Henry Makow – Corona Virus is Psyop, say Falun Gong + 60 Minutes Australia – Undercover at “Wet Markets,” where C Virus started + ABC | Four Corners – CV sparked global emergency

Well bat soup, let’s see who is really behind this outbreak (foto Henry Makow)

Corona Virus is Chinese Government Psyop, Say Falun Gong

“Fake!  It’s All Fake!” This is what the Chinese are saying about Corona Virus (C V).  The name COVID 19 has meaning, too.  Kovid is a name in Hebrew that means wise. 19 is a spiritual number meaning your goals have just been completed or will soon be completed.  A chapter has just ended and the next chapter will soon begin. Corona Virus is the start of the next phase.
Because I’ve been doing Falun Gong meditation for 12 years, I know a lot of Chinese people. Many were persecuted by the CCP for meditating (http://www.Faluninfo.net).  They’re telling me “it’s just a bad flu” and “there’s no medical reason to lock 700 million people down.”
People on the street in Wuhan were asked  “Are you grateful to the government and the country?What the hell should I be grateful for? They‘re killing us!” is a common response.
People die every day and some die from the flu, but Corona Virus is not even at the level of regular flu yet. As of Monday, only 28 people in the US have died from Corona Virus; many were over 80 years old with critical medical conditions, yet they propose locking down society.  Regular flu was responsible for about 70,000 deaths in the US last year, but no one calls for a lockdown for flu.
There is no logical reason to lock everything down like they did in China, unless eliminating political opposition is the main goal. Lockdowns that are pre announced actually can help spread an epidemic, as infected people flee and bring the illness to new areas.  Self quarantine of at risk groups does work, they should do this on their own.
Another friend who has a business importing Chinese electronics to the US told me “we were down for about two weeks, but everything is now back to normal in China, I have no supply problems.”  Another person in China told a friend, “the CCP is using this to eliminate people using social credit scores”.


Number of Corona Virus cases Worldwide (foto Henry Makov)

Look where the Corona Virus has hit the hardest. China, South Korea, Italy, Seattle, California and New York.  These are all under the sway of the CCP.  Italy is part of China’s “belt and road“; in South Korea, the current president is a supporter of China; in California they recently named the new $ 1.6 Billion San Francisco Chinatown subway station after Rose Pak, a notorious CCP agent.  Seattle even has a large statue of Vladimir Lenin and New York (Flushing) is full of recent Chinese immigrants, many still loyal to the CCP.  Hotbeds of Corona Virus are hotbeds of the CCP.

Notice the low present rates of infection in Latin America, India, Africa and other places that don’t have as much CCP influence.
Corona Virus is ideal for a psy op because it creates fear and terror in the minds of people who are powerless against something potentially fatal that can’t be seen and has no medical treatment. The initial effects have been to end the riots in Hong Kong and keep the CCP going in China (done), damage the US economy to retaliate for tariffs  (happening) and stop Trump’s re election  (happening).


Bill Gates, vaccinations & bioweapons (foto Henry Makov)

All NWO operations follow a proven model: bbsolve the perpetrators of responsibility by pre announcing what you will do (the Gates Foundation hosted Event 201 simulation, where 65 million “died“).

People accepted this disaster, so now it’s their own fault. A drill is run to get assets in place immediately prior to or during the real operation and provide a distraction. This was the purpose of the 2019 World Military Games October 18 27 with participation of 140 countries in Wuhan, China.
Complete Media control directs the narrative to increase fear and negate anything that could expose the operation.  Demean any truth tellers.
Crank up the 50 cent army (China) and the $ 3.50 US based posters of fake online astroturf disinformation. Use crisis actors to make the operation more effective with a human dimension.
Many of the Chinese videos on Twitter and YouTube probably used crisis actors.  The Great Firewall is normally very difficult to get around and Twitter is complicit with the CCP.
The CCP is famous for faking these kinds of events (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nKjGYoXqc4)
Lock down cities and target NWO opposition for elimination (China and Italy so far; USA cities coming).
They died of the flu, then they were conveniently cremated to destroy evidence.
Eliminate older people who consume the majority of benefits from the government (“useless eaters“). They are also more prone to resist the NWO.  Most deaths are over age 60.
In China, there are 34 million surplus men from the abortions and “one child policy.” Men are more susceptible to Corona Virus than women.
Corona Virus is ideal for the NWO. Design the operation as a ritual sacrifice with a burnt offering (the definition of “Holocaust“).
The NWO do this to gain more power from their demons as part of the spells they cast.  Many people in China have been cremated from Corona Virus .

