Martin Vrijland – Will Flavio Pasquino and Max von Kreyfelt receive Machiavelli Prize for Argos Medialogica? + BLCKBX, Chipshol Construction via ZZesto Rijks Vast Goed Bedrijf?

Will Flavio Pasquino and Max von Kreyfelt receive this Year’s Machiavelli Prize for their Roles in Argos Medialogica?

They All Passed by in the Television Program Argos Medialogica Micha Kat, Huig Plug, De Andere Krant, Café Weltschmertz and of Course BLCKBX. For Years the Web Site has been Showing the Connections between All the Controlled Opposition Pawns and Sunday Evening was the Say. A Nod In for the TV Program Argos Medialogica. Rypke Zeilmaker, Who Regularly Smeared the Words ‘Controlled Opozzission‘ on his Web Site in Order to Emphasize How Ridiculous that Term would Be, was Skillfully Yet Well Plannedly Slaughtered, because of the For Flavio Pasquino and the Editors of The Other NewspaperCompletely Unknown” Anti Semitism
Card and So All Stigmas were Pulled Out One by One.

Rypke Frequently Spoke in his Presentations on BLCKBX.TV about the Fact that Volkert van der Graaf, the Pim Fortuyn Attack Hoax, Which was Already Supposed to Scare Away Critical Citizens, Protagonist was his Neighbor on the Campus of Wageningen University. Rypke Too, like All Other Pawns in the Alternative Media, was Launched by the MainStream Media. It was Therefore Clear from Day One that he was Lunched with A Preconceived Goal. And of Course the AIVD does Not Pick Gullible Ladies and Gentlemen. Rypke is A Gifted Writer As Well as A Humorous and Knowledgeable Speaker. Oh Well, the Average Viewer or Reader Usually does Not Want to Hear the Warning Signs Mentioned Here, but They Have Really Been Given Anyway.

Who Also Passed By was of Course Micha Kat, with his Companions Wouter Raatgever and Joost Knevel. From Day One it was Warned Here on the Web Site that the Whole Story around Jaap van Dissel and Bodegraven, was Rigged in Order to Arrest these Gentlemen. And of course Argos Medialogica Showed the Court Show Trial of Micha Kat. So we Could See How the Judiciary Too is Fully in the Game to Show the People How Extremist Conspiracy Thinkers Really Are. Micha Kat’s Words in the Court Room, Shown by Argos, were Telling “Perhaps You Can Then Show Me Case Law Showing that I have Broken the Law.” And that is Precisely the Reason for Rigging such Psy Ops, to Create New Case Law, in Addition to the Stigmatizing and Deterrent Effect.

And of Course ‘Nice Dick Man‘ Sven Hulleman Also Came By. The Link between Sven Hulleman, Jort Kelder and Mark Rutte was Also Regularly Discussed Here. And Mark Rutte, According to A Former, Director, Regularly Visited the Chipshol Company of the Poot Family. That Poot Family is Largely behind the Financing of the Alternative Media, Who Pretend to the Outside World that they Have to Rely on Donations. Many Times I have Shown in Detail How the Hares Run, How they are All Interconnected and How they Promote Each Other. All have Been Launched and Pushed through the MainStream Media. All can Actually Be Linked Directly to Mark Rutte and Boyfriend Jort Kelder. How Clear do You Want It?

How that Black Budget was Created via that Poot Family and their Company Chipshol? Well, Chipshol bought Farm Land around Schiphol through “Investors“. A Civil Dervant named Ben Ottens, Someone within the Province of North Holland, made Sure that the Agricultural Land was Given Building Land Status , Value Increase. Chipshol Then made Beautiful Brochures of Building Plans on those Lands, shown by Argos. The Poot family, Chipshol, then Put Pressure on the Dutch State through the Black Book Method regarding Joris Demmink. This led to the Famous Lawsuits through the Foundation of that Poot Family and their Company Chipshol against Demmink. In that Foundation, called “De Roestige Spijker,” were Micha Kat, the Poot Family and the Same Ben Ottens, who, by the Way, was Promoted by Demmink Himself and wore A Royal Ribbon.

