Hans Vogel – Micha Kat: the Dutch Julian Assange + Dutch Justice

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Micha Kat: the Dutch Julian Assange

What is a Journalist?

Essentially, a Journalist is a Person who writes Articles for a Newspaper or a Website. Journalists come in two Varieties: Reporters, who tell what they see On Location, and Investigative Journalists, who work with looser Deadlines. The latter has a Broader Perspective, trying to give the Public a Fuller Picture of what is truly going on. It is the latter kind of Journalist that is often at odds with Authority since they tend to uncover what the Powerful would prefer to remain Hidden from the Public. Albert Londres was such a Journalist, and so were Emil Ludwig and IF Stone: Heroes of a Bygone Age, and universally respected for their Honesty, Stamina and Rigor. Bill Woodward and Carl Bernstein, of Watergate Fame, carried on this Tradition.

Since then, however, with the Press all over the West getting Concentrated in Ever Fewer Hands, Life has become difficult for that kind of Journalist. Just look at Julian Assange. For doing what Woodward and Bernstein did half a century ago, he was Thrown in Jail on Imaginary and Trumped Up Charges and now faces Life Imprisonment.

Just like they are helping to destroy the Freedom of Speech in the US at the Behest of the Imperial Overlord in Washington in the Assange Case, British Judges are now doing the same for the Netherlands at the Request of the Dutch Government. Recently, Dutch Investigative Journalist Micha Kat, Living in Exile in Northern Ireland, was Arrested forTerrorism.” The Dutch Government has been trying to silence Mr Kat for nearly two decades and now, at their Wits’ End, have decided to label him a Terrorist. Yet, Mr Kat, like Julian Assange, has never hurt Fly, never propagated Violence, and never incited anyone to commit a Terrorist Act. However, like Julian Assange, Micha Kat is an Investigative Journalist and as such, at least in the Eyes of the Dutch Government, he “Destabilizes Society. On 3 September, the Judge will decide whether or not Mr Kat is to be Extradited.

One of the Last Surviving Members of Theo van Gogh’s Group of Maverick Journalists, Micha Kat has been exposing the Systemic Corruption of the Dutch judiciary. Although the Netherlands enjoys a Great International Reputation as an Enlightened Nation with a Decent Government and an Impeccable Human Rights Record, the Reality is quite different.

Theo van Gogh was killed in Broad Daylight by an alleged Muslim Fanatic with close ties to Dutch intelligence, yet none of the Big Media (all State Controlled or Owned by a few Powerful Press Lords) ventured to look into the Case. In the Netherlands Maarten van Traa, a Politician who investigates Drug Dealing Networks in which State Agencies are involved can die in a suspicious Car Crash, and no one will ask Questions. Mr van Traa, a prominent Social Democrat, presided over the Parliamentary Investigation Committee into the Dealings of the IRT, the Police Task Force set up to uncover Illegal Drug Transports. The Investigation showed that the Task Force Members themselves were importing Cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars from Colombia, in Cooperation with Port Officials and even the Dutch Royal Navy, which flew the Drugs from the West Indies to Naval Bases in Europe. Several Cabinet Ministers had to resign, while the Minister of Internal Affairs (under which the Police Resort), Mrs Ien Dales in 1994 suddenly died from a Massive Heart Attack. In 1997 while driving home one night Mr Van Traa died when his Car was hit by a Truck. In Colombia, this would be called a Camionazo (Assassination by Means of a Truck), a Routine Settling of Accounts in Drug Dealing Circles, but in the Netherlands, the Police produced a Report stating that there was No Foul Play involved and that was the End of the Affair.

