David Chandler – On assignment: The Physics of 9/11

This Guy Nails It

I realise many of you might have seen clips from this video for a number of years, but if you haven’t seen the full video LISTEN to the efficiently critical tone that David Chandler brings to HIS (physics teacher) ANALYSIS of the video data of buildings 1, 2 and 7 of the WTC receiving little to no RESISTANCE from the tonnage of steel and concrete below the falling upper parts of the building.

It’s astonishing how we’ve been conned by 9/11, and now have Cognitive Dissonance like ‘it never even happened’.

The Physics of 9/11

Gepubliceerd op 26 apr. 2015


Saturday, September 16, 2017 13:47


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  1. Colin Doran 5 juni 2020 op 21:36

    I watched the WTC tower collapsing and I see it collapsing. I know , I’m bad. If I say it’s exploding I can say it was controlled demolition and then I can join the patriotic truth seekers and devote my time and energy to spreading the ’truth’ and go boldly forth to undo the endless wars and the patriot act etc. and can pat myself on the back for being that bit more perceptive and brave than the common man. What’s not to like? The WTC towers collapsing due to boring old structural failure, after suffering devastating damage and subsequent fires on multiple floors, would spoil all that. Any such suggestion has to be fought against and those who suggest it have to be accused of fraud and complicity in mass murder or of just not being as intelligent as the truth seekers or of suffering from cognitive dissonance and denial. Poor things.

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