Eventually Chipshol got Hundreds of Millions and that Money was Used to Fund the Alternative Media. Although Argos does Mention it, they Immediately make Sure to Downplay it to Just and Only Café Weltschmertz, but All the Ladies and Gentlemen we have Seen Emerge and Grow in Recent Years Come from that Nest. Max von Kreyfelt, Who Admitted in A YouTube Broadcast of Forum Inside to Being of Old German Nobility, was Allowed to Let the State’s Black Budget, Managed through the Poot Family’s Chipshol Company Flow toward Café Weltschmertz, Blue Tiger, The Other Newspaper, BLCKBX, Sven Hulleman, Lange Frans, Marlies Dekkers, and So On.

Another Company Fulfilling the Same Role is the Fishing Company Parlevliet. They were Allowed to Launch Huig Plug and Huig was Allowed to Hang Out in the Courtyard, where he was Allowed to Harass All the Ministers Who Normally Dive Straight into their Official Cars, Just as Well Timed. Or do you Really Think it is All Spontaneous and Unplanned. You are Witnessing Controlled Opposition Pawns being Allowed to Push the Boundaries and Cross them in Order to Create New Jurisprudence and Legislation.

In Case you have Doubted my Story until Now, this Argos Medialogica Broadcast Made it Clear how the Foxes Run. Everyone You Saw in that Broadcast is Part of the Steered Opposition. That Steered Opposition is Rigged to Launch the Stigmas and Affirm them through these Kinds of Television Shows.

By the Way, the Public of this Controlled Opposition is Also in the Game. As in the Former GDR, East Germany before the “Fall of the Berlin Wall“, There are Hundreds of Thousands of Covert State Employees, Called Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter in the GDR. These are the People Who may be Called Upon for Demonstrations and Riots, to Serve as Audiences, for Social Media Likes and Shares and for the Promotion of Controlled Opposition Web Sites and Social Media Posts. They may Also Influence Polls like this One to Help Confirm the Desired Stigmatization. All of this Supported by Bots and AI Scripts that Must Suppress Anything Truly Independent.

This Ensures that Mainly and Only and Only Controlled Oppsition Controls the Playing Field So that the AIVD can Step Up its Stigmatization, Fake Lawsuits and Media Shows to Achieve its Goal.

What, Then, is that Goal? That Goal is To Kill Any Criticism in Society via Stigmatization through PsyOps Operations, like the Jaap van Dissel Riot and like the Rypke Zeilmaker “Anti Semitism” Card. Fake Lawsuits and Wonderful Image Productions, can thus Fully Serve the Agenda of Stigmatization and Provide New and Even More Authoritarian Legislation. Thus All Criticism in Society is Silenced through the Opposition, the Oppostition that is Fully Funded by that Same AIVD through Black Budget Companies, Controlled Opposition, Directed Opposition.

As Far as I am Concerned, Flavio Pasquino and Max von Kreyfelt may Be Nominated for this year’s Machiavelli Prize 2023! Those who Pretend to Be Freedom Fighters and Supporters Actually Turn Out to Be Sophisticated Actors, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

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Martin Vrijland



Martin Vrijland
May 30, 2023 at 11:40 AM
Example of How Stigma was Subliminally Created in the Argos Medialogica Broadcast.

Martin Vrijland
May 30, 2023 at 11:51
And See Here How Flavio tries to Churn and Twist his Way oOut of his Judas Goat Role again.

May 30, 2023 at 12:42
How could It Be that Mainly Men Participate in This? Are they More Sensitive to Power and Money, do they Have A Smaller Conscience? Or is Testosterone the Culprit? Or Do Women Just Not Dare? Not Quite the Subject of this Article, but I’m Just Wondering.

Martin Vrijland
May 30, 2023 at 13:12
Maybe it has to Do with a Certain Size and Compensatory Drive  😉
But there are Some Women, Too, You Know. Marlies Dekkers for Example.

May 30, 2023 at 13:38
I see it More as A Lack of Testosterone.