In the Netherlands, a Person (Hüseyin Baybaşin) can be Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder, without any Hard Evidence whatsoever, just on the Basis of a few Doctored Sound Tapes, and the Media remain Silent. In what really has become a Festering Ulcer of the Most Incredible Kind of Judicial Corruption Mr Baybaşin, a Turkish National, Businessman, and Leader of a Kurdish Nationalist Movement, was given a Life Sentence for something he never did. His Lawyer maintains that the Outrageous Sentence (Life Sentences are never handed out in the Netherlands) is the Result of Blackmail. Threatening to Disclose Evidence of the Sexual Activities with Local Minors by a High Official in the Dutch Justice Ministry, the Turks thus succeeded in Silencing a Prominent Member of their Kurdish Minority.

In the Netherlands, the Highest Official of the Justice Ministry could (from 2002 to 2012) be a Notorious Pedophile and even Suspected Accessory to Murder. Yet when Micha Kat exposed this Outrageous Situation, he was Vilified in the Most Abject Manner. From the Point of View of the Political Establishment, this was Understandable, because Joris Demmink, the Justice Ministry Secretary General, according to Persistent Rumors might even be the Uncle of Dutch King William Alexander. That would certainly explain the Total Impunity and Immunity that Demmink has always enjoyed, despite all the Convincing Evidence.

Recently, Micha Kat has been exposing the Highest COVID Official in the Country, Jaap van Dissel, Director of the State Health Authority RIVM. The “Dutch Anthony Fauci” has been Accused of being a Child Molester, Satanist, and Murderer. As Member of a Group of Pedophiles, Van Dissel is Alleged to have Raped and Killed Children in the Dutch Town of Bodegraven during the 1980’s. One of the Survivors of these Orgies (now Living in Exile in Spain) has been trying to obtain an Official Investigation into these Crimes. Yet the Police, the Local Prosecutor, and the Political Authorities are refusing to budge. Obviously, if the “Dutch Fauci” were to be Officially Exposed as a Sadistic Pedophile, this would spell Disaster for the Government’s COVID Agenda calling for a Permanent Medical Dictatorship.

Together with Joost Knevel (the Surviving Orgy Victim) and “Conspiracy TheoristWouter Raatgever (now in Jail after a Sentence Based on Trumped up Charges), Micha Kat had mounted a Weekly Video Show (Censored on YouTube, of course) that was becoming more and more Popular by the week. One of the most widely watched Truly Militant Shows critical of the new COVID Dictatorship, this so called “Red Pill Journaal” has now been Silenced, because Micha Kat was Placed under a Gag Order.

For a long time now, those with Eyes to see have been able to witness the Demolition of Free Speech in the West. It is not just the US Government or its British Satrapy that has been engaged in the Assault on Journalists and Independent Press Outlets. Julian Assange is only its most Visible and, by now Symbolic, Victim. Another is Thierry Meyssan, Exiled from France upon the Order of Former President Nicolas Sarkozy who (Karma is a Bitch) has now been Exposed as a Common Criminal and has been Sentenced to a Lenient Prison Term. There is also the German Whistle Blowing Journalist Udo Ulfkotte, who in 2017 after publishing his Book Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) suddenly fell Ill and Died.

It is not an Exaggeration to say that Real Investigative Journalism no longer finds a Home in the State and Corporate Controlled Media in the West. This is not to so say that it finds one anywhere else. It is just that Media and Politicians in the West continue to extoll the Virtues of their Liberal Societies that supposedly are a Beacon of Light to the Poor and Huddled Masses in the Rest of the World. The Fact is that today, Investigative Journalists need to put in a lot of Energy to run Websites of their own, soliciting their Readers to make Contributions. If these independent journalists overstep the Bounds of what the Big Censor Lords of the Internet Deem appropriate, they run the Risk of being excluded from Payment Platforms such as Paypal, on which they rely for a Livelihood.

The few that manage to sail around these and other Obstacles are Serious Problems and still need to be Silenced. One way is to charge them with “Terrorism” or being a Threat to National Security. Apart from this being quite an Honor Bestowed on a Person, it is Sheer Lunacy to suppose that the Security of any State can be Jeopardized by just one Single Individual. The Fact that none of the State and Corporate Controlled Media dares point this out is further Proof of their Utter Corruption and Uselessness as a Source of Information. If Legal Action fails, then there are other Means of Silencing wayward Journalists: Accidents, Suicides, and Sudden Illnesses.

