Benjamin Fulford – It’s getting biblical folks as Pope vanishes, Mecca shuts down for the first time in history

Princess Elizabeth, 21, and Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh

It’s getting Biblical, folks, as Pope vanishes, Mecca shuts down for the first time in history

The events that are now unfolding have gone beyond black swan and become Biblical in their proportions.

In the Islamic World, Mecca has shut down for the first time in history (

Among the Christians, the pope has vanished and Queen Elizabeth has gone into hiding (see the very revealing letter to the editor following this report that may explain the real reason she is hiding).

Meanwhile, the Jews are being liberated for the first time in 5,780 years as they oust Satan worshipping Benjamin Netanyahu from power (

The trigger for these events was a refusal by the Chinese people, on February 16th, 2020, to pay any further tribute to the ancient Satanic bloodline families. This happened when Chinese leaders told the United States Corporation they would not ship any more physical stuff unless they are paid with things that actually exist in the real World. In other words, they broke the ancient Satanic money magic illusion.

The so called pandemic that ensued was a combination of a biological and electromagnetic Warfare retaliatory attack on China. Although the attack apparently caused mass casualties in Wuhan, it failed to intimidate or bow the Chinese people.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian publicly asked:

When did patient zero begin in the US? How many people are infected? What are the names of the hospitals? It might be the US Army that brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make public your data! The US owes us an explanation!

For a government spokesperson to say such things is tantamount to a declaration of War (see the late breaking news below for the answer by the US white hats).

What people are now witnessing is a desperate battle by the ancient ruling Satanic bloodlines to scare people back into submission with pandemic fear porn. For example, when I looked at the first 40 stories on the international news Reddit feed, 35 of them were about the so called pandemic.

One Pentagon source observed:

The extremely long list of celebrities and first ladies (Spain, Canada) all coming out to announce that they allegedly have Covid 19. So many in fact it’s absolutely ludicrous, considering that they never frequent the subway or mingle with the unwashed and the deplorable. The list included over 157 people, which doesn’t compute with the true statistics of non celebrities diagnosed with it.

Let’s stop for a minute to think rationally about this so called pandemic. Every year about 15 million people die from respiratory ailments. Even conservative estimates say the flu kills over 300, 000 people annually. And yet here we have extreme hysteria over a few thousand deaths of people whose average age is 80 years old (

What is really going on is a global slave revolt against ancient Satanic bloodline ruling families who are now being systematically hunted down by special forces, according to multiple sources.

Already, many of the ancient bloodline families are trying to negotiate surrender terms, P3 and White Dragon Society sources say. “Old black nobility families are ready to surrender, ” confirms Vincenzo Mazzara of the P3. The Rothschilds and other families hiding in Switzerland and New Zealand are also negotiating surrender, WDS sources say.

We are also hearing tales from the Gnostic iLLUMiNATi and the P3 Freemasons of a War that has been raging for thousands of years. They say planet Earth was placed under quarantine thousands of years ago after a powerful entity (…) fled to the surface and enslaved a group of humans. This entity is what is referred to in the Bible as Satan, according to them. The people they enslaved are what we refer to as the Jews, they say.

A more rational, scientific explanation is that an ancient group of human slavers has been running a monotheistic scam to enslave a huge percentage of the World’s population. These families split into squabbling factions we know as Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, and Jews. That is why the ongoing revolt against their collective rule can be called Biblical.

We have been stuck on this planet for thousands of years and all we can do is repeat the same old strategies over and over again, ” one senior Satanist admits. That is why they have tried bird flu, ebola, zika, and other pandemic scares one after the other in recent years to keep the population intimidated, he admits.

This has been going on at least since the engineered “Spanish Flupandemic of 1918, which only killed young soldiers who had been vaccinated.

