SGT Report – THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad


As I stated in my full interview with Rebekah, all but one of the pictures of the “art students” in the WTC were new to me, and perhaps new to everyone. However, after doing some further research tonight I now realize that that these pictures have been in the public domain since at least 2009. They ARE authentic. And what’s more, the “artists” were given the space AND construction access to the World Trade Center in the FOUR YEARS leading up to 9/11. Read all about it at .

On Thursday, September 9, 2015 I interviewed author Rebekah Roth about her new book Methodical Deception ( New information she has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the “official story”, forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.

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SGTreport – THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

Published on Sep 11, 2015

Heres the link to the FULL 75+ minute SGT Report interview:

On Thursday, September 9, 2015 I interviewed author Rebekah Roth about her new book ‘Methodical Deception‘. New information she has recovered about the 9/11 false flag event will shock you to your core. This bombshell evidence destroys the “official story“, forever. Israeli Mossad involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks can no longer be denied.

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SGT Report – THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE 9/11 From Cheney to Mossad

Published 14 sep. 2015

Enchanted Warrior

SGT Report.

Original Interview from


Catherine April Watters – “9/11 Was a False Flag to get into illegal wars” Former FDNY Rudy Dent

Cat April Watters

Wed Sept 6th 2017 w host Catherine April Watters and returning guest former FDNY who worked on the WTC pile, Rudy Dent.

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I [Rudy Dent] faced the truth of that horrible day as I worked on the pile with my brothers. I have more than 20 years with FDNY, including Ladder 33 and 52. I was one of the 100 FDNY who heard the explosions, along with numerous other officials and reporters.

I saw with my own eyes Building 7 coming down in under 7 seconds, top to bottom, just like the old hotels in Las Vegas. And yet the structure had only isolated pockets of fire. Prior to this, we in the FDNY never had a high rise steel frame building come down due to fire. This official government finding leaves me with great concern over whether any changes in our fire procedures have been put into place to protect our firefighters from this ever happening again. I saw the molten metal under the completely shattered building structures. We have a huge problem here, my brother firefighters. We can perform these heroic actions of aggressive interior attacks because we know our fellow firefighters will be there to pull us out if we get into trouble. We also trust our officers, because they are in the fire with us. We also know that our training is among the best—if not the best—in the world. Yet something went wrong – terribly wrong.


Jet Fuel Can Not Melt Steel Beams (foto Telegram)

Reacties Before It’s News
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fire snake awesome!

Mani Kllobocishta
More info on this site after all muslims had nothing to do with it!

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Elias Russell
Truly bombshell info comrade. I love that you refuse to let this go, nobody should. I truly appreciate all the info I get from this channel, just keep doing what you do. I know that many of us are eternally grateful for all the hard work.

kirsten bjerregaard kristensen While I certainly don’t question the involvement of the Mossad (not the people of Israel) ,  9/11, I’m somewhat disappointed in the “guilt of omission” by the SGTreport. I feel let down, that someone of Sean’s ethical standards, would be willing to look away from the Saudi involvement; the 28 pages,implicating Prince Bandar (best friend to Obama and the Queen of the UK), that were suddenly classified! Why? Best regards, Kirsten.

It doesn’t work when I Crl+C then Crl+V I used to be able to do a comment response with a video, but YT discarded that a few yrs ago. They are just messing with our freedom of speech! 1 (edited)
+kirsten bjerregaard kristensen It’s obvious that you don’t read SGTReport regularly or listen to my many interviews in which we have discussed this often. We have reported in detail and OFTEN about the classified 28 pages of the 9/11 report which are said to implicate the Saudi government – but of course conveniently omit the Israelis and the Mossad.

kirsten bjerregaard kristensen When was this- I’ve a neurological disease, and cannot concentrate always- if you’d give me a link to that I’d be appreciative!.

+kirsten bjerregaard kristensen Google is your friend.

kirsten bjerregaard kristensen
+stefanb1977 Thanks so much, Steph.

False Flag Awareness Canada This one is ground breaking. Even though I knew about the art students, I never saw this picture, etc. (edited)
+Skekzyz I discovered the Conspiracy Cafe work in this area only after posting this micro doc. I am going to make another micro doc about this, it will be posted in the next 72 hours or so.

Haleigh Gullison
+kirsten bjerregaard kristensen They can’t allow that and implicate the pope at this late hour just when their NWO is so near to completion. They are all in it together and the Jesuit pope is the head of this beast system bringing all of this hell into our reality.

+Mani Kllobocishta Sure they did, they were the ones blamed so as to perpetrated a NEW war, a FAKE war on terror. Every war needs a boogeyman. Notice also, who hates Israel? Arabs, so they become the new enemy and the jew sends the gullible Christians after, using OUR young men, financed by the USA.

Before SHTF Watch also – the missing link.

noel oreilly
+Mani Kllobocishta We have been trying to tell you this AMERICA for 14 years.

+CrimsonRunner To Jesus. The current problem, at least a problem to some, seems to be a MS 10/Edge/Explorer thing. Not a problem in Google at all; particularly MS 8.1/Google.

Abgrara Abgrara Many thanks.

Andy Jackson Can someone please explain to me what the AUSTRIAN artists living at the World Trade Center in May of 2000 have to do with Jews visiting DEA offices around the country? If anything, this implicates AUSTRIA and NOT ISRAEL.

Rich F
+False Flag Awareness Canada 2 I read about the art students and how the area was cordoned off for a few weeks. I never saw this picture either. And what is the figure in it that looks blocked out? Why can’t we see them? Would it debunk this story?

Anthony Wright
+Rich F, It’s a cutout.

Haleigh Gullison
+Anthony Wright Do you have proof to back your statement? If so, please share it.

Anthony Wright
+Haleigh Gullison It just looks 2D and with no feet(foot) it looks a lil odd?

Haleigh Gullison
+Anthony Wright Never allow the natural eye to take you away from the Truth they hide behind the curtain. It is all hidden in plain sight and the Eyes and Ears of the Spirit of Truth bring all of the evil to the Light and will be revealed at the appearing of Jesus Christ and the Truth will set us free from all of the lies that bind and blind those who willingly accept their lies as fact and are overcome by them. Jesus commands us to Ask, Seek, and to Knock on His door and He promises all who do that He will answer. Peace.

Anthony Wright
+Haleigh Gullison I do not require your fairy tale concept to tell me about truth. Creationists have this warped perception that a god gave us a moral compass, that’s so sad. No wonder your country is so much trouble.

Haleigh Gullison (edited)
+Anthony Wright You make yourself clear. March on in your choice. My fairy tale concept? Time to come out from, behind the curtain?

toob maniac “You are invited to share, rip or re-upload this video in order to spread it to the four winds.” No thanks, I’ll take the unlisted fourth option and that is to BASH this video.

Renegade Robot

Renegade Robot
+Elias Russell Until death.

Renegade Robot Turns out, there are over 8.000 ‘secret’ pages.

toob maniac
+Renegade Robot Yes. Bash it for the lying piece of shit trash that it is.

Renegade Robot 1 month ago
+toob maniac The stats = D, seem to prove you delusional.

toob maniac
+Renegade Robot No, not at all. I get a kick out of seeing the lengths people will go to just to form a new and “always unverifiable ” conspiracy chain of events. My comment was mocking the whole conspiracy “community” if you couldn’t figure it out on your own. How can you people claim to have found evidence of conspiracy when you can’t even recognize “sarcasm ” in a YouTube comment. LOL?

Jo Loui do u know how she gat the pictures of the “students” in the WTC??

Roberta Harvey
+toob maniac So you do not come up with anything to back up your statements. Just start personality bashing. Another who is faceless and a coward too. So nothing you say is gonna have any credibility. AND if you cannot see that the building imploded. Well you sure aint gonna know the truth.

toob maniac
+Roberta Harvey LOL, they all imploded. That doesn’t make it a setup. Believe it or not a building has the potential to collapse in many different ways depending on many different factors..What’s the point of bringing this one down ? What’s the point of Hoaxing Landing on the Moon, 9/11 attacks , Sandy Hook shooting, The Boston Marathon bombing or the Georgia journalist and camera man shooting ?
We haven’t given up any of our freedoms because of them. You can still slander our Government without fear of death or imprisonment. You can still buy a handgun, shotgun or an AR 15 legally and we can still get concealed carry permits and even carry openly without a permit legally.
The Government still endures our childish tantrums over things that are not even happening because “we” somehow feel things are potentially leading to the possibility of us losing some rights in the future.
The Government is even subject to unrealistic pressure from news agencies and regular citizens while simply gathering info to help keep us safe. We insist on blindfolding them and tying their hands behind their back while they are still held responsible for our safety and integrity of future generations.
And you’re worried about the way a damn building fell and believe some Israeli’s were in an adjacent building to the towers in a room full of triggering devices linked to a company owned by Dick Cheney. This is LAUGHABLE AND LACKS ANY PROOF WHATSOEVER. The burden of proof is not my responsibility. That falls in the hands of the ones making the crazy claims.

+toob maniac Oh please. Biggest bunch of shit ever. U MUST be a paid shill or a sleeping sheep.

Jo Loui
9/11 deserves a real commission though, to clear up the Building 7 issue, the Israelites taken in custody, the way the towers collapsed ( build to sustain a plain crash), The Pentagon small hole etc. After 3.000 deaths, the country deserves a real investigation and that never happened.

matthew pereira
Jesus Christ, this is scary. It was all planned since the beginning.

toob maniac
You people are pathetic. LOL!

matthew pereira
+toob maniac So is your troll username, jackass.

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Shut up, troll!

Aryan Brotherhood
+Andy Jackson They were Israeli Spies. Kinda blows the tight security thing out of the water.

toob maniac
+Aryan Brotherhood
Do you conspiracy kooks believe everything as long as it’s in print and goes along somewhat with your brand of hatred and misinformation agenda..

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac People who have no clue about 911 should shut the fuck up. It goes way beyond print. Keep watching your TV though. It makes you that much smarter. Lol

Aryan Brotherhood (edited)
+toob maniac​​ Hint…. when the government knew the exact date and locations of the attacks. It speaks volumes. Per David Schippers. 911 whistle-blower

toob maniac
+Aryan Brotherhood
There you go again, that’s bullshit

matthew pereira
+toob maniac conspiracy or not we were told a lie plain and simple. if they have to change their story 5 times its a lie and if your too dumb to realize that then you need to get back to your cheetos and wifi

toob maniac
+matthew pereira
Thats bullshit too…I hate cheetos and don’t use wifi

Aryan Brotherhood (edited)
+toob maniac​ Prove it’s bullshit…. denial proves what???
Government said “Al Qaeda acted alone with no state sponsors ” FUCKING LIE !!!!!!!

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac You’re denial speaks volumes sheep.

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac I’ll send you a 911 bib to catch the government load dripping from the corners of your mouth. Lmfao

toob maniac
+Aryan Brotherhood You prove it’s real.. All those sites are crap.. Show me just 1 RESPECTABLE public figure with an impeccable reputation of integrity who backs any of this up…… The proof is up to the one making the preposterous claims not the one calling it what it is ” bullshit”

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac What??? Destroyed evidence? ?? No way!!!

toob maniac
+Aryan Brotherhood
What do your claims do ? nothing because you know you’re wrong and you nor anyone else on youtube will ever confront the ones you blame IN THE REAL’s PATHETIC

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Hahahahaha. You better do your research cunt boy. There’s plenty of whistle-blowers. You’re just too fucking stupid to fucking research. I love retards like you. You don’t get to decide what’s legit. Who the fuck are you Mr 911 know it all?? Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Stay simple cunt. And thanks for disproving nothing. Well done

toob maniac
+Aryan Brotherhood
Exactly how convenient PATHETIC

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac
Hahahahahaha. Stupid fuck.

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Hahahahahahahaha

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Put up or shut the fuck up and stay off the 911 threads. They’re for adults. Go back to giving your mom a shitty Hitler

Aryan Brotherhood
+matthew pereira Dude…. you cant fix stupid. It must be painful for him to live life with a helmet on 24/7. Lmao

toob maniac
+Aryan Brotherhood I did put up, EVERYONE IN THE REAL WORLD AGREES WITH ME..Have fun living in Your delusional paranoid world of Youtube conspiracy rejects, because this is the only place your stupid delusions exist..They sure aren’t believed by anyone in the real world..I live less than 300 miles from New York in Ohio ..I was 33 years old in 2001 and i saw the second jet hit Live on t.v. …You conspiracy nuts didn’t crawl out of your holes till the end of Bush’s last term and Obama became President…

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Hate to tell you asshole. You’re in the minority. Even the victims families know it was fucking bullshit. You’re a fucking idiot.

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Did I fucking say no planes???? Learn comprehension cunt boy…. I don’t give a fuck if you were in the towers. 911 was a classic false flag operation. And the fact that you dodge and deny links prove you’re a useless sheep and you’re everything that’s wrong with this country.

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Better. Heck your facts again….. the questions started on day 1. Get educated.

Aryan Brotherhood
+toob maniac Tip: “I did put up”. Ummmmmm No you didnt. You denied and dodged like a fucking pussy. Truth hurts little girl.