On 21 July, the Dutch State Owned Media and MainStream Media were overjoyed to report Mr Kat’s Arrest and were Unanimous in slandering him. These same Media have always remained utterly Silent, and continue to remain Silent on all the important Issues that Mr Kat has been raising over the years. At the same time, they have been howling in Indignation over Alleged Human Rights Violations in Russia (Pussy Riot, Mr. Alexei Navalny), Belarus, China, and any other Country with a Government, not to the liking of the Washington Regime.

For now, the Fate of Micha Kat, whose Health, like Julian Assange’s has suffered from the Persecution by the Dutch State (last year he had a Heart Attack), is in the Hands of a Judge in Northern Ireland. One can only hope that Judge will have the Brains, Conscience, Spinal Column, Common Sense, and the Knowledge to see through the Untenable Arguments presented by the Dutch Government. It would certainly do Mr Kat No Harm if the Utter Perversion of the Case against him became more Widely Known.

In case the Judge would allow his Extradition, it is certain that Micha Kat, who is Completely Innocent of any and All Charges Against Him, is going to be Subjected to Total Isolation and other Forms of Torture and that his Life Expectancy will decrease dramatically. It would be a Tragedy if his Name were added to the Growing List of journalists Murdered by Evil Regimes.

Make No Mistake, the Dutch Regime is as Evil and Corrupt as any in the US Empire.

The Saker,


July 28, 2021 at 4:04 PM
The Netherlands is my Native Country, but I am so glad I live in Russia already for a couple of years (my Wife is Russian). If I would start telling in Holland what I understand about the “Free West” by now, I would be on their “Terrorist” list too. I hope Mr Kat will find Real Justice there in Northern Ireland.

July 28, 2021 at 4:16 PM
i don’t know the Reason for Mr Kat taking Refuge in the UK, but it will be shown to have been a Tragic Error, similar to Julian Assange the British Judicial System is Rotten from the Silk Wigs down. Lady Justice is Blindfolded but can still hear and speak and now her Handbag is laden with ill Gotten Gains and Promises for a Glorious Future. It will be difficult for Mr Kat to run for with a less than Sound Heart but run for it. I would ask the only Question: what is where?

Cheryl Sanchez
July 29, 2021 · at 12:57 PM
He should have gone to Iceland or Russia.

Micha Kat
July 29, 2021 · at 2:30 PM
I went to Iceland and Applied for Political Asylum in 2017. They said ‘The Netherlands is One of the Safest Countries on the Planet. Look at this Report from Amnesty International!

Hugo Jansen
July 28, 2021 · at 7:04 PM
To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen:.“Mr Kat, you are no Julian Assange.”
OK, Micha Kat never made the Comparison himself, but his Buddy Hans Vogel dit it.
Where Assange is always Relaxed and to the Point, Kat is always very Exited and close to a nervous Break Down. His stories mostly cannot be verified by the Reader.
Yes, all the Stories that are mentioned are Fishy, and there might be Crime involved, but where is the Proof?
Assange gives us the Official Documents. He was never seen lying.
Kat believes every Witness who tells him a Story about Pedophiles.
It does not convince me.
To give an Example. David Cole told us that in 1945 there were Witnesses from 22 Concentration Camps about Gas Chambers in their Camp. The Americans checked all the 16 Camps they had acces to, and never found a Gas Chamber. The Germans for some Strange Reason built their Gas Chambers only in Towns that would later be liberated by the USSR.
Eye Witnesses do not count, for me. For Kat is is mostly all he has.
I think the Baybasin Story is correct, though. And this Mr Demmink must have some very Powerful Protector.
But the Suggestion that Udo Ulfkotte was Killed is Nonsense. Ulfkotte had Cancer for years and he himself never suggested that his Cancer came from an Outside Agent.

