Cor Hendriks – Het Velikovsky Syndroom (23): Nieuwe video’s (met PDF)

Op het internet kwam ik een nieuwe commentator van Velikovsky tegen, genaamd Greg Jay, die een uitgebreide collectie video’s heeft uitgebracht over de theorieën van Velikovsky. Voor een deel zijn het audio boeken, lezingen van hoofdstukken uit de boeken, maar meer recent heeft hij video’s uitgebracht, waarvan hier een overzicht volgt. Aan het eind van dit artikel is een link opgenomen naar een PDF, genaamd ‘Egyptian history and the biblical record’, die ik al in januari 2018 heb gemaakt en diverse artikelen bevat. Het eerste artikel is ‘Egyptian history and the biblical record: a perfect match?’ van Daniel Anderson uit 2007 (pp. 1-9), gevolgd door ‘Resolving alleged conflicts between the Bible and other accounts of Egyptian history’ van Wikimedia commons (pp. 10-14), ‘Which Came First, the Pyramids or the Flood?’ van Alden Bass (pp. 15-30), ‘Doesn’t Egyptian Chronology Prove That the Bible Is Unreliable?’ van Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell (pp. 31-46), ‘Amenhotep II and the Historicity of the Exodus Pharaoh’ van Doug Petrovich (pp. 47-87; met reacties -124), ‘The Oldest Yahweh Inscription’ van Joel Kramer (p. 125), ‘Amenhotep II as Pharaoh of the Exodus’ van William Shea PhD (pp. 126-142 met reacties -164). (51:46) ‘” Mankind in amnesia” Updated cc Velikovsky Lecture 1966’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 23 dec. 2017 (12.194 v; 88 r). Tekst: ‘First the reason I put a slideshow on this is because it was a lecture from 1966 and figured it would be better to have something to look at instead of one photo for the entire talk, the step down is because I am new to OBS and did not really know it very well, when I get time I can arrange some photos to match what he is talking about but I have not had the time. Now that I know OBS this can be better I just need some time to fix it. It takes awhile to complete. A riveting lecture by Immanuel Velikovsky “From Book to Book and Land to Land”Man a species with amnesia” was first written about and brought to the public by Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky in 1950 or as he called it “mankind in amnesia” or ” collective amnesia” that I know of.Not only that but he gave his views on the diagnosis of individuals and especially mainstream a good old fashioned tongue lashing, the man had compassion almost to a fault for doing what he did knowing full well he would get nothing but headaches for his troubles. He was a high profile psychiatrist at the time and pals with Einstein. comments welcome that pertain to the content or a decent discussion please, hurling insults is ridiculous, serve no purpose, are a dime a dozen on youtube. I understand ” Once a person stands for something he will create enemies” and that’s okay don’t care about that but Profanity is the last resort of limited mainstream mind. Mainstream shills favorite word is moron, but they think nothing of buying into being pigeonholed into believing mainstream then like a sock puppet parrot those that tell them what to think, to the point they have no original thoughts of their own. So in lieu of making their own video, they make accounts for the sole purpose of visiting videos to hurl insults, their hatred says a lot more about who they are than anything else, so if that is your intention save it, nobody cares. The comment section is for those who are interested in the content and civil discussion. If you have a legitimate objective opinion that’s fine just use some couth. (32:51) ‘Worlds in Collision (Venus) Chapter 1 & 2 part 1 audio book’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 24 jan. 2018 (3.693 v; 21 r). (57:05) ‘Worlds in Collision (Venus) Chapter 2 part 2’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 24 jan. 2018 (7.786 v; 60 r). Tekst: ‘Part 2 of Chapter 2 of Worlds in Collision. Audacity crashed on me, pc acting up, I was able to recover it, Need to rest the voice for a bit. Too many issues with this chapter, apologies. I am providing a link to this book on Amazon, even if you do not buy the book or have it I recommend reading the only comment that was put up in the referral section it is a good read here is a caption: NBrockmeier. 5.0 out of 5 stars A New History for the Solar System. April 19, 2016. Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase. Book: First 122 pages, by Dr. Ruth Velikovsky Sharon. Consistent with the chosen title: “The Truth Behind the Torment”, Dr. Sharon carefully reproduces more than 20 letters written to trash Velikovsky’s thesis and books (a like number defend the book). The first in the series of more than seven books was “Worlds in Collision”, slated to be published in 1950 by Macmillan, a reputable textbook publisher. Of course, the book was thoroughly reviewed before publication by several of the publisher’s experts. In 1949, even before the release of the first editions, the Head of the Astronomy Dept. at Harvard University, Dr. Harlow Shapley, separately became aware of the book. Now realize that most of the negative critics claim (almost boast) that they have never read Velikovsky’s books. They make their critique based on partial information from Harper’s Magazine and other publicity materials. The preface to “Truth….” leads off with a half-dozen cannon volleys: 1. “…the promulgation of such lies – yes, lies…” 2. “He seems to be one of our most erudite charlatans.” 3. “He sought my endorsement of his theory. I was astonished. I looked around to see if he had a keeper with him.” 4. “You know, of course, that I personally am a sympathetic friend of the thwarted and demented.” 5. “Oh, no! No! Oh, no! Don’t get trapped! He is a dangerous crank.” 