Aryan Brotherhood (edited)
+toob maniac​ What???? Government officials who call bullshit on the fairytale? ??
List of Politicians, Military and Intelligence Experts who Question the “Official” 9/11 Narrative
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
Here are 40 experts, including the Chairman, 9/11 Commission, Thomas H. Kean, Former Governor of New Jersey and Vice Chairman, 9/11 Commission, Lee Hamilton, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Homeland Security Advisory Council ~ sounding off in short quotes about their misgivings with the 9/11 commission and the questions that are still smoldering.
Senator Max Cleland
– Former member of the 9/11 Commission, resigned in December 2003:
“I, as a member of the [9/11] Commission, cannot look any American in the eye… It is a national scandal… this White House wants to cover [9/11] up.”
Senator Mark Dayton
– Member, Senate Committee on Armed Services and Homeland Security
“[NORAD] lied to the American people, they lied to Congress and they lied to your 9/11 Commission…the most gross incompetence and dereliction of responsibility and negligence”
Congressman Ron Paul
– Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee
the [9/11] investigations that have been done so far as more or less cover-up and no real explanation”
Congressman Curt Weldon
“[9/11 Commission] there’s something very sinister going on here… something desperately wrong… This involved what is right now the covering up of information that led to the deaths of 3,000 people”
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
– Member of the House Armed Services Committee
“the [9/11] Commission ran up against obstruction by the administration and non-cooperation from government agencies… the errors and omissions immediately jumped out at us”
Director of the FBI, Louis Freeh
“[9/11 Commission] findings–raises serious challenges to the commission’s credibility and, if the facts prove out, might just render the commission historically insignificant itself”
Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, PhD
“Distinguished national and international scientists and scholars present massive evidence that the 9/11 Commission Report is a hoax and that the 9/11 “terrorist attack” has been manipulated to serve a hegemonic agenda in the Middle East… We know that it is strictly impossible for any building, much less steel columned buildings, to “pancake” at free fall speed. Therefore, it is a non-controversial fact that the official explanation of the collapse of the WTC buildings is false”
Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts
“Regarding 9/11 “The official story could not possibly have happened… It’s not possible. It’s not operationally feasible… The Commission was a whitewash. ”
U.S. Army Intelligence officer, Federal Prosecutor, Office of Special Investigations, U.S. Department of Justice, John Loftus
“The information provided by European intelligence services prior to 9/11 was so extensive that it is no longer possible for either the CIA or FBI to assert a defense of incompetence”
Foreign Service Officer, George Kenney
|” I cannot believe, much as I might like to, the standard account of 9/11″
Foreign Service Officer, J. Michael Springman
“Fifteen of the nineteen people who allegedly flew airplanes into buildings in the United States got their visas from the same CIA Consulate at Jeddah”
Deputy Attorney General, State of Pennsylvania, Philip J. Berg,
“The official story of what actually took place on 9 /11 is a lie. ”
Major General U.S. Army, Commanding General of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, Albert Stubblebine
“I look at the hole in the Pentagon and I look at the size of an airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon. And I said, ‘The plane does not fit in that hole’. So what did hit the
Col. Ronald D. Ray – U.S. Marine Corps – Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Deputy Director of Field Operations for the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Center
“I’m astounded that the conspiracy theory advanced by the administration could in fact be true and the evidence does not seem to suggest that’s accurate”
Col. Robert Bowman
-U.S. Air Force, Director of Advanced Space Programs, PhD Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering
“The official 9/11 story is impossible .. There is a cover up .. high levels of our government don’t want us to know what happened .. highly placed individuals in the administration .. Dick Cheney .. the very kindest thing we can say about George W Bush .. is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder ”
Col. George Nelson – U.S. Air Force, aircraft accident investigator
“I never witnessed nor even heard of an aircraft loss, where the wreckage was accessible, that prevented investigators from finding enough hard evidence to positively identify the make, model, and specific registration number of the aircraft — and in most cases the precise cause of the accident… The government alleges that four wide-body airliners crashed on the morning of September 11 2001, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 human beings, yet not one piece of hard aircraft evidence has been produced in an attempt to positively identify any of the four aircraft. On the contrary, it seems only that all potential evidence was deliberately kept hidden from view .. with all the evidence readily available at the pentagon crash site, any unbiased rational investigator could only conclude that a Boeing 757 did not fly into the Pentagon as alleged. Similarly, with all the evidence available at the Pennsylvania crash site, it was most doubtful that a passenger airliner caused the obvious hole in the ground and certainly not the Boeing 757 as alleged .. the most heinous conspiracy in our country’s history ”
Major Douglas Rokke, PhD – U.S. Army
“Regarding the impact at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 “when you look at the damage, it was obviously a missile.”
Capt. Russ Wittenberg
– U.S. Air Force, fighter pilot, commercial pilot flying 707, 720, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777 ’s. Had previously flown Flight 93, which impacted in Pennsylvania, and Flight 175, the second plane to hit the WTC
“The government story they handed us about 9/11 is total B.S. plain and simple…[Regarding Flight 77]”The airplane could not have flown at those speeds which they said it did without going into what they call a high speed stall. The airplane won’t go that fast if you start pulling those high G maneuvers at those bank angles… The vehicle that hit the Pentagon was not Flight 77”
Lt. Col. Karen U Kwiatkowski, PhD U.S. Air Force, Office of the Secretary of Defense, staff of the Director of the National Security Agency
“It is as a scientist that I have the most trouble with the official government conspiracy theory, mainly because it does not satisfy the rules of probability or physics. The collapses of the World Trade Center buildings clearly violate the laws of probability and physics…There was a dearth of visible debris on the relatively unmarked Pentagon, where I stood only minutes after the impact. Beyond this strange absence of airliner debris, there was no sign of the kind of damage one would expect from the impact of a large airliner… this visible evidence or lack thereof may also have been apparent to the Sec of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who in an unfortunate slip of the tongue referred to the aircraft that slammed into the Pentagon as a ‘ missile ‘ … I saw nothing of significance at the point of contact ~ no airplane metal or cargo debris was blowing on the lawn in front of the damaged building as smoke billowed from within the Pentagon .. all of us staring at the Pentagon that morning were indeed looking for such debris, but what we expected was not evident .. the same is true with regard to the damage we expected .. but I did not see this kind of damage. Rather, the facade had a rather small hole, no larger than 20 feet in diameter. Although this facade later collapsed, it remained standing for 30 0r 40 minutes, with the roof remaining relatively straight .. The scene, in short, was not what I would have expected from a strike by a large jetliner. It was, however, exactly what one would have expected if a missile had struck the Pentagon ”
Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, Barbara Honegger, MS
“The US military, not al Qaeda, had the sustained access weeks before 9/11 to also plant controlled demolition charges throughout the superstructures of WTC 1 and WTC 2, and in WTC 7, which brought down all three buildings on 9/11…A US military plane, not one piloted by al Qaeda, performed the highly skilled, high−speed 270−degree dive towards the Pentagon that Air Traffic Controllers on 9/11 were sure was a military plane as they watched it on their screens. Only a military aircraft, not a civilian plane flown by al Qaeda, would have given off the “Friendly” signal needed to disable the Pentagon’s anti−aircraft missile batteries as it approached the building…Only the US military, not al Qaeda, had the ability to break all of its Standard Operating Procedures to paralyze its own emergency response system”
Capt. Gregory M. Zeigler, PhD – U.S. Army, U.S. Army Intelligence Officer
“I knew from September 18, 2001, that the official story about 9/11 was false. … anomalies poured in rapidly: the hijackers’ names appearing in none of the published flight passenger lists, BBC reports of stolen identities of the alleged hijackers or the alleged hijackers being found alive, the obvious demolitions of WTC 1 and 2…and WTC7…not hit by an airplane…the lack of identifiable Boeing 757 wreckage at the Pentagon”
Capt. Eric H. May, U.S. Army, Intelligence officer ~
“I view the 911 event …as a matter that implies either…A) passive participation by the Bush White House through a deliberate stand-down or B) active execution of a plot by rogue elements of government, starting with the White House itself, in creating a spectacle of destruction that would lead the United States into an invasion of the Middle East”
Former Chairman, National Intelligence Estimates, CIA, responsible for preparing the President’ Daily Brief, U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, Raymond L. McGovern
” I think at simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 report is a joke…just as Hitler in 1933 cynically exploited the burning of the parliament building, the Reichstag, this is exactly what our President did in exploiting 9/11…making a war of aggression on a country that he knew had nothing to do with 9/11…that’s certainly an impeachable offense…But compelling evidence for an even more disturbing conclusion: that the 9/11 attacks were themselves orchestrated by this administration precisely so they could be thus exploited.”
National Intelligence Officer and Director of the CIA’s Office of Regional and Political Analysis, William Christison
“there is persuasive evidence that the events of September did not unfold as the Bush administration and the 9/11 Commission would have us believe. … An airliner almost certainly did not hit The Pentagon. … The North and South Towers of the World Trade Center almost certainly did not collapse and fall to earth because hijacked aircraft hit them…this all was totally an inside job… I have since decided that….at least some elements in this US government had contributed in some way or other to causing 9/11 to happen or at least allowing it to happen… The reason that the two towers in New York actually collapsed and fell all the way to the ground was controlled explosions rather than just being hit by two airplanes. … All of the characteristics of these demolitions show that they almost had to have been controlled explosions… I think you almost have to look at the 9/11 Commission Report as a joke and not a serious piece of analysis at all… It’s a monstrous crime”
U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer, case officer CIA.Robert David Steele
“I am forced to conclude that there is sufficient evidence to indict (not necessarily convict) Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and others…This is, without question, the most important modern reference on state-sponsored terrorism, and also the reference that most pointedly suggests that select rogue elements within the US Government, most likely led by Dick Cheney with the assistance of George Tenet, Buzzy Kronguard, and others close to the Wall Street gangs, are the most guilty of state-sponsored terrorism…I’m absolutely certain that WTC 7 was brought down by controlled demolition and that as far as I’m concerned means that this case has not been properly investigated. There’s no way that building could have come down without controlled demolition”
CIA Case Officer, Specialist in the Middle East, Directorate of Operations, Awarded Career Intelligence Medal, Robert Baer
“Regarding the opinion there was an aspect of ‘inside job’ to 9/11 within the U.S. government, “There is that possibility, the evidence points at it.”
Counter-terrorism expert in the Security Division of the federal Aviation Administration. Team leader of the FAA’s Red (Terrorism) Team in the Federal Air Marshall program, Coast Guard officer, Bogdan Dzakovic
“At worst, I think the 9/11 Commission Report is treasonous.”
Minister of Justice, West Germany, Horst Ehmke, PhD
“Terrorists could not have carried out such an operation with four hijacked planes without the support of a secret service.”
State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Defense, West Germany, Andreas von Buelow, PhD
“The official story is so inadequate and far-fetched that there must be another one…This is unthinkable, without years-long support from secret apparatuses of the state and industry.”
President of Italy, Francesco Cossiga
“[9/11] could not be accomplished without infiltrations in the radar and flight security personnel.”
General Leonid Ivashov, Chief of Staff, Russian armed forces, Ministry of Defense
“Only secret services and their current chiefs – or those retired but still having influence inside the state organizations – have the ability to plan, organize and conduct an operation [9/11] of such magnitude…Osama bin Laden and “Al Qaeda” cannot be the organizers nor the performers of the September 11 attacks. They do not have the necessary organization, resources or leaders.”
Foreign Minister of Egypt, Mohamed Hassanein Heikal
“Bin Laden does not have the capabilities for an operation [9/11] of this magnitude. When I hear Bush talking about al-Qaida as if it was Nazi Germany or the communist party of the Soviet Union, I laugh because I know what is there. Bin Laden has been under surveillance for years: every telephone call was monitored and al-Qaida has been penetrated by American intelligence, Pakistani intelligence, Saudi intelligence, Egyptian intelligence. They could not have kept secret an operation that required such a degree of organization and sophistication.”
Chief of Staff, Pakistani Army, General Mirza Aslam Beg
“The information which is now coming up, goes to prove that involvement by the ‘rogue elements’ of the U.S. military and intelligence organization is getting more obvious. Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda definitely do not have the know-how and the capability to launch such operations involving such high precision coordination, based on information and expertise.”
European Parliament, Committee on Security and Defense, Giulietto Chiesa
regarding 9-11 “Billions of people were given only one explanation….which is entirely false….everyone who dares to question it is treated as if he was a fool.”
French Army Intelligence and artillery officer, Col. Pierre-Henri Bunel
Expert in the effects of artillery weapons and explosives ~ Regarding Department of Defense photos of the Pentagon on 9/11
“Image of the impact on the Pentagon is very instructive as to the nature of the explosion. … It corresponds to a detonation of an explosive with high energetic power. The explosion does not correspond to a deflagration of kerosene…suggests a single engine flying vehicle much smaller in size than an airliner…resembles the effects of anti-concrete hollow charges that I have been able to observe on a number of battlefields…lead me therefore to think that the detonation that struck the building was that of a high-powered hollow charge used to destroy hardened buildings and carried by an aerial vehicle, a missile.”
Safety Engineer and accident Analyst, National Safety Technology Authority, Finland, Heikki Kurttila, PhD
“Conclusion: The observed collapse time of WTC 7 was 6.5 seconds. That is only half a second longer than it would have taken for the top of the building to fall to the ground in a vacuum, and half a second shorter than the falling time of an apple when air resistance is taken into account. … The great speed of the collapse and the low value of the resistance factor strongly suggest controlled demolition.”
Counter-Terrorism Officer, MI5 (Britain), David Shayler
regarding 9-11 “The available evidence indicates that people in key positions in the FBI, the State Department, the CIA and so on were not loyal to the Constitution; that they saw an opportunity in plans laid down by genuine Islamic terrorists to carry out an operation that would shock the world and would therefore justify U.S. adventurism in the middle East, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
Chairman, 9/11 Commission, Thomas H. Kean, Former Governor of New Jersey
“FAA and NORAD officials advanced an account of 9/11 that was untrue…We, to this day, don’t know why NORAD told us what they told us…It was just so far from the truth.”
Vice Chairman, 9/11 Commission, Lee Hamilton, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Homeland Security Advisory Council
“we got started late; we had a very short time frame…we did not have enough money…We had a lot of people strongly opposed to what we did. We had a lot of trouble getting access to documents and to people. … So there were all kinds of reasons we thought we were set up to fail”
9/11 Commissioner, Timothy J. Roemer, PhD, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
“that panel members so distrusted testimony from Pentagon officials that they referred their concerns to the Pentagon’s inspector general…We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting”
Senior Counsel, 9/11 Commission, John J. Farmer, Jr., Former Attorney General, NJ, Former Commissioner of the State Commission of Investigations
“Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that the Pentagon’s initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks may have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public “I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described…The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years.

Copy>paste is very likely disabled, because some idiots were posting movie scripts etc. Anyhow, this is VERY annoying.

Lucy Laiche It’s a little too late to change public perception ingrained by our government when the event in question was on September 11, 2001 and it’s now being put out for our viewing pleasure on September, 2015??? PA LEEZ, this is but one of the deceptions waged against the American people, and anyone else from a passive nation, who’d rather continue to stick their heads in the sand than give up the creature comforts to which they’ve become accustomed. Comforts such as drugs (illegal and OTC), trips to the local mall, being protected by our government when they say they’ll protect us with the govn’t military (don’t get me started on THAT subject) in case of an invading army, etc. This should’ve been brought to light within 2 yrs after while still fresh in the whole nation’s mind. It’s almost impossible to change anyone’s minds about what soup they should buy, much less a ‘conspiracy’ of September 11th.

Joe Citizen
+kirsten bjerregaard kristensen start a YouTube channel and make videos about Saudi Arabian connection.
who did 911? the JWO

Joe Citizen
+kirsten bjerregaard kristensen seems as though your cognitive disabilities has allowed you to get fixated on certain things… Such as the fake Saudi Arabian airplane pilots… Unless you are just faking your disabilities… And picking and choosing what you want to look at.
I find it a tad bit strange that someone who supposedly knows about Saudi Arabian involvement in 911… Would be so appreciative of those who gave them Google links to Saudi Arabian involvement in 911???

Joe Citizen
+Haleigh Gullison you misspelled it … the correct anagram is JWO.

Snordster w
Is there more? This is it? She goes to the beginning… then stops? Is this a ploy to sell her book? (edited)
+Snordster w …Is the embedded link at the end of this piece not enough?

Snordster w Thanks Sean. I must be blind, but I still cannot find an embedded link either in the video or in the Info section. But, thanks all the same.

jester90991 I was having the same problem trying to find where to go next lol 🙂

+Snordster w Well, we know the rest of the story. Two planes hit two buildings, and three towers fell in controlled demo fashion, and then war was waged under false pretence. That’s when Dicky made billions, and billions and lived happily ever after.

+Snordster w go to sgt report on you tube and find the interview in videos. listen to the whole thing. when you hear the interview from start to finish it’ll line up for you.
rongermanjr 1 month ago (edited)
+Chaternal …so far. darth cheney needs to finish his f**king life in prison, along with all the other neocon asswipes and their Zionist handlers.

+rongermanjr Amen to that, bro!
+Snordster w Thanks Snordster, I also added the link to the full interview below this video in the info section. Also, you can find all of my interviews, including this one at
The full interview with Rebekah is sticky posted at the top, but you can find all of my other interviews there by using the “SGT Archives” menu on the top left side of the site. Just click and scroll down to “SGT Interviews’.

+Snordster w I read about this Gelatin group years ago. But this has all the details. I really think this is legit.

Samuel Iam
+alan guttenfelder Your last name wouldn’t have to do with your denial of facts and evidence, would it?

alan guttenfelder
Hi Sam Iam, cute name honey.

+Snordster w Yup. She wants to try and sell.

Harold Saive
+Snordster w It’s book worth having that you may not have known about without the video.

Snordster w
+Harold Saive I’d have to agree there Harold.

+Chaternal …and Silverstein

Ellen Berman
+Chaternal You need to read the first book…no hijacked planes hit the WTC.

+Snordster w It’s a portion of the interview. Who are you, did she strike a cord, maybe some note worthy information……better attack her then. Never know who is who on the net.

+Snordster w click the link above for 75 minutes, then complain.

Renegade Robot
+Snordster w ,,I’d bet the book will have no problem selling itself =)

John Mcevoy
she only wanted to make the chaney connection.

+Chaternal No planes hit any buildings…get updated on the facts please. Thank you.

+cspace6257 are you stating that as fact? Because there are witness’s stating they saw them hit the buildings. Maybe not passenger planes………….but there are thousands of people at the sight who saw them hit. So………….lets not get carried away with stating fact as something you saw on the internet. I think we still have to acknowledge reality. Or you are not helping the cause.

John Mcevoy
Planes obviously hit the building but one of those planes was a military plane no doubt..the engines that they found were not used on commercial planes only found on millitary ones..look it up..there was explosions all the way down both towers..collapsing down from the top..any demolition person can tell you that pictures of those isrealis with all the detonation cord is the final straw..there made by dick chaneys company. Amazing that nothing had been done about this false flag operation seeming it was the start of the nwo agenda..wake up americans your politicians are selling you down the river.come together to overthrow these scum..people power you americans can do it you have so much guns in the public system.get on with it revolt .revolution is your only answer to this shit storm…..

+John Mcevoy PLANES DID NOT OBVIOUSLY HIT THE BUILDINGS…Take a closer look… the plane disintgrates before hitting the of the wings goes behind a building in the back… IT WAS ALL ADDED INTO THE FILM…PHOTO SHOP…SEE YOUTUBE..WTC THE BALL..AND SEPTEMBER SECRETS..I believe they are called… BUT IT SHOULD GET YOU STARTED
NO PLANES..NO PLANES.. NO PLANES.. NO PLANES…… Its New Weaponry… and they were itching to use it on something..So the ASBESTOS FILLED WTC.. was a good mark.. It cost to much to have them destroyed.SO THEY CAME UP WITH THIS PILE OF CRAP STORY..ABOUT ARABS..PLANES..ETC…

+888American again, we better stay in reality. There are many witness’s saying they saw A plane hit each building. Are you telling me that no planes were involved, be they military or passenger? Flown by pilots or guided in remotely? Some witness’s say they looked like military craft, windowless.
You really need to think about this. Thousands of people SAW planes hit the buildings, especially the second one. Maybe question the video you saw, maybe it is disinfo to make you look stupid. Put that video out there that is clearly tampered with and then you say no planes were involved, even though many people saw it happen in real life. In real time, in reality. The internet is a perfect place for disinfo, to cast doubt and discredit those looking for real answers. People will write you off if you put shit like this out there.

Sam Herrick
Rebekah risks her life in doing this, killing is nothing to the psycopaths in control, anyone who exposes their lies are at risk.

alan guttenfelder
+Sam Herrick false, she is a protetced co-intelpro agent, dear

Sam Herrick
+alan guttenfelder You sure about that. Shes exposing photographs of mossad agents with the fucking detonators.

hadia felauer
+Sam Herrick you can find anything in internet and with an enthusiastic nuance of research. can the can, mossad.

Bazinga to you
+hadia felauer Mossad and Israel are the embodiment of Lucifer!

Exactly so do you think the gov would let the truth come out or even if you were to get close so why dwell on it move on don’t trust the gov you should of already knew that. But I still say Arabs had a part in it and it was def planes and I don’t not believe that there was any explosions. To many theories for there to be no truth.

You so need to get a copy and video of the Toronto Hearings that took place in Sept 2011. There was also a Toronto Report, provided a strong critique of the Toronto Hearings. What you learn will likely surprise you.
Only a fool would think the tragedy of 911 was solely by Osama Bin Laden and a terrorist network under his control. There was certainly complicity by the US Govt and the Israeli Government, if not direct efforts to aid in it being carried out. The Mossad were involved. Look carefully at the “Five Dancing Israelis” were who were arrested taking a video of the planes hitting the twin towers and celebrating the tragedy. Read about a Mossad front business, Urban Moving…these five individuals where employed by Urban Moving and the van was the company’s van. Two of these five were Mossad agents. Evidence of explosives previously in the van was found. One of these five agents admitted in Hebrew on an Israeli TV program they were in New York for the purpose of filming the planes hitting the twin towers. After these five Israelis were arrested, what more did the American people hear about them before they were sent back to Israel? Crime is high places is easily covered up with the word “classified.”
Only a fool believes a real investigation of 911 took place. It was a whitewash. Zelikow was the 911 Commission’s director and stifled any evidence or testimony brought to the Commission that directed the investigation anywhere else but pointing to 15 terrorists. Building 7 falling in free fall is a fact. An extreme escalation of put option purchases on the two airlines in the several weeks before 911 should clearly point to those complicate in the tragedy. The presence of Sulfur-containing military grade Thermite in the residue around 911 is clear evidence of the use of incendiary chemicals used on 911. At every turn, public propaganda ready to suppress the truth.
When we’ve enough Americans who are aware and alert to the misdeeds and insist on prosecution…perhaps we can have out country back and guided by those with a moral compass. Lobbyists pull the strings by bribe and intimidation of our Congressman. “Think tanks” like the American Enterprise Institute and Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and its arm of influence the Center for Security Policy and AIPAC and the many dozens of political action groups support the candidate providing the most unyielding support for Israel at all times. What chance to those like Rand Paul or Ron Paul have in this climate?
To decide which candidate is right for us…the American people…look at who Goldman Sachs and AIPAC support for election. That is not our candidate, its theirs.
During the recent Republican Presidential candidate debate, how many of the candidates gave a little kiss on Netahyahu’s behind with their comments. Rand Paul wasn’t one of them. Let’s not forget the Congressional/Military Industrial Complex supporters in our midst as well. One of the most decorated men in American military history was Smedley Butler. He won two Congressional Medals of Honor and later reached the rank of Brigadier General in the US Marine Corp. He retired and made a number of speeches. You can find these speeches in his book, “War is a Racket.”
Paul Findley’s “They Dare Speak out” describes and details how AIPAC and Jewish political action groups have far more influence over Congressman than the majority of American people who don’t advocate Israel attaining the biblical borders of King David, ie the Zionists. Israel Shahuk’s “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” really details the roots of Zionism and radical Jewish philosophy that is so wrong for the Israelis and Arabs alike.
Zionists are crazed Fundamental Jews who believe they have god on their side with their pretentious notion of eventually capturing all of Syria, Jordan, Kuwait and a large territory of Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Doing so will have Israel mimic the biblical borders of King David. Christian Zionists advocate Zionism since they believe the second coming of Christ can only occur once Israel has such borders. Where this will lead is the suffering and killing of hundreds of millions of Arabs, Israelis and Americans. The US will be pulled into a war where only suffering will result.
Unlike General Lemnitzer’s “Operation Northwoods,” that was dis-approved by JFK, 911 was a false flag operation that was carried out. Scoundrels reaped the benefits while Americans payed the price.