For another example, take a look at the “CBS 60 MINUTES” documentary on the swine flu epidemic of 1976 in the US.  It went on air only once and was never shown again. Listen to the testimony of people who experienced Guillain Barre paralysis because of the swine flu vaccine. They sued the US government for damages. The 500 cases of Guillain Barre paralysis, including 25 deaths – were not due to the swine flu itself – but as a direct result of the vaccine. At the time President Gerald Ford, on advice from the CDC, called for vaccinating the ENTIRE population of the United States (

So please do not let them carry out (mandatory) mass vaccinations on the pretext of a (fake) ‘deadly pandemic‘ because that will cause a real pandemic.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening to their financial system. The chart at the link below shows what’s happening now in red, as compared to what happened in previous bear markets. It’s clear this is no ordinary financial crisis (

This quote from Zero Hedge illustrates how the Federal Reserves monetary illusion has evaporated:

After firing the biggest emergency “shock and awe” bazooka in Fed history (, one which was meant to restore not just partial but full normalcy to asset and funding markets, Emini futures are not only not higher, but tumbling by the -5% limit down (”

CIA sources say the Dow Jones Industrial average will have to fall to at least one third of its peak value in order to be in line with historical trends.

With the US no longer getting ships full of real goods in exchange for its illusory “money of account” fractional reserve lending “digital credit” money, it is a mathematical certainty that stores will become empty and major US banks will go bust (

Now let’s look at reports about the ongoing secret War from the Pentagon and CIA. Here is a summary of the action from one Pentagon source:

“The Zionists are on their deathbeds as Harvey Weinstein gets sentenced to 23 years in prison in NY, paving the way for convictions in LA.

Since Prince Andrew is a naval officer who aided Jeffrey Epstein but refused to cooperate with the DOJ, and the Queen was locked out of Windsor Castle, UK Royals may be renditioned by the US Military since they are also Military officers.

Italy is apparently under US Military protection while the country is under lockdown (…) its Army chief succumbed to Corona Virus infection, and the Vatican needs to be cleansed of gays, Satanists, and pedophiles.

Antim family, anti Christian Hollywood is under assault as Disney theme parks and movie theaters close, and film productions shut down. Tom Hanks and his wife got infected with the coronavirus, Nicole Kidman moves back down under, and Stephen Spielberg may be exposed for his crimes with children.”

Even more shocking is this report that came from the CIA just as this blog was about to go live:

“This morning at 4:30 AM, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was served a criminal indictment by the US for corporate and financial crimes. Media owners were instructed to brainwash everyone that Trudeau and his wife are infected with the Corona Virus and they won’t be leaving their house for a while.

Tom Hanks was arrested 48 hours ago for pedophilia and he is currently being held in a hotel room in Australia, unwilling to fly back to the USA. The next celebrity arrests will be Celine Dion, Madonna, Charles Barkley, and Kevin Spacey. All will claim Corona Virus infections.

Italy’s airports have been completely shut down, as over 80 Vatican and financial officials have been served the same criminal indictments for financial crimes, pedophilia, child trafficking, and sexual abuse.

The United Arab Emirates have completed mass arrests of their own Royal Family and affiliates.

Convicted Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein agreed to a deal in exchange for his testimony against hundreds of top Hollywood celebrities for their involvement in the drug business, pedophilia, and child trafficking. Instead of a 55 year sentence, he only received a 23 year sentence. In exchange, he provided testimony against some of the biggest and most powerful names, including Prince Andrew of the UK, former president Bill Clinton, former vice president Joseph Biden, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Sheen, Bob Saget, Kevin Spacey, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, John Podesta, NXIVM and PIZZAGATE sex trafficking clubs, and hundreds more who all were directly involved with Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein was similarly allowed to make a deal and have his suicide in prison faked in exchange for his testimony.

CEO’s of some major World corporations have been indicted or arrested, and some have been forced to resign – all in the last 30 60 days – such as the CEO’s of the NBA, Harley Davidson, the Bill Gates Foundation, Intel, McDonald’s, Cesar Awards, Disney, and the Vatican Chief of Police among others. Approximately 700 800 more resignations are coming in the next three months.

