Brian S. Staveley – The Real Truth Behind the Greatest Illusion of All Time 9/11

This is for all the serious 9/11 researchers out there. Read this info carefully. It changes everything you have EVER learned about 9/11.

This is the real story. This is what the truth community doesn’t even want you to know!! This is what members in the truth community you see on TV or radio are paid to hide.

This was written about 3 months ago and there has been some new information since then which I will address in comments after the story.

Please share this with everyone you know.

This is a complete breakdown of what really happened. No it was not the thermite controlled demolition we were told, nor was it Bin Laden, D.E.W.s, Mini Nukes, Drones, pods, or any of those other theories being floated. Its actually much more simple than that. Keep an open mind and enjoy.

If you are a true researcher you will know the things I say to be true and if you are not, go look into my claims. You will be amazed!!

1. Introduction

It’s the event that forever changed the world we live in. From the loss of our freedoms and most of our privacy, to the invasion of nation after nation in the name of fighting terrorism. No matter what your stance is on who committed 9/11 or how it was done, there is no denying that it has forever changed our world.

In this story I am going to touch on some of the most important aspects of 9/11 that have become taboo to even speak of. Some things that when brought up are attacked by people supposedly on your side.

Once you know the real truth of 9/11 which I will expose in the piece, you will see how clear their agenda is and how much betrayal is really going on. That is another story all in itself so I might actually make it two pieces. We will touch on the gatekeepers of the truth movement after.

First I want to tell all of you the real story of 9/11 starting with how I found the truth. After taking in this information, reflect back on your studies of 9/11. You will see how so many unanswered questions are now answered.

Everything we were taught about that day besides the fact that towers are there no more was a lie. 9/11 was a 30+ year planned event along with the truth movement. The story I am going to tell you is being aggressively censored by almost ALL the so called truth organizations and websites and the mainstream media will never touch this one.

One thing I want to state before we proceed is the work I am doing is the work that should have been done by our law enforcement and our media. It is not disrespectful to ask tough questions about the day that forever changed our world. It is not un-American to question your government.

The one thing that really gets me is people that imply its taboo to talk of these things or I am doing something wrong by bringing them up. If you were murdered wouldn’t you want every avenue explored, every last detail gone over and most of all want to know who is responsible?

Of course you would. I am not going to let this act just go unanswered for. I finally have the truth of 9/11 and am going to share it with all of you. With just about every bold fact that I state I will have solid evidence backing it up.

Most times in the form of a short video clip or a photograph. The things I am going to say without proof would get me laughed at, but before you do that look at my proof. You’ll find it to be rock solid and undeniable. I’m not here to stir up the pot around 9/11 and make a name for myself.

What kind of American would I be knowing the truth of 9/11 and not telling everyone I knew. So just remember before you call me crazy or before you put this paper down or close the window, check my proof. I don’t make things up. I have done extensive research into this. It’s going to be a fascinating journey into the world of real truth.

I will start right off the bat by saying NO I DO NOT BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT’S OFFICIAL STORY. If you still believe the governments story of 9/11 we have a long way to go.

This paper is not going to be like all other 9/11 reports proving how the govt story is wrong in every way. We aren’t going to go over all those points again. It’s so beyond ridiculous you can read about that anywhere. You can at any time research any part of the official story and as long as you’re willing to read more than headlines you will see it all to be a lie. In the end once I tell you what I am going to expose none of that will matter anyhow. I will prove them all wrong by proving this information right.

If you are one of the people that still do believe the official story of 9/11 then, I warn you. You are really going to have a hard time stomaching what I am going to expose in this piece. Many of the “truthers” themselves are going to have a hard time with it.

The reason being the REAL truth flies right in the face of everything we were led to believe. This includes what we were led to believe within the truth movement. Remember all the times you told a so called sheep that he or she has been lied to about everything, especially by the media?

Well that goes for you and the alternative media too. After you read my explanation on what really happened on 9/11, research it before you attack me! Before anyone attacks me though, you better have your you know what together because mine will be. Everything I state as a fact I can prove. There is much more proof backing my take on 9/11 than there is for any other story whether it be official or not.

All those stories have a lot of theories attached to them. Mine does not. Mine has photographic evidence and official documents like the FOIA requests.

Everything we have learned about the thermite controlled demolition of the twin towers resulting in 3000 deaths is an outright lie and put out by the government to keep us from the REAL TRUTH. Yes the government put out the story about the thermite. You will see why.

This doesn’t mean 9/11 truth is dead. It just means the focus needs to be totally changed. Everyone has it all wrong. As a matter of fact if you bring up the things I am going to reveal you are instantly attacked, your character defamed just like people in THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA would do. I thought we were all better than that?

Are we not the ones always telling people to open their minds and look at the whole story? I am giving you a much different tale than we have been told. I don’t just mean what the govt. has told us either. All the documentaries we have used as our greatest tool for waking people up are false. Propaganda based on out right deception.

Most of the footage in those documentaries if not all of it is staged or faked. It hurts me to say this because I bought into all of it as much as you did. It’s still good that we used these films to wake us up to all sorts of issues, at least it did for me, but they have us chasing ghosts. They are set up to put you in that next mental box once you break free of the psy-op of the mainstream media. I never making baseless claims or write my theories as being fact. I have hard evidence backing all my claims and will be leaving that evidence here for you to view.

To all the people who have followed me and my information on 9/11 I’m sorry. We were severely misled but I am going to right the ship today. We are still right in everything we said to people proving the government’s story wrong. The Government’s story is still just as false but we were wrong about the way the buildings came down and just about everything else.

Yes the United States government is responsible for 9/11 along with some major corporations I will point out.

Everything is much different than it seems though. First I want to tell you that even though most of the “truth” groups have been infiltrated I am not saying they are all bad or totally comprised of bad people, BUT most of the key figures at the top have some very bad intentions that I will bring into the light today after revealing to you what transpired on the day itself.

Now I am not the person that uncovered all of this but the way my investigation was going, the dots I connected, and my persistence for the whole truth brought me to some information that they have tried to bury. I proceeded to dig. Although all the work isn’t my personal research originally I did verify all of it. I have 100 percent read through all the related documents key to this investigation. I triple checked all the sources and the Data as I always do. I don’t recite rumors. Now I will tell you my journey to the REAL truth.

Part 2 The Original Wake Up Call

About a year ago while searching Netflix for a 9/11 Movie after seeing the movie World Trade Center with Nicholas Cage I saw a movie called Loose Change 911 An American Coup.

After seeing this I knew the government’s story was a total fraud. Proven wrong in thousands of ways. Even scientifically impossible in many cases. Let me start by saying this is not going where it would have went if I wrote this a month ago.

It turns out that Loose Change is not what I thought it was. Fans of the movie as I assume most of you are, please stick with me. My points will all be validated. I promise once you have the new information you will understand everything in a completely different light. It’s a VERY POSITIVE thing that I saw it, even in hindsight because it did make me realize that the government story was absolutely false. It made me not trust the media either and made me keep digging and reading, studying past events and seeing what else we have been lied to about.

So in that sense it was great BUT in light of what I’ve discovered I realize what that movie and almost all the other documentaries I have personally vouched for are. They are in sense gate keepers. They know that a large amount of people will be seeking the truth. They set up these “truth” documentaries and do give you a lot of good info to gain your trust and keep you hooked on their story BUT they keep you from the key issues. They won’t even mention it.

The only way it would get any airplay in the so called alternative media is if a caller manages to get it out real quick. If you start to get too close to the truth you are muted, cut off, technical diffucultied, or most commonly insulted and attacked.

Anyways we will get back to that. Loose Change did wake me up and a lot of you I’m sure and showed us what the government was presenting as evidence was a total fraud. Since that day almost a year ago I have been seeking the truth. I understand if you don’t think the government had anything to do with 9/11.

The only reason you think that though is because you have never looked. All you need to do is YouTube or Google Tower 7.

Look at it. It’s a 47 story skyscraper that collapses into a pile just like the twin towers on 9/11. It came down in only 6.5 seconds, nearly free fall speed just like the towers. You know what else it has in common with the Twin Towers?

It came down on 9/11. It was not hit by a plane and it came down just like the other two buildings.

The news never told you this. This alone should make you want to find out what really happened on 9/11.

If it came down exactly like the other two but nothing hit it, well doesn’t that tell you it’s most likely not the planes that made the towers collapse?

C’mon guys. Just use your brain. As much as you might not want to you have to admit it. There is another common denominator we aren’t seeing yet.

I’m not going to repeat the same old rhetoric you have all heard on hundreds of 9/11 websites or videos. This is not about proving those same points. This isn’t about proving the buildings were blown up or anything like that.. It’s true the government is involved in 9/11 but the story being point forward by most of the “truth movement” is a total deception. At this point I’m assuming everyone knows their story along with the governments story. Just in case though I will briefly tell you what each side says then I will get on to all the new evidence

3. The Official Story & Part 4 The Official Conspiracy Theory

In the next section after this one we will dive right into the new evidence but before we start I’ll very briefly tell you the official story and the most accepted conspiracy theory. I’m not going to go point by point disproving parts of the story. That would be long and tedious to you the reader and frankly any investigators of 9/11 have heard it all before. I will let my evidence speak for itself and disprove both stories. By this point I’m sure you want to hear this new evidence so we will get on with it.

The official story is 19 hijackers (18 from Saudi Arabia) hijacked four planes from the East Coast of The United States bound for California. 2 planes departed Boston, one from New Jersey, and one from Washington D.C. The hijackers took over the planes with box cutters.

There was no distress signal from the pilots The first plane hit the WTC then about 15 min later the second plane hit the other tower. One hour and some minutes later the pentagon was hit with a third airliner and then the 4th crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

There was no military interception on ANY of the flights. They say it was directed from Osama Bin Laden within about 40 seconds of the first tower being hit.

About an hour after being hit each tower of the World Trade Center collapsed into its own footprint. This they say was from the jet fuel in the planes melting the steel and weakening it causing the buildings to collapse. 3000 Americans lost their lives including 343 firefighters!

After this we invaded Afghanistan. 9/11 was all the justification we needed to invade the whole middle east. That is fact no matter which of the three sides of this story you believe. The American people have let the government strip away many liberties in the name of protecting us from this happening again. America is scared. Our government created that fear and uses it to control us and push their war mongering agenda around the world.

