Stanley Bolten – US Supreme Court accepted Brunson Case, Supremes accepted Case, Redacted to Protect Source + Right Side Broadcasting Network – 118th Congress on Speaker of House

The White House (gif Telegram)
The US Supreme Court on January 6, 2023 (video Telegram)

US Postal Service Trays with Letters to the Supreme Court of United States (SCOTUS) in Behalf of the Brunson Brothers (foto Telegram)
Ready or Not? Jesus is Coming (video Telegram)
Not A Trumpet, but Certainly Efficient (video Telegram)

Exclusive BREAKING The US Supreme Court accepted the Raland Brunson Case, the Supremes accepted the Case, Source is Redacted to Protect Source

ALERT January 9, 2023 4 PM: Source is Robert Thomas III, he Either Lied or was Wrong with Whoever gave him that Information in the Supreme Court or God knows Where this Attorney Got this Information From HE LIED TO ME, THAT LIE WENT TO ALL OF YOU. I Want You to Know my Source because the Information was Clearly WRONG.

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Compromised and BLACKMAILED US SUPREME COURT denied Certiorari for Raland Brunson case and Attorney Robert Thomas III lied about the Brunson Case being “Accepted by the Supremes” Justice for Brian D Hill of USWGO Alternative News; and Here is the Non Redacted Email

Roundcube Webmail Re For Amicus Filers, A SCOTUS Case as Important as Brunson Case.pdf
Today is the CONFERENCE in the US Supreme Court. Let Us see if the BLACKMAIL SCHEME CASE Succeeds or Fail, Let Us See If the Raland Brunson Case Succeeds or Fails, Justice for Brian D Hill of USWGO Alternative News

A Lawyer who had emailed me, Who was Involved in Some Way with the Raland Brunson Case in the US Supreme Court, and he had informed me that he “Have Heard the Supremes Sccepted the Brunson case.”

So this Lawyer had Informed me that the Raland Brunson Case had been Accepted at the Conference Today in the US Supreme Court. Hooray!!!! Great for them. Brian Hill also Sent A Letter to the Supreme Court in Aupport of the Brunson Case.

Here is the Email Document and the Identity of this Source, his Name and Personal Information is Redacted to Protect my Source.

Email from this Lawyer to Stanley Bolte

Hooray for the Brunson brothers. Congratulations to them.

Gaynor, Loy, Raland & Deron Form thr Brunson Brothers (foto Telegram)

The 118th Congress will Now Continue to Vote for the Speaker of the House.

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