Don’t really care what Toronto says about anything and call me stupid then cuz it wasn’t the government but they sure got you brain washed. Illuminati is coming for you for exposing them ha ha ha. Be afraid.

I guess as confuscious say….”only the very wisest and stupidest of men never change.” You don’t seem capable of change. I don’t perceive you as the very wisest. When the impossible is ruled out…what’s left, no matter how unlikely you might feel it is…is the explanation. I guess someone has to be the stupidest…that someone is you.

Ok if it’s so possible and you know it was the government why is there like 10 different stories on what it could be should all be the same if it’s so genuine.

As I said…..only a fool would think 911 happened just as stated in the “official” 911 Commission Report and has no clue the most relevant and meaningful was purposefully ignored and dismissed. That is you.

For every person well read and informed in the US there seems to be at least several dozen or perhaps several hundred who are ignorant of the real history concealed by distortions. A few good books to begin learning the truth I’ve read and recommend are as follow: Chalmer Johnson’s “Blowback,” Jeff Gates’ “Guilt by Association,” Robert Parry’s “Lost in History” and Greg Felton’s “The Host and the Parasite.”
You won’t find this info on CNN. What you generally get is “fluff” on the news.
Andrew Napolitano devoted two minutes concerning his personal views on his last show of “Freedom Watch.” Watch it on U Tube and see why he lost his show. I agreed on every point he made over those last two minutes.
What the public keeps getting is the likes of Bill O’Reilly instead. How can the public ever have a chance to learn the truth when they rely on a TV instead of reading from authors who are shunned and become social pariahs due to public propaganda.
Another good book that comes to mind is Paul Findley’s “They dare speak out.” Findley talks about those like himself who pay the price for speaking the truth.
For those successful in office….It’s hard for them to understand the truth when their salaries and income depend on them not understanding it. (edited)
NOTE: To all of you Israel, Zionist, hack apologists who want to splice hairs with Rebekah’s description of part number BB18 being a “fuse holder”, technically speaking part BB18 are Power Feed Lugs FOR “fuse holders”. Now, perhaps you hacks would only be convinced if these MOSSAD agents were shown holding 5 gallon buckets labeled “nanothermate”. But you will at least note that none of these “art students” were Muslim, nor were they associates of Bin Laden or pals with Larry Silverstein. I have evidence they left for us which speaks directly to their premeditated desire to MURDER. They KNEW EXACTLY want they were doing. They KNEW thousands would die and that many would be FORCED to leap to their deaths. These psychopathic monsters were giddy about the whole “project”. Which I will demonstrate in another video coming soon. Stay tuned.

Fluteristic How sad that one of our best FBI agents John O’Neil, was hired to die on his first day on the job. He caught the trail of the missile that Killed our sailors on the USS Cole that lined up with an Israeli submarine. He got to Yemen with a team of agents and his investigation was obstructed at every turn by Babara Bodine, the ambassador protecting the people who murdered 17 Sailors that day.

Leigh Goodman – I thought that BB -18’s were copper floor door holders?

I am a guy who 100% believes that 9/11 was an inside job. BUT – I think that this video and trying to tie these art students to the wiring of the building is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS – and it makes me question the authenticity of this whole video and it’s creator….and your channel. How about showing us some higher resolution pictures where we can read what is on the rest of the boxes at the very least?

Matt1Up If you think I’m some sort of Zionist shill, etc, etc go look at the videos on my channel. You will see I have beena YouTube member since 2006, am real, and I am into technology and computers.

Christoph Johann Wipp Of course it was the Mossad. Was it not Israelis that were arrested for driving vans filled with explosives dressed as Arabs ready blow up bridges in NY on 9/11? Was it not Israelis that were filmed watching the world trade centre towers being blown up and celebrating on 9/11?

There exists a 9-11mental block, stubborn cognitive filters remain on autopilot after so many years of evidence piled on, when a simple review of Webster Tarpley’s “9-11: Synthetic Terror ” book painstakingly reveals too many dirty details. Mohammed Atta was partying doing lines of coke witnessed by his girlfriend/date even as the snow job continued spreading. I now have a better picture of what is comically referred to as a Zombie Apocalypse.

Tommy Swan
+Christoph Johann Wipp ISRAEL MUST BE DESTROYED !!!!!!!!!!!

Christoph Johann Wipp
+Tommy Swan Its never going to happen. They rule the world, and we all stood there and did nothing to stop the insanity. Now I’m afraid its to late and the worst is yet to come.

Tommy Swan

+Christoph Johann Wipp Once the Middle East belongs to Russia/Iran/China, Israelis (Zionists) won’t be able to take a dump without them knowing. In their constant desire for more power, they have now painted themselves into the very corner they wanted everyone else.

Christoph Johann
+laettis Zionists control both Russia and China. they have always supported both sides in a war. England vs Napoleon, WW1 WW2 so on and so forth.

Canadian Patriots Against the New World Order
bunch of murdering scum with no morals and no souls. We need to revamp the economy with rope companies making good strong rope by the mile.

Brandon Muller
+Canadian Patriots Against the New World Order Agreed. Hemp would do nicely, not only for hanging treasonists, but to decentralize control of all the industries they are currently forcing down our throats.

Belkis Martinez
+Brandon Muller I thought Hemp was a new synthetic weed, you know, marijuana…..

+Canadian Patriots Against the New World Order Yes and you people will only hang niggers in the end

Brandon Muller (edited)
+John Pallyswine
I mostly agree, but IMHO the wars are for profit and control, not anything as noble as culture preservation. Also, government debt is a red herring: a truly soveriegn govt has no need for debt; a corporation, on the other hand, once in receivership is another story… the US is such an entity ever since the ’30s. If it had at least kept control of it’s own currency issuance it could have still operated debt free. Instead, it gave those rights away to the FED cabal. The reason it “liberated” Libya is very telling juxtaposed against this M.O.

+Canadian Patriots Against the New World Order good strong HEMP. yeah, dick cheney will be sobbing like a little girl, dangling from a street lamp with a hemp noose around his fucking neck.

Hicks White Top Campground
+Canadian Patriots Against the New World Order the true tribe of Judah are today known as Anglo Saxons Germanic scanDANnavians……saxons as in issac’s sons

amen brother,

The Israel God said to defend and protect are the PEOPLE who have Him and His teaching in our HEARTS, not a piece of land in a desert. He also clearly said do not try to rebuild Israel, I will do that.
Jews are adhering to that, zioNAZIS don’t give a f#ck, cos the God we love is NOT the god they worship.
it wasn’t a suggestion you murderous assh@les, it was A LAW.
You WILL be judged by your deeds. Repent, He is coming and it is YOU HE WILL BE HUNTING.

Dennis Huffman
+vetb882 how do you tell if this invisible God is in your heart? you are a human and Jesus said that if you’re human then you cañnot see God.

Brandon Muller (edited)
God is what we mistakenly call the “universe” . dumbass humans and their huge ego assume god must look like them, think like them, care what they do, and speak to them…

Jeanette Foresta
+Brandon Muller Agreed Never heard someone say it with such knowing. I know it’s true from experience. It doesn’t mean we’re not spiritual, it’s that we’re not egotistical. And can think beyond the dome we’re in. aye?

Brandon Muller (edited)
+Jeanette Foresta The tragedy is that we kill each other over different assumptions about god. More people have been killed in the name of god than for any other single reason.

Anon Crypto
Zionist criminal Jew scum

Jeanette Foresta
I found more evidence way mind blowing on the youtube channel.

Dennis Huffman
+Jeanette Foresta – Where exactly Jeanette.

Daniel Pavlovsky
+Canadian Patriots Against the New World Order Bring back hemp. Two birds.
I don’t think I can be shocked to my core anymore

Jeroen Nouwens You are built well if your core keeps standing… Unless someone is going to tamper with it.

Joe Mills
+Jeroen Nouwens Yes.

Renegade Robot ,,sad part, we only know a small fraction of how really sick things are

our Govt is our Enemy not Isis

+Chris Isis is made by CIA which is made by U.S Govt. It is sickening…

thank you for your comment 🙂

+chrisiden: zee enemy is within…


hadia felauer
+chrisiden afferim, bravo, exactilllyy. but SOLIDARITY should be our weapon, not coward killing and explosions

Victor Joel
+chrisiden Our Gov’t & the Mossad created ISIS for the benefit of ’the Greater Israel’ land expansion agenda.

hadia felauer
victor, absolute true, agree with let´s stop the agenda, hh

madamoiselle c
Agree. Someone said the initials stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Good site for the truth.

+madamoiselle c Watch the YT video ‘ISIS = Mossad,’ where on C-Span in 1990, representatives from three Israeli Intelligence services are interviewed, & one of them talks about a ‘new’ branch of Israeli intelligence he calls ‘ISIS.’

Joe Mills
ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

madamoiselle c
+Victor Joel I did. Very revealing and not surprising, seeing as how the elite jew Zionists spread all the lies about Hitler. Watch the video, ‘Communism by the Back Door’. Fifteen minutes each. There are ten of these videos so far. It is about time we are told the truth.

Bazinga to you
+madamoiselle c Israel is a cancer and are responsible for 99% of the world problems. Israel is the embodiment of Lucifer!

matthew pereira
+madamoiselle c there is no truth everyone fucking lies to one another to get ahead in the game but little do they know theyre souls are at risk

hbk711x  (edited)
+Xx2ndAmendmentxX ISIS like Al queda are both run byt the mossad, Mossad agent victor as reported by michael collins piper i forgot his last name astrocky or something said CIA funded al queda, but mossad ran there operations on the ground level against the russians.
michale collins piper has great work on how teh mossad were behind teh jfk assassination for wanting to stop zionists from building a bomb, netanyahu admitted stealing nuclear material from usa, also jfk and rfk were both shot for opposing AIPAC!

son of a bitch…

C Warren
+onceANexile Ditto that… the hole just keeps getting deeper :/

I knew about the “so called art students” several years ago…along with the vans and them setting up to video/record the whole thing BEFORE it happened. Regardless, fuse holders or whatever aside… I have seen video of massive steel beams turning to “dust and blowing away” during the “event” and I’m of the opinion that direct energy weapons of some form were also used. All of this said… don’t blame every Jew on the planet for a few nutcases, just like every American can’t be blamed for the sins of our “so-called” leaders. That said… Thanks for posting as the world indeed…needs to know. Thumbs Up !!

not JEWS per se; these are fake jews..the Ashekenazi jews or Zionist Jews….

+only1barbi zionism is jewish nazism anti arab anti semitisma dn they are the devils choosen ppl in action.

The average Jew in Israel is as much a victim to Israel’s Likud Party as most Americans are. Read Miko Peled’s “The General’s Son.” Miko’s father once held the second highest military rank on the Israeli military and was highly respected as a man of war. Matti Peled evolved to a man of peace and disapproved of Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. Matti argued such actions were immoral and illegal. Obviously, the Peleds were not crazed Zionists who advocate the eventual take over of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and large territories of Turkey, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. That incidentally is the aim of Zionists.
Netanyahu and the Likud Party are as much poison to the peaceful Jew as it is to the peaceful Arab. Zionists believe they have god on their side….it seems if anything was on their side…it’s the devil instead, since their pretentious plans will surely lead to destruction, suffering and death.

Timothy Pridell
SGTreport, thanks for the report, understanding what happened on 9/11 is the key to understanding how corrupt this government truly is.

gary williams
+Timothy Pridell 9/11 is but a drop in the bucket. now that you know 911 was lies. move to the govt. and Satanism. yes, that too is true. 911,bilderberg, skull and bones, Satanism, illuminati. all these and more are interconnected

Timothy Pridell
+gary williams Well said and i agree with your comment one hundred percent. Also I believe it is imperative to not worry about what the masses think in terms of thinking we are conspiracy theorists and all the other choice terms they come up with. Their is absolutely no doubt in my mind that The Lord Jesus Christ has opened my eyes for a reason. And i intend to keep vigilant and know that Jesus is the only way out of the dark times we are moving into.

gary williams
+Timothy Pridell amen

Timothy Pridell
+gary williams Amen Gary, praying for you and yours friend!

+Timothy Pridell Same for Sandyhook as well.

9/11 is a inside job
7/11 is a part time job

Slaying Mantis
+OhSoRandomable I saw that on reddit the other day lmao

John Adams
milk it while you can.. 😉 I never doubted for one minute after starting to explore this whole 9/11 bullshit that the U.S. govt and Israel had everything to do with it. Even top israeli officials blamed osama bin laden before they investigated this at all… The people that control israel are the same evil people that control america. they are fake jews.

John Adams
+John Pallyswine John Adams is not my real name.I think all of our fore fathers were as dirty as the present leaders. Now as far as your comment you scum bag piece of shit. I hate the muslim religion.I think muhamad was a murderer,a thief,a womanizer, and just a flat out lying supposed false prophet that the catholic church propped up. You on the other hand is the one with the fake name also and you are the scummy muslim behind the fake name. why else would you use a picture of a muslim or palestenian woman weeping. Most of the trouble in this world is caused by you low life evil muslims. just look at where all the hot spots are in the world you piece of scum dirt.Christians should’ve wiped you all off the face of the earth long time ago. GOD always wanted anti god cities and villages wiped out and he helped the believers in doing it.until the believers wanted to mix themselves with your women just like the fallen angels did. this is the punishment from GOD that we have you among us.As it was in the days of NOAH and these days days are as evil as then and we will be punished right along with non believers like your kind..We call it tribulation.

John Adams
+John Pallyswine How do you about tattoos, your just an annoying low life muslim troll. go fuck your goat..

+John Adams They are real Jews. Zionism is a Jewish creation. True Torah Jews believe in the same Jewish supremacist doctrine.

John Adams
+GeeZee no their not for one and what do you or they call the real supremacist doctrine the talmud which is anti christian and speaks bad of jesus


John Adams
+GeeZee you don’t make sense. try again

+John Adams ok ur gonna play that game of trolling, keep covering up for Jewish crimes and calling it ‘Zionism’ but nono talking the truth about Muslims and stretched truths is kosher, the average internet shill folks, like jews they dont use their real aliases, just fakes, nothing to see here. Bye, the synagogue of Satan will meet their demise soon enough.

John Adams
+GeeZee your a fucking retard. WTF r u talking about you scum bag. the one that calls someone a shill is one himself. I asked you a simple question you fucking idiot and you go off on a little tirate like a little bitch/….go fuck off and fuck your self you piece of shit

The Israel God said to defend and protect are the PEOPLE who have Him and His teaching in our HEARTS, not a piece of land in a desert. He also clearly said do not try to rebuild Israel, I will do that.
Jews are adhering to that, zioNAZIS don’t give a f#ck, cos the God we love is NOT the god they worship.
it wasn’t a suggestion you murderous assh@les, it was A LAW.
You WILL be judged by your deeds. Repent, He is coming and it is YOU HE WILL BE HUNTING.


John Adams
+8701gg the 12 lost tribes and those that follow the torah and his laws that are real and I mean real jews and gentiles that follow YHWY. NOT christians, catholics muslims or any other fake religion, and NOT the fake jews that call themselves jews that follow the talmud or are atheist that’s for sure

John Adams
+John Pallyswine shut the fuck up you muslim dirt bag. go strap a bomb on your body and blow yourself up

John Adams
+John Pallyswine go stick a bomb up your aSS you aSShole scum bag piece of shit..

John Adams (edited)
+John Pallyswine shove the SS up your aSS I don’t know where you get oFF on that you SShit head low life scum. your like an annoying fucking fly or mosquito shew go away I got better things to do with my time then reply to your dumb aSS

John Adams
+John Pallyswine America has it coming but GOD will be the one to destroy this great whore called america. I am NOT american

inneralpha (edited)
+John Adams I’m sorry you feel that way. Why don’t you read the Quran and see what it actually says before making these assumptions. Disbelievers were trying to kill Muslims and the prophet’s own family members turned against him, so war was sanctioned. In addition, he used to march into a crowds of disbelievers and have stones thrown at him for trying to spread this religion. Also, if we’re so low life, how did the Muslim empire conquer so much territory as well as Istanbul. They not only fought for their lives, but for their religion. As for women, you are required to marry them in order to sleep with them and that is clearly stated in the Quran, so fornication is forbidden and is considered evil. In addition, they absorbed people of the book into their land. Islam also forbids bloodshed unless your life is in peril. However, people can become evil. Your trying to argue something you have no knowledge of. Christians of old distorted their own book and changed the words of the scripture. I believe in all the religions and all the prophets equally, but in their original form. That is all I will say. If you still want to think negatively about Islam, it is up to you.