M. Blok
July 29, 2021 · at 3:40 AM
Mr Jansen, your Text is Full of Assumptions, but throws it at us as the Truth. You also mean you have the only Definition of Evidence or tTuth. The Point is that we have lost Freedom of Speech, especially Journalists. If someone has Cancer, dies from it or not, is not up to you, but to a True Doctor, who must be able to speak out. It goes beyond saying that if a Government sues a Journalist for decades, it means that they have something to hide. Have a nice day, Sir, but do some Research, before you come out with your Bedtime Stories!

July 29, 2021 · at 5:19 AM
Often we can have Opinions about Descriptions, without being a Prime Witness, do we?
For instance, Udo Ulfkotte has been the Chief Editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine, so he was not ‘just a Journalist’ and certainly of another Calibre than Kat.
Ulfkotte has never made a Secret of it that he was Chronically Ill, most probably from a Gas Attack in the Iran Iraq War that he witnessed. Who can tell? I don’t think his Physician will inform us in all Details. If it is the Point that this is a Primary Presumption for having an Opinion then sorry, we are not on the Same Road Trip.
For the years he had left, Ulfkotte broke away with his Career and started writing what he wanted himself. I have read for years his Articles on ‘Kopp-online’, Witnessed a Speech of him on a Pegida Gathering, and the book ‘Gekaufte Journalisten’ is one of the last Things he had to share. I don’t share the Assumption that he was ‘Wasted’ by Authorities for that.
Serious Journalism has become a Dangerous Thing. Where once Ellsberg and Hersh were Praised for their Courage, they are now In Danger. Oh, btw, avoid entering embassies and consulates.
Cheers, Rob

July 28, 2021 · at 10:04 AM
In Germany, a Journalist of the Calibre of Peter Scholl Latour is very much Missing. Unfortunately, he died in 2014 at the age of 90. I have read every Book he wrote.

Zé ca roceiro
July 29, 2021 · at 9:14 PM
Jawohl, er war ein Vollblut Journalist dem ich meine Ganze Bewunderung und Respekt zollen will. Es war ein Genuß all die seine Erfahrungen und Scharfsinnige Geopolitische Analysen hören zu könnnen .
Er war echt ein Authentischer Bericherstatter, der sich niemals mit Weder Freund Noch Feind Gemein Gemacht hat. Seine Eindringliche Warnungen vor den Folgen einer Invasion des Iraqs haben sich als durchaus richtig erwiesen.
Google Translation
Yes, he was a Thoroughbred Journalist whom I want to give All my Admiration and Respect. It was a Pleasure to hear all of his Experiences and Astute Geopolitical Analysis.
He was genuinely an Authentic Reporter who never got In Common with Either Friend or Foe, and his Urgent Warnings about the Consequences of an Invasion of Iraq have Proven to be Entirely Correct.

July 29, 2021 · at 3:52 AM
Micha Kat is a Hero in my Eyes, a Real Fighter who never quite and has Dedicated his Life to Truth and Justice whatever the Cost. He is Supported by the Wake People and Demonized by the Elite, which says it all.

July 29, 2021 · at 7:35 AM
Meneer Jansen? Misschien kunt u zich niet voorstellen, maar Micha Kat is de Allerbeste Journalist Ever!!! Daar kan niemand omheen.
Hij is een Held, een Vechter met Stijdlust als een Leeuw. Ik weet niet hoe het komt dat u Geen Verstand heeft van deze Zaak en wat gaande is. Misschien moet u ook het een en ander onderzoeken. Want met Loze Woorden komt u niet verder. Heel veel plezier met uw Onderzoek. ☺