Profit from the economic fallout via stock market front running and sale of products and or services that “prevent it from happening again in the future” (vaccines). The successful operation results in many desired societal changes from a single operation that would otherwise be impossible.  The Hong Kong riots, which threatened to end the reign of the CCP are now mostly over, hard to trace paper money is considered contaminated (hello, digital money), and people are locked in their apartments and easy to pick up or murder.



Jiang Zemin (foto Henry Mak0v)


 The Jiang Zemin (left) gang, which is tied to many very powerful NWO people around the World, created the Wuhan 34 bio weapon lab and released the Corona Virus. They are the Deep State in China and still control many things.
What kind of country would do this to their own citizens The CCP is no stranger to mass murder.  Since 1949, they have systematically killed more than 80 million people in China who opposed them.  Since 1999 to the present, the spiritual practice of Falun Gong has been persecuted by the CCP for practicing Truth, Compassion and Tolerance.  The persecution has been vicious and this includes arrest, torture, detention, forced labor and Organ Harvesting of these peaceful and compassionate people.  This system of persecution is now being brought to the rest of the World.
My sources inside China tell me there is already a vaccine, prepared and tested well in advance of this event (original in Chinese, near bottom of page – edited for readability http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2020/3/2/183476.html).
It takes 12 – 18 months to prepare and test a vaccine, so like Building 7 in 9/11, this clearly shows premeditation.
The deputy mayor of Shanghai told my friend that the cadres at or above the city government level and the front line medical staff have completed the vaccination. They also said that my friend can arrange the vaccination if necessary, but he must sign a confidentiality agreement and disclaimer which cannot be disclosed.
My friend is now convinced that the CCP had already had a vaccine. For example, the Seventh Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China did not wear a face mask; Hubei Governor Wang Xiaodong held a press conference without a face mask; Li Lanjuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in January thatthere is a vaccine.” 
Combining various doubts and news from netizens, we believe the Chinese Communist Party may have a vaccine, but it is not intended for ordinary people. This is likely to be an important measure for the Chinese Communist Party to “eliminate the poor” and enter “a well off society.


Death and salvation come from China.  The CCP, which was created by the cabal, has obtained and deployed a bio weapon Virus for use on the Chinese populace, as well as the rest of the World.
The goal is the final chapter to impose the NWOThis diabolical plot is exposed through the symbolism they employ for their magick, to cast spells; they use ritual burnt offerings (“Holocaust“) to gain more power and bring their plot to completion.
Today, people are making a choice between Good (Falun Gong) and Evil (CCP).  China is center stage of the World and the Evil is getting desperate, it’s only a matter of time before this affair comes to an end, so choose well.

Henry Makow, March 12, 2020

https://www.henrymakow.com/2020/03/Corona Virus is Chinese Government Psyop, Say Falun Gong-is-CPC-Psyop.html

Journalist goes undercover at “wet markets, where the Corona Virus started

Published on 8 mrt. 2020

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World of Pain (2020)

The predictions about the Corona Virus catastrophe grow more ominous by the day, and despite the best efforts of countries like Australia in enacting emergency action plans to contain the disease, its spread continues at a worrying rate. Even the World Health Organization forecasts a World of pain. It says the Corona Virus poses a greater global threat than terrorism. That’s bad enough, but medical experts tell 60 MINUTES it’s actually even more terrifying. Professor Gabriel Leung, who led the fight against the SARS Virus, believes 60 percent of the World’s population could become infected with COVID 19 and that up to 45 million people might die from it. For this story, Liam Bartlett has travelled to Hong Kong and Thailand to find out the likely cause of the disease, as well as the latest ongoing efforts to combat it. At all times he and his crew have followed medical advice and undertaken strict protocols to limit their exposure to potential danger.