John Adams
+inneralpha I wouldn’t read that fucking book if someone paid me to read that corrupt false religious book. If I ever got a hold of one I’d use it to wipe my ass in the end times.. I’d piss on those words of the false muhamed that wrote that shit book

hadia felauer
+John Adams what a low and blasphemic comment. though I appreciate some of your proposed video links, I am now convinced that u obviously do not belong to the better educated ppl on our planet orrr? If it were Quoran, Bible or Torah – you should differentiate between pure religions, as people accept by themselves or f…. politics, which is obviously exercised by zionist-led countries and blinded politicians. So read the Quoran and you will find enrichment, too.

John Adams
+hadia felauer whatever you muslim slum

rross2 (edited)
+John Adams “With the destruction of the temple the Sadducees disappeared altogether, leaving the regulation of all Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees. Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the Pharisees; the whole history of Judaism was reconstructed from the Pharisaic point of view. Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism & the life and thought of the Jew for all of the future.” – Jewish Encyclopedia, Pharisees, Pg. 666Muslim Koran/Qur’an teaches:1. Jesus was sent by Allah, who supported him with the Holy Spirit to tell the world Allah’s will (2: 87; 5: 110-117*).2. Allah gave to the world Jesus, exalted him above all others, and supported him with the Holy Spirit as proof of his sovereignty (2: 253*).Jewish Talmud teaches:Sanhedrin 43A: “On Passover Eve they hanged Jesus of Nazareth. He practiced sorcery, incited and led Israel astray.Torah: “You shall not spare, nor shall you conceal him!”

Andy Jackson
+John Adams I agree that Ehud Barak clearly had foreknowledge and was all too eager to blame Osama, but what does Israel have to do with the AUSTRIAN art students that are pictured in the towers?

+John Adams you’re retarded. israeli fucks dont cotrol anything. jews from usa that have a lot of money control israel AND usa

Andy Jackson
+TheAssassinCat Jews don’t own shit you fucktard. Goldman Sachs is the only major Jewish bank left and they are ranked number 30 in the world by total assets. The largest banks in the world are owned by the Chinese.

+Andy Jackson you dont know shit so shut up

Andy Jackson
+TheAssassinCat I know it’s easier to blame the Jews instead of doing any actual research into who owns the banks, but some of us would actually like to find out what’s really going on. By the way, no one ever answered my question about what AUSTRIAN art students at the World Trade Center have to do with ISRAEL?

+Andy Jackson i dont know. but the israeli government has nothing to do with controlling anything. JEWS control the banks. not israel.

Andy Jackson
+TheAssassinCat Once again, you’re talking out of your ass. Have you examined the Board of Directors of the top 30 major banks? Because if you had, you would find that the only Jewish bank left is Goldman Sachs.

Ellen Berman
The Rothschild mafia, (Rockefellers are not Jewish, but an original family, and well as Morgan and others), absolutely are controlling Israel. I believe they established the state to work and hide behind. Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews.

Ashekenazi jews

rivercarper01 (edited)
Haven’t we got enough evidence that this was an inside job already? I swear some people just like playing detective like this is some sort of murder mystery weekend or something, yet we are still no closer to arresting any of the perpetrators, what good is investigative work when the perpetrators are still running things?, we already know Cheney was heavily involved!! PEOPLE NEED TO FOCUS ON BRINGING THE PERPATRATORS TO JUSTICE USING THE MOUNTAINS OF EVIDENCE WE ALREADY HAVE!!!

The Analyst
Exactly. I want to know what do we do? We and many already know… There is literally no court or judge that will ever handle the case… Now what?

Gerald Parker
More evidence always helps, though! I agree, action is long overdue, but nonetheless, the more evidence by which to try and to hang these insider traitors, the better!

+The Analyst I don’t have the answer to that but, I would start at the Jew media headquarters, they are the ones pushing the false narrative, and pushing all the narratives for these fake shootings, people need to get outside the actual buildings and protest them, I know this has been done before but not on the scale that is needed, I dream of seeing 10’s of thousands surrounding these buildings 24/7, a relentless assault on the lie factories.

+The Analyst “Occupy” the Jewish media headquarters if you will, where the damn signals are being beamed from, they have a great big dish on the roof where the lies are transmitted from. It’s the best I can come up with.

Sam E
+rivercarper01 Time for the REVOLUTION!

JoanofArc 820
+rivercarper01 I’ll tell you who WILL prosecute—-other countries. Bush and Cheney cannot go to a number of countries one of which is Switzerland who said they would arrest and prosecute him as soon as he steps off the plane. Somebody would have to kidnap and extradite. It will NEVER be done in this country, NEVER.

Texas Shrugged Book
+rivercarper01 No, we need to look for as much evidence as possible. People that “don’t want to see it” obviously don’t see anything (today) based on the mountains of evidence that already exists. You can show it to them all day long and they simply don’t see it, they won’t allow themselves to. For people to be forced to see it, there must be a smoking gun, and then 18 more smoking guns after that.

Christine Adams
Sadly most, 90% of people I meet (I’m a hair stylist) still believe it was real and not an inside job. Sad

vermilion J
+rivercarper01 The perps can only be brought to justice if large numbers of people wake up, and info like this can help to wake people up.

+vermilion J Did you even read my comment? we already have MOUNTAINS of evidence and the sheeple ignore it! if they haven’t figured out this was an inside job yet they never will, this happened 14 years ago ffs and they are just starting to look into it? and this will sway them? give me a break.

False Flag Awareness Canada
+The Analyst Your right to a point, the more that become aware, more the push. Our job is to push this. No one can deny this BS. How someone can rig a building knowing dam well someone is in it and Emergency people are coming is dam evil.

vermilion J
There ARE still people waking up. And there’s the younger generation who weren’t even born on 9/11.

+vermilion J There is plenty of good documentaries out there for younger people to watch. What we have is an endless stream of evidence, with no arrests, no trial and NO JUSTICE! I’m guessing it will be the same story in 10 years time, more and more evidence, more books being sold, more authors “exposing 9/11” it’s a fucking farce.

hadia felauer
+rivercarper01 Cheney is involved in a lot of “fat things”, but regarding the 9/11 issue, its already COLD COFFEE and I advise Rebekah to follow FUKU and its routs. Maybe she might meet same amigos from the f… secret services.

hadia felauer
+rivercarper01 everything distractiotin from the real things going on. talking abt more sold books, they republish “Mein Kampf” in Europe in January 16. how shizo our world has become!

+rivercarper01 We have got enough evidence, and this video shows it all. That’s it, there’s nothing we can do. If you’re living in America and paying taxes, then there’s definitely nothing you can do, because you’re already under the power of the president.

+rivercarper01 We should start with disobeying. They are scared shitless that’s why they are spying and collecting data, they need our brains and manpower to outsmart us. They are so few, like the nerd behind the curtain in the wizzard of oz and some brainless who build his world.

+jeremiah1st They sure are a paper tiger, but a very vicious, effective, paper tiger

hadia felauer
and they cannot take our brains, oh dont you let them….they are shizophrene and unfortunately, we ourselves have used our brains too less.

Joe Mills
+rivercarper01 We know what they did, but we can’t do anything, they are above the law, they make the law.

Renegade Robot
+rivercarper01 ,,you would think,
seems that someone isn’t doing their high paying job…

I’m pretty sure Bush was immune to prosecution during his term.
It’ll be impossivle to bring them down because they are backed by the devil himself.
If you are a spiritual/religious person, you will have faith in Jesus and his ‘cousin’ to come and take care of business. Only they can wipe out this cancer.
The Devils promise to God was to make earth his throne and corrupt every single human as much as possible.

Red Dawn
The Jews created communism, Zionism, usury bank laws. Israeli Jews control the US government is every aspect, along with banking, Wall St., the media, TV, movies, newsprint. They are pro-gay/ transvestite/ child sex abuse, pro-abortion, anti-Christian, anti-anybody religion. There are many reasons why the Jews have been driven out of every country that they ever inhabited!

Alberto Martinez
+Red Dawn Sionazis always have an ulterior motive, you don`t need to be jew to act like Sionist , some christians and muslims(wahabisme) are . The problem is the Talmudic God brainwased Israel and others
Talmud Attacks Christians and Christian Books
Sanhedrin 90a. Those who read the New Testament (“uncanonical books”) will have no portion in the world to come.
Yebamoth 63a. Declares that agriculture is the lowest of occupations.
Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).
Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.
Kethuboth 11b. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”
Yebamoth 59b. A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.

+Red Dawn Not all Zionists are Jews; not all Jews are Zionists.

hadia felauer
+Red Dawn p lz do differentiate between jews and zionists. there are a lot of good jewish ppl on our planet, too. The “wrong” jews descend from Iranian tribes and the origin of evil is to be found in jesuit roots. they are the hidden rulers of everything on earth.

Victor Joel  (edited)
+hadia felauer If they don’t live Christian lives & accept Jesus as their Messiah, then there’s no such thing as ‘good Jews.’ Many of the 109 Jewish expulsions in the last 1500 yrs. from Christian lands pre-dates the Zionist movement.

madamoiselle c
Watch the video Communism by the Back Door. We have been lied to about most of our history. Most especially World War II. Way more than six million Christians were slaughtered in the jewish led Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Why does no one ever speak of it?

+madamoiselle c because the jews who run everything want you to ONLY be outraged over the “holocaust” and how jews are picked on everywhere they go. they don’t give a flying fuck about you, me or any ‘christian’. what they want is more for them & less for you.

madamoiselle c
Yes, I know. They have done a great job rewriting our history. Lies upon lies. Have you seen the video, The Greatest Story Never Told? I think THAT was their greatest achievement years ago. Smearing Hitler and we all believe the lies. The truth is finally coming out.

+madamoiselle c that and more. I never bought into the holocau$t and I still don’t.

Dude, you can’t blame the Jews for this. It’s not a Jewish problem! It’s a Zionist problem!!
Jews, Christians and Muslims prey to the SAME God.
Zionists are the only ones who worship the devil and they just happen to be in very big positions while hiding behind the Jewish faith.

You idiot! Prophets were sent to their own people.
Jews had a prophet telling them to prey to one God. Muslims had Mohammed telling them there is only one God, and so did Jesus before they changed the bible.
Jews and Muslims have never in history forced anyone to change their religion. Only in Christianity and even then people only did it under duress.

Adam Coleman
When the name of his video says it will shock you to your core….THEY ARE NOT LYING! WATCH THIS AND MAKE IT VIRAL! SMOKING GUN ON FIRE!

Betsy McGee
+Adam Coleman Oh Adam…


+LedaOhio9 HERE:

ian pennack
Type in “BB 18 Fuse Holders” on internet. Cannot be denied.

Omar Touzani
This is what happens when you give a bunch of dual Israeli citizens the power to run the United States and print its currency. 911 is just one of the numerous terrorist attacks conducted by the supremacist Jew against the interests of the United States. You better wake up, people. What the founding fathers fought for has been flushed down the toilet by the Jews in control. Time to stand against the intruders. USA is dying and if you don’t do anything to rescue it, we will all become history.

hadia felaue
+Omar Touzani it has already become history. Currency, health system, nuke probs all over, nerd politicians, pedophiles, terrorists, mind control, monsanto, and so far and so on etcetera gee, its great to be back home,

Yea and don’t come back to this “horrible ” country then bitch. I’m sure where ever you live treats it’s ppl with the most respect they deserve shut up. There would have to be ppl making decisions that most of us couldn’t and it probably keeps the checks and balances in place.

hadia felauer
+onthevirg715 bullshit

78 Israeli bomb experts voted this video down.

Yup at least fifty of them have sweats over this follow that trail lol .

GamerZapocalypse (edited)
What’s up with the silhouette of what looks like a guy sitting in a chair facing the camera all in black…
it looks like a cardboard cut out.
WHY is this person blacked out???

+GamerZapocalypse Good catch! 4:01 Who took these pics and are there more?

how can i rip/copy this vid…?
to keep it on my computer for example…
as a backup just in case they take it down…

Lasse Dam
+reebok3d Search “DVDVideoSoft Free Studio”

thanks, ill check it out…

Jean Bush
The B Thing is being sold on Amazon for over $400.

THIS IS POWERFUL! Please share this with everyone on your email list and to your senators and house reps.. This CAN go viral if we all do our part.
PRAY for Rebekah as she has bravely made herself open to Mossad’s wrath. For many it has meant a death sentence. She needs God’s protection.

hadia felauer
+mkmason2002 maybe she is one of Mossad !? nothing seems like it were. Give her shelter in the Vatican.

Tim Bravo
Good info. Not presented very well.

Lone Wolf
Shalom & happy 9/11

hadia felauer
+Lone Wolf salamalaikom and happy coming 4th blood moon

If all the evidence we see is true and right, then tell me how in this world does the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS, and every other 3 letter government agency NOT see it? Obviously they would… The official story is clearly BS, but there must be a truth that does not convict fellow Americans, right? If “truthers” are correct, then that would mean OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT! That would literally mean the FBI, CIA, NSA, and everyone else was in on the conspiracy against America if by omission alone! So, what is one to believe? An even bigger question is what is one to do? If such theories are fact, is it not entirely stupid to remain in the USA? If they’d allow and participate in such treason and the murder of thousands simply to rape our nation dry isn’t the ONLY intelligent choice to pack up and leave? I question my own reasoning in every choice I make these days. I’m frozen by worry based upon things I have no power over. I look to dismantle a small business I could have grown into something special for my life just to “escape” the collapse the best I know how. I tell you now, if “truthers” build lies then they are no better than terrorists themselves. Lies can shape lives and bring influence which is as a curse. They must be broken… The question is who are the liars?

oller (edited)
+NOpcBS before you break down completely you have to learn some facts.
1. The impact of the planes is highly mysterious. They cannot cut through steel reinforced walls as if it was butter. The speed was far too high for a passenger jet at sea level.
2. The collapse of the towers could not be the result of fires alone. One example: 16 ton steel beams were thrown 300 feet horizontally from around the 80:th floor at an output speed of 60 kmh while the velocity of the fall was still below 50. This is a physical impossibility unless there were explosives that made this happen.
3. A building just does not collapse this way unless it is a controlled demolition. Especially not when 85% of it was unscathed before the collapse.
4. These “art students” performed a happy dance as the towers fell. They were detained but subsequently released. After that they bragged about what they had accomplished in Israeli television.

+Jarek Kowalski I imagined the same, but is that fact or opinion? Highly doubtful all FBI agents are too dumb and cowardly not to look into such an America/world changing event on their own. Wouldn’t those fired then scream an alert? There are many very well thought out and detailed videos right here on Youtube alone. All done without FBI clearance. Many detailed enough to raise concerns for anyone worth a damn in intelligence. The ONLY answer I can understand is if it’s done on a spiritual level. If they are a satanic cult…THEN that is the only thing that meets reason.

Bruce Patin
+oller I’ll acknowledge that these were controlled demolitions, but steel beams can be easily broken by heavy, fast moving objects that may even be softer than steel.

+oller Everything I see tells me it’s an inside job, but I still can’t answer the questions I’ve asked. It seems as if a retarded 2 year old could figure out it’s treason, but then you come to understand how deep and wide spread that treason would HAVE to be.

We have to start with the facts that we can control.
The fact that the planes (seemed to) pass through the walls without being demolished in any way during that passage is such a fact.
Another fact (we can all agree that Newton was right) is that at whatever speed an object hits another it will itself be affected of the same amount of demolishing power that it is incurring itself. In this case t means that we should have seen the plane breaking down on the way in.
The speed of the steel beams and the building are measurable. such measures have been undertaken and can be established as factual.
No other steel framed high rise has ever before or since collapsed because of fire. What has happened is that the steel frame will remain standing. There have been collapses because of earthquakes bu then the buildings ave not fallen through themselves. We have to remember that 85 % of the buildings were unscathed when the collapses started.
All these things I mention are facts. The investigations that have been made have not proved anything else. in fact; there has never been a thorough investigation concerning the fall of the towers. They never even looked for alternative reasons for the collapse; like explosives. Under these circumstances think we have to rely on facts and on Newton. The rest is just excuses.

+Bruce Patin read my answer to NOpcBs.

hadia felauer
+NOpcBS you learned your lessons, well. Best advice: pack your suitcases and leave. Recommending John Denver´s old song: “Leaving on a JETPLANE,hh”, better via bycicle nowadays (Wigner-Effect). And yes, it is entirely stupid to remain in the USA. you better hurry…

madamoiselle c
If you watch the video, Communism by the Back Door you will really be able to understand. It is not just 9/11. It is now proven and admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was aN OUTRIGHT LIE! President Johnson lied and said our ships had been fired on by the Vietnamese. LIE. They needed an excuse to get the US into the Vietnam War and it worked. Also Operation Northwoods a declassified CIA document. Watch the video. Loose Change here on youtube. Also the Communist and Masonic Infiltration of the Catholic Church is really good lots of info and proof of how deep the rabbit hole goes. Sad

+NOpcBS What you speak of, is why so many americans are fed up with the entire system. They have come to the same conclusion as you. In order for this event to have been carried off, it requires the cooperation of every ABC agency in the government, to some degree. The end result pretty much speaks for itself. very sad.

Judith Hitt aka Lady J
Truth Unveiled. I knew there was a connection between these art students and the demolition of our twin towers on 9/11. Hold onto the seats of your ass for this will be one hell of a ride to the full involvement of Israeli Mosaad in 9/11. Truth undeniable, irrefutable Truth.

+Judith Hitt aka Lady J want to learn about jfk hit, look up michael collins piper adn the mossad invovlement in that too.
also look up how the holocaust was a jewish lie like 9-11, one to steal Palestine teh other to steal the rest of the middle east.

Judith Hitt aka Lady J
+hbk711x the more you research the more Truth you learn. The Rabbit Hole of Truth is very deep and perilous. Keep digging and help spread the Truth to others. Irrefutable fact Israeli Mosaad, CIA connected to JFK Assassination and 9/11 and so much more. If I may be of help please let me know.