4. The Truth Movement’s story

Now what the truth movement says. The government had advanced knowledge of the attacks at the least but could actually have pulled them off themselves or contracted someone to do it.

The towers came down so fast and so uniform it was just like a controlled demolition. Many witnesses including firefighters heard multiple explosions. It is a fact there is no way jet fuel could even come close to the temperature needed to melt any of that steel never mind all of it. Lots of witnesses talked about bombs going off and explosions on the that day and the news won’t play any of it any more.

Tower 7 came down at 520 pm and nothing hit it so it proved that if that can come down without a plane hitting it then it’s very likely that a plane isn’t what took down the other two. It’s just not. The plane is not a factor in all THREE collapses yet the third comes down exactly the same as the Twin Towers.

That’s so elementary.Regarding the Pentagon again there was no large plane parts found including the 12,000 pound engines made of steel and titanium. The hole was only about 20 feet wide.

There is no way a 757 fit thru that hole. Then there is the video the pentagon released. Its five frames, that’s all. Five frames and they say here is the attack on the Pentagon then boom! Just an explosion no plane! So and so forth. Dr Stephen E Jones even found thermite in the dust.

For the last year I was convinced this was the truth. I have devoted my life to waking people up to this. All my followers don’t worry. I will not lead you astray. I have a lot of people depending on me for real information now and this paper is especially for you guys.

Don’t worry all the facts we’ve gone over how the government story is a lie still hold true. The thermite story and all that though was all part of an intricate deception that’s been THIRTY + years in the making.

Dr. Stephen E Jones and the rest of the prominent truthers know what I am about to tell you and they do EVERYTHING they possibly can to steer you away from this information and any information, interviews, phone calls, videos,etc leading towards it. I’m not trying to make problems within the truth movement, but I’m sorry I must have been mistaken. I thought the truth movement was about the truth. The real truth not the convenient truth.

For a year I was under the premise these people really wanted the truth. They don’t! I know this doesn’t sit well with many of my friends in the truth community right now. I assure you what I tell you is true.

Once you read the rest of the story about what really happened you will see how they have been complicit in actually covering up the truth. This is hard on me too. I had really looked up to these guys.

The information I’m going to tell you is so huge it changes the whole thing. It is going to make you go back and think about every aspect of 9/11 and how this helps it all make sense now. That’s why they lead you down the road they do.

To keep you running in circles and not getting close this information. Ladies and gentlemen be ready to open your mind like never before. You’re going to need all of it to process this. Just remember PLEASE watch the videos I have provided when you come to a link. They are hard core proof of the things I present here.

Most of them are completely mind blowing. At the end of everything I will leave an area full of other links so you can check this information out for yourself. I am a serious 9/11 investigator. Some of the people you have come to trust are an insult to people in the real movement like myself. Ready to finally learn the whole truth or at least most of it about the Psy-op called 9/11?

5 Shocking New Information: The Israeli Art Students And The 91st Floor

A few months ago I made the decision to really bear down and dig into 9/11 again. Something just didn’t seem right. I had heard Jesse Ventura call into The Alex Jones radio show and say “Alex It wasn’t thermite that brought down the towers. It was some form of exotic weaponry, you’ve got to read this book by Dr. Judy Wood.” Alex said Jesse, I know who she is, I know who she is.”

Then he let Jesse go very shortly after. Let me stop for a second and tell you this is not a paper about Judy Woods Directed Energy Weapon theory. That is what Governor Ventura was referring to. Because of this phone call though it peaked my interest and I am very open minded and wanted to hear everything possible about 9/11, so I decided to take a really good hard look at it. I listened to about 10 hrs. of interviews and lectures of hers. I looked at most of her pictures of ground zero and analyzed all her video. Although she did have some intriguing pictures it was nothing concrete in the least bit BUT still her theory was key in me finding the real truth.

Now knowing the real truth it’s easy to see how she was fooled into believing it was a Directed Energy Weapon that took down the towers. It actually makes all the sense in the world even though that’s not what it was.

Almost the whole truth movement has come out to attack her. I wanted to see who was on her side and what they had to say. When I see honest researchers with good intentions attacked it throws a red flag up for me. They are usually attacked because the information they have is actually good.

It happens all the time in the mainstream media in general. They discredit someone so much just so the average viewer won’t buy into their story. Jim Fetzer’s name came up as someone who supported Wood and this is key.

Jim Fetzer like myself is obviously a serious 9/11 investigator. He knows that the second plane was fake as do I. You could watch videos for 30 minutes and know without a doubt that it was a computer generated image(CGI). I always thought it was strange how much opposition you get on that. I never understood how the leaders of the truth movement who obviously have been doing this for ten years, could not know that.

How could I realize that in a mere few months after “waking up” but they couldn’t in ten years of digging with teams of researchers? I have heard no planners as they like to call us, attacked from every angle. They throw you in another group, the space beamers(people who believe Wood). They try to act like we are talking about green men from outer space or something. They don’t want this information out. Soon you will see why. It is part of a much bigger agenda. Now back to Fetzer. This is where it starts to get really interesting and the whole story of 9/11 takes an unexpected twist.

On Jim Fetzers website there was a radio interview. I will post the interview at the end of this document along with any other links to articles or videos for you to see. These are the clips you NEED to hear. I am giving you some of the sources of my research so you can double check anything you wish. I do NOT expect you to just take my word, I want you to research. Even if you don’t research outside of this paper, please watch all the links I posted. It’s a very important part of the story.

These interviews and videos are so telling and so taboo amongst the “truth community”. The first is this Jim Fetzer interview. He interviewed these Phil Jayhan And Larry McWilliams from who tell us the story of a group of Art students staying on the 91st floor from at least as far back as March of 2000 until 9/11/2001.

These men were supposedly art students. They released a book about their project which was called Gelatin B(the project). This book they released along with some photographs in the book blow the investigation wide open.

In the book they documented how they would perform a stunt. They had removed a window on the 91st floor and put a balcony out the window. They would then go out on the balcony naked, wave a shirt and a helicopter which they had flying outside the towers would film them. They also had some very telling diagrams in this book.

One diagram had a picture of the face of the tower and had a person on the balcony throwing another person or dummy off the balcony, with some fire in the background. It should also be noted that the drawings certainty do not reflect the quality you would expect from art student. I’m a terrible drawer and I could have done better. Ok so what does this stunt mean? The only deaths we saw with our own eyes on 9/11 were the jumpers. Everyone remembers seeing that.

Guess where almost all the jumpers came from… Right about the 91st floor. Before everyone jumped they did something very odd. They would all wave their shirt, wait a second then jump when the camera was on them. Just like the Israeli Art students little stunt. Very strange behavior for someone about to jump to their death from a burning building. Come on now.

What type of art school is going to have you remove a window on the 91st floor of the trade tower and construct a balcony that would support naked people waving. Not only that but the helicopter???

That’s quit the budget the art school has there. These art students were the jumpers from 9/11. It was a special effect. They filmed all that footage leading up to the jump and then just threw out mannequins or filmed in front of a green screen where they added the WTC in the background and they definitely did this in almost all of the pictures, they photoshopped them in there!

This is a fact. If you blow them up you can see tons of evidence of photoshopping. There are tons of doctored jumper pics. I will leave links for the pictures. It gets even better than this. Much better.

So now I have established these are the jumpers. This is why you NEED to listen to these interviews for yourself. They will tell you much better than I can. It was the exact floors, with people making the exact same motions and they even had diagrams of them out on the balcony, throwing a mannequin off while being filmed by a helicopter. It’s safe to say that at least the jumpers are fake.

Those are not real deaths. Why would they fake any deaths??? More dramatic if they add a few jumpers to the people that are trapped inside? Maybe just needed to add a few to bring it closer to 3000? We will get back to that shortly. First more about their other diagram and their photos which tell a story much different than what we have been told!

The “art students” had another very telling diagram. It was a picture of their place of study, The World Trade Center South Tower. Now when they were to draw a diagram you would expect to see maybe office cubicles, telephones, desk, art canvases, tables, chairs, supplies, etc.. Instead we get a picture of the outside and inside of the tower which looks to be pretty accurate but a few things are weird…very weird indeed. In the middle of the tower they have accurately drawn the internal columns of the tower and even got the configuration right with the exception many of the columns are missing.

Now why would they draw that?

They shouldn’t be able to see that! They are working in what is supposed to be a finished building. Only two answers are possible.

Either someone gave them classified blueprints of the tower or that’s what they saw. Nothing but the internal columns? No desks, phones, walls, nothing??? Well that can’t be possible right?

Well they also had a quote on there. It was something to the effect of so beautiful on the outside, so empty and desolate on the inside. I’m paraphrasing that. It was something very similar. You will get the exact quote when you listen to the interview yourself. I don’t have it in front of me right now. Not only was that written on the diagram of the building but it also said something to the effect of 10 floors above us to the top and it is completely empty and depressing. Well what does that mean?

It most likely means the floors above them were literally stripped bare and I will show you proof of this. A lot of proof of this. Some which I just got last night. The information now that I’m looking at this the right way just keeps pouring in. Also there was a large shipping company that they shared the 91st floor with. Guess what was missing from the diagram of the tower.

That’s right. No shipping company was in there even though officially they were. How many more ghost companies were in there? We will talk about it. Also I should point out the myth of the companies on the floors where the planes impacted. This is simply not true. Those floors were not only vacant. They were unfinished and bare. Not only all that but the elevators since the floors were totally bare DID NOT EVEN HAVE BUTTONS FOR ANY OF THE FLOORS!! This would include all the floors from 79-90. All those floors are inaccessible and absolutely had no companies on them. Ill provide proof of this with pictures of the elevators and a Freedom Of Information Request that shows the occupancy of the towers from 1978-2001.

There was a movie on TV tonight seeing that its 9/11 weekend and it was called heroes on the 88th floor. This is outright propaganda. There were NO COMPANIES on that floor or any of the floors in the supposed impact zone! This is not debatable. They made all of that up too. Those floors were NEVER occupied.

5A The Gelatin-B Photographs

The people from Gelatin-B posted more than diagrams in the book. They posted a couple of photos. In one photo you can see one the men actually standing either just outside the window on the balcony they built or he is standing right in the window frame. They photoshopped the image of a heater over the balcony so you couldn’t see it. That’s not even the remarkable part.

