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Regency Hotel Shooting

Published 29 apr 2021

Jordan Melia

Truth about the Regency Hotel Shooting and the Corruption of Police in Ireland Who Set It All Up.


The Rise of the Irish Cartel, the Kinahan Cartel, the Worlds Most Dangerous Family

In première gegaan op 16 apr 2024

History and Organised Crime

 The Press versuss The Mafia

On A Day Shrouded in Dread, the Eerie Calm of the Regency Hotel was Shattered as Chaos Erupted. A Silver Ford Transit Van, an Ominous Harbinger, Pulled Up Ominously Outside. Its Doors Swung Open, Releasing Two Figures into the Cold Air, A Middle Aged Man Donning A Flat Cap and A Gun Man Disguised in A Garish Blonde Wig Streaked with Pink and Purple, Looking like A Sinister Parody of Innocence. They Slipped into the Hotel, the CCTV Silently Capturing Every Calculated Step towards the Laundry Room. Hand Guns in Grip, They Surged Down the Corridor, Their Movements Swift and Predatory, Herding Terrified Guests towards the Grand Function Room. The Scene Inside was Surreal, A Weigh In for the ‘Clash of the ClansBoxing Event, with Boxer Gary Sweeney, Clad Only in Super Man Underpants, Just Stepping Off the Scales. The Crowd, Numbering 250, Included Children, All Unaware of the Impending Storm. Then, Gunfire Exploded Up to Eight Shots that Boomed like Thunder, Sewing Instant Panic. The Crowd Dissolved into A Frantic Mass, Scrambling for Cover, Tripping over Each Other, Desperate to Escape the Relentless Advance of the Two Gun Men, One Bizarrely Attired in A Knee Length Dress. As the Pandemonium Escalated, Mel Christle, Then President of the Boxing Union of Ireland, Witnessed the Chilling Scene Unfold. Amidst the Mayhem, he saw Two Lifeless Bodies, Casualties of the Brutal Assault, Being Frantically Attended to by Boxing Trainers. The Hotel Lobby Turned into A Nightmarish Tableau with David Byrne’s Lifeless Form Slumped against the Reception, his Face A Mask of Horror, Blown Away in the Ruthless Attack. Outside, the Air Crackled with Tension. Masked Figures, Posing as Tactical Police but Wielding AK 47‘s, Stormed In. Their Presence is A Macabre Deception, Leading Onlookers into A Deadly Trap. They Blasted Their Way through the Foyer, Executing Byrne with Cold Precision. Confusion reigned as They Vanished as Swiftly as They had Appeared, Leaving behind A Trail of Terror and the Acrid Smell of Gunfire. The Hotel’s Facade, Now A Grim Witness, Watched as the Gun Men Disappeared into A Van and Fled towards the Ominous Shadows of the Charlemont Estate. This Chilling Episode Marks the Ignition of the Most Intense Criminal Feud Ireland has Seen in Decades. On One Side, the Notorious Kinahan Cartel, on the Other, the Formidable Hutch Syndicate, Both among the Most Powerful Criminal Organizations to Emerge from Ireland. The Attack Detailed in this Article Captures Not Only the Audacity and Violence of their Conflict but Also Hints at A Possible Downfall of these Crime Families. Despite the Chaos and the Clear Tracks of Organized Crime, Members of Both Families continue to Deny Any Involvement in Criminal Activities, Proclaiming their Innocence to This dDay. This Denial Stands in Stark Contrast to the Violent Actions that Speak Louder than Words, Painting A Complex Picture of Loyalty, Power, and Betrayal within the Shadows of Irish Organized Crime.

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Daniel Kinahan and Family, The Relentless Irish Cartel

Published 7 apr 2023

Holland Crime Boulevard

Ireland is Home to One of the Largest Organized Crime Groups in the World. A Group that has Been Widely Linked to All Sorts of Quite Interesting Activities. It was Once Started by A Father and by Now his Sons are Running the Majority of the Business. This is the Story about the Irish Kinahan Organized Crime Group. In this Video Everything will Be Discussed From their Uprising, Their Feuds, Their Successes and How They Got Themselves On the World’s Most Wanted List. Pay Attention because the Kinahan’s are A Serious Business.

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