Judy Byington – Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill + Declassify The Nation – DECLAS Washington DC

Tunnel under the Washington Obelisk (foto Parler)

Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill

US Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and at least a hundred surviving children from a tunnel system beneath the White House and Capitol Building in Washington DC on Friday 29 January In the early morning hours as body bags were being delivered, multiple troops were seen coming out of the White House with at least a hundred children in tow.

The children were believed to have been sexually abused, tortured and killed by political elites in an elaborate tunnel system that ran beneath Capitol Hill and connected to other systems for 200 miles. All was thought part of an international Child Trafficking Ring run by global and political elites with ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island – that lay next door to Joseph Biden’s Water Island.

A couple of days later in the early morning hours of Monday 1 Februari and with the US functioning under Martial Law, Joe Biden and 464 elected government officials were said arrested and released inside the Capitol Hill area. Capitol Hill had been surrounded in eight foot high barbed wire fencing since Inauguration Day 20 January Washington DC remained guarded by over 30,000 National Guard troops.

Lines of buses with darkened windows took the children away. On Friday morning 5 February Dr Charlie Ward confirmed from his people on the ground at Capitol Hill that the Military did, in fact, rescue children found in rooms and tunnels constructed underneath the White House. Black vans and buses with darkened windows picked up the children for medical treatment and de briefing. Evidently they discovered multiple corpses and a lot of body bags were going into the area.

Since October 2019 tortured, malnourished children and corpses in the tens of thousands have been found in a sophisticated network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) that ran beneath the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia and across Europe. For over a year US Special Forces had been in training for the rescue missions which began on October 16 2019 with the rescue of caged babies and children beneath the China Lake Navy facility in California.

A Military operation of 10,000 Marines and Navy Seals rescued an unbelievable 2,100 children being held in cages in underground tunnels at China Lake. The children and teens were said to have been sexually abused, tortured and killed to collect their Adrenochrome.
Marines, Navy Seals Rescue 2,100 Caged Children, Teens

Other Military operations have recently taken place to rescue children

Oct. 31 2019 Thousands of Children Rescued From Torture by Global Elite Pedophiles

April 9 2020 Over 35,000 Malnourished, Caged Children Rescued Out of US Tunnels by Military

April 21 2020 April 21 2020: Over 50,000 Traumatized Children Rescued by Military Out of Tunnels Beneath US Cities

May 6 2020 Thousands of Tortured Children Rescued and Found Dead by US Military

Aug. 28 2020 Trump Heads Rescue of Thousands of Tortured Children from Underground Tunnels

Sept. 24 2020 Vatican Pedophile Network Closed as Gold Repatriated to US Treasury

Sept. 8 2020 Military Continues Child Rescue Out of Underground Tunnels Across the Globe

Oct. 2020 Global Currency Reset, ILLUMiNATi Taken Down, Millions of Children Rescued

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DECLASS Washington DC

M Metro System Map 2019

Attachment A3 – Geotechnical Data Report

VAT Vibration Report FINAL January 23 2018

United States Underground Cities Bases and Tunnels Systems

Report Downtown Subway Map 1962Accessible Pathways Route 2015 (foto Architect of the Capitol)Capitol Hill Octopus Map (foto Parler)Capitol Complex 2014 (foto Parler)
People Tunnel Map (foto GA Peple Jr)
Capitol Tunnel Map (foto Parler)

Map of The White House en surrounding (foto Parler)ART Location (foto Parler)MAP Washington DC Underground AMTRAK P MARC (foto Peter Dovak)Greater Greater Washington (foto David Alpert)
Tunnels and abandoned places (foto Parler)
Map Showing Proposed Plan of Underground System (foto Parler)

Unusual Spaces – Exploring DC’s Underground Trolley Tracks

Published 23 apr. 2017

Each day, thousands of residents, commuters and visitors traverse Washington DC’s Dupont Circle, one of the most historic and iconic neighbourhoods in the nation’s capital. Below its well traveled streets, however, lies a secret unknown to many who pass above: 75,000 square feet of abandoned tunnels that have remained inaccessible for most of the last 50 years.

Built in the 1940s to alleviate traffic concerns in the growing metropolis above, the tunnels allowed for trolley cars to pass under Dupont Circle and pick up passengers at two below ground stations. Following the closure of the DC’s trolley system in the early 1960s, the tunnels were abruptly abandoned. Apart from a brief, unsuccessful venture in the mid 1990’s to install a food court on the western side of the tracks, the space below Dupont has been largely forgotten by the world above. In the mid 2000’s, a new organisation called the Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground was formed to pursue a new use for the space as a cultural destination. After years of petitioning, the Arts Coalition signed a five year lease with the city in late 2014 that will provide an opportunity to test out possible future uses for the space.

For more information about the development of the Dupont Underground, visit https://dupontunderground.org.

Video by Raymond Schillinger.


reallygraceful – The Forgotten Tunnels Under Washington DC (bizarre)

Published 24 okt. 2019

This video is about Washington DC’s mole man, Dr Harrison Dyar, and the tunnels he dug over the span of twenty years. What do we know about this Smithsonian bug man aside from his scandalous personal life and his favourite way to pass the time?

What happened to Dr Dyar’s catacombs in Washington DC?
Are they still in use today?

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The Forgotten Tunnels Under Washington DC (bizarre) | reallygraceful



National Geographic – Why a Giant Machine Is Digging a Tunnel Under DC

Published 3 jul. 2014

A colossal machine called the “Lady Bird” is boring a huge tunnel under Washington, DC, to channel storm water for treatment, keeping runoff out of the city’s notoriously polluted rivers. The $ 30 million machine is named for Lady Bird Johnson, who, as First Lady of the United States, had advocated for cleaner rivers around the nation’s capital.
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Click to learn more about the “Lady Bird” and the tunnel it’s digging

EDITOR Nick Lunn

Why a Giant Machine Is Digging a Tunnel Under DC | National Geographic

National Geographic


Half as Interesting – The Somewhat Secret Subway System Under the US Capitol

Published 27 jul. 2018

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kpgoog – Tunnel US Capitol to Library of Congress

Published 24 dec. 2014

Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp III Final Allegro moderato
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Published 21 jan. 2019

A very unusual discussion on WASHINGTON DC its history and its many hidden secrets. Some detailed information about is real Esoteric and Occult history and true purpose is provided that you may not find in most historical videos on DC. Today’s topic is “WASHINGTON, DC ITS HISTORY AND ITS MANY HIDDEN SECRETS” and the shift in human consciousness that is taking place across the world. Thank you for listening, and please like and subscribe.


JonLevi – Old World Secrets (Washington DC)

Published 4 aug. 2019

In this video, Old World Secrets, we will explore Washington DC, earthquake induced mud floods, and even a brief segment on Vimanas.

I am uploading the video now and wishing I would have emphasised the fact that the architectural renderings of the monument show the difference in block work beginning at 150 feet up. This issue would not be realised until the project was underway and they would be forced to complete the monument using a different quarried stone (according to the narrative). This seems to prove that the rendering was actually a real depiction and lithograph of the structure.

Thanks for watching and God bless you all!


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