Ready for this?

There is a couple more pics and in that one you can see that everything is stripped down. They are supposedly renting office space in a finished building and there is no flooring, no inner walls at all, no ceiling, nothing to even hang the ceiling. Their floor was truly empty. The shipping company that was said to have been destroyed in there on 9/11 wasn’t there.

The people you heard about seeing the plane coming….Another dramatic bullcrap lie! There were no floors from 79-90 and a I will show you many other places throughout out the towers. They also had a bunch of boxes stacked up all the way to the ceiling so anyone that might have somehow got on that floor(remember they are on 91 the elevators next stop after 78) would not see the little stunt they were up to. Filming their little stunt called Gelatin-B was really the staging of the World Trade Center Jumpers!

You will get to see all these diagrams for yourself. You will be able to see the doctored pictures of jumpers. This was all very shocking and it is very suspicious that no one is mentioning this. Needless to say this got me digging and digging. You can be ignorant and call me crazy without looking at my evidence but your only hurting yourself and your family in the long run with that attitude.

Now more than ever you need to have an open mind. Just enough to look and see if my claims are true. Please. Everyone is trying to hide this from you. Almost the whole truth community is a fraud.

Set up by the government to support the story from an opposing view. They reinforce the lie that planes were used and they totally rule out any media fakery which is almost all that went on. There is much more to this. I told you it’s going to flip the whole story around.

It’s tough to tell exactly how many floors were empty and completely stripped but we do know this much from the new evidence. The 91st floor and all the floors above were already empty by March 2000 when it was put in that book. We also know the 12 floors under 91 were all empty as well.

That’s around 25 empty floors near the top of that tower! We also know of many floors near the bottom were empty and the floors that did officially have a company there are owned by one company.

For instance floors 79-the top are missing. Well under 78 one company would have like 8 floors making it well over 30 floors in a row missing. So if they were to have ghost companies say they are occupying the tower when they really aren’t, it would only take the cooperation of 3 or 4 companies per tower.

That’s all. I know it sounds crazy. They had emptied the towers and pre demo ed the building prior to 9/11.. The Twin Towers were close to empty on 9/11. The subway, windows on the world and the observation deck is what gave it the hundreds of thousands in foot traffic everyday.That also explains why there was such a little amount of rubble afterwards. Remember not seeing any chairs, computers, file cabinets, etc.? That’s because many of the floors in the towers were bare by the time 9/11 came around. I am attaching the proof to all of this right now.

Also here is the interviews here I got much of this information. Please listen to them. Don’t think we are even close to done because we are not! There is much much more after the links. I am also attaching the FOIA request showing occupancy of the towers and Ill post the pictures of the elevators number panel here. This is just the tip of the iceberg too! Keep reading please.

Here is the above interview with Jim Fetzer about the art students on the 91st fl and the hollow towers. This is a great interview. It’s so interesting you won’t be able to stop listening to it. There are two parts. Just make sure you listen to part 1 first. They go into great detail of all the things we have talked about so far.

Here is the link. you will see the two parts of the hollow towers radio show. Just click it and it will play right there in the browser. Make sure you hear BOTH parts. You will see part 1 and part two right there in a blue link. Make sure you click on 1 first. I have attached after this link the photos that go along with the interview so you will want that open too.

While you listen to the above clip , look at these pics(below). This is what they will be talking about. The diagrams the art students drew are here, a picture of the towers in 1978 and they are mostly HOLLOW. This is well after it has been finished. Just scroll down a little after going to the link and you’ll see the pics.Theres a lot of them.

Here is the Freedom Of Information Act request that PROVES the towers were mostly empty. The whole myth of those being the busiest office building around was exactly that, a myth. I can’t get too far ahead but you will see what I mean soon.

How’s that for a twist to the 9/11 story? The jumpers were faked. Faked to toy with our emotions. Come to think of it those were the ONLY deaths we saw on 9/11.

So what am I getting at? Do I think the death toll may have been lower? Well with the jumpers being faked that means the real death total is already lower right? Also I should mention that some more of the jumpers, these ones being in the still pictures were clearly photoshopped. You can see borders around some of them. One guy they really did a sloppy job with. He is like 90 ft. away from the face of the building. Looks like they took a pic of a man sitting on a bench and cut and pasted it right there and called him a jumper. Blow up the pictures and you can see clearly that the images have different resolutions. Clear evidence of cut n paste. I will leave links to show you at the end. Why fake any deaths at all?

Here is a caller making all the right points til they mute him. Funny how no one in the truth movements mentions this isn’t it?? Watch the treatment he gets. This is typical anytime someone hints at this information in the least bit. Well that’s all over now! I am bringing this out into the limelight. We have been lied to long enough!

Hoax Busters Call – Hoax Busters Call

Gepubliceerd op 6 nov. 2010
William Rodriguez was a guest on the ‘Power Hour'(Sept 20th 2010), with Captain Joyce Riley, giving his story when I called in with a question that made the Captain uncomfortable enough to mute my audio….

45,000 desks,45,000 chairs,245 Acres of Carpeting ,40,000 File Cabinets,40,000 Cubicles,75,000 Telephones,50,000 Staplers,20,000 miles of wiring,300 Mainframe computers,45,000 Computer monitors,45,000 Keyboards,45,000 mice/computer aid,650 Fire Extinguishers,3000 Copy Machines, 2000 Water Coolers, 3000 Printers, 20,000 doors, 40,000 door knobs, 450 Refrigerators, 5000 Snack and Soda vending machines, 3000 Wallets & purses,3000 Employee ID cards (Required after 1993 bombing),3000 Employee personal cell phones…..VAPORIZED!?!?!?!

Fresh Kills (Landfill) – WTC Debris Burial Ground (1)

Lets Roll Forums:

Source of the WTC image:


6. The Fake 9/11 Memorial

Each year the families of 9/11 meet for a service. Much of these memorials are actually staged! They are a photoshopped mess! Lots of errors in there. Things are clearly cut out and pasted together. I will post the link. You will see a man’s head from the side and its literally cut off when running into an image of a flag.

Obvious photoshopping errors like this are all thru the photos. They constantly have errors with the environment. Why would they fake pictures from the memorial for the 9/11 victims’ families? Why haven’t the rest of the families said anything about this? I will show you why.

How’s this? Again why would they use photo trickery to fake any memorial service? Why are they faking any part of 9/11 or the after services at all? Why aren’t the family members that were there at these memorials screaming out about this nonsense? You will find out why.

First watch this very short clip please so you can see for yourself how doctored these images are! These are the official press photos going around the media and they are all doctored photoshopped images.

11September2009 – 911 Victims investigation

Gepubliceerd op 20 jul. 2010

Photoshopped duplicate poses are passable as real because they mimic a possible reality. However, it still may be that the real models at the base of these images were photographed in a single session. A single model can be morphed into multiple vicsims. And, of course, real people may have been killed although supplemented by vicsims.


7. The Fake Victims and Fake Firefighters

The 3000 victims of 9/11 were from a computer database. The pictures are all computer generated. You will see hard core proof of this in the videos I’m attaching. They would make a face on the computer and off of that they would make two different pictures of the victim. In every case you can tell they originate from the same photo. Their faces are all the same angle, with the same lighting, the same expression. They just change the background and the people’s clothes but it is very noticeable. In some of the photos they just flipped it and changed the bg, and called it a new photo.

Now with that alone I could see you not being convinced seeing that it’s the same person, but how about when its two different people? Wait til you see the firefighters. We are to believe 343 of them died on 9/11 right? Well with the firefighters it is obvious that they took one picture and made two entirely different people out of it! Time after time as you go thru you will see a side by side comparison of what is supposed to be two different firefighters. They are identical except they switched maybe one feature .

This is not one or two of them or some form of coincidence. Hundreds of them when side by side are clearly the same image used twice! The investigation doesn’t stop there

See The FAKE FireFighters right here!!

Zurnmusic – Jason Bermas on VicSims

Gepubliceerd op 25 jan. 2010

Jason Bermas is asked about the faked victims on 911. Take a good look at these photos and ask yourself, are these real photos of victims or have they been created to appear real? is it possible that fake victims had to be created as part of the official story? Have an open mind. Visit for more info.


The whole clip is great but if you want to see the firefighters right away go to 4:50 mark. Remember these pics side by side are supposed to be TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE!! Remember that!

Now we are going to speak about Jason Bermas taking a call on the fake victims. His agenda is clear when fighting this evidence. You can’t deny it. If you are still denying after looking at the clip I am providing then it’s not worth my time explaining it to you. You are too close minded. I have just showed you a ton of firefighters who are fake. Made off of a computer.

Go ahead look again. Your eyes are not lying to you. Look 3 times. It won’t change. The pictures are a photoshopped mess. Now ask yourself this. If they faked all these deaths, what’s to make you believe they didn’t fake all of them?

Are you getting pissed off yet??

You should be. They have been playing you off your emotions for ten years. You have lost all rationale on the matter. They have had everyone including me so busy looking into who was responsible instead of looking into if it happened in the first place. More on Bermas later. We will talk about all the prominent people in the “truth movement” I was going to save that clip for a little later in the story but I wanted you to see how right on I was with this before you kept reading. Now onto even more fakery.

The Real Truth Of 9/11 Revealed Finally Revealed

For people you are trying to convince the government was involved in 9/11, one of the first things they say is “Why would our government kill 3000 of its own citizens?” Well What if they didn’t? What am I getting at?

You thought I said the government was involved in 9/11? I did. They were involved. It was all their idea. Along with all the major media outlets in this country. The big five were all complicit in the events of 9/11. The big five being Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Our government was involved and even came up with the plan BUT they didn’t kill 3000 Americans!

Not even close. While it is still very wrong what they are doing in the middle east as a result of supposedly being attacked and it is so messed up the way they are using 9/11 and terrorism to take our rights, that doesn’t change the fact. 3000 people DID NOT DIE on 9/11. The only deaths you saw were the jumpers which we now know were faked and If you aren’t sure of that, that’s just because you’ve only read what I said about it but have not listened to the interview I posted above regarding the jumpers. Its undeniable I will leave open the possibility that there were some deaths but if so it was very few. Under a hundred.