Truth Be Told
This video needs to go VIRAL!
I always wondered how they managed to get all those demolition explosives into the towers but this could explain it.
How did they get into the other tower?

ian pennack
+Truth Be Told The Jew, Larry Silverstein bought both Towers. He controlled security from then on.

Truth Be Told
+ian pennack Quite true. After all, he did make 4+Billion $ on Sept 11.

hadia felauer
+ian pennack when they first presented” the faces of the so called pilot guys, I thought immediately they were “Israeli” faces.

Joe Mills
+Truth Be Told Silverstein made $4,500,000,000 from the destruction of the World Trade Centre complex.

Dirty filthy murdering jew boys ,string `em up hight.

osvaldo del real
Well said “Well we know the rest of the story. Two planes hit two buildings and three towers fell in controlled demo fashion and then war was waged under false pretense. That’s when Dick Chaney made billions and billions.” and “Shows, i guess few already knew how corrupt the government is. 9/11 is just a drop in the bucket”and now here is my two cents, hopefully with this video many more will see. And yes never forget! Our corrupt government killed many lives on 9/11 so never forget those life’s murdered by our false flag created by our government. So many more like WMD’s which was proven Iraq never had and more, like this Iran and Syria destabilization the U.S. is trying to do further in the middle east>> The real agenda is Syria. Iran deal is simply us trying to get the petro dollar into Iran. WW3 will either start or never beginin Syria(more than likely we will have WW3). The reason why Russian troops are joining Syrian army to fight

hadia felauer
+osvaldo del real bshit, Russia never would start war. why shouldn´t they support Syria? had they better supported the IS/CIA /Saudi troops? There must be balance, hehe. Btw: with thousands and thousands fleeing from Syria to Western-Europe i.e. Germany, there might be only a few left in Syria. Although it is written in the Quran that last war would start from Syria, I have my doubts. I think Israel will kick USA into the a… till they find new reason to provocate Iran.
Again, I have to repeat myself: has the world become that blind that they oversee the false flag of Fukushima Japan? Common people draw the dots! This is the actual agenda that´s on the table. Forget abt 9/11, it just was the foreplay…

osvaldo del real
+hadia felauer what the fuck are you talking about? is that a response to my comment? if so you need to re read my FULL comment. I stated that the US is and has been destabilizing the middle east and starting wars by using false flags. again re read my FULL comment

hadia felauer
I did read your comment. +osvaldo del real

Rob Freemantle
Only amerikans still think the “official” bullshit story was the truth. You are such a weak people who cannot do anything when your own govt kills you to make a profit.

Amber Watts
You’re wrong about this American. Im a 28 year old trying to wake up my zombified fellow Americans. If only there were more Americans like myself….sigh

madamoiselle c
A lot of us DO KNOW that is was done by factions of our CIA, FBI, and now some say the Mossad was in on it. These evil elite own everything and also CONTROL EVERYTHING!! How do you fight that? Most Americans are STILL brainwashed and believe that stupid story of nineteen hijackers with boxcutters. Fourteen years later and their comments in the past FOUR DAYS are mostly a out the bad muslims and what they did.

John de Nugent
Very interesting. I can add that “Littel” (as is Littelfuse) is a classic Jewish name, with variants such as (Jonathan) Littell (the weird writer) or Littelman. My question is now : who is the source of the photo of the art students and the BB 18 cartons? I am not questioning the veracity, but it would be helpful to know.

+John de Nugent it came from their own art book, i think

Like with any criminal investigation you must rule out the suspects. So far President Bush and Vice-President Cheney including Mossad have not been ruled out. The motive is there, too. Project for the New American Century (PNAC) calls for some “catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Alan Waggoner (edited)
At the end of this age, the entire world will line up against Israel for the battle of Armageddon. Revelation 16

afvmedia (edited)
+Alan Waggoner…. and will lose. Read Revelations again. Israel – in the Bible – is not going to be about the people currently residing there. It will be HIS TRUE CHURCH…. If you are a true Christian, then YOU are Israel….

Alan Waggoner
+afvmedia Really? So if you substitute “the body of Christ” for “Israel” in Romans chapter 11, it all makes sense? I don’t think so.

hadia felauer
+Alan Waggoner Question: doesn´t the bible say that Israel is the chosen people by God? Serious qu, becz I havent read the bible more than one time in my life.

hadia felauer
+afvmedia nooooo, because Isreal never accepts Jesus Christ, why they killed him? better read Quoran.

Stanley Hutchinson
Amazing, tar and feather them and sting them up by there balls until dead, every last one of those traitors Especially Especially Dick Cheney and Rumsfield.

+Stanley Hutchinson Do you really want to treat them in such a kind manner…. I would not be as kind to them as you suggest ……. Semper Fi

+Stanley Hutchinson no; cheney & Rumsfeld need to be perp walked thru lower manhattan, nude, with hemp nooses around their necks. hang em from a street lamp near a Zionist-infested building, let the Zionists inside the building see the lynching in the street.

Melanie Willard
I’m not shocked. i knew it was an inside HALIBURTON JOB the second i saw old dubyuh looking around like a dumdum in the classroom and go back to reading to the kiddies in the classroom.

Melanie Willard

Mona Lisa
Could someone tell me where to find these pics with the boxes, I wanna see what it says, from which company
BB18 , I googled and I found this,
How do we know what’s meant?
And I also found this one one , (sorry it’s a dutch page) and I know it says BB18 – L1, still
Wish I can get a better close up from the boxes.

Reginald Frazier

Sorry, you are wrong. All you have done is said or claimed that they are israeli. You have not proved that they are israeli. I can also show you that the mossad are a creation of the vatican. Yes, the vatican. The vatican controls all secret service agencies no matter who or where they are. If you understand that the vatican wants control of Jerusalem you might understand why they want to demonize the jewish people. They are standing in the way of the vatican taking full control over jerusalem. Look up the fact that Shimon Peres is a jesuit and serves the vatican and that he signed away 60% of Jerusalem to the vatican during his term through the oslo accords. Netenyahu is a mason and he also works for the vatican. He does not care about the jews. It’s all about giving the Holy land to the vatican.
This woman is a liar or greatly deceived. She is leading you down another rabbit trail.

hadia felauer
+artsychic2000 and Fidel Castro no communist or socialist, a Jesuit, too! Israel is sacrificing its own people by DU for example. you are right, they are all one f… brew.

+hadia felauer you should look up leuren moret here on you tube. She has some great insight.

hadia felauer
wtf? of course the vatican = jesuits. But I couldn´t remember that I posted abt. leure moret exactly this post you. maybe s.o.f my comments, yet not sure. Since English is not my mother tongue, I didn´t place that latest comment to you artsychic2000 or a translating machine has done it automatically? not sure. anyway I fully agree that Jesuits are the ones in the background, but also Israel= USA were connected to false flag 9/11.

+hadia felauer Shimon Peres is a jesuit and Netanyahu is a mason. They are under the authority of the vatican. The jews themselves are as unable to stop their “rulers” from continuing in their atrocious behavior as americans are or any other country for that matter. At the top of all these governments are indeed jesuits and masons.

hadia felauer
that is also absolute correct. but jews are jews and zionists are zionists. And zionists are connected to masons and governments.

hadia felauer
+artsychic2000 sorry, artsychic2000 turned out wrong with my account. so I repostetd incorrectly. sorry abt that. of course, Leuren M is a great jewel on research and whistleblowing. and yes, the jesuits and masons are one brew.

+hadia felauer no worries, God bless : )

hadia felauer
thnx for kindness. which part of our planet are you at, may I ask?

+hadia felauer ontario, canada : p

+hadia felauer you?

hadia felauer
metropolitan area. in the heart of europe. close to refugees´highways!! sometimes I live in austria salzburg.

+hadia felauer
oh my! The people that destroyed their country are now moving them all there to destroy your country. Sorry to hear that : (

hadia felauer
?They “were moved” by “them”!??also -and now they – u r right maybe – will launch another false flag in our country. Destroying Europe is also a master plan of them,artsychic 2000.they have already started to activate the rested US nukes in our area since today on!! Shame on the US – they are in my eyes war mongerer and Mrs. Merkelchen just nodding every issue of NATO and holding her hands formed to the f pyramide! sorry. if nati gets angry, she gets angry, hh. 100% woman.

+hadia felauer NATO and the european union are run by jesuits. Rompuoy is a jesuit. The pope is a jesuit. They want ecumenicism. That means everyone must give up their faith in order to get along. The jesuits control obama and obama continued the war on terror for this scummy pope. They are all scum.

hadia felauer
art you know a lot, too. correct. they want us to give up any faith in order to get unique sheeple! how far has our globe gone! They are sending these migrants” because it´s also part of Yade helm already. Wonder, why they still leave you alone in Ontario Canada? Heard that your country also part of the op. I recommend Alfred LWebre, I think he is Canadian? Am I wrong? GOD the only bless you and your country. You have one of the most beautifull nature areas. And now: hotspots from FUKU all over the Canadian west-coast. sad.

hadia felauer
artsychic2000 thnx for the link, a pretty amazing website. will read some articles.

Usury is Evil
Jews work as a corporation. Adolf Hitler had the solution to the Jewish problem, round them all up and put them in the work camps for life.

+Usury is Evil Hitler was a bastard Rotshchild son….. one of the Rothschilds and a housekeeper and there you have it
+DowellForPASenate disinfo

damn if its on the internet, it must be true!
+DowellForPASenate you’re just discrediting your own statement, you provided no evidence.

Mike M
+Usury is Evil That actually wasn’t his goal. It was to ship them out. See the Havaara agreement.

rich echo
@MikeM Yes the “so called jews” plead war against hitler because he wanted these greedy money grubbers out of germany.

hadia felauer
+Usury is Evil hitler is to be said having jewish roots in his family tree. in austria

+Usury is Evil you fucking sadistic racist mother fucker you deserve the shit usa gov gives you. piece of shit useless waste of air

Usury is Evil
+TheAssassinCat 9/11 was premeditated mass murder by Jew. Live with it.

TheAssassinCat  (edited)
+Usury is Evil yeah, ok. there are terrorists that are arabs. lets wipe them all! right? sick american fucks.

9/11 was a Zionist operation confirmed!

Jo Loui
how did she get the pictures of the students in the wtc?? they took pictures of themselves?

Shhhhhnnnnnappp! Good stuff.

Eddy Toronto
You could share this with whoever aint Nothing gonna happen…There are No Men anymore just Cheerleaders Dumb Fucks Your Kids are Gonna Pay with an Empty Belly!

vizzeh (edited)
The entire Charade is dubious….I could be wrong on this connection but seemingly….
9/11 was a joint operation by Mossad/CIA for a false-flag to get America/UK into ‘a war on terror’ Which is disguised as modern day imperial expansionism in the form of Beligerent Jingosim and foreign policy, mostly headed by US/UK and guided by AIPAC and other lobbyist groups against IRAN, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc, responsible for the shit -fest in the middle east currently .
However, it doesn’t end with Israel, Israel are a secondary escape goat, behind Saudi Arabia. Who is responsible for the creation of Israel? non-other than Ashanazi Jewish (Khazar) Baron Von Rothschild… Yep, the guys who own the Federal reserve and central banks, imposing their debt inducing fiat currency on the world via economic hitmen.
They are behind the creation of Israel in a deal with Britain during WW1 and eventually got Palestine after ww2, after Balflour Declaration ( official letter dated 1917) to sign over Palestine in the creation of Israel (So WW2 wasn’t the real catalyst for the creation of the ‘6 million’ jews as generally portrayed, 1946) – Don’t forget the Israel attack on the USS Liberty, using napalm on its ship, gunboats, aircraft flybys, nearly destroying it, The U.S. 6th Fleet, positioned nearby, received a distress call from the Liberty, and one carrier dispatched a squadron to search for the disabled ship until these fighters were ‘called back’ by Washington by President Carter (wtf).
The lead doesn’t stop at Israel…..Who are the Rothschilds? They are Knights of Malta (masons connection – Check the Rothschild Shield! Emblem), similar to Bush/Skull n bones, all secret societies (or not so secret) in connection to the Jesuits, who controls the Jesuits? None other than the Vatican under the military arm commanded by the ‘black pope’ (This was created by the White pope to defeat Protestantism/Protestant reformation 1518/Martin Luther, the creator of it) …
Who is in charge of the Vatican treasury, yep… None other than The Rothschilds….Therefore the Vatican created Zionism, Zionism is used to enslave Christians, you just have to see America and in some cases feverent support with the ambiguous use of the world ‘Israel’ / Son’s of Israel in the bible. The Black pope is also a Zionist/Fake Jew.
There is also a Royal connection in there too….Worthy google operations:”Operation Paperclip” – German Nazi’s entering American after ww2 (The Pope Backed hitler, along with the support of Henry Ford and The Mason connected Bush family who owned a Nazi supported bank involved in ww2, CIA, Kennedy Assignation.)
“Operation Northwoods” – “was a proposed operation against the Cuban government, that originated within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the United States government in 1962. The proposals called for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or other US government operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians and military targets, blaming it on the Cuban government, and using it to justify a war against Cuba. The proposals were rejected by the Kennedy ”
There are “many more”…….. Including the false flag ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’ to get America into the Vietnam war. etc etc

+vizzeh You can also add the Kennedy conspiracy to that, who vowed to split the CIA into a thousands pieces and disassemble the FIAT Currency, not backed by gold by creating a National Bank, owned by America, unlike the Federal reserve that creates digital currency out of thin air and passes that debt onto first America, then the world via interest before it enters the market. Therefore eventually there is more debt in creation than there is Capital to serve it = Debt slavery.

hadia felauer
+vizzeh why then you have only realized that today and kept silent all the time, we are all cowards and kind of guilty of holding back truth. Again, it has become cold coffee now and there are more dots to draw now – that should be the consequence of our rethinking.

Hooleeee crap. Watch, save, share repeatedly cos they are for sure going to remove this video.
OMG, your heart knew the decrption, but seeing the proof of it is… Wow!.

hadia felauer
+vetb882 look, listen and repeat…hh(sarc)

vetb882 (edited)
+hadia felauer haha, clever, you must also be a writer… 2b or not two bee, asleep or whatever.

hadia felauer
vetb882,s.o. obviously f….g my comments. since I am not a english ntive speaker, -nevertheless I cannot remember having posted such senseless comments. obviously some great ah are messing up my comments. the one sept.16, I did post for instance. the one sept 18, never in that way I posted. Well, what can I say?


+TABOOVSKNOWLEDGE do you mean she said there were ‘no planes’ or there were explosives on planes?

+DowellForPASenate Don’t know. Did she?

+TABOOVSKNOWLEDGE I was asking you?

Alejandra Silva
Is like this is no news, but to have clear evidence, Wow……Now what…?

LMCC recognized the importance of giving artists space to work and time to reflect during this period of recovery. On September 11, we lost our World Views residency program on the 91st and 92nd floors of Tower One of the World Trade Center.
These sentences prove there were no business on 91 & 92 floor of WTC 1 in 2001.

Sunil Nair
how stupid is this video? Shes claiming this guy blew up the world trade center and then is calling him a ‘gentleman’

Kaka KarrotCake
How would they plant explosives on most floors of both buildings? I know that both buildings received internet system upgrades. How could an art group get access to do something of that scale?

+Kaka KarrotCake Watch the STG Report just prior to this one with the original interview without extensive visuals. It will blow your mind.

+Kaka KarrotCake For months the building had elevator “issues”. From the elevators you can access all maintenance shafts, subfloors, etc. and take your sweet time to do the work.

Joe Mills
+Kaka KarrotCake It was every 3 floors, they used climbing gear to access the columns via the elevator shafts, then moved up/down 3 floors, repeat the process that’s what they did essentially.

Alajos Aszódi
Idiot verzió … 🙂 A

Brian Waller
Good stuff, but didn’t shock me at all. I’ve doubted the official story for years

+Brian Waller This theory or 911 being an inside job?

Brian Waller
+TH3REDSP1R1T being an inside job. Although this theory is very plausible.

TH3REDSP1R1T  (edited)
If you look how it fell, it defies the laws of physics, because a tower cannot fall in it’s own footprint with a concrete core in the middle, which is not compressible. Where did the core go? In reality the tower would’ve tilted on its side or eventually break off and the rest of the tower would still stand. Example, If you have a piece of wood like 2×2 square and try to compress it downward, it will eventually break off into 2 pieces.

Mico nukem
fucking jewish

dan reid
Please check out the truth bomb movement, A large group of us started fighting back.

Jazz Luke Josh (edited)
CIA with the help of radical muzlims.

Richard Schrader
It was the fucking Jews.

hadia felauer
+Jazz Luke Josh maybe radical christians, jews, buddists, or gelantin lovers??? or maybe they read mein kampfßßß

Jazz Luke Josh
That’s kind of stupid. Do you know probably every country in the world has an Intelligence agency.

hadia felauer
but u gotta pick out the ones, who were most dangerous, coward and acting unjustly.

John Jauregui
Today there are 10,000 airliners worldwide fitted with the Flight Termination System (FTS). That means Israel has 10,000 passenger-filled cruise missiles they control using FTS, distributed around the world which they can employ at any moment to attack targets varying from high rises to state capitals to nuclear power plants. Think about it. Connect the dots. Rebekah has, so can you.

Amelia Reagan Wright
In two words: BULL SHI*!

iplay withwires
if you conspiracy kooks weren’t so sad & pathetic, you’d actually be amusing. the only part that pisses me off is the dishonor and disrespect that you show to the families of the 3,000 victims as well as the first responders. muslims wanna kill us. israel is an ally. get it? spare me the zionist bullshit and the rest of it. I know you nut jobs will never back off of your insanity. so just jerk each other off and leave the rest of us back on earth out of it.

Rick B
at 50 seconds in this video, the flight scene, does anyone see a tail on that plane? I DON’T!

Bonnie Wo
you clowns are nazis!

Kel-X became Halliburton? I’ll need to see more documentation on that claim.

+duncanmarlow check out the Carlyle Group too

anyone else notice the papers she keeps linking are talking about and Israeli drug running operation? specifically for ecstasy? it was nothing to do with “bomb experts” or Israelis arrested on 911. this whole video is a pile of horse shit.

