Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers – Trump Retreats To Bunker With Military Leaders After “Assassination By Disease” Plot To Make Pelosi President Discovered

The Future President of the United States (foto What Does It Mean)

A Mind blowing new Security Council (SC, http://en.Kremlin.RU/structure/Security-Council) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the most terrifying event yet to occur in the Corona Virus Pandemic War (, says that during yesterday’s telephonic conference held between President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Afrank” discussion was held between these two leaders involving Prime Minister Johnson’s dire health battle against the Corona Virus that was so severe it had his doctors preparing to announce his death ( A discussion wherein Prime Minister Johnson revealed that the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS MI6, could not give him A positive assurance that he wasn’t deliberately infected with the Corona Virus as A means to assassinate him, but which he said under British law would have meant his Conservative Party ( would still remain in power if he had died, as they would have just chosen A new leader – but thereafter saw Prime Minister Johnson expressing his fears to President Putin that this same type of leadership didn’t apply in the United States fears based on the US having what is known as the 25th Amendment ( that the sets forth the succession of leadership if President Donald Trump was struck down by death or disease – which would then see Vice President Mike Pence taking power though if both Trump and Pence were struck down at the same time, all power would go to radical socialist Democrat Party leader US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Fears both President Putin and Prime Minister Johnson further discussed in the grave light of President Trump having announced he was retreating to his nuclear bunker complex at Camp David to meet with his top Joint Chiefs Military commanders (( and came after it was shockingly revealed that one of President Trump’s personal Military aides was infected with the Corona Virus ( – as well as its being discovered that the press secretary to Vice President Pence was infected with the Corona Virus (, too – A press secretary whose husband is A top aide to President Trump and meets with him daily but that pale in comparison when noticing that the entire White House is now on High Alert ( because the Corona Virus is raging through the ranks of the Secret Service protectors of both President Trump and Vice President Pence and at this moment sees the Secret Service having 11 active cases, 23 of whom are said to have recovered from the Corona Virus, and an additional 60 of them who are said to be self quarantining (

Some words and or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of RUssian words and phrases having no exact counterpart.

According to this report, anyone attempting to understand the grave threat of death being faced by President Trump from rogue Intelligence Agency factions within his own government, needs first to comprehend what happened to the last American leader to face off against what is commonly referred to as the “Deep State”, and was President Ronald Reagan ( who, in 1980, was elected and threw from power the socialist Democrat Party leader President James “Jimmy” Carter ( but just 70 days into his presidency, on 30 March 1981 (, saw President Reagan being gunned down in an assassination attempt that brought him to the brink of death.

Within A three hour time span beginning when President Reagan was fired upon on 30 March 1981, this report details, America saw the most bizarre series of events unfolding in their modern history – that began with A fight ensuing in the presidential limousine over which hospital the gravely wounded President Reagan was to be brought to ( – and saw the Secret Service presidential limousine driver disobeying A White House order to bring President Reagan to Bethesda Naval Hospital, and his, instead, bringing him to the emergency room at George Washington Hospital.

At near the exact same time President Reagan was collapsing to the floor in A pool of blood in the emergency room of George Washington Hospital, this report continues, his Secretary of State Alexander Haig ( was delivering an emergency address to the American people from the White House press room declaring that he was now in charge of the United States an unconstitutional declaration as the next in line to succeed President Reagan was his Vice President George HW Bush—but becomes explainable when one knows that Secretary Haig had been informed that the person who fired at President Reagan was John Hinckley JR ( who was the son of one the closest business associates of Vice President Bush ( and explains why Vice President Bush then declared that he, not Secretary Haig, was in charge of the United States and immediately afterwards, further declared, without any investigation, that Hinckley was a “lone gunman” and there was no conspiracy to assassinate President Reagan (

While Vice President Bush and Secretary Haig were battling over who was in charge of the United States, this report notes, A team of surgeons at George Washington Hospital were battling against the clock to save the life of President Reagan – a battle for life being complicated because these surgeons didn’t know the caliber of the bullet President Reagan had been shot with, and which they needed to immediately know in order to plan the surgical procedures to save President Reagan’s life, and only the FBI knew about, as they had in their possession the gun Hinckley used – and as exactly described in the accounting of this incident that shows what occured (

The Secret Service agent went to A nearby phone and called the FBI.