Even if you can come out and somehow prove a death or two to me, That’s doesn’t disprove they faked thousands of them. There is mounds of evidence backing this up. They faked tons of victims. For anyone that might be a real family member I mean no offense to you if you do exist, but the government faked thousands of these deaths and I will prove it to you. I am very careful when addressing this sensitive issue. I would never say this if I didn’t have substantial proof of faked deaths and boy do I ever. photographic proof.

Pretty intrigued now aren’t you? What reason can you come up with why they would make up fake firemen? Besides the fake firemen and fake jumpers what evidence do you have potraying fake victims?

Well I have a lot for you to see actually. This next one shows you how they use one pic to make two photos of the same victim.Like a current picture and an older one with different clothes on. You’ll notice how in every picture their faces are the same exact angle, with the `same expression, same lighting etc. Towards the end it will show you some of the firefighters again. Firefighters that are supposedly two different people. Be sure to check both clips. They are both short so don’t worry. the only really long stuff is the audio interviews but they are packed with information

Tufa911 – DID 3000 PEOPLE REALLY DIE ON 9-11 ??

Gepubliceerd op 1 sep. 2010

This is a re-post of a video; no victims on 9/11 2001.


Please Click This Link. Its VERY IMPORTANT. This is a very good breakdown on the photo-shopping and face morphing used to create the victims. This takes what we were just talking about and really expands on it. You’ll see hundreds of examples of this trickery used to create the victims!!

The Social Security Death Index

When someone in America dies it gets entered into the SSDI. They also have a death certificate issued.

For September 11th 2001 all those ppl should appear in the SSDI. Well out of the 3000 people who were said to have been killed on 9/11 only 466 appear in the SSDI. Out of those 466 only 220 have had death certificates issued!

Even more glaring than that is the fact that out of the 466 listed on the Social Security Death Index only 59 are listed in the Victim Compensation Fund(VCF). Yes FIFTY NINE! That’s It! They are getting paid 1.9 MILLION DOLLARS and almost no one has shown up to collect.

Free money! 2 million dollars’ worth maybe even more.

When you add this to the fact that all the firefighters photos are doctored and the facts you learned about Gelatin-B and the jumpers I think it’s fair to ask the question if anyone really died on 9/11. They have us so busy fighting over who is responsible that no one is even looking to see if it even happened. No matter your emotional state if your loved ones are killed in a terror attack and the government is giving all the families 2 million dollars, they are going to collect.

All 3000 of them. For only FIFTY NINE people to collect is absurd. Before you tell me I’m wrong do some research. Take hours of the day today and plug the names on 9/11 victims into the SSDI. You will hardly find any. Many people have put all the names in and it came back only 12% of the names of 9/11 victims show up in the SSDI.

12 percent!! It should be 100 percent. The VCF should also have close to 100 percent collected. The death records don’t lie. Plug your deceased great grandfather in or your uncle. They will all show up in the list. SSDI admittedly isn’t 100 percent accurate but it is over 90 percent. So it is absurd that only 12 % of the names show up!

If you are not in the SSDI it’s because you are not dead. I can show you they faked thousands of deaths. Like I said I do leave open the possibility of some deaths but I find it very very unlikely.

Now there are some people that died on that day that are not around anymore for example a pilot from around here. While I don’t have all the answers and don’t have the means or resources to locate a missing or hidden person that does not make me wrong. I am still correct on all the things I proved to you. I just don’t have all the answers but I am looking into all of it.

Now as I told you I always deal in facts. The next statement I’m going to make is opinion. The VCF is a few BILLION DOLLARS and there is also a Business Compensation Fund which few people know about. This fund is something like 36 billion dollars.

Plenty of money to pay for all the actors of 911 and a few families. You could give someone 20 million dollars to relocate people and it wouldn’t even phase you. Trillions are being made off these endless wars now. A few hundred million to make sure a group of people don’t talk would be sufficient. Think about all the ghost companies I told you about. So the compensation fund is there.

Billions upon billions of money that is supposed to go for companies that don’t exist. So now they can pay the actors and producers with money that will never be known to be missing.

The Prominent Family Members of 9/11 Truth

As I told you the memorial photos were faked. All this fakery falls in line with all the TV fakery of that day. Any serious investigator of 9/11 knows that at the very least the second plane was fake, a special effect.

Well frankly no planes at all were used on 9/11. I have plenty of proof on that. Anyone that doubts me, message me I will send you hard core proof there was no second plane.

Now all of that makes even more sense. We had fake planes, moving bridges, actors playing witness, etc. Now it makes sense because the whole damn thing was a movie. Think people what planes did you see?

You saw the second plane. I proved it to be a fake. What deaths did you see? Only the jumpers. Those were also fake. The only plane you saw was fake. See a pattern here yet? So what about the families? What about all those families we always see?

Whenever you see a 9/11 documentary you see some family members upset talking about their loved ones lost in the towers. Out of 3000 people having tens or hundreds of thousands of family members you seem to see the same group of family members in all the movies, all the clips, and all the commercials. Why is that?

Bob Macilvane is featured in the Tower 7 commercials. He was on Geraldo on FOX talking about building 7. He was on Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. He travels around the globe with two photoshopped pictures of his son(you will see them in the video!) . They all carry around the same two pics all the time. In those pics guess what? PHOTOSHOP.

Both pictures have the same exact pose, in the same exact lighting, with the head angled the same way, etc. Especially on Bob Macilvanes pictures you can see how the head is VERY cut and paste.

Just like the rest of his traveling actor buddies. His son Robert Macilvane Jr is NOT LISTED IN THE SSDI. Donna Marsh has been featured in all the same places except Geraldo but she has been in a few of Alex Jone’s Documentaries. She is always screaming in the street about how George Bush killed her daughter. Her daughter with her two photoshopped pictures. Her daughter who….drum roll please….. IS NOT LISTED IN THE SSDI. and on and on and on.

All the prominent parent’s kids are not listed in the SSDI. They never died. Never existed. No one can track down any friends or coworkers or anything like that proving these people to be real. I am not saying 100 percent that no one died on 9/11. a couple people could be proven to be real BUT I am right saying they faked thousands of deaths.

Why fake so many and not all of them?

Seems highly unlikely. I say if they faked most of the firefighters and most of the regular victims, I say they probably faked them all. I know what you’re thinking but once you see for your own eyes how the photoshopped the firefighters picks you will know I am right. Here is the next clip for you to watch. It is on the fake families of the fake victims.

Here is the next clip for you. The 9/11 Actors it’s called. A month ago watching these “family members” weep I would feel sad, now I’m enraged! You should be too! It’s all fake!

simonshack – 911 ACTORS

Gepubliceerd op 4 mrt. 2010

Bob McIlvaine is nothing but an actor. His role is to uphold the idea the notion that the WTC towers were full of people on 9/11 – and that many got trapped in the upper floors and died.

Here are another 3 sobbing scenes of the man :

“TAKE 5” for Bob McIlvaine :
(at 1min25)

“TAKE 6” for Bob McIlvaine :
(at 6min30)

“TAKE 7” for Bob McIlvaine :
(at 2min25)

“Why are 3,000 victims of 9/11 missing from Social Security death list?”

If you have come to terms with the fact that 9/11 was a massive money-making scheme and – of course – a pretext to wage hugely profitable wars, the basic rationale behind this Grand Hoax should, hopefully, become clearer. It is essential to consider all the variables which such an audacious false-flag operation would entail and what precautions its plotters must have observed: The 9/11 Deception Plan was undoubtedly meant to be foolproof and, ideally, free of unnecessary elements of risk and opposition. There was simply no rationale for the 9/11 plotters to commit a mass murder of some 3,000, mostly white-collar professionals (brokers, bankers, financial analysts, etc.) whose families would likely have access to first-rate, uptown legal assistance. Surely, killing that many people would have been an utterly senseless, self-inflicted aggravation on the part of the perpetrators. Since they could reliably rely on the fully compliant top-brass of the mainstream media, they would have used this unique, exclusive asset to its full potential.

Ever since day one, the major hurdle for many people to even start considering 9/11 being an inside job has been: “I cant believe my own government would murder 3000 of their own people”. Once that psychological obstacle is removed, it should become apparent that the whole operation consisted essentially of a covert demolition of a redundant, asbestos-filled building complex. To kill thousands of people in the process never was an envisaged proposition as it would have encountered severe resistance among the insiders involved. The second objective was to blame this destruction on a foreign enemy; an inanely fanciful, outlandish tale involving hijacked airliners used as missiles was concocted, supported by digital imagery and special movie effects. How this was done is thoroughly illustrated in my September Clues video analyses.

Read my two articles dedicated to the “9/11 victims” research :

Here is a fine article by Ersun Warncke – of SALEM NEWS:
“9/11 Reflections Part 2: Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues”


9/11 Victims Not Registered As Dead By Social Security:

The ongoing VICSIM research on CLUESFORUM.INFO:

Another 9/11 propaganda video featuring a batch of actors – or, in this case – perhaps just a batch of digitally simulated characters, recounting wholly fictitious tales of survival and grief:


Here is another VERY important piece of information. There were ghost companies in the towers. Companies that were said to be there but we know they weren’t because those floors don’t exist. There isn’t even anything to stand on.

Two of these ghost companies Cantor Fitzgerald and Marsh Mclennan took up about the top third of each tower according tho the Freedom Of Information Act about the occupancy which I have put in this report. In both towers Marsh Mclennan supposedly is on flors 92-101. We know this to be false in many ways.

Remember the Gelatin B? Well they were on 91 and they stated that all the floors above them were empty and this would also prove true when you see the picture of the Hollow Towers. Those floors aren’t even there. It is empty. You could see right thru until they installed the shutter system.

This is in both towers. So this company is obviously a fraud. Well they claimed to have lost 295 employees and 63 contracters.

All fake! Cantor Fitzgerald was supposedly on floors 103, 104, 105 which also did not exist. There were no floors after 91 where the fake jumpers were filmed and under 91 the elevator didn’t stop until 78! I have enclosed pictures of the elevator keys. So from 78 to the top there was only one floor. 91.

Well Cantor Fitzgerald which is a fake company supposedly lost 658 of their 960 employees!! All fake. You add those two fake companies together and you get 1016 fake deaths! That is already a third of the total and a third of the tower and you only had to have two fake companies set up. So the idea it would take 1000′s of companies to be in on this or the idea that there was thousands and thousands of people in the buildings just isn’t true.