July 29, 2021 · at 7:17 AM
The Imperial Overlord of the West is not in Washington but UNDER God and therefore had to Retreat in a Monastary ages ago, ‘In his Own Realm‘ relentlessly Attacked from all Sides by 100% Narcissistic and Greed Driven Psychopathic Warlords and Usurpers, of course Breaking their Oaths (that have No Meaning to a Psychopath) on the Go.
All Western Jurisdictions are thus Based on Usurpation upon Usurpation of imperial Property under God.
Also the UK and the USA, because if the Realm of the True (not amongst those who, in Parts of the Empire, to execute “the Daily Government Administration”, chosen as Primus Inter ParesHoly RomanEmperor under God expands by Conquering, the Thus Conquered Lands NORMALLY become Part of his Empire and do not fall as Property) into the Hands of the (= HIS) Men who did the Actual Conquering.
But Mr Kat is becoming a Real Pain in the Ass to the Psychopathic Usurpers. Sometimes with Pedophilia as a Co Morbidity which they want to absolve by Misusing State Power. in the Northern Part of Mid Francia: Lotharingen or Lorrain, that is called “The Netherlands” and since 1945 is Extremely Glib. Hidden to the Public by Re Installing a Former Queen Wilhelmina who Abdicated by Fleeing the Country Illegally in 1940 and her SS Son in Law Bilderberg Bernhard as their Stadhouder suggesting Sovereignty was given back! In Fact a Vassal State of the USA (being itself also Build upon Usurpation by Psychopaths).
So the True Imperial Overlord has No Issue with Mr Kat here.

July 29, 2021 at 7:24 AM
Northern Ireland is Part of the UK, the same “Institution” that holds Julian Assange for Life. Don’t believe in Miracles.


Dutch Justice

The AdjectiveDutch” carries a highly unfavorable Connotation. A “Dutch Uncle” is no Relative of “Uncle Tom” but rather the Cousin of “Uncle Sam.” Obviously, the dim View of the Dutch that is evident here, dates from the 17th century when the English had set Eyes upon the Highly Successful Dutch Trade and the Dutch Seaborne Empire, and when they tried to steal these in the Course of the three Dutch Wars. Since then the Word “Dutch” has come to almost cancel the Noun that it accompanies. “Dutch Courage” has little to do with Courage but everything with the kind of Valiance acquired after drinking too much Alcohol. A “Dutch Wife” is the long Pillow that some Men prefer to take to Bed rather than a Real Woman.

Today, a new Expression needs to be added to the List. “Dutch Justice,” meaning a Mockery, a Travesty of Justice, the very Antithesis of Justice. Just look at the Tragic Farce that the MH17 Trial has become, with the Systematic Suppression of Evidence, Corrupt Prosecutors, Partial Judges, all duly supported by Biased State and Corporate Controlled Media. In hindsight, it was apparently for a sound Reason that one hundred years ago the International Community selected The Hague as the Seat of the International Court of Justice. Today it is also the seat of the International Criminal Court and a number of specialized Tribunals such as the Court for the Former Yugoslavia. Whatever the Names of those Kangaroo Courts, they definitely do not impart justice.

The Netherlands has always been a Nation of Vindictive Petty Minded Midgets who turn on anybody with an Independent Opinion. That is the Reason why the few Dutch Intellectuals and Authors of Quality and Independence of Mind have always had to move abroad. Since Hugo de Groot (Grotius) in the 17th century, any Dutchman with a Mind of His Own has left the Country.

  • Pieter Waterdrinker, the Greatest Living Dutch Novelist, now lives in Russia,
  • Before him, Gerrit Komrij fled to Portugal,
  • Willem Frederik Hermans to France,
  • Jan Slauerhoff became a Flying Dutchman, working as a Ship’s Doctor and writing Poetry in his Spare Time.

Among the many who have had to leave the Country for expressing Wayward Opinions, some Journalists also stand out. These include Alexander Cohen and Willem Oltmans. For decades, the latter was Mercilessly Persecuted for Exposing Facts and Expressing Opinions regarding the former Dutch Colony in Indonesia that the Government at The Hague desired to keep away from the Public.