6. “He has misguided people like you in great numbers, and my advice is to shut the book and never look at it again in your lifetime.” Well, those who know me will realize that I cannot pass up reading such controversial science!! I read all of the letters carefully reproduced by Dr. Sharon. While it was entertaining, it made me very sad to find that learned people can also be so nasty and even foolish. Didn’t they realize that their behavior contributed to the book’s high sales? While Albert Einstein was sympathetic to Velikovsky’s thesis, Einstein correctly saw a brewing storm. Dr. Sharon lists many of the earlier visionaries whose ideas were ahead of their times: Copernicus, Galileo, and the tensions between Tesla and Edison. Pages 123 to 183 by C. J. Ransom “ High-Level Velikovsky”. Related book: “The Age of Velikovsky” (by C.J. Ransom, a Ph.D. in Plasma Physics who conducted research for General Dynamics). Ransom says of the AAAS convention of 1974: “[it] was advertised as a scientific appraisal of Velikovsky’s theory. But, at the opening of the meeting, the attendees were informed (by Carl Sagan) that the subject was not worthy of scientific discussion and the meeting was being held to point this out to any minds which had strayed from the uniformitarian faith”. “Perhaps Sagan’s most quoted statement from the symposium was this: `My conclusion will be that where V is original, he is very likely wrong; and that where he is right, the idea has been pre-empted by earlier workers.’ Whether this lie was original with Sagan or was fabricated by an earlier worker, it is flatly untrue.” Let’s refer to Velikovsky as Dr V. In doing his reading and research in the 1940’s, he studied the similarity of Myths, especially concerning human origins and the stories (myths) they had developed all around the globe to document the history of their experiences. Early on in his studies, he could not help but notice a great deal of similarity between the historical origin myths on the different continents. Dr V made the presupposition that these myths were related to each other, even though there were some differences – they were telling essentially the same stories. He became convinced that these diverse peoples saw dramatic events in their skies that we today do not see, or see in a greatly attenuated fashion.’ (1:03:57) ‘Worlds in Collision chapter 5 (Mars) Updated’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 4 feb. 2018 (10.244 v; 51 r). Tekst: ‘I go to chapter 5 of the Mars section, my plan was to read from Venus first and then Mars like he has it laid out, but when I saw this particular chapter I thought how did I miss this? But, then realized it was from the book of Mars after I read the whole thing, so figured why not just release it in order to move on, I need to finish the history part 2 that is nearly half done that project I want to be better so I am back to learning the ropes a bit better on the DAW I have. Chapter 5, in this chapter, we go through : 1. The steeds of Mars. 2. The terrible ones. 3. Samples from other planets. 4. The Archangels. 5. Planet worship in the 7th century. Then relay a few choice things I put in my notes and we have a tiny peek at Peter Mungo Jupp, whom I discovered last year has done some very good work of course as is the case with are a couple of my favs and where a lot of information resides and the Jupiter myth is a brilliant piece of work period. Important places & videos should be getting more attention, so I have tried to do something about it. (21:23) ‘Worlds in Collision Chapter 5 (Venus) Part 1’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 6 mrt. 2018 (1.858 v; 15 r). (27:17) ‘Worlds in Collision Chapter 5 (book of Venus) part 2’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 8 mrt. 2018 (2.535 v; 6 r). Tekst: ‘Part 2 of Chapter 5 in the book of Venus: worlds in collision by Immanuel Velikovsky. This important chapter covers the past ages after I read this chapter I realized how important it is. Velikovsky points out that one of the catastrophes the Earth suffered was at the end of the middle kingdom of Egypt and the exodus. This is where the sea and land traded places, while the break up of the Saturnian system was taking place and Earth was finding it’s new home going around the sun.Makes complete sense to me. If we can unlearn all that we have learned in order to take a fresh unbiased interdisciplinary look at our solar system, we find it is a hodgepodge of different sizes, rotations & tilts. There is no method to their current line up if you are familiar with Saturn theory or the purple dawn of creation then you are in for a treat with this chapter.’ (26:09) ‘Worlds in Collision (Venus) Shadow of death Chapter 6 part 1 Velikovsky’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 14 mrt. 2018 (2.546 v; 33 r). Tekst: ‘Chapter 6 has 4 sub chapters Valley of death has 24 pages so it will be in 2 parts. ‘ (23:57) ‘What caused Venus and Mars to shift their orbits/ Worlds in collision Velikovsky Ch3 p1’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 3 aug. 2018 (14.182 v; 94 r). Tekst: ‘Chapter 3 Part 1, Mars and Venus shifting orbits and when was the Iliad and Oddessy written by Homer.’ (24:38) ‘What caused Venus and Mars to shift their orbits part 2- Worlds in collision’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 6 aug. 2018 (7.413 v; 69 r). (19:17) ‘Worship of Mars/ March 23 Velikovsky’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 28 jan. 2019 (3.043 v; 70 r). (29:02) ‘The Moon it’s craters & planet Mars Worlds Velikovsky’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 31 jan. 2019 (3.391 v; 107 r). (33:27) ‘Troy in the Dark Ages / The end Velikovsky Worlds part 2’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 17 feb. 2019 (241 v; 10 r). Tekst: ‘Immanuel Velikovsky part 2 of chapter 9 and an essay by him on Troy in the dark ages. Also included is a short segment of David Talbott on Venus in a short clip from Thunderbolts of the gods. Subchapters in order are 1. Troy in the dark ages, 2. The thermal balance of Venus 3. Latest NASA images of the Lagoon Nebula 4. The end last chapter of Worlds in collision 5. A short piece of video with Michael Cremo on the dishonesty of MS science 6. David Talbott from Thunderbolts of the gods on Venus the comet – 7. Midrash of Shemhazai and Azazel 8. Special thanks.’