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Corona Virus: How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency

Published on 24 feb. 2020

ABC News in Dept

It’s likened to a scene from an Apocalypse. Wuhan – a city more populous than London or New York – placed in ‘lockdown’ following the outbreak of the new and deadly Corona Virus.

In China, more than two thousand people have died, with tens of thousands more infected, and authorities are resorting to extreme measures to try to halt the contagion. In interviews filmed on smartphones, Chinese activists and Australians trapped in the lockdown explain what they are going through.

Four Corners charts how the outbreak occurred and investigates whether a cover up by Chinese authorities allowed the Corona Virus to spread.

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    The world is having a hard time with this pandemic.
    However, there is hope, a guide that will be useful: http://bit.ly/coronavirus-survival-guide
    Good health to all!

  2. Kurt Hubbard-Beale 8 juli 2020 op 06:17

    Clouds of the future, in the present day.

    Astronomical Lies of Biblical masonic deception,
    sleeping world enjoys its enslavement unconsciously,
    as though by default.

    Majority rules is democracy?
    But, the majority insists on immoral high ground
    and is anyway
    the majority manipulated
    toward a certain tyranny.

    Terraforming our once beautiful planet
    into a controlled
    and abberated self criticism, elitism and love of

    An envisioned pretense of
    coincidental hell on Earth.

    Wake up sheeple wake up.
    “Nice clear skies…Nothing to see here,
    Move along, that’s right move along”

    Conspiracy Theory,
    conspire against
    pragmatic research,
    hard fought-for, hard won.

    Government agencies
    working in tandom with
    and dictated to,
    by age old secret societies.

    Owned and controlled
    mass media outlets
    and social platforms
    enforce legitimacy,
    perpetuate and smother
    the propaganda and the lies
    censorship of speech
    and even thought..
    All freedom dies.

    Technocracy surfaces
    as authoritarianism deconstructs
    any and all opposition,
    If you think you’ve heard
    of this before,
    sensed it even
    you may be right,
    you may sense or see
    glimpses of truth still.

    Does it matter that the weather modification projects
    ramped up in earnest
    from the late 1990’s onwards

    employing underground labatories,
    added Aluminum, Mercury,
    Barium, Strontium and more

    are bending, twisting and constructing
    new chemical formulae,
    for ‘we the people’
    to inhale?

    Is this then,
    an almost certain dystopian future
    for their children too?

    For and within patented
    Jet propulsion, Big Oil
    global system,

    “Nice NORMAL skies, just a figment of the imagination – nothing to see here, move along, move along”

    Mass censorship
    is sadly all pervasive
    to the uninformed
    and relative-luxury
    smitten blind,

    A World view bubble,
    Idolatry, Idiocracy
    Creates all sorts
    of trouble.
    Stems from all sorts of
    unexplained places,
    to the ill informed.

    Coupled with government sanctioned vaccinations, impressed upon
    an uninformed majority unwitting general public,
    recruited by their lowered-IQ peers,
    to pass on a sedate
    mocking nonchalance.

    Destruction under the guise
    of Litigation,
    The masses unaware
    ad infinitum.

    Intention is from cause
    And vice versa
    Actions revealing
    what they wish to conceal.

    Providing hitherto
    unseen nor unfathomable
    creeping sickness
    by subversion, attrition.

    Autism in the young and healthy,
    Alsymers in the would be wise
    and ageing,
    much earlier by design.

    Flouridated toothpaste, water and milk
    Is it any wonder
    that our children’s smiles are
    not the same as yesteryear
    How could they ever be again?

    It is not unnoticed if we
    care to look around us though,
    placating toxic narrative
    of fear.

    Agenda driven, driving the sane insane
    at an insidiously unnatural pace
    to an untimely
    early demise,
    of our own species.
    Yet not the one percent
    Elite disillusionment being
    enforced and branded
    upon the rest.

    Humanity as we envision it
    Entirety of mankind,
    That we the human race
    may know
    and be
    emancipated from
    this tyranny though benign.

    Subdued and docile – does not maketh any man,
    Artificially Intelligent
    or otherwise.
    Of organic genuine wholesomeness,
    this must take precedence
    and contains the blueprints of better futures for all.
    Bar none.

    Wake up sheeple.
    Do not be the children
    of the Lie,

    wake up now wake up.

    Kurt H.B March 2019


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