+firemedic30ca I hope it wasn’t israeli people at all, because Israel has been our ally for a long time and it would suck if some Israeli people did 9/11 but that doesn’t mean the country of Israel was involved.

mark Cropper
littlefuse bb18 is a din rail mounting circuit breaker holder used to limit electric current cannot be used to detonate an explosive can Google this

David Saucier I think of all the people who lost family, friends and neighbords and fight all theses years to have access to informations from the government. They REALY need to see this, how can we reach them ?

Incredible new vital information. Thank you.

Maria Hansen
It was easy to see that was a demolition since the beginning but I do not understand how the americans accepted what happened, everything was for creating fear around the world and start to control more the population, who was a succed, and also Israel, UK and USA are together in all this mess that is around the world and everything has been done for POWER, MONEY, CONTROL, SLAVERY OF THE POPULATION, CREATE WARS AND SO ON …. WAKE UP!!!! because we have been lied for many many years ago.

Troll Masters (4Freedom
Nothing to see here folks move along.
This message was brought to you by Dick Cheney

And yet, none of this will get out to the mainstream media. Why? Because it is Zionist controlled. They have done a diabolical brainwashing of the masses. So much so, that even when presented with the truth, most people will reject it.

They own us..the ect ect……..they do as they please while rubbing our noses in it, nothing I mean NOTHING can stop them EVER….Just get used to it coz fuck all will change….they been at this shit before out grandparents were born…ya think YouTube video’s will stop them? lol….look what they did to Hitler and his super Army..scientist’s and weapons…..fucking slaughtered raped and tortured most of them while bombing civilians hospitals and schools…..ya think we stand a chance lmao…next time you see a Jew…lick his fucking boots and be polite.

America. What are you doing about it?

Israel Goldstein
Oy vey OY gevalt! the jews didnt do this! the Goyims did! Remember the 66 billion!

So….the maniac with the tiny moustache wasn’t entirely wrong

spycrow lye
bb18 are electrical fuses not blasting detonators.

Outback Al (edited)

Richard wright
America will not be distroyed buy those that do evil, but by those that see the evil and do nothing. – einstein

hadia felauer
+Richard wright Einstein is dead, long live Einstein!

tom lee
mossad are filth. likewise those who work with them.


toob maniac
Much ado about nothing….I could slap together a much more believable scenario about Sasquatch being fed up with our taking more and more of their (Sasqui) territory as time goes by and perpetrated the twin tower attacks and passenger jet hijackings to protest our ever widening encroachment that we justify as “Progress” but it would be a waste of my time because we all know no-one would believe that either !!! And i’m not even trying to advertise or sell a book…

Either this chick is really dumb or she is a disinfo agent….
PS – I am someone who believes 100% that 9/11 was an inside job…..

+Matt1Up A fuse holder would never be used in detonation cords/fuses.
This is ridiculous.

+Matt1Up My dad thinks it would be shaped charges that they planted on the core.

Sounds like a stretch to me.You have heard of “7 degrees of separation”, haven’t you?

Wayback Machine LMCC, Studio in Sky post
World Views art students in WTC 1 floors 91 & 92. Art students were there for FOUR (4) years 1997-2001
At least 2,000 people knew World Views art students were in the WTC 1 tower:
“Visits by critics, curators, arts professionals, students, and museum collectors’ groups from the New Museum, the Whitney, MoMA and the Guggenheim were also organized during residency sessions. And, at the end of each cycle during open studio events, an average of 2,000 people made their way up into the towers to meet the artists and see their work. A great boon of the open studio events is that they brought the general public and specifically the New York arts audience to this unlikely site of cultural production and to a place in their own city they otherwise may not have visited.”

ISIS like Al queda are both run byt the mossad, Mossad agent victor as reported by michael collins piper i forgot his last name astrocky or something said CIA funded al queda, but mossad ran there operations on the ground level against the russians.
michale collins piper has great work on how teh mossad were behind teh jfk assassination for wanting to stop zionists from building a bomb, netanyahu admitted stealing nuclear material from usa, also jfk and rfk were both shot for opposing AIPAC!

Doctor Gloom (edited)
I worked for Halliburton during the Reagan years. They were cryptically telling employees way back then that we were in the pocket of gooberment, go figure…

Pa Da
Today= Day 1 First day of Fall.. First day of The Fallout

James Corbett is out as well. It is just unbelievable how many facetts this huge robbery has. Many thanks SGT.

What do you mean “James Corbett is out?”

Mike D
+lcking56 I was wondering the same. Why bring Corbett into the discussion?

Sloppy Joe
+Mike D I think he meant that James Corbett posted a new video on 9/11

Exactly what has the enrichment of Uranium got to do with anything?

Laser beams can’t melt Dick Cheney’s heart.

hadia felauer
+Organnabi because he is lulled in satanic security

Diko Dimo
this could be fake.who is the source of the picture of couldnt take pictures if your planning to commit crime.this could be a fake allegations.

Dan Holan
jello biafra did it..

sedg 1 (edited)
ummmm you guys do realize that the things in those pictures are technically bus bars– bus bars just allow wires to be connected to each other and then go down to fuses and other electrical crap. But if you want to call them fuse holders then understand this company sells holders for electrical fuses not bomb fuses. The last thing in the world one would want in the electrical circuitry to detonate a bomb would be an electrical fuse that could shut the damned thing down.

juan galindes (edited)
+sedg You are absolutely correct,Littlefuse manufactures electrical fuses,to protect electric or electronic circuits/wirings from overloads.
A fuse holder is designed to hold an electrical fuse not an explosive fuse,you guys are making a big story out of thin air.
That Rebekah Roth is a jewish disinformation agent…
Nonetheless, I too believe that 9/11 was a Mossad job and repeating a nonsense like the one showed in this video only helps them discredit patriots.

+juan galindes A bus bar can be used as a terminal point for any type of electrical current. They work just fine for routing / distributing an electrical charge to whatever, be it lights or EXPLOSIVES! You obviously have ZERO electrical / engineering background / education whereas I do! They are a key component in rigging anything to an electrical network. There are low current and high current and it doesn’t take much current to set off a blast charge.

Hey You
another video that has it figured out. so the 2 planes were holograms I am guessing? what is next…all these stupid videos. what does it matter now? we already know our government lies..we know Obama is another freak..just another video to add to the youtube collection of “i cant believe really???”

hadia felauero
+Hey You … next could be blue beam Jesus, Mohammad, and Cheney´s Dick!? projected into the sky!
hey people, forget abt all that evil shit. Let the evil satanic do their things. they will get their punishment for sure. Our souls are invincible. they cannot live forever in their dumps. Hurry up and enjoy your lifes, because Fukushima has already destroyed our beautifull nature and planet and people.
They will get theirs, anyway Btw: “a man is a man, who looks a man right between the eyes” (Crosby, Stills Nash& Young) and these criteria never r fullfilled by Mossad. I wonder why they are so coward and always acting hidden. They must have been trained by the Jesuits. Maybe they forgot their brains at home, hh. The future warfare is abt brain! Look at China, they are disciplined and doing their jobs on cyber levels. My respect to them. They never start war, they don´t attack other countries, as long as they were left in piece etc.
Look at America´s lying politicians, these war mongerers. First they got Manhattan, then they take Berlin” (Leonard Cohen song) or so.

Anthony Wright
As a Canadian looking in I have many questions but the first one is. Why the phuck are you americans not DEMANDING the missing 28 pages of the NIST report, your tax dollars did pay for it afterall….

the people who died HORRIBLE DEATHS. STILL DIED. It doesn’t matter anymore, place the blame wherever you want, humanity took a hit that day.

rich echo
Way to keep your head shoved anywhere but up.

Jeffrey Cooper
Ok, so just about anyone who is at all interested can find out about all these false flags/hoaxes/profiteering crimes being orchestrated at the top of the USA’s elite and government – but what next, because unless people are willing to take positive action (and potentially put their own lives on the line – most Americans are religious I believe and should remember Jesus?), I can see that even if 100% of the worlds non-elite population woke up and believed, not one damn thing will change, and to be honest, those people we now despise will get even bolder the more they see their lies being revealed but nothing happening. Or perhaps a good financial crash/nuke may sort them out for us !!

madamoiselle c
The funny thing about this is the elite truly believe that they are in control. What they don’t know is that God in Heaven is STILL IN CONTROL. He only allows these things to happen. This is what is to happen in the end days. We ARE in the end days. The devil knows his time is short so the more people he can deceive the more he gets to bring home. Whether the people on this forum do believe or not in God and the devil, the elite do believe and they do NOT by any means worship The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the Holy Trinity.

David O’Dowd

Mohan Rao (edited)
I believe this is a second level of deception. If you look at the work of Dr. Judy Wood, it is clear that NO EXPLOSIVES could possibly have been used to take the towers and bldg 7 down. Obviously the govt´s explanation is false, but because of the speed at which the towers collapsed, explosives would necessarily have to have taken out the lower floors long before the top floors reached them. This would imply a pattern of collapse far different than what we saw – where lower floors remained in tact until the upper floors reached them.
This may sound complicated at first but is quite easy to understand. Watch the videos on to see how Rebekah Roth´s story appears to be a diversion from the truth, just like the thermite story from A&E for 911 Truth.
The effort that A&E for 911 Truth puts into getting people to NOT LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE presented by Dr. Judy Wood is incredible! I highly recommend seeing it for yourself – you can understand it and make up your own mind.

Peggy Wolf
Have you notified any authorities? Anyone who has an interest? Is there anyone left who isn’t bought and paid for?

My only question is why would these super secret Israeli Mossad terrorists, whom were to destroy two skyscrapers and kill 3000 people, name their facade after something that had to do with demolition? Gellatin. Don’t misinterpret this as me being facetious, but this is one of the few problems I have with these conspiracy theories about 9/11: they evidence just always seems a bit too obvious…

C Warren
+PairsOfDuals I don’t see how the term “Gelatin” is anymore obvious then the term “ground zero”.

sam sahill
+PairsOfDuals because they can destroy middle east

+PairsOfDuals And then their van with the plane flying into the towers on the side, curious and curiouser

hadia felauer
+PairsOfDuals truth turns out always simple, how long it might ever take to be revealed

+PairsOfDuals Also, why would they photograph themselves with a bunch of explosive type devices. Something seems fishy to me , too. And where did she get the pictures and the documents? From the DEA? And if it is true why is it just now being discovered? I’m skeptical on this one at least until more questions are answered.

Lyn Norstad
This is a joke … right? Rebekah Roth doesn’t know the difference between an electrical fuse (go check your basement …) and an explosive fuse??

Robert Baiton
+Lyn Norstad That’s not the point.The fact of the matter is Israel was 100% involved in 911.Matches or nitro,doesn’t change the fact they were effing murderers.

Lyn Norstad
That’s like saying “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts.” Not credible, sorry.

Robert Baiton
Clouded thinking doesn’t cut it anymore.Good luck.

Robert Baiton
One word to the brainwashed sheeple.DEMOLITION.100% fact.

Hahahahaha omg I can’t belive someone paid big money to produce this tripe!!! Hahaha those fellas worked for ace elevators and they had all the new panel fuse holders for the ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION!!! Hahaha eh I don’t thing that some members of the Mossad had nothin to do with it, like many other nationalities, but it’s been 14 years ok, get the fuck off this Jew batting bull shit. WE’RE NOT FALLING FOR IT LOSERS!!!!! Done with this shit! Racist fucks! An I’m not even Jewish!!

If it was Israeli student’s that were setting up the controlled demolition for the trade center, that doesn’t mean the country Israel was involved in it. It’s pretty stupid to blame Israel all together when it was just Israeli people.

Jacquie Walton
Cont… Developed Out Of The CFM-56 Whichever One It Was It Had To Be General Electric Unfortunately Or Fortunately United Airlines Uses Strictly PRATT n WHITNEY So That Engine They Say Is From 175 Is The Wrong Engine • The Collapse Of Bldg 7 Holographic Projector Became Disabled Flight 93 Was To Crash Into Bldg 7 The Fake Plane In Shanksville • Space Weapons Platform 80 Microns DUST Directed Energy Weapon Molecular Dissociation Technology Molten Metal For 6 Wks After At WTC •


Jason Jordan
That’s some shit right there, of course this or any other evidence collected will never see a court room.

Fred Morgan (edited)
Another Conspiracy! Anyone check info…? Here is JUST one .. What were they doing? What did they make… the boxes labeled BB-18? – This is from internet,1st thing listed; “”BB-18 – SPRING STEEL FASTENERS (NORTH AMERICA)”” … Idiots! And this is the ‘Elephant in the Room’…….. Bet if these are not just ordinary nut-balls trying to find a non-existent conspiracy, they are probably backed by ISLAM to change 911 from them to Israel.

Richard Schrader
+Fred Morgan IT IS COMING!
this is the LAST TIME
People will need a PSYCHIC to speak with the dead.. to find a fucking Babylonian Talmud or anyone who ever read it.

Samarai Sword
+Fred Morgan — I’ve been informed that isroyal did it for america’s own good. the outcome objective was to (a) use the american gorilla to smash up the middle east and pave the way for isroyal to take 100% control of the area w/o spilling one drop of precious supreme blood, (b) gain even tighter control of americas nut sack and bring in the police state to america. if you examine the effects of the event (the outcome), then you can see that is exactly what was achieved. ponder this in your own mind, but please don’t respond with a debate… i just provide you one opinion that someone provided to me.

bb-18 fuse are electrical fuses that burn out when there is too much current. Not the type that blow up explosives. I think 9/11 was an inside job, because of “blue print for truth” by the AoA. i simply googled bb-18 to find out what it was, now you have lost a lot of credibility (with me) by getting confused and making a very simple but glaringly stupid mistake to any one intelligent enough to use google (which seems a surprisingly low number).

ok.. sorry for that… i didn’t finish watching before i put this in, i fact check as i go and got ahead of my self.
So : littelfuses -> tracor defense holdings -> blah blah, back and forth selling -> Kell-Ex (make Uranium centrifuges ww2) -> Kell-Ex = Halliburton after name change!!! ok ……… it’s taking me more than 20mins to fact check this, seems to hold together, …..yes you sold me, that and i’m checking with an demolition expert on were they use use electrical fuses and electrical cabling, as i always thought they used detonation cord to set explosive charges due to the danger of stray electrical current setting of primers.

Talked to a friend ex-army, i was right about the det.cord, BUT he reminded me that in the trade towers they use THERMITE (trade towers were steel structures, very little concrete so no need for explosives) which doesn’t need primers or blasting caps just very high heat as it’s a “self oxidizing agent”), heat that can be generated by high current!!! SO THAT’S WERE ELECTRICAL FUSES CAN BE USED TO IGNITE THERMITE!!!!
I started as a doubter, looked into it a bit, now i see how it all fits. Thank you another piece in the puzzle.
The Big question :is it enough to take to the Hage? Put these war criminals on trial in front of the whole world?

I’d love to see DC’s face when he stands before his Creator and has to explain his life. It’s even worse than the snippet we see here. Look up Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor. Don’t wish to stick my neck out any more than it is, but the truth’s vital to come out more than it has already.

Isn’t Rebekah Roth a Jewish name ?

The event when they put a scaffolding out the window of the tower and had the helicopter come and take some photos, when did that happen, what was the date this took place??
Reply ·

Aaron Brown
This is of course total bullshit, just more 9/11 conspiracy bakery brought to you by the same low intelligence people who have difficulty with basic logic and cogitation.
The same anti-Semitic anti-Israel garbage we saw coming out of the Middle East from the Arabs after 9/11, nothing new here.
No doubt a lot of stupid people give these morons money, and this is how they make their living now, duping the rubes who haven’t been around the block, or actually read a book in their entire life.

Richard Schrader
nothing can stop it!
Talmud baby rapers thought it was BAD BEFORE?
We will learn from the mistakes of the past.
Revenge is coming!
We know what you did!

The Matt Hatter
Looking back, knowing now what I didn’t know then, that look on Bush’s face says it all. He looks like he was thinking, ‘holy shit, my overlords have made their move, their pnac pearl harbor ritual sacrifice has finally happened.’ Bush had no clue, that shows you how much power the presidency holds. The Bushes were merely a patsy for the nwo.

SurfinUSA (edited)
The tie-in to the Telex Corporation and M.W. Kellogg is bogus as Hell. Telex was formed in Minneapolis in 1936 to make hearing aids. This operation was renamed Telex Communications as the parent company became a mainframe peripherals in the 1960’s. It subsequently won a Supreme Court decision in an anti-trust law suit in the 1970’s against IBM to break Big Blue’s stranglehold on the computer business. Memorex Corporation purchased Telex in 1986 and formed Memorex-Telex Corporation. There was no direct link relationship with Kellogg. How do I know this? My cousin was the accounting controller at Telex in the 70’s and I became the National Equipment Leasing Director in 1986, serving until 1991. If the other “information” in this video and this particular conspiracy are as totally scurrilous and deceitful as are the comments about Telex, then there is nothing here but a web of lies woven together.

Marty Wood
+SurfinUSA KELx not TELx

hm.. okay. I guess I hear what I hear by association. The woman talks at a pretty high pitched voice as fast as she can. That didn’t lend credence to her presentation.

Exceptional video. After all these years you would think that Americans just may wake up one of these days. but hat’s highly unlikely and the reason for it being, is them most of them are working paycheck to paycheck. Now as for those uppity class folks, they couldn’t give a f*ck. In fact you could show most Americans video of them setting this plan up and people simply wouldn’t believe it. the kool aid that the Americans drank after this episode, has permanently warped their minds and its extremely hard to extirpate that delusion from their minds.

Angela L.
Click this link and check all more connections that proves Israel did it:

Jim Morrow
the fact that those photos were even taken, doesn’t mean it’s not real. Most criminals don’t take photos while they are committing crimes. EXCEPT, these guys. Don’t forget who we are talking about. They love to boast about their deceptive ways. Think of the quotes their leading Rabbis have said about the stupid Goyim, their Prime ministers about their own crimes against Palestinians, and so on, and so on…the fact that they’ve documented this, per say, is no surprise in the least

madamoiselle c Site has an comment from a reader in 2006. The reader ’s comment was that both Nelson and David Rockefeller were also behind this. This is hearsay but if it is true, wow. The person wrote that when the towers WERE BUILT, in the early 1970’s, they were wired for demolition back then. Most of us know they have been planning their new world order for A LONG TIME. Has anyone else heard about this??