Oltmans has found a worthy Successor in Micha Kat, who is among the very few Dutch Journalists with the kind of Personal Courage (Not Dutch Courage!) it takes to stand to the Dutch Government. Once regarded as the most lucid Journalist on Judicial Affairs, Micha Kat in 2004 published a Book exposing the Corruption with the DutchNewspaper of Record,” NRC Handelsblad (Lux, Libertas en Leugens, or Light, Liberty and Lies, in a Pun at the Newspaper’s Motto). In 2010, it was followed by Boekhoudfraude (Bookkeeping Fraud), exposing truly stunning Frauds by KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In the meantime, Mr Kat had begun to expose the Widespread and Systemic Corruption of the Dutch Judiciary. From Prosecutors, Lawyers and Judges down to specialised Journalists, and including Professional Organizations for Journalists, Lawyers and Judges, as well as the Ministry of Justice, the whole System is utterly Corrupt. Its Workings become Evident, especially when the System is turned against those who dare Challenge the Government at any level.

Since Life in the Netherlands was being made impossible for him, Mr Kat had to go abroad, ending up in Northern Ireland. Mr Kat has focused on exposing the very Mechanism that keeps together the Dutch Ruling Elite. Until the 1980’s, this Elite recruited its Members mostly from the Traditional Upper Classes, the University Educated Middle Class, and the Occasional Newcomer from Below, since then the Elite has had to expand. It could no longer rely on the Traditional “Old Boys Networks” and therefore a New Instrument for Ensuring Cohesion was needed.

This New Mechanism was Pedophilia, complete with all its Unsavory Collateral Activities down to the Sadistic Mistreatment of Infants.”

Of course, it is very difficult and emotionally straining to look into these Matters, but Mr Kat has had the Courage to do just that. Thus he exposed that Mr Joris Demmink, from 2002 to 2012 Secretary General of the Dutch Justice Ministry (!) was not only a Pedophile, but probably more than that. As a Result, the Government has unleashed its Bloodhounds against Mr Kat, charging him with the Most Outrageous and Ridiculous Offenses: for allegedly “Insulting” the Head of Dutch State Television Marcel Gelauff, Mr Kat was sentenced to nine months in Jail.

Since last year, Mr Kat has been presenting Persuasive Evidence that “Covid CzarProfessor Jaap van Dissel, Director at the RIVM (Government Health Authority) also known as the “Dutch Fauci,” has been involved in Criminal Child Molesting and even Murder, but the Police and the Prosecution have consistently refused to investigate the Case.

Now, the Government has struck back, requesting Mr Kat’s Extradition from Northerm Ireland where he lives, for being a “Terrorist.” Mind you, Mr Kat has never made, let alone thrown a Bomb, never called for Violence, never done anything that Terrorists usually do, nothing at all. Still, he is Branded a Terrorist, for allegedly “Destabilizing” the State. At the same time, he has been served a Gag Order and is not allowed to engage in any kind of Journalist Activity. On 3 September, the Judge in Northern Ireland will decide whether or not Mr Kat is to be Extradited to the Netherlands.

That, dear Reader, is what “Dutch Justice” amounts to. Probably, in the Eyes of the Dutch Government, it is actually Justice.

But, come to think of it, “Dutch Government” is also a Non Sensical Expression. It is the very Antithesis ofGovernment.” Indeed, the Government at The Hague is not even a “DutchGovernment. It might just as well be called a “Ukrainian Government, or “IraqiGovernment, since it does exactly and promptly whatever the Washington Regime tells it to do.

Читайте больше на

Pravda, July 29 2021


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  1. The fact that evil people rule is only ONE part of the equation. The true but “culturally and politically forbidden” reality is more encompassing. Read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at www dot CovidTruthBeKnown dot com or search for it by title and author.

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true problem, no real constructive change is possible.

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