The lab engineered ‘Novel Corona Virus‘ was the cover story for a mandatory vaccination agenda. Now it has become the biggest covert US Intelligence operation the World has ever seen. This massive – 158,000 arrests – operation will capture and remove the biggest evil and corrupt politicians, celebrities, and CEO‘s, including global elites and bankers such as George Soros, UN officials, and the founders of ‘GRETA Inc.

President Trump will win the 2020 election, and arrests of former US presidents will occur in early 2021. All major arrests will be portrayed by the Media as accidental or as conspiracy theories. All arrested individuals will be given “Rommel Death“, meaning that they will have a choice between their death bring portrayed to the public as a suicide or an accidental death in return for assurances that his or her reputation will remain intact. Alternatively, they can choose to face a criminal trial that would result in public disgrace.

Some top religious leaders will be arrested or forced to resign, and some will suddenly ‘get sick.’ The Vatican will be the first, and the Pope will be removed in 2020. The distribution of extracted human Adrenochrome will be revealed, and Hollywood and the Vatican will be exposed as being directly responsible.

There will be a two month complete shutdown of the World’s most common operations, such as schools, the stock exchange, some banks, airports, shipping, travel, events, galas, expos, sport games, sport championships, music award ceremonies, NBA, NHL, Baseball games, and ship cruises. There will be food shortages and staged electricity power loss. Gas prices will go down, food costs will go up, insurance will go up, gold and silver stocks will fall, and many corporations will either go bankrupt or take a significant financial loss, such as in the case of what’s about to happen to Air Canada, Disney, and Coca Cola.”

Nancy Pelosi as toilet Queen (foto YouTube)

Nancy Pelosi as toilet paper Queen, see her earrings (foto YouTube)

Other unconfirmed tidbits from Intelligence Agency sources are as follows:

Nancy Pelosi died within the last 24 hours. The Corona Virus will most likely be reported as the cause of death when the public announcement is made.

Steven Mnuchin will be removed very soon. He is an agent of the Khazarian cabal. The time has come to cut him loose as he knows too much about their inside dealings, including thefts from the US Treasury. Will he succumb to the Corona Virus?

Boeing Company will go under. It is finished. All aircraft service centers will be shut down globally. Maintenance facilities will be closed globally. Aircraft sales have already stopped. Leases canceled. Boeing will bring down Lockheed Martin. They have their tentacles circling the globe. This will bring down the cabal“.

Oil can drop to $ 5 a barrel as nobody wants it anymore. New technologies are ready to be released.”

It is finally happening, humanity is waking up from a long and terrible nightmare.

March 16, 2020

Deathbed confession rewrites British WWII history

A former colonel in the United States Air Force, Leroy Fletcher Prouty served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F Kennedy.

This is a statement from Fletcher Prouty on his deathbed, written down as he dictated.

Lord Rothschild sent his five sons to the World’s capitals to instigate Wars and then loan the money to carry them out. Before a World War, the banks claw back every penny to them lend out at profit in the conflict.

The 1917 Russian revolution is sometimes called the Jewish revolution because the Jews used communism to seize the country and the Czar’s huge monetary assets in the London and Paris banks. The remit of communism was to take the wealth of the people, rich and poor, and consolidate it in the hands of a very few called the elite, but done in such a way that the people thought it was being done for them. RUssia was robbed and thousands of churches were pillaged and burned, and millions of Christians murdered.

Rothschild then concentrated on Britain, clawing out the money where the Jarrow hunger marches were in protest over those dying of starvation. Lord Rothschild told his homosexual apostles that a communist government was coming to Britain, and he predicted it by the year 2000. He told them it may not be called that but that is what it would be.

Germany under Adolf Hitler broke free of the international bank scammers and declared its own currency and the amazing success of this made the bankers worry as other countries could follow suit, & many in England wanted to adopt the German economic system. Charles Lindberg wanted to introduce it to the USA. Lindberg was a hot favorite to run for political office, but the Jews took his baby son and in a Passover sacrifice of Rosh Chodesh on March 1st ritually murdered the child. Lindberg had to retire from the election race, and a halfwit German national was charged with the crime and executed.