Those buildings were almost completely empty for their entire life. It was all an illusion that they were these busy office buildings. They had cleverly designed it to have a very high amount of foot traffic even though the place had very little occupants. They built an extreme;y busy subway station underneath which would bring close to half a million people a day through it.

Then they put the Windows on the World restaurant and observation deck at the top to keep traffic moving up and done. It was a genius plan. They had shuttters installed because as you can see in the 1978 pictures the sunlight would easily expose part of what they were doing.

These shutters blocked that from happening and also threw light in different ways to make the building seem as if it had lights on in different offices. Those building were never more than like 25 percent full! They would have massive amounts of floors missing in a row and not just at the top.

The first floor the elevator would normally stop should have been 7. It was one above ground level. Well it didn’t stop at 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, Then Rockefellar put a Bank of America in on a few floors and who even knows if that was real now. You can see this all for yourself as well as the move in date of EVERY tenant. You’ll also see in some of the pictures there were tenants listed on the walls that were not in the FOIA. The whole thing is a big farce. Look at the FOIA I enclosed. You will see how suspiciously the towers “officially go from about 25 percent full to about 95 right before 9/11. Its so absurd

At the end of this paragraph is great example on how the scenery was also faked on 9/11. You can’t deny this proof. If you do then you truly do not want the truth and are covering up for the government. You can see people’s arms going through other people’s bodies.

People 9/11 was the top grossing movie of all time. It was not a terrorist attack. The buildings were empty, the blocks around the WTC were evacuated, and most of everything we saw on the TV was fake.

It was all Computer Generated Images and special effects. The WTC and the Pentagon even had an elaborate smoke delivery system to produce extra smoke effects and the WTC had a special shutter system to throw light in different directions making it seem as different offices deep in the building were lit up. We will get back to the props in a bit. I have photographic and video evidence of this at both locations.

For months I have known that the second plane was just a CGI effect. I knew many of the interviews were staged with actors and I already knew that the image of Manhattan we saw was CGI also.

For those of you that still can’t believe this I will attach extensive proof that the second plane(the one you say you saw with your own eyes) was a computer generated image.

This isn’t debatable. Now uncovering this information for me has taken hours and hours of deep research every day. I don’t expect you to just see a few clips and believe but these clips should make you know I am right and make you want to dig more. I will leave links at the end for deeper research so you can dig and dig yourself if you don’t trust my research. The things I am saying are provable unlike the official story or even the thermite story.

11September2009 – 911 Simulated Sceneries

Gepubliceerd op 7 jul. 2010

“Simon Shack” is a high-level infiltrator shill.


Look at this picture. The plane is already penetrating the tower yet the tower is smooth and not broken, like a video game.

Do you see now? Tht is fake. Doesn’t it look fake? Well just in case here is proof flight 175 was still in the air after the south tower had already collapsed. It is a fact it did not hit the towers.

skyarcher – 911 Aircraft(175) is still flying AFTER it has ‘crashed’ into the WTC

Gepubliceerd op 1 jan. 2009

Kudos to SEATNINEB for this.

Check forum here at:

FAA radar is tracking, in real time, flight 175 after it has supposedly crashed into the WTC. This is perhaps an hour later.
Although many people do not believe an aircraft hit the Pentagon or crashed in Shanksville, they still cannot accept that no plane hit the WTC. Perhaps this may help.

3 IFR aircraft in the air in a 30 mile radius of New york city is consistent with one hour of diversions and forced landings.

One hour before you would expect a very large multiple of 3 aircraft to be in the air. NY has several incredibly busy airports.Check anytime on FLIGHT AWARE and count the aircraft within a 30 mile radius of NY. There should be 60 to 100.


The Smoke Machines and Pipes.

You won’t see this anywhere but one place on the web. There was actually an intricate smoke piping system installed at the WTC! You can clearly see it in the photographs I will show you. There are pipes sticking out the windows blowing off blacke smoke. It also seems it is making small fires on the inside in the piping.

If that wasn’t enough we have video of a smoke machine on the pentagon lawn! You can see it right when they turn it on. Once again this all makes sense know. If we saw these pipes before we might not kno what the hell is goin on. Now that we know it was all a movie, that all makes sense now, doesn’t it. Let’s call those what they are movie props. It was the biggest grossing movie of all time, September 11th. Here is the link for you to see it for yourself.

When you’re ready to open your mind to the fact this was all fake there is a movie called September Clues you need to see. This will show you so much of the TV fakery and the medias direct involvement on 9/11. It will be in the group of links at the end of the report.

The only theory I am putting forth today that I cannot prove yet is that if there are some real people that are missing from their families and friends and supposedly died on 9/11 then the government paid them handsomely to relocate.

Paying someone even tens of millions of dollars which would surely be enough for a lot of people and that wouldn’t even be anything up against the trillions of dollars made off this event.

Proving that there is a few real people missing since 9/11 would not disprove any of what I have said. It would highly interest me though and I am very doubtful that would ever be the case. I do leave open the possibility of a small number of deaths but I highly doubt it. People from my area no doubt will ask of the pilot John Ogonowski. I’m sorry. I do not know. Maybe a few people did die or maybe he relocated. You know my opinion. I would say he relocated but I am not a private investigator and if someone is really in hiding I don’t have the means to track them down.

That is the first thing on my list though. I do wish I had the answer to that question believe me. I do not want to be disrespectful to anyone who may have died so I am not about to say his family is not telling the truth.

There are some very strange things surrounding the events of his life before 9/11. I wish I had more to tell you but I am just digging into this part of the crazy story. He was NOT scheduled to fly that plane. He was supposed to be going to an Asian Festival or something like that on the 11th. At the last minute late the night before he called the original pilot and told him to take the day because he really wanted to make that flight to Los Angeles.

For what reason the last minute change? Why was John cancelling on his friends on his prior engagement. Now if that’s not weird enough John picture has been taken down from a lot of memorial and replaced with an older one.

Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal but in this case it is. John is a captain. In the older picture he is not and the stripes on his uniform represent that. It’s actually kind of dishonorable to do that to him. He would want as any veteran would want his proper rank displayed. It’s very odd.

Also CNN has completely taken down his picture. Why? This was last night I checked. I have many questions on the pilot and the events related to him surrounding the 11th.

The Exit Data Doesn’t Lie

Before doing this research I was not aware of what exif data was. I am okay on a computer but I have never had the need to use Photoshop. Exif data is data about the picture that is stored within the photograph i.e. the shutter speed, the light, the resolution, the date, etc.

It stores all sorts of specs. Well when looking at the exif data on some of the 9/11 victims there are some very glaring problems. Since investigation has started on this CNN and other memorials have TAKEN DOWN MANY PICTURES. They don’t want you to be able to read the exif data and catch them in a lie. It’s easy and you can use and exif reader for free. It’s as easy as an add on to your browser then you can right click any picture on the web and read the exif data.

So what is in this data that is so glaring. Well how about the pictures were last edited before 9/11 which wouldn’t be a big deal on its own but if you look at the exif data some of the better known victims such as MARK BINGHAM (hey mom it’s me Mark Bingham. You believe me don’t you?)lol. Yes I am Laughing. We can laugh. He is a fake victim! when you look at his exif data guess what was added on 8-30-2001 almost 2 weeks before 9/11…. HIS OBITUARY! It says he was killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. It even says which flight he was supposedly on. TWO WEEKS BEFORE HE WAS ON THE FLIGHT! This is the case with many of the victims. Some obituaries were done even 7 months in advance!

Check out these links on Mark Bingham

Here is the EXIF DATA. With an obituary and all. Last edited on 8-30-2001. With the events of 9/11 already including embedded in the photo! This is solid proof this was all faked! You can’t even come to another conclusion.

Exif data similarities on different “victims”

9/11 was the highest grossing movie of all time. For the people that don’t already know that 9/11 was an inside job you probably are ready to stop reading this by now, but to all you awake people. We have been intentionally led down the wrong path. The thermite evidence isn’t even valid.

All that free fall collapse footage we analyzed for months and months is fake. It’s a special effect done on a computer. Nothing more. It doesn’t matter how fast the towers came down because that footage is not real. That also explains why Judy Wood thought they used directed energy weapons. At one point the towers do seem to disintegrate. That’s not because it is evaporated from an elaborate weapon.

It’s because it is a sloppily done effect done on somebody computer. As a matter effect there was a lot of sloppy editing going on that day. A real amateur job I’d have to say. If you take the time like I have to sift thru hundreds of ground zero pictures. You will see they are photoshopped too. Almost all of them.

The sun doesn’t lie. In many photos they would add say a shot of a tower on fire to the background of some other buildings. Well when they put the two scenes together many times the pictures must not have been taken at the same time of the day thus the shadows are shooting different directions of the buildings. In other pictures shadows are missing. Dr Stephen E Jones even photoshopped a picture on his site displaying a pool of molten metal.

No planes we used to hit their targets on 9/11. Most of you guys know that. Did planes even take off that day? Not sure. I’m leaning towards no but they could have.

No planes was smashed into any of those building for sure though. We know there was no plane at the pentagon. We know the Harley Guy as he is called on the net, Mark Walsh was really Mark Humphries an actor. We know the second plane was done on a computer. We know images of New York City were fake. Even most of the ground zero photos are doctored.

The sun doesn’t lie. You have foregrounds added on top of backgrounds and the shadow from the sun will be going in the wrong direction for that time of day in Manhattan. The reason we found all these errors was the fact it was all just a movie. The streets around the trade center were empty when the towers were coming down.

The police had everyone backed blocks away. All of that footage is fake. From what I now know everyone’s electronics were not working. It is possible, actually it is likely that the government released an Electro Magnetic Pulse Device(EMP) to shut down everyone’s mobile devices. I may be wrong as I just haven’t dug deep enough yet into this one part but I believe that everyone’s recording capabilities were disabled. We know the air was a no fly zone above NYC after the “hit” so no news crews were going to expose what was going on. They were in on it. This was a 30 year plan.

The WTC was built specifically for the purpose of destroying them on 9/11 2001. They never had to kick too many companies out. It was never full. It was all an illusion.