May 30, 2023 at 14:10
Haha, You can Do that Too. So that’s Jus Like Martin Says  😉

Martin Vrijland
May 30, 2023 at 14:12
That, Plus A High Dose of Vanity ()

May 30, 2023 at 14:15
Glaube dass Männer Mehr unter Erfolgsdruck “Leiden” als Frauen. Frauen leben Macht Kher im kleineren, Emotional Kontollierbaren, Rahmen.

Martin Vrijland
May 30, 2023 at 14:39
Women can Hold such Vanity-Driven “Men” Accountable for their Behavior and Make it Clear to them that it is Not Really Manly to Sell your Soul for A Litte Fake Prestige.
Flavio Also has A Wife.
But when I see texts like this, I doubt that his Wife isn’t Also Secretly Just Indulging in that Vanity.
The Day after the Broadcast, Five of my Wife’s Friends called her Concerned. “Are you All Right? How Terrible Everything is.”
End Quote
May 30, 2023 at 20:25
Just Looking at that Picture of this Article you can Literally See What Creeps these are.
Creepy Judas Goats!!
Martin Vrijland
May 31, 2023 at 09:45
Anyway, in Practice, Probably where it Comes to People like Flavio and Max and all those Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter who are On Call to Serve as Audiences, to Fill Demonstrations or to Form the Social Media Army, we are Dealing with Non Player Characters.
In Short those are People who can Only Follow their Ego Program because there is No Consciousness in it. They are part of the Simulation and are therefore Docile and Easily Employed by the System. Therefore, Betrayer’s Behavior is Not Corrected by “A Conscience” because there is No Spirit in A Non Player Character.
Martin Vrijland
May 31, 2023 at 10:01 AM
Oh Yes and I Forgot to Mention this Judas Goat.

Martin Vrijland
May 31, 2023 at 10:45 AM

May 31, 2023 at 13:12
Take A look at Minute 40:30

Camera 2
May 31, 2023 at 17:48
You mean Flavio P Says he Only Woke Up to the Fake Pandemic CORONA When that Happened.
(1) Martin had Predicted it Years in Advance Here on his Own Site
(2) Martin had Already Experenced the Snake Pit with the Micha K’s and the Paws
(3) Was martin Already Filming near the RIVM Site 8 Years in Advance
So Yes, Flavio P is Not Only A Snake of the Snake Pit but Also A Baby Who can Just Keep the Diapers Dry with his Comment that he Only Woke up in CORONA Time.
You can See from their Attitude and Pent Up Arrogance that there is A Whole Army behind Them.You can Also See from William E’s Attitude, Look Closely at the Attitude.
The Droste Effect to Lies and Deception of these Creatures is Truly Incomprehensible, No Words for it and Yet it happens Above All it is Unmasked because of Tremendous Perseverance, thanks for that the Site owner.

June 1, 2023 at 00:06
Hi Peter and All, can we take A Moment to Point Out Where to Draw Attention in Posts like this. Just an Indication of Look at Minute X.XX is Often Not Immediately, Understandable, at Least for me.

June 1, 2023 at 08:08
Yes indeed Marcos. From my knowledge of communication, I keep away from interpreting non verbal signals. You can go either way with them.
However, there are 3 signals, when they happen, that catch my attention and have A clear message for me.
One of them is the following.
Telling something and then unconsciously going to the nose has to do with “Trust“. I do Not Quite Trust it. I do Not Trust What I‘m Saying Myself.
That Non Verbal Reaction of Flavio I find Strange, Also That What he says Just Before as Well.
My interpretation, and that’s my Interpretation is ‘I‘ve Been Talking my Mouth Off here, oy

Camera 2
June 1, 2023 at 08:29
At Minute 40;30 Flavio P says “That he Only Woke up in the CORONA Crisis“, the Whole Broadcast is After the 3 Fragmentary Divided Broadcasts Directly Below it, that Fragmentary Division was Not there Yesterday. Hence I Also Ask if this Sentence was Meant.
Must Also Say Ssometimes I am Very Glad that you do Not have to Watch the Whole Movie and the Minute is Indicated Exactly, Even Very Glad because this Broadcast you do Not Want to See Gurther, the “Vicarious Shame Geeling” is Too Great.
By the Way, What is striking is that Few People are Responding this Time on this Mega Mega Important Topic.

