Vernon Coleman – Corona Virus Vaccines Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction And Could Wipe Out The Human Race

Dr Vernon Coleman (foto Bitchute)

Corona Virus Vaccines Are Weapons Of Mass Destruction And Could Wipe Out The Human Race

First published at 21:23 UTC on March 14th, 2021

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Dr Vernon Coleman
International best selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains precisely what informed consent means, why it’s important and why vaccines are the only drugs given without informed consent.

Corona Virus Scare The Hoax Of The Century? by Dr Vernon Coleman (11:45)

Just A Little Prick (1) by Dr Vernon Coleman (30:53)

Just A Little Prick (2) by Dr Vernon Coleman (18:16)

Could The Corona Virus 19 mRNA Injection Kill More Than Corona Virus 19? by Dr Vernon Coleman (16:22)

We Don’t Debate with Anti Vaxxers Whether They’re Right Or Wrong“, Says BBC by Dr Vernon Coleman (23:48)

The Evil Deception: Giving The Corona Virus 19 Jab Without Informed Consent by Dr Vernon Coleman (9:30)

Doctors And Nurses Giving The Corona Virus 19 Vaccine Will Be Tried As War Criminals by Dr Vernon Coleman (15:18)

Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good by Dr Vernon Coleman

Corona Virus 19, The Greatest Hoax in History by Dr Vernon Coleman

The PCR Test Is Useless For Corona Virus 19 (But Useful For Crooked Governments) by Dr Vernon Coleman (6:28)

Following The Science? Don’t Make Me Laugh by Dr Vernon Coleman (12:26)

Make No Mistake | This Is Genocide by Dr Vernon Coleman (14:32)

Urgent News About The Corona Virus 19 Vaccine by Dr Vernon Coleman (3:47)

Let’s Dump The Queen And The Rest Of The Royal Family by Dr Vernon Coleman (11:13)

How Many Who’ve Had The Covid Jab Will Still Be Alive Next Christmas? by Dr Vernon Coleman

Vital Survival Tips by Dr Vernon Coleman (7:44)
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