The designed it with the subway at the bottom and the Windows of the World restaurant at the top along with the observation deck to keep a lot of foot traffic going thru it. This gave it the appearance of being super busy. The floors that were the supposed impact zones were vacant. Not only vacant but totally bare. Never having anything on it. All the stories about the people on those floors is a joke.

No one was EVER on those floors. Those floors were not built. The elevators would skip right over them. They wouldn’t even have buttons for them. I have enclosed pics of the elevators buttons. I have enclosed the Freedom Of Information Act that shows the occupancy of those towers. I have proved that most of the victims were fake. There is more to the story though.

This was such a well thought out plan. Now I will post the next interview you need to hear. This is all about the mechanized shutter and lighting system that was installed to help pull off the illusion the towers were at near full capacity for years. Have a listen. Welcome to the truth of 9/11.

All a staged scripted television event. You can go much further than my work to. There are plenty of photos and videos to analyze on the web. They are all frauds. The more and more you look the more it gets proven to you

The World Trade Center and the Mechanized Shutter and Lighting System Interview

See how much evidence there is of this? Need more? Ok how about the woman who accidentally admitted she was a 9/11 actress?

The “Truth” Movement

This next part really hits home with me. Once I “woke up” to the supposed truth I had quickly latched onto some of the leaders of the truth movement. Little did I know The Truth Movement was set up by the same people who committed the crime.

The people at the top of the pyramid of the truth movement have been lying to us all along. They have known that TV fakery was the key because the whole thing was completely made up. I use to listen to Alex Jones every day. He seemed like he was giving us so much info but he really is just a gatekeeper! He gains your trust by giving you some good info(most of which is already out, mixes it in with intentional disinformation, then he steers you in the thermite direction. You can think what you want but there is no way Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, Luke Rudowski and others who have been studying this for ten years don’t know this information. You can’t tell me I found this out before them. There is no way. They are hiding it and as a matter of fact let’s talk about how they act when you bring it up. I’m going to repost one clip from earlier because I want you to listen to what he really says now that you know this. It’s clear he has an agenda and that agenda is to deny the TV fakery at all costs.

If you haven’t seen September Clues, that’s the movie he is crapping on. September Clues isn’t full of facts you need to trust the sources on like all the other 9/11 documentaries. September Clues is just an analysis of the ACTUAL FOOTAGE from the major networks on 9/11. It proves TV fakery a million times over. Bermas sounds like a fool. He even says if there was TV fakery I think there would be some videos showing the Tower blowing up with no plane, but they don’t exist! Don’t exist?? I have a couple myself. Bermas goes on to tell you he has seen probably more 911 footage than anyone. My point proven! There are thousands of videos on YouTube and all over the internet showing bridges walking, buildings moving 6 blocks out of place, and all sorts of other layering issues. If he really wanted the truth he would not be denying the fact that the media was a major factor in staging 9/11.

Bermas, Alex Jones, Luke Rudowski, Stephen E Jones and the rest of them all beat the thermite story down your throat and they all sound like tools when they attack people who know there was TV Fakery. This is what made me realize they were frauds. Even Alex. For a few months it never made sense to me how he never talks about the second plane being fake.

Then when discovering all this, I ran into a few of his interviews where he calls people who know there was TV fakery going on that day mentally ill and a host of other insults. This is coming from the guy who says more crazier things than anyone I had ever heard. For all the people out there that don’t know there were are tons of glaring errors in the video that proved it to be not live and doctored I will leave some very telling clips for you, but you really should watch September Clues.

It’s all about the TV fakery. A million 9/11 “truth” documentaries and only one mentions the real story. After this section I will leave a few clips you NEED to hear. Listen how they attack people getting close to the real truth. They even try and tell people you are trying to muddy the waters with bad information. Then there is the Austin Gun Rally.

I don’t want to make this paper all about Alex Jones but he is one the leaders if not the leader of 9/11 truth. He is a very persuasive person and a lot of people put a lot of trust in him but he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I know how powerful he is. He is so powerful that some of you might actually stop reading this in depth analysis of the real story of 9/11 just because of your allegiance to Alex.

Don’t have blind faith in anyone. You need to see this. He goes on the air telling everyone how he was at the Austin Gun Rally and he had cointelpro poking him in the face and disrupting him(cointelpro is govt agents sent into a movement undercover to derail it, discredit it, etc..) He goes into this big long speech about it and about how people were coming up to him thanking him etc., etc.. He actually is doing everything he says cointelpro did to him. He disrupted their whole speech, was extremely rude to protestors and really showed his true colors.

One of the main reasons people like him is he seems like an incredibly honest guy willing to put his life on the line for you. Watch the clip. This is who is leading our truth movement.

Alex Jones goes to Austin Gun Rally and then totally lies about it on his show!

PsychoRocketRanger – Alex Jones Acted Like An Ass To Other Pro 2nd Amendment Activist At Their Rally

Gepubliceerd op 14 feb. 2010

On 1-25-10 Alex Jones disrupted a rally organized by Texan’s for Accountable Government (T.A.G.) at APD, in Austin, Texas. The event was already in progress when he arrived. This video shows his arrogant, inconsiderate, & disrespectful behavior towards the organizers, speakers, & protesters in attendance.

This video is edited from bits of Alex’s show, one from the day of the protest and another two days later. There are also clips from people filming in the crowd. Basically, this is a compilation of a lot of other people’s video footage, to whom I will post links to soon; thank you for sharing.

In my experience, this in not atypical behavior for Alex.

Though he has provided a lot of good information over the years, in person, his people skills leave a lot to be desired.

My hope is that Alex will be held accountable for the poor behavior and choices made here and that he will be able to reign in his arrogance enough to allow himself to co-operate with those he supposedly agrees with.


And here is Alex trashing anyone who KNOWS there was no second plane. He calls us no planers and SPACE BEAMERS!! Space Beamers????!! Ya Okay. Are you starting to see the agenda here?

Once you get close, Alex is there to use his clout to insult you and hopefully others will follow him without even seeing your evidence. This is bigger than just being lied to by someone you trusted. Alex Jones.

The So called patriot. The leader of 9/11 truth is really there to make sure you never get to the real truth. I’m not going to make this the Alex Jones paper but there is a lot out there that will back all of this up. How about I have two more videos where Alex tries repeatedly to incite the crowd.

Then when he can’t get it going he actually bumps this guy with his shoulder. When the guy comes towards him guess what Alex did…. he hides behind a cop and said that guy over there assaulted me!! Like a coward. All that screaming in the studio like a tough guy and he is a total fraud. I’m not the only one.

Many people like myself who used Alex to wake them up but now see who he really is. He is a gatekeeper. Yes that is why he is not dead. He truly works for them. He wants to talk about Psy-ops and cointelpro. He is cointelpro. After a few short clips onto Luke Rudowski which could be a report all by itself! He’s even dirtier!

Alex telling “no planers” they have a mental illness!

911CoIntelPro – Alex Jones Discusses CoIntelPro No Planers on Kevin Barrett Show Part 1

Gepubliceerd op 17 jul. 2011


Bermas again trashing September Clues and the makers. He calls the guy a Meth addict and makes fun of the way he looks. Classic Cointelpro tactics.

harrythomasinfo – Jason Bermas Debunks September Clues

Gepubliceerd op 16 mei 2009

sept clues BS

The Infowarrior with Jason Bermas as seen on PrisonPlanet TV


ok now listen to this whole clip from the beginning thinking about what I told you on their agenda to hide the truth of TV Fakery.

I have also uncovered some more very disturbing things about Alex Jones. He has been censoring people from posting certain keywords on his site. He has been editing out phone calls so if you hear the rebroadcast you won’t hear the calls that bring up the Knights of Malta or the Jesuits. I’ve seen him try to incite a riot several times and when it wouldn’t work he shoved someone.

Then Alex runs and hides behind a cop and says he assaulted me! I saw him do this more than once. If you try to type Knights of Malta and post it on his site in the comments it won’t post. If a headline had to include one of these groups he disables comments on it so people can’t share their knowledge of it. He purposely edited a piece by spelling Pat Buchanan’s name wrong so if you search Alex Jones and Pat Buchanan the search will yield no results unless you know to spell it wrong.

If you need to know more about his character then read up on the Grey family in Texas. They were in the middle of a standoff with the government and said Jones could interview them but could not release the tape til after the standoff had ended since it would give up crucial defensive positions in the house. He said it could only be used for a documentary later on.

Then a few days later Alex has a strange request for the Greys. Let ABC in to have 20/20 film an interview. Grey refused and Alex conducted the interview alone as planned. Well guess what happened next. Alex betrayed that family and actually SOLD THE TAPE TO ABC for $700!!! Yes ABC the same people he swears he doesn’t work for.

With all the stuff I found out about my former hero I could do a whole paper just on that. I am going to post the link to my YouTube playlist exposing Alex Jones in every way. From his censoring you to him ratting out to the FBI to Lying about Bill Cooper, the man who would have been the real leader of the truth movement. Alex will do anything to discredit Bill Cooper. He even lies about predicting 9/11. He knows damn well Bill Cooper predicted it before he did. You will see it all in the videos. You will see him lie saying Bill Cooper was swearing on his show and cussing out the board op. It never happened.

The Whole interview is there. We will save some of it for our report on the Truth movement. Check out this link if you are an Alex Jones fan. You NEED to see these videos. Your mind depends on it.

Now onto his buddy Luke Rudowski.

Luke Rudowski A Snake In The Grass

If you’ve watched any of the popular 9/11 shows or documentaries or if you’ve seen some of Alex Jones’ films you know who Luke Rudowski is. He is the skinny young man from NYC who always has a 9/11 was an inside job shirt on and is passing out flyers by the subway. He is known for asking really tough questions to people like Larry Silverstein. Well first off folks that is all staged. He was put into those situations to ask those very questions. He was put there by the government but it gets much worse and low down n dirty than that!

Since 9/11 naturally there have been many website and organizations supposedly seeking 9/11 truth. I’m not saying there aren’t good organizations with good intentions out there. Of course there are. The main faces though, all a front. I’m sorry. It hurts me as well. If there are no real victims of 9/11 that means the money you may have donated is not going to any 9/11 families. How could it when they are imaginary? It’s all a huge money making, emotion toying scam. One of the best known organizations if not the best known is We Are Change. We Are Change was founded by a guy named Dan Wallace even though Luke takes credit for it. Well Luke is no longer part of We Are Change. Would you like to know why?