De volgende video’s hebben betrekking op delen van het Velikovsky-archief, die ik nog niet heb behandeld, d.w.z. betrekking hebben op tijden voorafgaand aan de Exodus, zoals de Gouden Tijd van Saturnus, zie (35:25) ‘Saturn’s Golden age according to Velikovsky Long Version’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 1 sep. 2018 (21.456 v; 132 r). Tekst: ‘The long version, of what Immanuel Velikovsky calls a surmise of the golden age of Saturn. Since Venus or as Dr. Velikovsky refers to as Venose is Persona Dramatis of his first book, Venus is a young planet and was born from Saturn or Jupiter when either one or both went nova, shedding charge expelling matter in rock strata soil and water. Brown Dwarf stars give off lots of water, in the ensuing catastrophe when this expulsion hit the Earth, human beings were witnesses to and told through all of the ancient myth in the world, that all seemed to come at the same time all over the planet. The planet was also possibly turned upside down and/or suffered a change in its axis & rotation twice! See the tippy top theory… I think the discussion at the end is full of good historical knowledge & information on the origin of our current solar system. So I added it in.’ [Bevat tv-interview van Eric Larabee met I. Velikovsky.] De korte versie is (10:42) ‘Saturn’s Golden Age according to Velikovsky’ van Greg Jay. (16:56) ‘The Worship of Saturn’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 14 sep. 2018 (6.673 v; 48 r). Tekst: ‘Fresh from the V-archives, another good one from Velikovsky he expands on Saturn worship during and after the fall of the Golden age, at first a brown dwarf star Saturn went nova and was almost destroyed but somehow reconstituted itself with the help of Jupiter somehow or perhaps it was just close by giving that impression, so if your wondering where the story of the death and resurrection from the grave comes from it is most likely the story of Saturn retold by all of the ancient peoples in their own way. it may be the original source.’ (13:57) ‘Uranus’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 24 sep. 2018 (6.022 v; 117 r). Tekst: ‘A little info on the 7th planet Uranus Something from the V-archive of course then a mainstream article and an EU article.’ (20:19) ‘Deification of the Planets by the Ancients’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 26 sep. 2018 (8.113 v; 112 r). Tekst: ‘2 clips here first one speaks to why the ancients deified the Planets and not the Sun and moon, then the 2nd clip is called Saturn god of seeds, from Immanuel Velikovsky, I find myself riveted to these writings as so much can and is being gleaned by reading them. Then more I explore into these events the truer they become to me just through the vast amount of evidence, I have not as of yet seen one thing that contradicts the theories of Velikovsky, he was just one of those rare people with a photographic memory with tons of headroom he takes mainstream sources 100% that and the ancients of which he has pretty much read everything from the historians, scribes, scientists of ancient times, as well as current times, not only that but much of his writings, are pre-space age and he is still as current as anyone, in his how I got started section that I just read for myself figuring it would be too boring for the average youtuber I have come to understand the man would spend 14-16 hours a day for weeks in the New York library every day for decades! Instead of having a cranky wife she was right there helping him catalog facts a real partner like a spouse should be I found this story to be excellent. Velikovsky’s typical day was 16 or so hours at the library then perhaps on Friday or Saturday nights or afternoons have a small trio play Mozart while intellectuals debated. The first clip deals with why are the planets named after gods or is it the gods were named after Planets, well anyway you get it, it is very strange if they were simple specks in the sky barely visible. But, Mainstreamers will just avoid that all together like the dinosaur problem, they just pretend it doesn’t exist, that is our science spending our tax dollars on pomp and fluff, what does a black hole do for anyone? It is a worthless mathematical construct, nothing more. If they weren’t very big and visible then how is it the ancients knew so much about them and feared them with a terrible dread.put it in everything they wrote. ‘ (19:52) ‘Confusion of languages Tower of Babel’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 22 nov. 2018 (3.805 v; 68 r). (19:55) ‘The pyramids according to Velikovsky Reboot’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 14 dec. 2018 (8.346 v; 99 r). Tekst: ‘2nd attempt the volume I could almost deal with but somehow part of the narration is missing on the other one, can’t have that, a snafu no doubt, this one is better. Now I have been waiting to come across this, I found what I was looking for Immanuel Velikovsky’s take on the Pyramids. I realize this is more a novelty than any really important issues but I like the fact that Velikovsky was game for stuff that is more fun to speculate about with an educated guess for people to look at. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. He doesn’t disappoint. He takes a shot at guessing on what they were built for an educated one at that, using uncommon sense at some things like why was the ceiling built with 5 reliefs? I wouldn’t be surprised if the man who designed the first sloped tank armor got his idea from the Pyramids of Giza. Us soldier with UFO technology so-called actually it is called quasi-crystals a guy named Edward Fuche talked about in 1998 now they’re here – since making this I now realize also that folks are very passionate about the pyramids at Giza that in itself is very interesting.’ (26:10) ‘Velikovsky & Einstein Correspondence part 2’ van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 27 apr. 2018 (2.061 v; 37 r). Tekst: ‘After receiving Einstein’s 2 paragraph letter Immunel sat down and fired off a letter to Einstein again, this time he is smarting a bit from Einstein’s apparent snub, not listening to or responding to 1 thing he said. He merely said that the orbits are calculated with the utmost precision, to which Velikovsky was delighted to touche. So he wrote Einstein again to let him know how he felt about their precision.’ (22:19) ‘Einstein & Velikovsky P3 Signals from Jupiter + Sun fires thunderbolt at Mars?’ Van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 2 mei 2018 (4.310 v; 40 r). Tekst: ‘Part 3 of the Einstein Velikovsky correspondence, this episode might seem a bit tame compared to the other 2 but without it would leave a part of this period unanswered plus in 1953 Velikovsky had made a prediction that radio signals would be detected coming from Jupiter, to which mainstream thought was impossible, of course now they say of course radio signals come from there, we knew all along. No, they did not! They most certainly did not in fact they thought the idea ludicrous. They tried to ambush Velikovsky, taint him in the press, block his books, why? Because he took them to school and instead of being like honest scientists and saying okay let’s learn more, they turned a blind eye and deaf ear and simply labeled him a crank. Like us normal folk are stupid and wouldn’t figure it out for ourselves. I could write a book, It is the same in every major arena of discovery, same ole song and dance, yet they pretend their lives work won’t end up in the trash bin of history, but we know it will. People are smart this has been an argument for 3 generations going on 4, but sooner or later it’s just a matter of time truth will win out.’ (26:11) ‘Newton Einstein & Velikovsky Audio book tides NOT governed by Moon?’ Van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 12 jun. 2018 (7.930 v; 92 r). Tekst: ‘Where would we be today without electricity vs where would we be without ever having Newton? Maybe about 120 years ahead of where we are now. The problem that I see with mostly all alternative researchers is they think their department whether it be archeology, geology, history etc. are flawed but for some reason cosmology is righteous, well, I do not wish to be the bearer of bad news but, it is just as if not more corrupt and fake as any of the other schools of mainstream thought. People who worship gas light science like Einstein and Newton will see the light, This is why we need to stop the nonsense we are being fed and get the straight story. Harlow Shapley of Harvard observatory fame a very unhappy looking man, claimed to disprove Velikovsky from Newtonian tidal theory however, the Newtonian tidal theory is not what any major Harbors go by when predicting the tides, they go by historical data, in fact, Newton’s math has been found to be faulty and downright fraudulent. This is from the PDF file book Newton, Einstein & Velikovsky that can be found here. A major paradigm change is about and depending on how long mainstream fights it may take awhile Ptolemaic theory took 70 years to officially fall after it had been replaced by the Copernican model it wasn’t the church that fought to suppress, it was the scientists. Which is just a fancier more complicated Ptolemaic model… (34:54) ‘Velikovsky, Tesla Wolfe, Vogt, quasars & comments, Happy New Year!’ Van Greg Jay, gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2019 (3.793 v; 150 r). Tekst: ‘The cosmology quest – a must see in my book, also, I just found this guy he is interesting with a few but’s but still interesting just the same his name is Douglas Vogt and he has some fresh ideas, – interested in getting your take. Wal Thornhill new Saturn theory video – also Thornhill interview – Sun heliocentric model in space – Computer out the window –