Martin Vrijland
June 1, 2023 at 08:35
He didn’t Wake Up, of Course. He has Been Prepared All these Years for his Role as Judas Goat, in Which it is Part of the Act that he says he “Woke Up during Corona.” It’s All Part of the Act.

BLCKBX is A Chipshol Like Construction via Director Stefan Noordhoek and ZZesto Rijks Vast Goed Bedrijf?

The Financing of the Alternative Media seems to Run through Corporations. Earlier we Discovered the Link Chipshol and Parlevliet with the State and Now we see that A Director of BLCKTV.TV does Seem Suspiciously Similar to the Poot Family and the Chipshol Company. Striking Similarity? The Poot Family, Chipshol, Wanted to Do Area Development around Schiphol, Got Tens of Millions from the State. Stefan Noordhoek, ZZesto, does Real Estate Development for the National Real Estate Company, did Schiphol Trade Park and 5.600 Homes at Former Airbase Valkenburg, among Other Things.

Remarkably, the Logo of BLCKBX.TV looks Suspiciously like the Amsterdam Masonic Lodge La Paix of Which Stefan is Presumably A Member. This Information comes from Personal Spheres, but is Difficult to Prove because these Types of Clubs Shield their Members. What can be Proven, However, is Stefan’s Curriculum Vitae. Idle People like to Flaunt their Feathers, which is Why this CV can Simply be Found Online on LinkedIn. And that CV is Revealing. Take A Look for Yourself.

So How could Such Funding of the Alternative Media through Real Estate Companies Possibly Work? Well, you Set Up A Foundation Explicitly Stating that the Foundation runs on Donations. Then you Start A Real Estate Project. The State Assigns your Company that Real Estate Project. From the Profit Margin of that Project, you make Donations to the Established Foundation. This Kills Two Birds with One Stone, You Reduce Your Tax Payments and you Finance the Activities of the Foundation.

In the Case of the Poot Family, that Involved the De Roestige Spijker Foundation and the Money Came from the Chipshol Real Estate Development Company. In the Case of Stefan Noordhoek, that Involves the BLCKBX.TV Foundation and the Money Most Likely Came from the ZZesto company. For Hard Evidence Then, of Course, We have to Look in the Books and Possibly the Money could Also Come Directly from the National Real Estate Company, but that would Probably Be Too Conspicuous. The New BLCKBX Studio was Also developed by ZZesto, According to One of the Screens Shots. And we Kept Hearing that These were Volunteers.

It’s Fodder for More Research, but For Now it’s an Interesting Connection, in Addition to the Link we Already Found with that Other BLCKBX Driver Ennio Senese, who is A Member of the Maltese Order of Knights, the Same Order as our Beloved Royal Family. Must we Conclude Here with George Carlin It’s A Big Club and You Ain’t in It or is There No Smoke Yet Let Alone Fire?


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Press Release 9 Augustus, 2023

