrating the Interrogators who had Extended him Every Possible Courtesy and were Assiduous in Trying to Earn his Trust through Acts of Kindness.

In Mid March, Kraus stopped Eating, Telling Interrogators that Captivity caused Depression and that he had Lost his Appetite. He said he was Homesick, Not for Work but for his Wife and 12 Year Old Son Who Lived in Hamburg, Germany.

The Interrogators saw an Opening.

All our Research and We had No Clue this Guy has A Wife and Kid Still in Germany,” Our Source in General Smith’s Office said. “He told Investigators they Lived in Germany because the Wife is A Part Time Caregiver for her Sick Mother, and he hadn’t Seen them in A Year, when they Visited him in Boston. So, the Investigators Considered he might be Lying, Playing the Sympathy Card and All, but Deduced through his Body Language and Attitude that he was Probably Telling the Truth. And they Used That to their Advantage.”

The Interrogators amplified Their Tactics, telling Kraus that Only through Them would he Again see his Family.

You do Know they Go after Families and Friends too,” an Interrogator told Kraus. “Just because Your Wife and Son are Overseas doesn’t Mean they’re Safe, and if they Come Back to the US Looking for You because They haven’t Heard from You, Believe me, they will Be in Jeopardy. The People you Worked For, You don’t Know What they’re Capable Of, Harald, you Just don’t Know.”

Cooperation would be Reciprocated, the Interrogator said, adding that the Deep State was A Perfidious, Indefatigable Opponent whose Lust for Vengeance would Ultimately Lead its Agents of Evil to Kraus’ family.

Kraus Broke. Between Sobs he told Interrogators that the Deep State had Compartmentalized its Cloning Operations so that Scientists at One Facility knew Neither the Location of Nor the Employees at Other Labs. He had Seen Briefs, he said, Alluding to the Existence of Twelve Domestic Cloning Laboratories besides the One he’d Worked at in Missouri. When he Insisted that he was Oblivious to Whose Clones the Deep State had Spawned at Different Labs, Investigators asked him to Take A Polygraph, to Which he Assented.

While Hooked to the Polygraph, Kraus said Clones had ALifespan” of Only Three Years, Which is Why the Deep State bred Multiple Copies of the Same Persons. He said that Rapid Maturation came with an Insolvable Side Effect, Irreversible Decay of Neural Pathways.

In Humans, the Brain clears Unused Pathways through A Process Called Synaptic Pruning. Every Time we Learn Something New, Our Brain Structure Changes. New Neural Pathways Form. Synapses are Created to Store and Retrieve This New Information.

Clones, Kraus said, Stop Forming New Pathways after Three Years, and Existing Paths Rot, Causing Psychosis Before they Die.

Every Clone, he Added, has A Subdermal Microchip Implanted behind the Left Ear. It serves as A GPS tracking device and a receiver through which the Deep State can issue A “Recall Command” Ahead of the i’s Expiration Date.

He also said the chip allows the Deep State to monitor a clone’s general health,” our source said.

Kraus explained that Recalled Clones Get Dissolved in Acid and Replaced by Another Facsimile of the Human it Portrays in Public, and Claimed the Now Destroyed Missouri Lab had Released Three Copies of Joseph Biden between 2012 – 2022.

Kraus said he Believed but could Not Prove that Obama had Real Biden Killed.

Our Source said Kraus passed Four Polygraph Exams.

When Asked what would Happen to Kraus, he said, “Obviously, We Can’t Let him Go. The Deep State won’t Let him Live, and we Have Justifiable Reasons to hold him Indefinitely if Necessary. He’s Committed Crimes against the Nation and Humanity. And he might have More to Tell Us.”

Michael Baxter

Real Raw News,

Star Trek Voyager Actor Tim Russ is Barack Obama Body Double

Tim Russ, the Actor who Played the Vulcan Tuvok in Star Trek Voyager in the 1990‘s, has revived his Acting Career with A Fresh Gig, Portraying Disgraced Former President Barack Hussein Obama on Television and in Public, Sources at US Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) told Real Raw New

For Years, Alternative News has Claimed that Obama Actual had Faced Justice and Been Replaced by Body Doubles and Doppelgangers, Spitting Images of the Man who Reportedly smells like Sulfur and was Dubbed “Lord of the Flies” after Insects Inexplicably Landed on his Head during Numerous Press Conferences.

White Hats, However, Remain Unconvinced that Obummer bought the Farm, and say Parables of his Demise may be Premature. As One High Ranking Source at Guantanamo Bay told RRN, “If Someone Got Him, it wasn’t Us, and We’ve Not Seen Substantiable Proof he’s Dead. We’ve Never Heard Chatter, and his Death would be Pretty Big Deal.”

Irrespective of Whether the Dark Lord is Upright or Planted Horizontally in the Ground, he has Found an Ally in Russ, who, Sources say, Recently played the Part of Obama at A Speaking Event in Sydney, Australia, where 9.000 People Paid $ 900 to Hear him and Man Wife Michael Robinson Praise Aussie Gun Control Laws, Blast President Donald Trump, and Tout Construction of his Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

ARCYBER hadn’t Even Heard of Russ until November 2022, when A CIA Dissenter sent Deputy Commanding General Paul G Craft a dossier saying the Agency had Groomed an Obama Lookalike.

Russ and Obama have Similarities, Facial Structure, Complexion, Nose Angle, Length, and Width. They also Share A Similar Enunciation. Obama has Bigger Ears, but Russ wears Prosthetics, as he did to Look Vulcan in Voyager, when Impersonating him. They are in the Same Age Bracket, Russ 66, and Obama 61, and have Identical Hair Texture, though Russ, the Dossier said, Dyed his to Match Obama’s Shade of Grey. Russ wears Elevated Shoes to Account for their Difference in Height, Obama is Three Inches Taller than Russ.

The Dossier alleges that Russ has Been Obsessed with Obama since At Least 2014. A then 57 Year Old Russ Petitioned his Agent to Secure an Audition for Southside With You, A 2015 Film, Entirely Fictitious, by the Way, about A Young, Lovestruck Obama Wooing Michelle on A First Date across Chicago. Told he was Too Old to Play the Part, Russ Argued he could be De Aged through CGI and Play A Convincing Barack Hussein Obama.

The CIA Papers don’t Say Why they need Actors to Imitate Obama, but Clearly say they Approached Tim Russ Last Year. They Mention Putting Russ through Rigorous Training so that Even Astute Observers wouldn’t be Able to Tell he wasn’t Obama Unless they were Right up in his Face. They taught him to Walk, Talk, and Act like Obama, Just like they Taught Actor Arthur Roberts to Pretend to be Joseph Biden. Tim Russ is the New Barrack Hussein Obama,” Our Source said.

Michael Baxter

Real Raw News, April 25, 2023

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