So New York and London became the main areas of the Jewish rebellion against the Germans who dared to throw out the Jewish bankers.  Jewish led newspapers joined Hollywood and the BBC in issuing hate propaganda to initiate a War on Germany.  This despite Neville Chamberlain’s four year secret study into the aims and directives of the Third Reich, showing Germany had no intentions toward Britain, only to stop the constant threat of the Soviet communists.

Lord Rothschild from around 1933, but in particular in 1936, had bulletins read out in every synagogue across the UK saying Jewish people prepare for War, get into any manufacturing concern that will accommodate this.  Herbert Morrison (Peter Mandelson’s grandfather) was posted by Winston Churchill as Home Office Procurement Minister who made sure all MOD contracts went to fellow Jews.
 Jews were told especially from 1936 to buy up any small manufacturing concerns like making boots helmets shell cases uniforms weaponry etc. as War was coming.

The Home Office would send out the order for what it wanted to these firms who would then say how much in materials it needed to complete the task.  They always ordered almost double the material needed and some of these Jewish firms found themselves very rich by the War’s end.  These Jews would bribe members of parliament to demand the government order more uniforms, more Hillman staff cars, more rifles or more Army shirts or whatever the Jewish owner wanted to sell more of.

It was only after the War when huge stocks of army surplus took 25 years to sell off that the penny dropped that the Jews had robbed the British people again.
 I myself saw an East End button making firm’s Wartime books, they made buttons for Military tunics, and the profits were astronomical. Some firms were using sheets of non ferrous metal, from Wartime orders into the early 1960‘s. One firm had a contract to make so many million gas masks, and to complete that contract were still making them in 1968; they all lay rotting in a leaky warehouse.

This is why Jews were called ‘War profiteers’ and what they gained in this way, be it food for workers or whatever, was often sold for cash. And this was why Jews were called the ‘black marketeers.’

Churchill’s bodyguard Walter Thompson said Marks & Spencers dealt with all MOD food supplies, and Burton tailoring made all the uniforms and demob suits. Monetary kickbacks went to Herbert Morrison, Winston Churchill, and Lord Lendeman.

However, King George V was not happy with the Jews push for War, and began to speak openly that he had seen his country smashed in WWI and would not allow it again.  So Winston Churchill and Lord Rothschild spoke to the King’s doctor Bertrand Dawson who gave the King a fatal dose of morphine.  However, the King realized what they had done and his last words were to DawsonGod damn you!‘
 This murder was a state secret, but once I had been told of it, the official statement was then released that the King was dying and they just sped his death up to meet the morning papers’ deadline. Justice was later served, as Lord Dawson of Penn was himself silenced in March 1945.

King Edward VIII we are told had to abdicate to marry Wallace Simpson. This is a lie. He was forced out by Churchill because he kept trying to make peace with Germany.

Neville Chamberlain, listed as the most popular Prime Minister ever and one who wanted to keep Britain out of the War, died mysteriously in November 1940. His death certificate said, ‘causes unspecified.’  It’s such nonsense for the most important man in the land to have this written on his death certificate, so it was later changed to ‘bowel cancer.’

Churchill’s bodyguard Walter Thompson claimed before his death that the deaths of Chamberlain, King George V, Mahatma Ghandi and the intelligence chief Vernon Kell, were among a batch of murders ordered by Lord Rothschild for Churchill to oversee.

The Churchill gang killed FDR according to Stalin, too!

