Christian Patriot News – Biden Crime Family Arrested in White Hat Watermark Ballot Sting Operation! Sent to Gitmo for Tribunal! Treason and Sedition!

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Biden Crime Family Arrested in White Hat Watermark Ballot Sting Operation! Sent to Gitmo on Barge for Tribunal! Treason and Sedition!

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Biden Crime Family and Co Conspirators Arrested in 12 State White Hat Watermark Ballot Sting Operation! Sent to Gitmo on Barge for Tribunal for Treason and Sedition!

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Trump $ 75 M RICO Racketeering Lawsuit versus Hillary! NEW Durham Indictments! Discovery Proves Treason! Treason Equals NO DEALS!

SHOCKING VIRAL Video Claims, ”Biden Crime Family & Co-conspirators Arrested in 12-State White Hat Watermark Ballot Sting Operation! Sent to Gitmo on Barge for Tribunal for Treason & Sedition!” Sounds Good To Me! I Did Some Research, Connected Some Dots And Today I’ll Share What I found. Remember Q Often Says To Be Careful Who You Follow!

We’ll Also Discuss The Madison Cawthorn Viral Clip Calling Out The Deep State Washington DC Swamp For Sex Parties And Cocaine Orgies!

There’s PANIC In DC! Those Responsible For The [Coup Attempt] Against President Donald J. Trump, Will Not Go Unpunished! And Treason Is Only The Beginning! Corrupt Politicians And Their Fake News Propaganda Media Partners Will All Be EXPOSED For Their Crimes Against Humanity! Soon [They] Will Not Be Able To Walk Down The Street!

These People Are All Pure Evil! They Worship The Devil! And Now The Hunters Have Become The Hunted! We Are About To Witness Trump’s Epic Return To His Rightful Place As President Of The United States!

Maricopa County Alone Has Enough Evidence To Decerify Arizona. It Will Be The First Domino To Fall! Georgia And Pennsylvania Are Next. Those Three States Alone Will Show Enough Fraud To Overturn The 2020 Presidential Election And Restore Donald J. Trump To The White House!

We Had To Walk Through The Darkness Before We Could See The Light! It Had To Be This Way To Safeguard Future Elections And Save Our Children From The Real Pandemic: Child Sex Trafficking! Patriots can prove everything! But the longer we wait, the more The Deep State is Exposed! Every Scenario Was Planned For! The Whole World is Watching!

Trump Will Not Return as The President of The Bankrupt U.S. Corporation, but rather The President of The New Republic of The United States! In this New American Republic We The People have all the power. There is NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX! And America returns to The Gold Standard!

Arrests & Military Tribunals Are Coming SOON! Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Fauci, The Obamas, Bidens & Clintons will all end up in GITMO for High Treason!

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HUNTER HAS become The Hunted! How Many Coincidences Before It S Mathematically Impossible?

New Q Drops 3.24 + Decodes, Communications and Truth Bombs! DEC[L]AS, [A]rrests, Indictments! BIG Month! Military Start! MOAB Incoming!!

Trump [Shadow President] Controls Military Behind The Scenes! HUGE REVEAL Coming! Watch The News This Week!

My Fellow Americans, The Storm is upon usGod Bless! MAYday!!! Nobody Walks Away from This!


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