This is what was then overheard in the GW emergency room:

What do you mean you ‘can’t’ tell me?” the Secret Serviceman said. “The doctors here have to know.”

He turned to his superior and shouted: “They won’t tell me.”

You tell them they’ve got to tell you! It’s the President.”

His voice rising, the Secret Serviceman told the FBI:We’ve got to know, and we’ve got to know now!

There was A moment’s silence before the Secret Serviceman turned to Dr Rockoff and said: “It’s A .38.”

Dr Rockoff, stunned by this information, relayed it to colleagues. “It’s A .38,” he said. “We need A belly film to look for the rest of the bullet.

President Ronald Reagan shoved into presidential limousine by Secret Service agents (above) after being fired upon on 30 March 1981 9foto What Does It mean)

President Ronald Reagan shoved into presidential limousine by Secret Service agents (above) after being fired upon on 30 March 1981 (foto What Does It Mean)

As to why Dr Rockoff was stunned upon finally being told President Reagan was struck by a .38 caliber bullet, this report explains, was because the entrance wound on Reagan’s left side right below his armpit was just A sliver no larger than A US dime coin ( – and while preparing to operate based on this information, was stopped upon learning that the surgeons who were operating on Secret Service agent Tim McCarthy, who was also wounded in this assassination attempt, discovered that the bullet in him was A much smaller .22 caliber – not just any .22 caliber bullet, but explosive fragmentation rounds used by US Police and Military forces called “Devastator Bullets( – that the FBI said they examined after it was removed from President Reagan, but then disappeared it for ever (

Left unexplained, this report notes, is why the FBI didn’t want the surgeons to know the caliber of the bullet that struck President Reagan, or why when forced to answer lied about it, and then disappeared it after it was recovered from President Reagan A mystery, however, that does become explainable when viewing the accounts claiming that President Reagan wasn’t shot by A bullet at all, but by A razor edged dime sized flechette disc deliberately fired at him by one of his own Secret Service body guards ( – accounts, though, long regarded as being conspiracy theories, as no proof existed of such A thing being true that is until President Trump was elected.

Phil Menniti - A Commoners Guide To Defeating The Aristocracy

Phil MennitiA Commoners Guide To Defeating The Aristocracy

In winning his election over Hillary Clinton in 2016, this report further explains, virtually unnoticed by all but the most astute followers of arcane political matters, was that the dictates President Trump was near exactly following to achieve his shock election victory were all prescribed in A little known book called “A Commoners Guide to Defeating the Aristocracy ( – that was published in 2013 and written by Phil Mennitti ( an actually non existent person who describes himself as being A sometimes part time high school substitute teacher, but whom no records exist for – and after President Trump took power in 2017 giving him full access ( to the CIA files on the assassination of President John F Kennedy and the attempted assassination of President Reagan, saw this non existent person Phil Mennitti putting out another book, on 15 June 2017, titled “The Illusion of Democracy: A More Accurate History of the Modern United States” ( whose pages astoundingly read like A CIA case file to include this passage on the attempted assassination of President Reagan (

Reagan was injured A by nearly invisible “flechette – A razor sharp dimesized disc used by the CIA, capable of being fired silently from A pneumatic weapon.

The trajectory of his wound was A forty five degree downward, back to front, left to right path.

The assassin missed Reagan’s heart.

The flechette deflected off A rib, lodging in his lung, missing Reagan’s aorta by about ¼”.

Phil Menniti - The Illusion of Democracy

Phil Menniti – The Illusion of Democracy

The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR, http://government.RU/en/department/112/) examination of the mysterious bookThe Illusion of Democracy: A More Accurate History of the Modern United States”, this report concludes, assessed the majority of its content to have been copied near verbatim from known and or suspected CIA case files having the highest level of secrecy classification with their particularly noting that this book’s cover Art iconography (visual images and symbols) displays A mirror image of President Trump’s thinking process and tactics specifically because chess pieces arranged for attack upon an American Flag, when added to this book’s stunning contents, shows President Trump is fully aware of the dangerous game he’s playing, and he doesn’t intend on losing.

Four Dimensional Chess (foto What does It Mean)

Four Dimensional Chess (foto What does It Mean)

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