Dark Outpost | David Zublick – Black Eyed Children Real Or Myth? + COVID 19 Vaccinated Parents’ Babies have Black Eyes, Teeth, Speak, walk, and Vampire Like Abilities

Dark Outpost Black Eyed Children Real Or Myth? (foto BitChute)

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Black Eyed Children Real Or Myth?

First published at 23:41 UTC on May 24th, 2021


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Black Eyed Children are an American Contemporary Legend of Paranormal Creatures that resemble Children between ages six and 16, with Pale Skin and Black Eyes, who are reportedly seen Hitchhiking or Panhandling, or are encountered on Doorsteps of Residential Homes. But are they Real? Or just an Urban Myth? And are they Demonic in Nature? Jessie Czebotar will tell us. Peter Kirby continues our Discussion on Chemtrails. Leave the World you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Watch the Full Show at https://watch.darkoutpost.tv!


COVID 19 Vaccinated Parents‘ Babies have Black Eyes, Teeth, Speak, Walk, and Vampire Like Abilities

Children of the Damned (foto Gifer)
COVID 19 Vaccinated Parents‘ Babies have Black Eyes, Teeth, Speak, Walk, and Vampire Like Abilities (foto Before It’s News)

First published at 11:17 UTC on October 7th, 2021.


Intelligence News Update from the Human Homo Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) Headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance Battlefront, October 2021.

Black Eyed Children are being Born to Parents who received the COVID 19 Corona Virus AI “Black Goo” Fallen Angel Gene Nephilim Vaccine and have Supernatural VampireLike Powers

Children born to Parents, who received the iLLUMinNATi New World Order Fake COVID 19 Corona Virus Pandemic Lie Gene Altering AI. “Black Goo Graphene Oxide5G Remote Assassination T Veronica Zombie Virus Biochemical Weapon Borg Vaccine, are being born with Black Eyes and with Feeth, and are able to Crawl at two weeks old, and lift their Heads up a day after being born, and start speaking Words, and levitate their Lower Bodies in the Air, according to David.

These Black Eyed Children do not seem to be Human, but they are Changelings. These Vaccinated People are giving Birth to Nephilim Hybrid Aliens. The Luciferase TattooMark of the BeastPigment can be seen glowing through the Veins of the Vaccinated People using Ultraviolet Light.

Jana BenNun is still assuring Millions of her Followers that the Vaccine is Not the “Mark of the Beast,” and you are not going to lose your Soul, even if you take it, so it is alright, and relax. Many of their Followers, who listen to Jana BenNun and Steven BenNun, are afraid of the COVID 19 Corona Virus killing them, so they are taking the Vaccine by listening to them. David says that the Baby in the Womb will either die or be born a Nephelime Child of the Ascended Master Fallen Angel Devils, just as in Noah’s Atlantis Days. Do Not Let these Blood Drinking “Twilight Saga” Vampire Ascended Master Fallen Angel Devils’ Black Eyed Children into your Home or Car, because they will suddenly appear, and ring the Door Bell, and ask you to be let into your House.

One Mother found a Black Eyed Child sitting next to her Own Child in her Car when she returned to the Car, because her Child gave it Permission to enter her Car. David reports that the New World Order is saying that if you die within two weeks after receiving the COVID 19 Biochemical Weapon Vaccine, you will not be considered a Vaccinated Person. They are making up any kind of Laws they want. Steven & Jana BenNun continues to adamantly guarantee that you will not lose your Soul because the COVID 19 Luciferase tattoo Biometric ID Micro Needle Patch AI “Black Goo” Fourth Vaccine is Not the Mark of the Beast, and that you can still get saved, by taking many Bible Verses Out of Context to prove their Point, even when so many People have told them that they are Wrong and they need to apologise to the Millions of People who took the Vaccine and their Donators.

They do not want to lose all their Christian Ministry Business Donators and their Christian Ministry Business EMP Shield Customers by losing their Reputation, and possibly causing a Riot Mob coming to their Home to lynch them for assuring them that they will not lose their Souls by taking the Vaccine and it is Not the Mark of the Beast. Their “Israeli News LiveListeners who listened to them and took the Vaccine probably did not believe that the Vaccine was really that Dangerous, or they thought that they would just test it out if it is Not the Mark of the Beast, or they were so Scared of the Corona Virus Pandemic and pressured by others to take the Vaccine so they took it when Steven and Jana BenNun assured them that it is Not the “Mark of the Beast” and that they will not lose their Soul iLLUMiNATi New Age Gnostic Polytheist Christians like Steven & Jana BenNun are Money Makers.

Their Gods Sananda Jesus and Isis and Christ Consciousness and Jezebel and Mammon are Business Oriented. Repent and Receive Jesus as Savior, and make straight the Way of the Lord!. End of Transmission

ChristianRapture, Rumble, October 2021

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