Abodia – Planning Bombing the WTC: The B-Thing


METHODICAL DECEPTION: Neocons, Mossad & Premeditated Murder — Rebekah Roth
Please watch, it’s always better then my summary.

THIS WILL SHOCK YOU TO YOUR CORE: 9/11 from Cheney to Mossad

Spring in NYC before 9-11, articles and a book was published of Gelatin, an Israel Artist Group, who were given access to all areas of the WTC and who actually lived there in the building 91st ? floor..

They cut out a window, (93rd floor) put a balcony temporary outside, and each posed for their picture as a helicopter circled the building and took their individual photo while standing in that opening.

Incredible story of course. I looked back. I had info on this 10 years ago, but the original New York Times & art museum displays are still on the web.

This was all done just months before the towers were destroyed.

At bottom I give you some of the pages of the book they published just before the demolition / collapse of the WTC.

They depicted people jumping from the building, the building being crushed, and talked of how ugly that building was in the city.

Watch the lead video.

If you have courage, also watch the direct connection From Cheney to Mossad

They were spotted cheering on a roof top on the collapse of the buildings. They filmed the collapse from a distance.

These students were arrested and questioned and released.

When they returned to Israel on their public TV, they proclaimed they had come to NYC to document (photo/ video) the event (the collapse of the World Trade Towers).

How could they document the collapse, filming it, without having pre knowledge that it would be collapsed ?

At the end I list book marked web pages that confirm all this information was published publically before the World Trade Towers were destroyed.

The truck they were driving around in shows a plane crashing into the World Trade Towers – before the event !

Not only did they publicize their setting all this up, but they flaunt that they have done it.



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