Go to A We Are Change site. Or check out one of their Facebook pages. There is always a little donate button. You can click it and make a donation to We Are Change. I have never made a donation I’ll admit even though I have thought about it. Well I’m glad I didn’t.

When you (previously) clicked “donate” it went right into Luke’s PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT. A lot of people from We Are Change started to ask where the money was going. people that donated wanted to know. They assumed it was going to travel expenses, video equipment, etc.

Luke would actually spend thousands upon thousands of the donations on HIMSELF. Thousands of dollars in bar tabs, 13,000 in cash, and get this…. He had been paying his college tuition with the donations!! I will show you receipts in the next video!! All these Americans heartbroken over something that never happened and now they are being further ripped off by these con artists??!!!

This needs to stop!! So Luke was confronted on this matter and this is what he had to say. “Sometimes my financial aid is late so I use the We Are Change money then I put it back when the check comes in” Is that acceptable people??

There are supposedly our heroes? They are nothing but conman working for the very people they swear to protect us against.

I know this story of betrayal by the top people in the truth movement is hard to swallow. Like I always tell people “You need to be able to think for yourself, gather facts, and make your own decision.

The story on the truth movement being infiltrated is so long and detailed that we will finish it in the next report. Since writing this I have found out a boatload more about the truth movement, the people in charge and their various connections. Just remember even if you consider yourself awake you can still be a sheep.

If you blindly follow anyone whether it be Fox News, Alex Jones, or anyone at all then you are still a sheep. All the things you tell the non-believers you should apply to yourself. Do your own research, check out what people say before believing it as fact and the most important thing I can think of…..Stop disbelieving what your eyes tell you.

I hope you enjoyed reading The Truth Behind The Illusion Of 9/11. Everything I have stated in this report is a fact. The firemen really are fake identities made in the computer. This is undeniable. The jumpers are fake. The prominent family members we see all the time…their kids never existed.

This is all fact. Out of close to 3000 that supposedly died only 220 have had death certificates issued by the SSDI. That is a fact and that is unacceptable. There is the VCF Victim’s Compensation Fund.

The family of every victim is entitled to two million dollars. Only 59 claims have been made. 59! Sorry but 2900 families are not going to leave a free two million dollars on the table. Never.

Not one family would leave the 2 million dollars on the table. I really hope you clicked the links along with the reading as they were such concrete proof of what I’m saying. If not please go back and watch the blatant photoshopping of the firefighters photos, victim photos, 9/11 memorials. I have included the diagrams talked about from the Gelatin B project showing how they staged the jumpers. I have also included the pictures CLEARLY showing the towers being mostly hollow in 1978 a full six years after completion!

There are pictures of the elevators showing how they didn’t even have buttons for the supposed impact floors. I have included a Freedom Of Information Act showing you the occupancy from 1978 all the way up to the towers destruction in 2001. I have fully exposed the main figures of the truth movement as a complete fraud, put in place by the same people who pulled off 9/11. I have left detailed interviews of the mechanized lighting and shutter system at the WTC. I have given you physical proof that some of the victim’s pictures were last edited BEFORE 9/11 where they added the person’s obituary, even listing the supposed flights they were to crash on in the UPCOMING event of September 11th. I have exposed to you the fact that out of all the better known 9/11 families not a single one of them has a kid that is officially dead. None of them are in the Social Security Death Index. I believe I have more than proven the statements I made here.

This should be overwhelming to you. This is so deep, isn’t it. Now you know what I meant when I said you need to go back over everything you learned about 9/11. A lot of things will make more sense now. We had all these errors in the video, the fake second plane, The fake witnesses that were actors, the disintegrating towers, etc.

It all makes sense now that you know it was a movie doesn’t it? Of course witnesses turned out to be actors its a movie! The towers disintegrating? No. It was a special effect that just wasn’t realistic enough but it was pretty close. Fake plane? Of course its a fake plane crash. Its a movie. Remember all the faked amateur footage? Of course it was fake it was a movie. That is why so many people have been able to keep quiet for so long.

Because it was a movie. Not a real inside job terror attack. They faked a terror attack. Its mind blowing. I know. All that footage we have studied. All the interviews. All fake! The thermite story planted. Think about the problem with the rubble pile.

Remember how it was so small. Well that is because it was a movie, the towers were empty. There were no companies or just a handful in there. Therefore there were no contents. The story about the dump trucks hauling off all that steel was planted. If you look at ground zero photos from like noon on 9/11 the steel is not there. They didn’t get it out that quick. It was never there. That is where studying every angle of this event has taken me.

That is how you get the whole truth. You need to be willing to open your mind and hear everyone’s side. Never base your opinion on someone else’s review. I knew Dr. Judy Wood’s theory of a Directed Energy Weapon was probably not true but because I was willing to hear all of her story and see all her evidence I know for a fact all that steel was gone. I saw her pictures from ground zero at noon on 9/11. There sure as hell were not hauling off steel two hours after the “collapse”.

A lot of people won’t come forward i they know this information. You can’t insult me. You can’t make me think I’m crazy. I’m actually very smart. I got to the bottom of 9/11 in less than a year of looking into it. I might not have every detail of the whole story but this is pretty damn close.

There is more information that I will let you research that is on the links I’ll leave. For instance the companies involved in the coverup are all there. Its easy to find. Cantor Fitzgerald is one. There are others. A few companies claimed thousands of the fake victims as employees so they were involved. Just think all these people involved and the companies.

Now doesn’t it make more sense that no one died? Those companies and agencies would have a much easier time sleeping at night if no Americans were even hurt never mind killed. While there are still many questions to answer about 9/11 now we truly can start looking in the right places.

For ten years they had everyone fighting over who did it and no one looked to see if it was even done. It was truly a remarkable plan. If you have any doubt about what I am saying please just go back and watch the clips again of the phtoshopped victims. Especially the that say Jason Bermas on the fake victims. Go to just before the 5 minute mark and watch the firefighters again.

Those are two entirely different people side by side, supposedly. It is absurd to say that those pictures are not photoshopped. If you want to see a whole slew of TV fakery exposed including how they faked the second plane, you need to see September Clues. The movie is done by the same people who uncovered the fake victims and the photoshopping.

The movie was made before they knew about all this but It exposes tons of other things as fake. Its much different than any other 9/11 documentary and its the only one even close to the truth. After seeing that, you will know why it is attacked by the fake people in the truth movement. I am a real truther. I want the whole truth. I don’t care who I rub the wrong way and I don’t care if they want to silence me. I’m not afraid. Every American needs to know the truth of 9/11. Its the biggest scam and biggest illusion of all time!

September 11th was a thirty year plan by our government. It was not a thirty year plan to commit mass murder. Think of how many honest American agents would have came out and said something about it if they planned to kill 3000 Americans. No. Killing anyone in our own country was never the plan. As a matter of fact the events of 9/11 were not the only illusion.

The whole idea that those towers were these extremely busy office buildings with 50,000 people in it on any given day was a complete myth. Set up by years of fake documentaries, newspaper write ups and tons of foot traffic.

These people are highly intelligent. They designed it to have a subway at the bottom and a restaurant and observation deck at the top creating over 400,000 people in foot traffic per day.

That would make it appear to anyone even a native New Yorker that these buildings were in fact extremely busy. They were built with the intention of knocking them down. They didn’t have to kick a bunch of companies out before 9/11. They were never there. They couldn’t have put all the companies they say were there if they wanted to. There were hardly any finished floors.

These towers were mostly hollow. Just think about that. Isn’t that amazing in itself. The World Trade Center Twin Towers were mostly hollow, never occupied more than like 33 percent and they even had an intricate shutter system to hide the fact they were hollow. They knew this was a problem when they brought the towers down. That is why the very next day when they should be concerned with looking for people, the Mayor made it a point to explain why there is so little debris!

There is still more to learn about 9/11 but now we have somewhere to start. What can you do? It’s easy. The government, the media, and the truth movement are trying to bury this information. Show your family. Show your friends. Educate the ones you love. Most importantly even if you are afraid to show people which I know some of you will be. Learn a lesson from this. See how much you have been lied to? Don’t blindly trust anyone, even if they seem to tell a lot of truth. Do your own research. Have many sources. If you have just a few and they all fall under the same agenda then how will you ever really get to the truth?

Everyone thank you so much for taking the time to read what turned into a mini book by me. I know its a lot to take in but I needed to cover all grounds of this event that has forever changed our world for the worst. I know how bad I am going to be attacked for this. I can’t keep it in though. That is not what I am about. I can take the attacks. All the people that attack me will be the same ones that won’t do a lick of research except what is put in front of them.

The others will just be trying to discredit my work. We need to make everyone aware of this scam that has been played on us. They are using our emotions against us. Our fear and our sadness from this event has allowed the passing of the Patriot Act 1 & 2 which are the farthest thing from patriotic. We have lost so many liberties now all because of this event, this movie they staged framing an innocent nation. The lie needs to end and end now. They can go in your home with no warrant. They can tap your phone and read your emails also. They can arrest you, label you a terrorist.

Detain you with no lawyer or judge, torture you and kill you and its all legal now! All in the name of fighting terrorists. Terrorists that do not exist. If any of the actors or actresses that played in this movie are out there and reading this I hope you feel good knowing we have murdered a million and a half innocent civilians in the war on terror in large part thanks to you.

Our constitution has been basically ripped to shreds thanks to you! You can right this wrong and come out now. Tell us the truth. Let America stop greiving and let us see this war on terror for what it is.

A complete fraud to cover for the fact that we are going to take over the mid east and all its resources. Come out and tell us how much the media lies. Let people become free of that mental box. This is not America anymore. Come out and tell the truth so we can have our country back.

By Brian S. Staveley Founder & developer of & The Dose Of Reality Radio Show Which Airs On The Above Mentioned Site.