Lucas Pascual
Jesse Ventura should be chosen as Vice President so he can have the power to investigate what really happen to 911

Those bastards gotta pay fry for this!!!

Amazing video! Subbed.

Rob Chiavelli
If you are not convinced of the Israel/US partnership in the 911 ritual/mass trauma mind control psyop then this 8 minutes may help.

Is that supposed to be a real video of a missile being fried from Woolworths? What a joke

gimme a break
The MOSSAD is NOTHING MORE than an INSTRUMENT..Like a piano or hammer…. one employs it as a TOOL.
As are politicians also merely ACTORS in the play likewise TOOLS..
Oh how clever to have discovered and run around screaming that the piano made the music
So you know the Band and seen their act…big deal.Doh!
WHO owns the theatre and writes and funds the play?
Ignore their junior officers and try to find & NAME THEIR SUPERIORS
9/11 is a drop in an massive ocean of horrific crime for power. How dare we not be numbed already.
Weapon of CAUSE is as yet UNIDENTIFIED. see. Hutchison Effect.

J.J. Shake
Conspiracy theorists are the ones that think people living in caves with knives did this …

Chimera Gothic (edited)
PER JIM STONE (former NSA Agent and Freelance Journalist):MORE JEWRY: is a deafening silence with regard to the Jew busted for setting up a 2015 911 attack in America. Joshua Goldberg, an orthodox Jew living in Florida, constituted 100 percent of America’s ISIS, and was busted by the FBI on September 9. And it is NOWHERE in the alternative media, scant few people have uttered a peep about this (most notably Alex) and I strongly suggest people make a list (and check it twice) of who mentioned this and who did not, because those who did not are BONA FIDE FAKE OPPOSITION. This event is the litmus test. And it is already too late for alt media people to do catch-up (save face) reports on this topic because the main story broke on 9/11/2015. Joshua was arrested by the FBI, was definitely the one who cooperated with Pamela Geller to fake the Garland Texas shooting, Definitely set up synagogue shootings in Australia and the U.S., and was busted by the FBI two days before he had a pressure cooker bomb set off in Kansas City. ALL ISIS NEWS IN AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA, ALL ACTIVITY and I mean ALL was done by this guy, it is an epic bust and the entire FBI affidavit was published and is available: READ THIS AFFIDAVIT! Original from the Government HEREThere is no fog with this one, and failure of Alt media to report on this is 100 percent proof of whether or not they are fake. This is the bombshell that can blow the entire ISIS conspiracy into the sewer FAIL TO REPORT THIS AND YOUR ALT MEDIA VENUE IS AUTOMATICALLY PEGGED AS A SHAM.

I would like to bring to your attention about the missile being fired from the Kellogg building , it reminded me of the film Wanted , the assassins were standing on top of the Kellogg building ,there was also an x marked the spot on top of this building . Sorry for my poor explanation . The seen is at the start of the film , might be nothink , thought id bring it to your attention .

Those are electrical fuses not demolition fuses.

30A-BB-18 is a general purpose thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor. And it is also a fuseholder number.

Interesting what those documents say. Those art students obviously had a second agenda. The whole claimed purpose with the art thing and such was ill fitting to their characters and how they operated. But it served them well as it looked innocent on the surface. So obvious from the whole situation that any art project was secondary to intelligence gathering. This is what an intelligence operation can look like in reality. It’s probably conspiracy fact at this point (DEA thinks so) as it seems very unlikely that particular bunch of Israeli military characters was really only selling paintings to DEA agents legitimately. Probably only the team leader knew how any objectives fit into the overall agenda.
However, I can’t confirm that it really says ‘BB 18′ on the box. It’s such low resolution. It could say ’88 18′. And even if it says BB18, what does that mean? Not necessarily nefarious in any way. That can be part number for any number of things. And there’s only one box showing that number (seems to be written on top of that box). That is not very compelling. And why should a fuse holder box mean these suspicious people were planting demolitions. It’s rather far fetched conjecture. I understand their activity is really suspicious, but there is simply no evidence for the conclusions drawn in the video. Any larger american company that has Government contracts will probably have strings attached to the war industry at some point as it is the biggest industry in the world.
Also, that Urban Moving’ truck seems very fake to me. It isn’t the same model of truck as seen from police photos of the truck they stopped and searched. The graphic on the truck is also way too obvious and is probably faked. Nobody would parade that thing like that with foreknowledge and expect to get away with it.

Mary Whitaker
I’ve always thought that our government had everything to do with 9/11, definitely an inside job but as someone pointed out they still haven’t nor will they get punished for what they done to us EVER until they burn in hell!I had never seen these pics so Thank You!

bogen broom
As an aside , the viewing figures of this video after only 4 days is 120,000, This shows just how many people are waking up.
…Good news eh !

shen spen
woW !…

Yanky Gluck
Wow! hot potatoes.

TY for posting.

sean, send this to james howard Kunstler. i’m sure you know who he is. a few years ago– more like 10, I guess– I had a brief email exchange with Kunstler (and wayne madsen) re: 9/11, cheney, etc., and he ended his last email with me with something about how he doesn’t ‘buy into’ the ‘conspiracy theories’ re: cheney involvement in 9/11. that comment from him prompted me to stop reading his material. send him this interview. rub it in his face.

Barbara Looneytunes
the lady needs to know that those guys are in no way: ‘gentlemen.’ as she refers to them

Gary Brown
This is proof beyond dought who was behind 9/11. But the lemmings i know will not believe it because of cogintive desonace …because Dick Cheney was a leader in their beloved GOP and their pastor says we must support Israel regardless what they do……..go figure.

Gary Carlyle
Im an 911 truther but sometime Rebecca can be a bit sketchy with her sources. Got to have them airtight as letting the debunkers in does more harm to the movement than good.

Hanging outside the window with climbing gear? Cover Ploy for using the gear for going up and down inside the internal gurters of the floors and walls.

Joe Mills (edited)
+AboxofMonsters Climbing gear to explore the elevator shafts, they needed to learn the core support structure. They would have drawn floor plans, then install everything at night and during weekends. They probably hooked climbing gear to the support columns, then passed charges/incendiaries across to the next person.

William Money
Who’s taking the pictures…and…why aren’t there any showing faces?…

Theresa Serpa
C the enemy … Olympic towers….Remember
C/ the enemy within….DaDa.

the_chiefe71 (edited)
I know the whole 9/11 thing was the biggest criminal charade fraud & went to this woman’s link at to investigate.
|I followed up-to the point she spoke about the company selling electrical fuses, but totally lost her past that point & how that’s connected to Kellogg to Halliburton?!? She was rolling out very fast bunch of company names & names of random people that aren’t tied into anything on that resource page link. Is there a better text transcript of what she’s talking about? Because quite frankly, speaking so fast on a video loaded with so much information isn’t doing a very good job.

My only question is why would they make it so obvious by taking behind the scenes pictures of their “art” with boxes that can apparently be connected to explosives? Did they hope it would just get forgotten about? Why are those boxed even there. The 91st floor is a big area why constrict it with all those boxes?

great interview but who added the damn loud music … ffs

Another nail in the coffin of the official story. the world will know no peace until this cancer of lies is cut out for good. Arrest Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Nutty yahoo and water board the lot of them .

Chantal Exposé
You are VERY Courageous.. Somehow I have an inkling that you will NOT let the dumbed down & brain-washed comments deter you.. Thank you so much for all you do..!!

Great info, believe me ‘nothing’ is going to ‘shock me to the core’ when it comes to 9/11 or in fact anything else that takes place in the ‘Barbie World’ called America.

I have the DEA report.

Sean, I’d love to hear Rebekah debate Jim Fetzer, who claims her theory is wrong. You can hear his points in an interview here on YT. Thanks for all your work.

Photos …no faces no way to identified. What a lot of shit.

Solihin Hin
Let me share

William Yancey
evil people that actually do this kind of things. like the Natzis … it is totally evil ….. Religious fanatics

hadia felauer
+William Yancey who are the natzis? they were narcists the nazis. but we will be soon the sheeple of the new natzis

From Today this clip should go viral globally , lets see what i have done


Jake Miller
she’s an idiot

James Kowalkowski
HOLY CRAP – We are so done.

Wind walker Marine
I can” t help but think if God truly showed up here all the priests, reverends, mullahs etc.etc. would literally run over each other trying to hide and get away.

Robert Molina

Dennis Huffman
so now I have to ask with all of the security in the buildings how did that get all of those fuse holders into the two towers without being seen even though there were reports that there were strange people in unmarked work gear seen in and around the towers weeks before the attacks.

goose gatherer
What an outstanding piece of research……you have strengthened what we already suspected……let’s hope that something can be done about it……but we all know that nothing will be……the doors to getting the vermin that did this have long since sealed shut….it’s the american way unfortunately….what a shame there isn’t a mentally disturbed individual out there ,with a rifle, who could deliver the justice to the american people that is so necessary to give some payback to this massive act of butchery of humans.We must not lose sight of the fact that this video shows only a very tiny piece of the massive puzzle as there are clearly many hundreds of others who were complicit in this treacherous act ……hopefully we will get them all.

sad that ppl like sgtreport is just reporting this…i knew the mossad was plannin an attack…6 yrs ago i made a video that the mossad plAnned 911

Foreign government involvement in 9/11 shouldn’t stay secret —

The only thing that would shock me to the core would be if the government openly admitted they are responsible for 9/11. This is just another thread in the web of deceit. Does not surprise me at all. But it is useful evidence. But I would like to know the name of the company that went into the towers that did all the work to place the therrmate in the beams. This was done during working hours and on weekends. This was verified by certain employees that worked in the towers. And voters keep electing politicians who keep this event covered up. When are we going to hold them accountable? Our government is so greedy and corrupt from top to bottom. And I was so disgusted when I learned you can not even trust so called ‘men of God’ who are elected officials. I am so thankful I no longer sit amongst them. As a Christian, they made me feel ashamed and dirty.

Madison Eclectic
LittelFuse is pronounced “Little Fuse”. They make electrical fuses, not the kind of fuse on a firecracker or on a cartoon bomb. No question 9/11 was a false flag, complete with Israeli agents and Arab gubmint assets.

hadia felauer
+Madison Eclectic exactilllliiiiy.

Slaying Mantis
lol i thought you were talking to me about going to the website 😛 I actually went to the website.

The problem with this is that covert operatives DON’T photograph themselves in the act. There are no photographs of whoever did this.

juan galindeso (edited)
If you guys,check carefully ,the part in question is an accessory,a POWER FEED LUG,code BB18 as per data sheet below:
A fuse holder comes under another Littelfuse code such as,3PH6P 18 mm,for example.
Your fabulous Rebekah induced you to think on FUSES, that most of the time are of the cord tipe,when talking about explosives.
FUZES,on the other hand, can be any kind of mechanical,electrical,electronic,chemical,type of detonation trigger.
With all probability that small room was used as an electrical depot or warehouse for the building electrical maintenence crew.

John Whittle
The fuse holders (BB18 is actually an accessory to a fuseholder, not a fuseholder itself… it’s actually a lug) hold electrical type fuses for circuit protection… not the type of fuses for bomb detonation. They’re two different things.

Frei Heit
September 9th 2015 was a Wednesday

Steve Mayes

my minds eye
I think it was dicks try at becoming boss here.

How big would a missile be and would there be any issues getting it to the top of the building?
Reply ·

Jeroen Nouwens
And how does one lose a trillion dollars? Hmmm.

hadia felauer
+Jeroen Nouwens by trusting Rockerfellers etc. lol

Much ado about not very much. I have seen these stuff before. It’s…. oh well…

I lived in NYC when the attacks happened,,, and i knew instantly that there was something VERY wrong about what I was seeing on TV. My very FIRST thought… one that haunted me for years… was that Dick Cheney and the Mossad were HEAVILY involved in this.
Could kick myself for EVER doubting my own instincts…the main problem is that there are still way too many Americans who simply refuse to accept the idea that the govt would lie to them about this. Yet they bitch and moan about the govt lying to them about nearly EVERYTHING else….
The existentialist psychopaths who did this have a HUGE edge simply due to the willful ignorance of the masses.

George Grubetic
Shared via FACEBOOK page.
The system is so corrupted and broken that i doubt any of the traitors like Cheney and Rumsfield will get brought before justice.
What’s required is a new US revolution where the true patriots and oath keepers and constitutionalists take the country back and administer redemption.
Until then its all about keeping the sheeple fooled with tabloid news and news propaganda.

Aguila Zorro
So, basically the thing is ADOLF HITLER WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT:

hadia felauer
+Aguila Zorro he did the prework for the NWO

Absolutely disgusting. Just for some stupid war and oil.

Patriot News
Unearthed CBS News Video: FEMA Admits That It Came to NYC a Whole DAY Before 9/11

Bomb fuses?! OMG! Wait…no…these are electrical fuses? The “Gelatin” and “B-thing” references are awfully odd and certainly worth another look. I agree that we don’t have the full story on what happened on 9/11, and we should work to find out more. However, I think you are reaching a bit far with tracing fuses that anybody can purchase off the shelf to a company once connected to one that worked on Uranium enrichment and once had offices in the Woolworth building where missiles were allegedly launched. You are stretching relevance and credibility a bit far, here, and perhaps you don’t know the difference between electrical fuses and fuses that are used to set off bombs (oh, and if the fuses, themselves, were relevant, we only see potentially used boxes being made into some kind of wall, here). Further, what US companies don’t have some kind of connection to the military industrial complex in some way? Unsubscribing, because you guys are purely sensationalists.

j-m N
hmmm. Ok this is the controlled demolition theory. The airplane is a distraction to look lke the cause of collapse. And another airplane was a distration for the pentagon explosion. And Flight 93 was the monkey wrench in the plans. The plane never made it to target (capitol building). But presumably, Isreali agents would have infiltrated the capitol to plant explosives n prapartion. So, any rcords of infiltration? and now since flight 93 never made it, in the 14 years since, was there any infiltration to retrieve devices from the capitol?

Curtis James
I’m so please that this has been put together. No one seems to remember the 5 male Israelis in Brooklyn who were celebrating immediately after the twin towers attack. They had a telescope on the fire escape focused on the twin towers. Reported by neighbors, they were arrested, but released, and never heard of again and news reports of them stopped. I’ve been telling people about this since 2001 and almost no one knows about it and it was never investigated. Mossad clearly had prior knowledge of the terrorist attack if not a hand in planning it.

Heinz Bartesch
nothing shocks me to the core anymore. what shocks me day in and day out is how many sheeple are still asleep at the wheel and refuse to take their heads of the sand (of sports scores, reality tv, all the other bullshit that keeps them from awakening)

hadia felauer
+Heinz Bartesch genauu

Rhonda Schmit
I heard Mark Levine talking up the Cheney’s & his book. I now know who Mark Levine is working for. Really, really stupid. It’s a bummer to have to find out they’re ALL traitors.

Jason Smith
there will be WOAR.
Transferring wealth from the many to the few. Same as it ever was.

hadia felauer
+Jason Smith no, there will be shizophrenia all over. wealth transferring is already khalaz. now they are playing God and will soon let the ghost out of the bottle.

Chris Canipe
explain the thousands of people who lost their lives. You should be named as a terrorist and get the death penalty

SoulTrain SeventyFive (SoulTrain75)
Those look like some really random pictures to me. theres nothing in any of those pictures that looks like its “get the camera out and take a picture” worthy. maybe they were taken just to be able to point out stuff.

Hmmm. A jewish woman exposing the Jews involvement in 9/11. I smell gefilte fish. It is well known now that this was an inside job by Mossad/CIA. The question is “What are we going to do about it”?.

Smoking gun.

Martin Kearns

Rat Finder
The Truth is, 19 Muslims hijacked the planes and flew them in to two building, the Pentagon and crashed one in to a field…. Thats what happened. Bush had nothing to with it….

Someone wealthy should go to a foreign country in a deserted place, rebuild the wtc, send a remote controlled airplane into the building and just let it burn and see if the building collapses.

Randall Morning
we need answer. because this might happen again maybe it all ready did. the truth can kill us that how it work I watch alot show question is why what the reason
this isn’t a zombie movie

hadia felauer
+Randall Morning hey aufwoke – wake up, it has already happened again. go to norway and ask Israel and then fly to Fukushima and draw the dots. Then plz count one plus one and you will get a result of trillions of bequerels killing us already from Fukushima. Enjoy your days with gelantin icecream,hh(sarc) if it werent that tragic and sad

Rick Rant

Like the interviewer, I, too, have considered myself to be quite knowledgeable about 9/11 and even learned about Gelatin and its bizarre “The B-Thing” supposed “art exhibit” a few years ago — indeed, I always strongly suspected that it was related to the WTC attacks that occurred months later. However, now I am 100% CERTAIN. Roth has truly decoded one of the most obscure elements of the 9/11 operation and revealed facts and information even I was previously unaware of, such as the theory that a missile (perhaps a laser beam?) fired from the nearby Woolworth building — with all its amazing links to figures and companies already suspected of involvement in 9/11 — was used. For years, I’ve also highly suspected “seat 9B” passenger Daniel Lewin — an Israeli commando — of being the hijacker of one of the planes. This interview only reinforces that belief.

hadia felauer
+hayesman76 since I m not a scientist I learned that gelatin is a good italian icecream and it´s melting immediately. and that Gelatin was 99% used as a kinetic weapon and wait, good muslims shouldnt use gelantin of pork /pigs, in their cookings.ehm…I guess I missed the n gelantine?lol

Music vid on bush and 9/11

Scytalh Yucan
So millions of Muslims killed because of this?

Billy Ellipseer
Canada’s MSM industries act American and is run by US agents without a doubt, Canadians are being over run by Mossad/Halliburton agents. American is destroying religious freedom by way of Corporate Dictatorship. The bankers have been waiting for this forever, and America will joyfully get inline for the chopping block. “U-S-A!!!” (CHOP) “U-S-S-A” (“ha-ha-haa” (CHOP) Off to the Denver gas chambers with you.