Ook anderen hebben introductievideo’s gemaakt, zie (36:44) ‘Worlds in Collision, the Exodus Event’ van Chris Phillips, gepubliceerd op 7 nov. 2015 (7.358 v; 43 r). Tekst: ‘Could the Escape from Egypt have been accompanied by massive planetary events? Did Moses witness Venus interacting with Earth. Peter Fairlie-Clarke’s work is presented by Tony and he also answers some questions afterwards.’ (58:44) ‘The Immanuel Velikovsky Theories That Outraged Mainstream Scientists [FULL VIDEO]’ van Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries, gepubliceerd op 3 dec. 2017 (213.516 v; 789 r). Tekst: ‘One of the most controversial theories put forward, and ultimately rejected from mainstream science and history was that of Immanuel Velikovsky. He seemed to outrage mainstream thinking in 1950 when he released his book “Worlds in Collision” and stated that cataclysmic disasters recorded in the Bible – and echoed in other ancient writings such as the Ancient Egyptians, the Mayas to name just two – were “convulsions of the Universe” that our ancestors deep in antiquity witnessed first-hand, including Venus and Mars being dragged into orbits too close to Earth. If there is evidence and proof that differs from our “accepted” version of history, more than “if” it is being covered up from the general population we should ask, why? Why would this knowledge want to be hidden from us? Is it because “they” feel that organised religion would suffer and essentially be made irrelevant should we discover that our history on Earth is not as we have been taught? Is it simply to save the embarrassment and laborious task of having to rewrite our history as we thought we knew it?’ (55:54) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky – Bonds of the Past – CBC Documentary 1972’ van ETOTv, gepubliceerd op 25 sep. 2011 (65.674 v; 241 r). Tekst: ‘Immanuel Velikovsky proposed in his 1950’s book “Worlds in Collision” that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events: worldwide global catastrophes of a celestial origin, which had a profound effect on the lives, beliefs and writings of early mankind. This is a documentary about Immanuel Velikovsky’s discoveries by Henry Zemel. First telecast on February 22, 1972 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.’ (57:08) ‘Wal Thornhill: Velikovsky’s Astrophysics | EU2017’ van ThunderboltsProject, gepubliceerd op 7 nov. 2018 (46.680 v; 221 r). Tekst: ‘In 1950 Immanuel Velikovsky threw down a gauntlet to astronomers in his sensational best-selling book, Worlds in Collision, where he proposed, on the basis of documentary evidence, that gravitation is an electromagnetic phenomenon. Leading American astronomers were enraged and behaved like medieval priests whose sanctified gravitational cosmology was being violated. They pressured Macmillan, the textbook publisher, to burn the best-selling book. The fact neither Newton nor Einstein explained gravity seemed to go unnoticed. In 1979, Velikovsky gave Wal a monograph titled Cosmos Without Gravitation, which he had published in 1946. He noted that in the charged oil drop experiment, “one and the same action is ascribed to two fundamentally different principles,” where the drop is balanced between the gravitational force and the electrical attraction of a charged plate above. This was a return to natural philosophy, which provided the scientific advances that led to the modern age and is essential for progress once more. Velikovsky’s genius was to provide the keys to the solar system’s recent catastrophic history and the astrophysics needed to understand it.’ (8:31) ‘Velikovsky the unsung genius – Peter Mungo Jupp with Wal Thornhill’ van AncientDestructions, gepubliceerd op 7 jun. 2010 (7.431 v; 15 r). Tekst: ‘Velikovsky was amongst the first to recognize the importance of electro magnetism as a more poweful force than gravity in the Universe. In addition he saw mythology as a source of catastrophic events in the history of mankind that demonstrated the chaotic past of the solar system. These ancient destructions are explained’ (37:11) ‘Velikovsky Reaching Tipping Point, Massive Academic Disruption Expected – Part 1’ van Sarah Westall, gepubliceerd op 18 dec. 2017 (16.282 v; 75 r). Tekst: ‘Dr. Irving Wolfe joins the program to give listeners an overview of who Immanuel Velikovsky was and why his theories are important. We also discuss how the Electric Universe, Wallace Thornhill, and David Talbott, have made significant further contributions. Wolfe knew Velikovsky personally and gives incredible insights into the man and what he endured while releasing his ideas onto the world. Dr. Irving Wolfe earned a PhD in Drama from the University of Bristol, England. He is a member of the faculty, Department of English, University of Montréal, Canada. In addition to his literary research, Professor Wolfe has presented several dozen papers on catastrophism at conferences in England, Canada, and the United States, and has published papers in the field in British, Canadian and American journals. He has also contributed large sections on catastrophism to a number of anthologies. Professor Wolfe is concerned with the long-lasting effects of collective unconscious catastrophic memory on later collective and individual human behavior and intellectual products, so his articles, conference papers, and book sections have focused on catastrophism and Shakespeare, creative art, religion, cosmology, ancient chronology, political activism, epistemology, sport, soap opera, ancient governments and public rituals, ancient cities, ancient writing and literacy, scientific repression and popular culture. He is currently completing a book on catastrophism and unconscious collective memory in Shakespeare.’ Dr. Irving Wolfe video – I You fans of Shakespeare might like his 13-minute talk on Velikovskian catastrophe in art and how Velikovsky and Einstein got on. Dr. Wolfe interview – The Jupiter myth for those who are serious about Saturn theory –’ (1:02:54) ‘The Velikovsky Enigma – The Best Documentary Ever’ van Samir Reynolds, gepubliceerd op 5 dec. 2017 (19.861 v; 50 r). Tekst: ‘Immanuel Velikovsky in his 1950s book Worlds in Collision proposes that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual. Immanuel Velikovsky was a controversial author, his views on astronomical and historical events have been widely rejected by the academic community, despite. Lloyd Pye obtained the skull from Ray and Melanie Young of El Paso, Texas, in 1999. The skull was found around 1930 in a mine tunnel about 100.’ (54:32) ‘Worlds in Collision Velikovsky Revisited – The Best Documentary Ever’ van Jaydon Prohaska, gepubliceerd op 7 dec. 2017 (4.568 v; 12 r). Tekst: ‘Immanuel Velikovsky in his 1950s book Worlds in Collision proposes that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual .’ [Interview met Henrik van Red Ice TV] = (58:08) ‘Laird Scranton and Velikovsky – The Best Documentary Ever’ van Kole Nikolaus, gepubliceerd op 4 dec. 2017 (7.713 v; 19 r). Tekst: ‘Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats as he talks about the advanced knowledge of the Dogon Tribe of Africa, the work of Immanuel Velikovsky . Laird Scranton is an independent researcher of ancient cosmology and language. His studies in comparative cosmology have served help synchronize aspects . Laird Scranton is the author of a trilogy of books about the Dogon tribe in Africa. Laird showcases their extensive scientific knowledge and goes far to show that .’ (59:15) ‘The Electric Universe – The Best Documentary Ever’ van Kole Nikolaus (52:38) ‘Red Ice Radio – Laird Scranton – Hour 1 – The Velikovsky Heresies’ van Red Ice TV, zie ook (1:52:00) ‘Laird Scranton on Red Ice Radio The Velikovsky Heresies’ van Stephen – Homeless Truth Seeker. Lees ook het artikel van Laird Scranton: (1:04:53) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky and Planetary Collision Theory’ van Earth Ancients, gepubliceerd op 10 dec. 2015 (16.226 v; 31 r). Tekst: ‘Surrounded by controversy even before its publication in 1950, Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision introduced the provocative theory that Venus began as a brilliant comet ejected by Jupiter around 1600 BCE, wreaking chaos on Mars and Earth as it roamed through our solar system prior to settling into its current orbit. Immediately dismissed without any investigation and subject to vicious attacks, Velikovsky’s theory is now poised for reexamination in light of recent astronomical and archaeological findings. Exploring the key points of Velikovsky’s theories, Laird Scranton presents evidence from recent space probe missions to show that Venus still exhibits cometlike properties, such as its atmospheric composition, and could be a young planet. Reviewing the widespread cometlike descriptions of Venus from 1500 BCE to 750 BCE as well as Velikovsky’s observation that no records of Venus exist prior to 1600 BCE, Scranton reveals recently translated ancient texts from China, Korea, and Japan that further uphold Velikovsky’s theories. Examining evidence of major geomagnetic and climate-change events around 1500 BCE and 750 BCE, corresponding with close passes of the comet Venus and its impact with Mars, the author offers scientific explanations for many disputed aspects of Velikovsky’s theories, such as how Venus transformed from a comet into an orbiting planet. By updating this unresolved controversy with new scientific evidence, Scranton helps us to understand how it was that Worlds in Collision was the one book found open on Albert Einstein’s desk at the time of his death.’

Een Finse introductie is (27:45) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky – Aurinkokunnan Kaaos’ van myytinkertojat, gepubliceerd op 7 jan. 2019 (1.661 v; 39 r) Tekst: ‘Immanuel Velikovskyn radikaali teoria Aurinkokuntamme synnystä on usealle tuntematon. Teorian täysin tiedevastaiset väitteet ovat aiheuttaneet paljon eripuraa, mutta odottavat edelleen kumoamista. Velikovsky haastoi jopa Einsteinin ajattelumallin esittäessään omat päätelmänsä, kuinka on siis mahdollista, että ne vielä tänä päivänä seisovat jaloillaan, mutta kaikessa hiljaisuudessa?’ (9:58) ‘Velikovsky: The Electric Universe destroys einstein hawking sagan and their ilk 1 of 6’ van 77GSlinger, gepubliceerd op 20 okt. 2010 (7.412 v; 31 r). Tekst: ‘Velikovsky pulled the rug out from under einstein and the rest of his arm chair theorizing ilk. He proved that the Universe was in fact dominated by electricity rather than the “inward pulling gravity” dreamed up by newton and later cherished by einstein and most other modern arm chair thought experimenters (quackademicians)! Velikovsky was ridiculed in typical dip shit academic fashion. The angry lemmings of quackademia hated Mr. Velikovsky for proving that they were a bunck of dumbed down, mind controlled parrots. Mr. Velikovsky suffered many attacks from the rabid strain of subhumans and he has been proved correct for many of his deep insights into Cosmology and the true working nature of our Universe. Quackademia astronomy, physics and chemistry are so seriously poisoned with quackademic lies that they must be resigned to the waste bin of human disinformation at the hands of the illuminazi scum running this nightmare world we live in!’ (9:51) ‘Velikovsky: The Electric Universe destroys einstein hawking sagan and their ilk 2 of 6’ van 77GSlinger, gepubliceerd op 20 okt. 2010 (5.365 v; 16 r). (9:36) ‘Velikovsky: The Electric Universe destroys einstein hawking sagan and their ilk 3 of 6’ van 77GSlinger, gepubliceerd op 20 okt. 2010 (2.764 v; 6 r.). (9:08) ‘Velikovsky: The Electric Universe destroys einstein hawking sagan and their ilk 4 of 6’ van 77GSlinger, gepubliceerd op 20 okt. 2010 (2.261 v; 6 r). (5:59) ‘Velikovsky: The Electric Universe destroys einstein hawking sagan and their ilk 6 of 6’ van 77GSlinger, gepubliceerd op 20 okt. 2010 (5.084 v; 13 r). (18:58) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky – Earth Without The Moon’ van Ya OughtaLearn, gepubliceerd op 28 okt. 2014 (9.456 v; 77 r). Tekst: ‘The period when the Earth was Moonless is probably the most remote recollection of mankind. Thus while I do not claim to know the origin of the Moon, I find it more probable that the Moon was captured by the Earth. Such an event would have occurred as a catastrophe. If the Moon’s formation took place away from the Earth, its composition may be quite different. There is no evidence to suggest whether the Moon was a planet, a satellite of another planet, or a comet at the time of its capture by the Earth. Whatever atmosphere it may have had was pulled away by the Earth, by other contacting bodies, or dissipated in some other way. ‘ (10:47) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky – On Saturn And The Flood’ van Ya OughtaLearn, gepubliceerd op 28 okt. 2014 (47.417 v; 143 r). Tekst: ‘The ancient sources all point to Saturn; but how did Saturn cause the Deluge? What did really happen? Suppose that two bodies, such as Jupiter and Saturn, were to approach one another rather closely, so as to cause violent perturbations and huge tidal effects in each other’s atmospheres. My conclusion that, as a result of its interplay with Jupiter, Saturn exploded as a nova. The cosmological thought of ancient peoples conceived of the history of the Earth as divided into periods of time, each ruled by a different planet. Of these the epoch of Saturn, or Kronos, was remembered as a time of bliss, and it was made to precede the period during which Jupiter was the dominant deity. Saturn and Jupiter are so often associated in cosmological history that sometimes I even considered the possibility that they may have constituted a double star system.’ (4:47) ‘Cosmos: “Velikovsky”‘ van kipesquire, gepubliceerd op 25 mrt. 2007 (37.176 v). Tekst: ‘Clip from Carl Sagan, Cosmos, Episode 4 on Velikovsky’. (1:18:47) ‘INTERESTING Velikovsky, The Dogon & The Sirius Mystery’ van Shane Mcgarry, gepubliceerd op 1 nov. 2013 (99.902 v; 31 r). Vanaf 38:30 over de Dogon. (27:27) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky interview’ van U.G. Krishnamurti, gepubliceerd op 29 nov. 2015 (38.224 v; 138 r). Reactie van James Kenyon, 11 maanden geleden: ‘My father brought home five copies of (Worlds In Collision) in 1972 and ask us kids to read it. I read it five times in about a year I was so fascinated by what Velikovsky wrote and the logical leaps he makes. Dave Talbott and Wal Thornhill, the late Dwardu Cardona among many others have spent around 50 years each in research on followup research see and for more, good stuff! Velikovsky in my opinion is/was one of the most brilliant men of the 20th century.’ Louis Dackombe, 2 jaar geleden (bewerkt): ‘it is difficult to know who’s “side” the interviewer is on, but he does state the true reason as to why the scientific establishment refuse to test Velikovsky’s ideas and any other theories associated with the proposition of an Electric Universe: He states, “the embarrassment for science is that (Velikovsky is) seeking to unearth a natural fact by way of humanistic evidence” and that “this also is an argument (against Velikovsky’s methods)”. The trick he pulls there is the same approach as any position within establishment science: stating the methods of prediction as being scientifically unmethodical and thereby rendering any predicted observations that challenge the established scientific paradigm as being somehow inadmissible as evidence for the heretical theory and, in contradiction, the orthodoxy will describe any anomalous observations through other ad-hoc explanations that may be more compatible with the existing paradigm. It is really quite unbelievable that no matter how many successfully predicted observations are made by an Electric Universe cosmology, which confound the counterpart predictions made by the scientific orthodoxy, there appears to remain an institutionalised automatic discrediting of the associated theories! Just an observation from a layperson interested in the “natural sciences”, you understand, and