This Blog was written about 6 years ago and since then a lot more information was uncovered that needs to be added to this. Most of it is further evidence of media fakery on that day. At the time of this I had just started scratching the surface on the CGI used on 9/11. Sice discovering much more evidence of this we have done many radio shows exposing the 9/11 media hoax that I had on my network along with my Co Hosts Justin Cooke and James Sloan and some guest appearances on other people’s network. I have also built a few webpages to go along with some of these shows or if you aren’t able to listen can be viewed on their own albeit it’s better when we can walk you thru the evidence. I will link a few of the best shows right here and they really expand on this greatly. I love this blog and it has a ton of great info but it is light on the media fakery which turns out to be the key to 9/11. These shows go into great detail about that and of course about the other facets of 9/11 such as fake victims, fake planes, staged memorials, WTC occupancy, etc…

Great links for further research into the REAL truth of 9/11

I was invited onto James H. Fetzer’s show The Real Deal to discuss my views on 9/11. Fetzer and myself don’t agree on the fakery aspect at all as he pushes a new theory every few months. From thermite, to holograms, and now mini nukes he flip flops a lot but this show he does let me speak for the most part uninterupted and he has a decent following of people I’d like to present this info to. The show went well as far as me making my points and I feel I successfully debunked his major points and so called credible witnesses rather well. As with most the shows I will post we had a webpage I built to go along with the audio walking you thru all the evidence. The audio itself is embedded near the top of the page. Just left click to play instantly in a new window or right click to save to your MP3 player, Ipod, Cell Phone, PC, Sim Card, etc…

The next show posted here again has a follow along page with the radio show right on it. This show was done here on The Dose Of Reality Radio Show. It is a 5 hour 9/11 anniversary special where we dive real deep into all aspects of the day and this was done after we pretty much learned all we know now. this is our most in depth show and if you are hardcore into 9/11 and c an’t get enough I suggest this one, It is hosted by Myself,my co hosts Justin Cooke and James Sloan. We also had a special guest in Chris Kendall is very knowlegable when it comes to 9/11 and was one of the first guys that was doing shows on the media fakery. Chris has a Blogtalk Radio Show called Hoaxbusters. here is the 5 hour special exposing the ENTIRE 9/11 HOAX!

All this talk about the fakery on 9/11 and all these fake witnesses do we have anyone that saw anything out of the ordinary? We sure do! Nick Orsini from New York was in Manhattan that day and even though he didn’t realize it too much til we talked he saw many things that would indicate the day being a fraud INCLUDING NO INJURED PEOPLE at the makeshift triage center that he stopped at to help. As usual we have a webpage but this time its to map out Nick’s walking route so you can follow along on our map of NYC as he talks us thru what he saw and where. Again the audio is also embedded on the page. More so than the others you need the auido with this one. It won’t make too much sense without it and there isn’t so much of the stuff we’ve already shown you. It’s more about listening to his INCREDIBLE story and following along with the map if you like VERY interesting show!

The following link is a great blog written by James Sloan SPECIFICALLY about there being no planes at the World Trade Center. His blog is much shorter than this as you can read it in a few minutes but it is packed with information proving without a doubt that real planes were not used on 9/11. James is a Co Host of mine and a big part of this Website along with Justin Cooke

Now here are some more links for your research. I must warn you that although at one time I did, Phil Jayhan The Admin of the forum Lets Roll which is linked below can NOT be trusted. There were some good researchers in that circle and the following two links I can vouch for but do not refer to them for any other information as they are there to ultimately mislead you and AGAIN as all these people do the main agenda is to keep you from looking at The Computer Generated Imagery of 9/11. These two below links are useful for us though. Justin James and I were all members and I was even an Admin til we were all banned for bringing up media fakery on 9/11 for the most part.

Here is the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) showing the occupancy of the towers for their whole life. 1972-2001 You will see the towers were at very low capacity for their whole life and when you look into the companies that were there a lot of them turn out to be ghost companies. They simply aren’t there. These were NOT the busy buildings you thought!

Now to hear the interview about the Art students and the hollow tower and it’s lack of contents, that is right here. Start w part 1 for the art students then it flows into part 2, so you’ll want to play both links. You will see them after you click this one. They are both at the top.

Here is the link to my Youtube playlist exposing Alex Jones for the lying, rat, censoring, fear mongerer, and gate keeper for what he is. These are the type of people we do NOT want others we are trying to convince to think we support. He is a gatekeeper as are most of the names will will ever hear. How can you trust me you ask? Well you don’t know me personally so I would say you can’t/ What you can do is NOT follow me or anyone else blindly rather take my research and verify it on your own!! I laid it all out for you!

In closing I would like to leave some contact information for all of you and my Facebook groups and places we discuss this stuff besides just on here in the comments which I encourage you to use or our live chat when we air. When we do air a radio show it is usually Wednesday Nights at 10 PM ET. We have been on a break for a few months but will be back soon. If you leave a comment here you can be emailed notifications of new comments .The next time we have a show I will post it here and anywhere I can think of but if you are already in these comments you will get an email when I do so.

Main Page for the website. We have our radio show. A huge archive of old shows. This blog section. Specific pages like the ones you saw for 9/11.also the Moon Hoax, Sandy Hook and much more.

Our Radio Show – The Dose Of Reality is found right on the above site but here also is the direct link to the page we air live on followed by the link to our archive.

Next is our Facebook Group. This is probably the best thing to go along with the site. Just about all of our listeners and a bunch of like minded people all meet in our Facebook group to discuss all these events as they happen and we are helpful to each other for research by sharing material or having more discerning eyes upon it. We catch up on past events and much more. It’s very active. No spamming. Please come join us. You will see a lot of material discussed there before I post it here.

Personal Email. If you want to have a private conversation with me feel free to email me. I am the only one with access to this so it will definitely be coming from me if you message me to chat.

And Finally.
My Skype name is TheRealNewsOnline

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  1. Superlative information. Second to none. Have you mentioned anywhere the story of the ‘cop’ who apprehended the men from the van/vehicle who were Jewish, whom he handed over to his ‘station’ and who were released soon after? Apparently they were carrying explosives and/or armaments in the vehicle. Was this part of the hoax or part of the facts? Thanks for your tremendous research and I hope your fellow Americans at some time in the near future give you all,of the kudos you deserve for your phenomenal work. Good luck – and God Bless America.

  2. I’m not sure that you are not a mole in the truth movement, as for the faked deaths, it would be easier for them to kill real people, and clearly those who hold the keys have no problem with that. If you pay attention to the many documentaries that that have furthered the truth movement, they all show evidence that not only did key holders have inside information, but without making a direct accusation provide ample evidence that there had to be inside involvement, for without which demolition charges could not have been set. See “Architects and Engineers for Truth”. These are truthers. It is when I see claims of fake victims that I get annoyed, not out of sympathy for the victims, but because it is ridiculous to imagine that the perpetrators would bother, just like the fake plane theory, it is easy to use a real plane with drone technology, most may not know this, but the technology was also in place to actually take control of the plane from the pilot remotely. No need for lasers to take down the buildings, based on video and a statement from Larry Silverstein, an insider, not a planner, building 7 was “pulled”, demolition vernaculur, and though national geographic supposedly debunked the thermite theory, a guy in his backyard with homemade thermite, which is easy to make by the way, showed his progression through tests to success in melting metal beams. We have been lied to since JP Morgan took over our government with the Federal Reserve. National Security=Corporate Interests. I find it unlikely that we will ever know the whole truth. Even if people step forward, they are shut down.

  3. This is another attempt by US intelligence to divert us onto a tangent while at the same time warning us of those that try that trick. The fact that Google has removed all accurate theories from their algorithms and yours, whoever you guys are, is on the top of the list, is suspicious to me. So the whole world is fake, eh? This crime was committed by empty US refitted drone planes by the US military. Very few people died tragically. I don’t believe any firemen died at all. They knew about the demolition. Pennsylvania and Pentagon were just a distraction and icing on the cake. No one was killed. A missile hit the Pentagon and Flight 93 was non existent. Of course the footage of the towers was real!It was the dramatic pretext for the demolition!

  4. “Who Watches The Watchmen?”

    (or Who Ganders At Gatekeepers)

    Who better to guard the truth than those who concocted the fantasy in the first place?

    Ever consider the concept that the online shilling gatekeepers are they themselves journalists?

    Ever wonder why “Fakelogists” “Hoaxbusters”, “Leading Internet Skeptics”, “Miles Mathis Followers”, “Piece of Mindful Types”, “Clues Forum Members”, “Flat Earthers” and so many other online “truthers” act so outlandishly ridiculous and promote ideas that are demonstrably preposterous?

    Ever wonder why they are so obsessed with emulating the practices of the mainstream media they tend to claim to despise?

    Ever wonder why they all go on each others “shows” and interview each other in an endless cycle?

    Why do they all discredit themselves with obviously absurd “research” when there are glaring incontrovertible problems with many official mainstream narratives that can be effectively and simply communicated to a general audience without resort to obviously divisive (and/or insane sounding) language?

    One logical deduction would be that these folk are they themselves journalists or work in the news media in some capacity.

    Of course another possibility could be that these folk are suffering from apophenia.

    “The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know”

    “This article by Professor James Tracy first published in August 2015 is of particular relevance in relation to the “fake news” campaign directed against the alternative and independent media. In a bitter irony, the media coverup of the CIA’s covert support to Al Qaeda and the ISIS is instrumented by the CIA which also oversees the mainstream media. Since the end of World War Two the Central Intelligence Agency has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis. CIA publicists and journalists alike will assert they have few, if any, relationships, yet the seldom acknowledged history of their intimate collaboration indicates a far different story–indeed, one that media historians are reluctant to examine.”


    Some Advice Regarding Online “Gatekeeping” And Conspiracy Theories:

    “In the mid 1980’s I was asked by an american legal institution known as the Christic Legal Institute to compile a comic book that would detail the murky history of the C.I.A., from the end of the second world war, to the present day. Covering such things as the heroin smuggling during the Vietnam war, the cocaine smuggling during the war in Central America, the Kennedy assassination and other highlights. “

    “What I learned during the frankly horrifying research that I had to slog through in order to accomplish this, was that yes, there is a conspiracy, in fact there are a great number of conspiracies that are all tripping each other up. And all of those conspiracies are run by paranoid fantasists, and ham fisted clowns. If you are on a list targeted by the C.I.A., you really have nothing to worry about. If however you have a name similar to someone on a list targeted by the C.I.A., then you are dead? The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory, is that conspiracy theorists believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is actually chaotic. The truth is that it is not The Iluminati, or The Jewish Banking Conspiracy, or the Gray Alien Theory. The truth is far more frightening. Nobody is in control. The world is rudderless…” ―Alan Moore

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