Catherine Heridis
Why am I not surprised?

Jase W/ SideFX
yes very interesting, follow the money.

Armahx (edited)
I’m afraid to comment, would like to live a few more years 😉 Yea I edited a wink in there, i’m confused on this. Just can’t believe the possible guile of some people.

DarkStarAZ  (edited)
Planes hit the towers. No planes hit the towers. It was thermite. It was a Tesla pulverizer deathray. Controlled demolition. A dozen other things I can’t even remember.
Now its israeli Art Sudents with their BB-88’s and Halliburton.
Am looking forward to the next great theory in about six months!

Richard Schrader (edited)
You are so far FROM THE FIRST PEOPLE… to provide them a PARADISE! You kissed their ass! you gave them BILLIONS IN GIFTS!
they fucked you!
They stabbed you RIGHT IN THE BACK!
You are not the first…
oddly enough… they have never NOT stabbed someone in the back
the whole proverb of the scorpion that stings the frog for giving him a ride.. IS ABOUT JEWS
Rest assured.. they will DO IT AGAIN
it is what they do
all the Talmud is talking about what a SUBHUMAN MAGGOT YOU ARE that exists for them to feed on
They will do it again
that will work out real well…

Jeffrey Walker
Thanks. Why Israeli agents though. Why does it have to be them. Why not Russian, British or Chinese agents? I’m sick of all this cloak and dagger shit. But this makes sense. Does anything good ever come from CHICAGO?

Dickless Cheney, the man of guile. Why is this creature still living?

“They” are just laughing at us…
I Don’t Think People Care Anymore…

Mani Kllobocishta
everything points to Israel and conspirators !

mallik sharma
Involvement of Mossad quite possible. But I think that would be as an aid to CIA and American agencies.

Zyzyzx Zyzer
ZIONISM is a world cancer.

El Drogonè
shared with all……I’m so Fucken mad bro, I don’t give a fuck if the gov, Is watching me, so pissed off , come get some!!!!
by the way , I did have just a little to much to drink tonight.
but still, pissed!


West Papua Melanesia
oh…. my God

Ted Slayer
Bragging often exposes the criminals. Awesome detective work. Show the world! Begin killing the bastards.


nothing shocks me anymore.

anyone denying this was an inside job is stunned beyond all hope or is just in denial and will never want to know the truth.. bush, cheney and co. should all be spending the rest of their pathetic lives locked away in a cell in calcutta.

Bravo Rebekah; this was a very interesting piece in the puzzle. Many have wondered about something that they saw as paintings on the outside walls; some kind of directions for a beam from somewhere. If you have proof enough this is for sure explosive. The problem is the three minute standing ovation Nethanyahu got in Congress recently.

Yeldarb Q (edited)
it seems that nothing shocks me anymore. i used to be shocked but that was before i realized that I ain’t seen nothin yet.

DutchBoy 2015
Muslims did 911 so that the USA would invade countries and kill lots of Muslims. Make sense? rolling eye

Divine Eternal Maze
best thing you can do is wait for jesus or mohammed, as long as its an external savior and you dont have to do shyt

pz22022007 (edited)
WOW, great work….. share FAR & WIDE …..people, WAKEN the SHEEPLE

Very Well Done SGT… nice.

Thomas Spangle
isn’t Alex Mason in black ops 2

mrs coolrunin
this is so worrying…

Samuel Iam
I’d heard the “what sounded like a missile”, and “witnesses THOUGHT they saw a missile” on MSM broadcasts, but those were quickly scrubbed, as were the bombs detonating LIVE broadcasts, and the “I see no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon…”
Once MSM got onboard with the ‘Official Script’, all ‘reporting’ ended, and scripted bullshit became all we heard.
I’d NEVER seen a vid of what certainly appears to be a launch of some kind at 7:15.
This is so certain, I wonder how long before YouTube removes it for telling the truth? They have a real strong policy enforcement program for videos that reveal the truth of the US/Israeli governments.

Miguel Gonzalez
Incredible. well done Rebecah.

Stephanie Cruzado
I don’t get it

Oh my God this is open and shut case; but yet we can do nothing except watch.

inb4 you are called a cospiracy theorist and tin foiled hat by sheeple

Nathaniel Perez
U can tell the bottom blew up and then it fell

Kevin Parsley
Written and produced by Michael Moore

Omega Man
so.. this new source is being used to give it up, expose it, a flight attendant named ROTH(stein) to cause what comes next… just at the right time – just as it was planned. So 911 will be used again for a larger thing…think about it. They want USA to implode. And they play you like a fiddle…. go on… spread it around, destroy your county… they shall have more power when the dust settles….

UPHIGH Productions
Thanks for the upload dude…”Where’s the f**king plane” photo at ‘We Are Change’ NOT showing the plane that hit the Pentagon.

Dick Cheney – main author of 9.11. …. Take him to the jail ! Why, why, why this criminal is free now ?!!

Seven L
o my god!!!!!!!!!!! you know now this is out thay may drop the hammer!

this is ke xddddddddddddd

IF after hearing and viewing as much info on 911 and other false flag events….are you really going to go where ever , when ever TPTB require you to go…OR …. NOT……with predjudice….and a true aim…..just asking….Semper Fi

Br Erickson
Keep up the good work.

BETTER PUT THIS ONE IN A SAFE PLACE, seriously, wonderful research on her part, this is what we need, more researchers just like this one, AND HAVE TO NOT STOP, PUSHING we need to KEEP GOING HARDER AND HARDER, AND DON’T LET THE TRUTH BE DENIED!!!!!

I lament that the video begins with a “typo” style fact error. September 9, 2015 was a Wednesday, not a Thursday.

Balance is Key
Shared! Thankyou!

Mike Davino
the dancing israeli’s are in cahoots with these guys ….

Sorry, Sean. I have to call BS on the Littel fuses. They make circuit protection equipment NOT ordinance fuses for remote control. Uranium enrichment is well understood and can be used for both weaponization and energy production, so what if Halliburton bought Kellex 40 years ago. Halliburton is in the energy industry along with GE and have every interest in suppressing alternative technologies like the Thorium fuel loop, but whatever, the world sucks because people suck.

jonathan naff
I always knew it would go to Dick Cheney from the very beginning

bahBah Black sheep
this is maybe/is probably a Bummer shill, add 2 the list with the hundreds of other 9/11 shills. (Russian,Islam, Israel, U.S., scientific community, media…) Bummer loves Islam and hates Israel. I don’t have a side. I however don’t believe for a SECOND this was brought down by demo or nuke, missile etc, and this entire demo/everyday technology-weapon theory is a disinformation campaign to keep criminals free and the movement stalled!!!, this “explosion” isn’t anything you and I have ever SEEN before or since!! hence the impossibility of pointing out what exactly happened/what was seen.. Dr Judy Woods has the only scientific, proven, thought out, tested theory that makes sense and doesn’t seem like a disinfo campaign to sway geopolitical opinions . Not this nano, bammo, Steve Jones shill bullshit. But it’s not exciting, it doesn’t polarize or point fingers, it actually talks about wth happened and how physics wouldn’t apply to the official story.. proceed to red herring 256

Absolutely the Mossad were involved, they Targeted me, I know it was Israel I traced it back to them

Barney Shamrock
From Hollywood 9/11 movie Shock And Awe.

Al Wilson
Bravo Watson. You have done it again .

BB-18 fuse holders “can be used for remote control demolition” Go no further folks. BS.

koma lati

Crankwhistle SaintThomas
Chenney and the ‘Mossad gang’ of terrorists “WILL” be held accountable for this world destructive action of destroying the Twin Towers and perpetrating many invasions on other countries through LIES AND DECEPTION which is an ‘israeli’ plan from the beginning, Chenney orchestrated and oversaw the whole operation and withheld air support of any kind BUT HE ALLOWED the ‘Doomsday Machines’ military Jumbo Jet CONTROL CENTERS to attack the Twin Towers with secret ADVANCED WEAPONRY to work along with the placed ‘Mossad’ demolitions they planted within the Twin Towers and US government officials supported and covered up these plans and actions and still do to this day and ‘jewish’ mainstream media CONNED THE WORLD with fiction………………Saint Thomas333 & Angel Rosie/Warrior Angels of ONE”Yahweh”


Richard Llewellyn
Treason on such a large scale and to go unanswered …..when ?

@Entertainment Account. Tell that to Erin Brokovich.

shen spen
Now there’s the Smoking Gun folk’s !…

jimmy james
On a roll here…

hal “huh” us
we all need to go to extreme measures to get the perpetrators of this horrible 911 event and we need to take action now.

ian pennack
Once the Jew Larry Silverstein bought the World Trade Centre, it was anything goes, in that security for the W.T.C was completely disabled.

OMG. well done. more evidence of the inside job and collusion with Israel. You derive a pulitzer price.

why is that kike cunt Silverstein walking around? What’s up with the FBI and the SS? When it collapses all you fuking cunts will be hunted.

Wow, this is new. Thanks.

duncanmarlow (edited)
Halliburton, then an Oklahoma based oil services company, acquired Brown & Root in 1962 as their field construction division. (Brown & Root had supported LBJ since 1941.) With the acquisition of Dressler in 1998, Kellogg merged with Brown & Root to form KBR. Dick Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton from 1995-2000. These companies have been heavily involved in fascist government/military construction projects since WWII and deserve another Rebekah Roth book. They have received billions in contracts to help destroy the Middle East.

mama mia !

Dennis Huffman
The Jews wanted to kill Jesus even more because he made himself synominous (in league with) God. God is his father so Jesus is not God.

Cipi SixZeroFour
We are afraid we have to shut down this video. Your video infringes copyright. We are afraid we have to shut down your channel and help you understand the copyright claim on your videos.

The Israel God said to defend and protect are the PEOPLE who have Him and His teaching in our HEARTS, not a piece of land in a desert. He also clearly said do not try to rebuild Israel, I will do that.
Jews are adhering to that, zioNAZIS don’t give a f#ck, cos the God we love is NOT the god they worship.
it wasn’t a suggestion you murderous assh@les, it was A LAW.
You WILL be judged by your deeds. Repent, He is coming and it is YOU HE WILL BE HUNTING.

Eddy Toronto
Where are the Men that will Hang these Evil Men?….

Doesn’t shock me!

Nathaniel Perez
I knew there were bombs in it of all 3 buildings

Halliburton doing business in my small rural town in northern CO? Why? Because sand is needed by rail! Whatever, so many lies, no cares, just look at the fake rainbow and tell everyone God came for the victims on 9/11. Just took him awhile to show his support. Just ignorant on all levels.

In the wayback machine almost 2 years of captures have been erased. The Silverstein connection will be hard to find unless the original LMCC page was copied. I didn’t copy it when I first saw it. Darn. Here is a NY Times article:

The Israel God said to defend and protect are the PEOPLE who have Him and His teaching in our HEARTS, not a piece of land in a desert. He also clearly said do not try to rebuild Israel, I will do that.
Jews are adhering to that, zioNAZIS don’t give a f#ck, cos the God we love is NOT the god they worship.
it wasn’t a suggestion you murderous assh@les, it was A LAW.
You WILL be judged by your deeds. Repent, He is coming and it is YOU HE WILL BE HUNTING.

Mike Maxwell
You’ve presented no evidence whatsoever that the number on that box is in any way connected to the part numbers of those fuse holders. None. So everything you said after that is null.

Richard wright
Silence when one should protest, makes cowards of men. – a lincoln

Larry Mattila
Maybe someone could follow up on the use of BB-18 fuse buses as ignition sources. Sure looks damning on the face of it. Great report.

Yes, actually living in the tower gave them 24 hour access to wire both buildings. A good clue might be when did they move out?

John Morlar
Doesn’t explain steel and concrete turning into dust. See Dr Judy Wood : Where did the towers go?

Solihin Hin
Terrorists or artists?

ian pennack (edited)
Shared to “Jew Watch”, “Christians” , “Anonymous – Global Truths Exposed” communities.

old news, too many people believe the official story, and all people in authority protect themselves because of that fact.


either way our own gobblement was involved..too many groups had to be linked perfectly to pull this off…airlines, norad, security co., the deadly tesla beam to melt steal but not burn paper….a couple of jew goobers did not do all this themselves

Richard wright
Regime change is in order.”Men are not free because we claim freedom, but because we practice it” – w faulkner

Hang em now!!

Jacquie Walton
Not One Identifiable Piece Of Nine Million Plane Parts.Found On 9/11 • It Was 24 Weaponized Satellites • Where Did The Towers Go By Dr Judy Wood • Three Inches Of DUST Covering Manhattan • They May.Have Found Nano Theramite However They Didnt Find Nano Theramite Until EIGHT YEARS AFTER 9/11 And It Would Have Taken OVER EIGHTY TONS Of Nano Theramite To Turn The Twin Towers To DUST At Free Fall Speeds • The Engine Found Over On Murray Street Identified As A CFM-56 Or CF6 Which Was Developed Out Of

Rat Finder
The BB18 fuse has nothing to do with explosives… The SGT Report has become a channel of lies and falsehoods, she showed no actual proof, I saw nothing. All I saw was a plane flying in to the WTC building…. SGT Report….Liars


CarolSue Me

The Truth

TreeHuggerLtd (edited)
Thank you for this. I made a 9/11music video myself that I released today. Its punk rock for the kids 😉 Please watch, like, share and comment.

Shameless plug:
“Porno, Sex, Drugs, Lies, Money and Your Local Government”

The follow up is a Fukushima Video. We should also remember 3/11 on this day:
“Highschool was like Bootcamp for a Desk job”

Richard Schrader
What happened to the Muslims by wrongful blame
must be considered MERCY compared to what happens to those who really did it

This lady is stupid. Those fuses are devices that cut current In the event of a surge… not the fuses you use to detonate explosives.

Kristian Toshev
I really don’t care everyone loses their minds about this ok sure people died but right about now people are dying too from murifags and isis (made by murifags) and probably russians so please stop giving old information it’s obvious now that us along with isreal made this.

I don’t know what happened on 9/11 but I don’t get why so many people yell ‘conspiracy theorist!’ at you when you question the official story.
Fact is, the Commission that wrote the Official Report said they were railroaded, denied access, and even censored. In fact, some of them actually quit rather than having to sign their name to it.
If the people who wrote the Official Report don’t believe it, you’d have to be a fool to believe it yourself..

InfoWars PrisonPlanet
i wonder if the men seen rejoicing and Video taping the event were those students see link below

+InfoWars PrisonPlanet shame alex jones defends israel now…. he used to talk about mossad, the uss liberty, their involvement in 9/11…. now he’s 180 degrees …. supports neocons like ted cruz, promotes the isis lie, defends israel, no longer talks about the uss liberty etc.

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charles ranalli
google “strange collapse of the spire”.
structural steel doesn’t normally disintegrate
but somehow it did – on 9-11-01 at the wtc – as the videos clearly show.
that alone is sufficient evidence to prove that
something beyond physical impact and burning jet fuel
was responsible for the nightmare which occurred
at that specific time and place.
think for yourself and
post a comment if you like and then DISABLE REPLIES.
(no sense in arguing with a paid disinformation agent or a moron)

osvaldo del real
CONTINUED>> ISIS is because ISIS was armed, trained and created by the United States to help destabilize the middle east and also for the United States to use ISIS as a reason for our army to go into other countries and start another war. I don’t get why people argue this, these are facts. a former NATO GENERAL confirmed this but that’s not in the main stream media along with other facts like actual government documents confirming it as well.


  1. So many facts that 9/11 was a Mossad operation billions of dollars missing in gold and bonds, truck full of explosives,they were stopped and Mossad agents arrested. They have no compassion for the people killed in those towers. Their bias against the Gentile is sickening. Americans need to wake up and take back their country from these criminals.

  2. I’m sorry but the idiocy some of the commenters display is comedy. Like this one here

    “Rat Finder 1 month ago The Truth is, 19 Muslims hijacked the planes and flew them in to two building, the Pentagon and crashed one in to a field…. Thats what happened. Bush had nothing to with it….”

    Yeah…19 Hijackers, of which 9 were found to be alive when they came forward complaining about seeing their faces posted around the world as terrorists involved with 9/11. The FBI’s official response….”Must have been mistaken or stolen identities.”

    Of course racist idiots just want to forget about the 5 dancing Israeli’s, who were filming & celebrating. The same ones who worked at a Mossad front moving company & admitted on Israeli tv that their mission was to document the event.

    Must be so hard for racists to keep pretending Muslims and Blacks are responsible for all the worlds problems, just to avoid admitting who the real pieces of shit are.

    “I know what really happened dang nabbit cause I seen it on FOX NEWS!!” LOl. And then were all confused as to why someone would shoot a bunch of these same kind of ignorant assholes in Vegas.

    We got shitty racist lying murderers and thieves in government. We got the FBI helping to hide 85 pieces of crucial evidence that could shut everyone up, just to protect the real culprits. And a majority of our citizens are stupid, self centered, racist pieces of hypocritical shit who blame everything on immigrants they hate, despite the fact the majority of illegal immigrants are those very same idiots.

    America is a cesspool of ignorant hateful morons who think the world revolves around them, and traitor ass bitches who sold us out to Israeli terrorists bent on destroying us & Muslims. They were able to convince people that 2 skyscrapers collapsed from roof fires, and a 3rd untouched building just because. LOL smh… Comedy!

    Americans have become the shittiest & stupidest people on all the Earth. It’s not hard to see why our own government could care less about killing it’s citizens to achieve their own shitty goals.

  3. It seems that one of the five Israeli detainees did not know enough to keep his mouth shut, probably because he was not a member of the core Mossad group, hence, was not in the loop. This fifth Israeli was apparently just a guy, a poor shmuck who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to the FBI report, the man broke down and sobbed repeatedly under interrogation, not what you would expect of a Mossad operative. The man told the FBI he barely knew the four other Israelis who were in the van with him at the time of the arrest, and did not even know their last names. Evidently, this fifth man was one of two Johnny-come-late-lies who joined the group after the high-fivers left the parking lot below Maria’s apartment.

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