Max von Kreyfelt, Founder and Owner of Café Weltschmerz, Stepped Down as Director Effective July 1, 2023.
In Ten Years, Von Kreyfelt has Expanded this Initiative, which began as an Art Project, into A Professional Media Platform where Many Hundreds of Critical Experts from Politics, Culture, Science, Business and Media have Spoken through his Podcast Interviews, including Diederick Stapel, Erik de Vlieger, Willem Middelkoop, Paul Buitink, Ad Verbrugge, Bram Bakker, Esther van Fenema, Arno Wellens, Ab Flipse, Sven Hulleman, Thierry Baudet, Karel van Wolferen, Kees van der Pijl, Rob de Wijk and Felix Rottenberg.
Guests who were Increasingly Cancelled by the MainStream Media. Weltschmerz on the Other Hand became an Intellectual Rebel Club Expressing A Contrarian Sound. Rebels with A Purpose and Apiration to Be Heard. More and More People Reported on their Own Accord. It was the Only Media Outlet that Presented A Strongly Reasoned Dissenting Voice.
A Stream of People Came By and Volunteered, including Flavio Pasquino, Jorn Luca, Jeroen Pols and Ab Gietelink. Inside the Building, the Lockdown was Openly Denied. Weltschmerz became the Center of the “Waking” World with Lectures and Drinks. Everyone Also Flew Out and Started their Own Media Outlet. From A Strategic Point of View, This seemed Mostly A Good Thing.
Over the Past Year, Von Kreyfelt has Been Developing and Implementing A Plan for Café Weltschmerz to Make the Channel Less Dependent on Donations. Café Weltschmerz which is Housed at Boeing Avenue in Schiphol Rijk includes A 465 Vier Kante Meters Workspace, including A Large Recording Studio Fully Equipped with All the Necessary Audio Visual Equipment. There is also A Uniquely Furnished Auditorium Set Up with A Grand Piano and A Bar for 160 People. This Auditorium is in Use for Lectures and Debates and will become the Financial Source for the New Weltschmerz.
As of July 1, 2023, the Management of Café Weltschmerz has been Transferred to Interim Director Pieter Stuurman. The Future of Weltschmerz requires A Different Organizational Structure and Management. Stuurman has Accepted the Challenge of Shaping that New Vision and Leading Café Weltschmerz into the Future with A New Team.
Von Kreyfelt has Now started A New Initiative with A Team of Like Minded People that will serve as A Sequel to Café Weltschmerz. This New Initiative, which will Also Organize Cultural Social Events and Activities, will Focus on Personal Encounters and Friendships. In this Way, Van Kreyfelt hopes to Contribute to A More Beautiful World.
“People are Now Tired of Information and Want to Heal their Souls with New Contacts and Perhaps Friendships.”
Then this Message from September  9, 2023

Martin Vrijland
October 18, 2023 at 16:32

Martin Vrijland
October 18, 2023 at 16:34
You Do Wonder Who Pays for All That in This Way ()

October 18, 2023 at 19:53
I Often Say Well, People Just do Not See it, thereby Actually Indicating A Pretty Nuanced View.
For Someone Who does Not Know How the Puzzle Pieces Fit, it is Hard to See through that such A Building with All that Equipment is A “Goes without Saying and One Set Up with Only One Purpose. I did Not realize that Right Away Rither until A While Ago. I Really had to Go through A Barrier for That, through My Oohs and Buts. I must Say, However, that we have Now Arived at A Time when Things are Somewhat Different and Those Who Still have Not Gone Looking are, with A Certainty Bordering on Certainty, No Longer Going to Do So and Therefore may Never See the Real Raw Truth and there are Quite A Few of Them, to Put it Mildly. I Know Rationally that I did Not See it All at the Time and Yet it Feels Very Strange and Kind of Uncanny that People do Not See it, Csn Not or and Will Not,, Especially after All the Raw Truths I’ve Run into over Time. C’est la Vie de Simulation

Martin Vrijland
October 18, 2023 at 16:43
A Stream of People Came By and Volunteered, Such as Flavio Pasquino, Jorn Luca, Jeroen Pols and Ab Gietelink. Inside the Building, the Lockdown was Openly Denied. Weltschmerz became the Center of The Waking” World with Lectures and Drinks. Everyone Also Flew Out Again and Started their Own Media Outlet. From A Strategic Point of View, that Seemed to Be Mostly A Good Thing.”
From A Strategic Point of View, this Seemed Especially Good.
So it is All Strategically Planned from Chipshol, the Black Budget Company behind the Financiëring of the Alternative Media in The Netherlands.

October 18, 2023 at 17:40
Exactly, and What Also stands Out Especially is the “New Personal Meetings and Friendships” Concept. The Completely False Information has Been Peppered In Iddly Enough. Everyone Who had Adopted This as Truth has Now had Enough of 1st, has Been Indoctrinated Enough, and So must Now Be Pushed More in the Direction of the 5th Dimension, Personal Encounters and Friendships. I skip.

Meer informatieé+Weltschmertz