in no way to be thought worthy of the consideration of the highly esteemed people of science who we see on the TV, speaking of the “Wonder” and “Awe” of the universe etc…’ (52:35) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky – Worlds in Collision (1964)’ van Planet7X, gepubliceerd op 28 jun. 2013 (50.789 v). Tekst: ‘Immanuel Velikovsky a brilliant man of his time, that includes data from hundreds of sources throughout the world. Researcher that proves Earth has gone through mutable catastrophic events caused by a planetary body. In light of new findings, I respectfully disagree only in part with Velikovsky’s conclusion, the point that Venus & Mars was the cause of Earth’s upheaval. Instead, the data points to an inbound planet approximately seven times Earth’s diameter (Planet-7X) that has a long but narrow elliptical orbit. Enjoy the interview with Immanuel Velikovsky a brilliant mind that challenged scientific orthodoxy. Outspoken free thinkers have long been the victims of religious zealots and academics who are only interested in protecting their own names and reputation and will say anything in order to discredit anyone who attempts to tell the truth and to point out errors.’ (56:44) ‘Immanuel Velikovsky bestseller Worlds in Collision’ van Sangstar1 Flights Departures and Arrivals Info, gepubliceerd op 7 jan. 2015 (11.153 v). Met links. (31:43) ‘velikovsky ideas part 1’ van Rune Øverby, gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2015 (16.941 v; 15 r). Tekst: ‘A video that can illustrate some of the ideas of the work of Immanuel Velikovsky. If one is open to see his theories in a broader light, as also info from extraterrestrialsn thru direct, physical contacts, one will see how the Velikovsky-theories is partly – close to the “real” history AS they, the ERRA-pleiadians visitors – told it in the70s; some of it on;’ (30:55) ‘velikovsky ideas part2’ van Rune Øverby,
gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2015 (7.541 v; 8 r). Tekst: ‘more to illustrate some of the ideas or work of the genius Immanuel Velikovsky. see more on
See else on the origin of the destroyer-comet and the past’ deluges (28:18) ‘velikovsky ideas part3’ van Rune Øverby, gepubliceerd op 18 jul. 2015 (7.024 v; 4 r). Tekst: ‘still more on the ideas of this genius IMMANUAL VELIKOVSKY AND now his ideas have been confirmed by logic information thru physical ufo-contacts as f x those. ‘ (39:55) ‘velikovsky ideas part4’ van Rune Øverby, gepubliceerd op 13 nov. 2017 (6.479 v). Tekst: ‘still more on the ideas of this genius IMMANUAL VELIKOVSKY and now his ideas have been confirmed by logic information thru physical ufo-contacts – esp. those from Erra/Semjase, Norsk, ellers : and some extracts of the contacts on;’ [Vanaf ca. 17:00 afwijkend van Velikovsky: 12th planet Nibiru!]

Tot slot is hier de video van een scepticus, die kritisch onderdelen van Velikovsky’s theorie bekijkt en niet overtuigd is, zie (27:29) ‘CNPS 2015: Raymond H. Gallucci: Re-Examining Velikovsky’ van John Chappell, gepubliceerd op 17 aug. 2015 (542 v; 4 r). Tekst: ‘Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision and other books inspired founders of the Electric Universe Theory with its implication of plasma-based electrical interactions between planets, as recorded in historical records such as the Bible. While his theories sparked great controversy by implying close encounters between some of the inner planets (Venus, Earth and Mars) within recorded human history, but were summarily dismissed as fiction by mainstream scientists and continue to be dismissed today. Nonetheless, Electric Universe theorists contend that there may be truth in Velikovsky’s conclusions when these “interactions” are considered in light of a “plasma/electric universe.” Having also read Velikovsky’s works, and Electric Universe Theory, I endeavored to perform a simple set of calculations to ascertain if any of Velikovsky’s interactions could have been possible’.

Ik vond op het internet een interessant artikeltje over Velikovsky, zie Het bevat enige onduidelijkheden. Zo wordt gezegd: “Velikovsky (April 1940) read the ‘Poem of Ipuwer Egypt‘ which he found buried in the Columbia University archives.” Dit wekt de indruk, dat Velikovsky dit gedicht daar aantrof, maar zoals bekend bevindt de papyrus Ipuwer zich in Leiden – het ligt daar in een kluis, voor niemand toegankelijk. Velikovsky vond de vertaling van dit gedicht van de Egyptoloog Gardiner en ontdekte erin de parallel met de 10 plagen van Egypte. Ook was de ontdekking van deze papyrus niet de aanleiding tot het weerleggen van Freuds theorie, maar was de weerlegging van Freuds theorie juist de aanleiding tot zijn hele onderzoek.

Ook wordt gezegd (tot 2x toe): ‘that Venus was initially a comet oriented mass that kissed earth like a billiard ball’. Dit is niet correct: in feite was de titel ‘Worlds in Collision’, oftewel ‘Werelden in botsing’ niet correct, zie het artikel ‘Immanuel Velikovsky debunked by his followers?’ Voor de duidelijkheid: Velikovsky beweert nergens dat de planeten werkelijk botsten.

Egyptian history and the biblical record

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