The Epoch Times interviewed a Wuhan resident trapped at home for 40 days. Aid is not available. With two young children, money running out, door nailed shut from outside, even though they are not infected. The despair is hard to imagine.
Mr. Pan Basically, my savings are almost used up. I have to find someone to borrow money from when it’s gone. The food is so expensive. I can’t even go out to beg in the street. No one is on the street!
Journalist You can’t go out, right?
Mr. Pan Right. The door is nailed shut completely.
Journalist Do they deliver the groceries?
Mr. Pan There are two separate issues. The first one is that food is quite expensive. Second, where does money or finance come from? There’s no money. Who can afford it? Who would sell to you? The third one, go begging. I was ready to beg for food, I would take my family out to beg for food. But how? I can’t even go out.
Mr. Pan I am not ill. I have made it clear. My dad is infected. Not me, I am normal. Why can’t I have the right to live? Who can tell me? I’m in the house every day now. What can I do? Wait for death?
Journalist This is inhumane to trap people at home.
Mr. Pan
This is the situation now. Has anyone called me and asked after me? No one cares about us. I haven’t seen one grain of rice from relief aid, let alone anything else. What donations? What disaster relief? Nothing! I have two children and we have not received even a grain of rice!
Journalist How can people live like that?
Mr. Pan
It is not just me, I have asked around, it’s the same for everyone else. No one has received a grain of rice. So what is the government doing? Today is the 40th day, and it will be another forty days.
Journalist Is the epidemic still so serious that it has to be closed for another 40 days?
Mr. Pan I don’t know. No one has reported about the epidemic. If the epidemic was not serious, the door would be open! The logic is very simple. Open the door, let everyone out to live a normal life? Nail up the door! doesn’t that mean it is still very serious now. What’s there to ask?
Journalist The power will be off automatically without money?
Mr. Pan Yes, of course. It’s bundled with my mobile phone, it deducts automatically. If you don’t believe me, I can show you the phone. My life is really difficult now, what can I do if my three year old girl is out of baby formula?
Journalist If it continues, the common people’s life is (…)
Mr. Pan I think I am an individual. People is a derogatory term. I am not just a person. I am an individual. My last name is MPan. My son and daughter are also surnamed MPan. I have a name. How can I just be a common person? Everyone has a first name, right? This Is the Way.
Journalist This is a very common situation there?
Mr. Pan My father has not received anything either, nor have my in laws. My family and relatives have nothing, neither my brothers and sisters all have nothing. If anyone had received a grain of rice, they would tell me.
Journalist Where are those donated supplies?
Mr. Pan Ask Heaven, how would I know? (So many donations from various places.) There are about 17 or 18 people in my family. We speak on the phoneno one has received any so called donated materials. They didn’t even get a grain of rice. My father has coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. He can’t go out. He can’t stay in the hospital. What kind of society is this!
Journalist: It was said to introduce some policy?
Mr. Pan Since the lockdown began I have not received a grain of rice. I made a lot of phone calls, they were all recorded. This is my situation now. Who can I complain to? If I scold this party and this government, I would go to jail, to put it seriously, they could say that I overturned the state power, what could I do then?
Journalist You can’t even afford the rice, how could you overturn the state?
Mr. Pan I am an individual. I have children, I have a family, and I have parents. What should I do? In other words, there are both elderlies and youngsters at home.
Journalist Right, there are so many people like you now. You have to wait until the end of April?
Mr. Pan This society is not human, it is hell. We are boiled in hell, waiting for trial, or waiting for the fire to burn us, just to die. We are very scared, because the Corona Virus is ubiquitous. Getting infected is very troublesome.
marvin fundenberger
Corona Virus fear porn. Can anyone update?
 OK. Just discovered, this is a second post. LOL! Headed over to this week’s report now.
On really late this week, but I’m number 21? Where is everyone? Hope all are doing well this week!
When did this confession take place I wonder? What year?
What I’m getting is the people with Reptilian souls are going to use all the credit they can get and buy as many physical things as they can and try to take it all off planet. They and all the other beings here that have low souls (no empathy, can’t go to 4th density: 5th dimension) are going to try to leave our solar system. They will be blocked and wait on a base, that is on one of those planets beyond Pluto. When planetary ascension takes place, they will all die, if they can’t get out of our solar system.
Leland Roth
 Of course, there aren’t Souls that G💖D created that are Repilitian whatsoever. S💖ULs may choose to have Repilitian lower bodies to begin their long home journey home, however, back to G💗D. 🎶

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Good morning from Texas. Pneumonia & flu seems popular hereabouts. Kind of strange. Thank you Ben for your report.
Warren Reynolds was Parade Magazine publisher I was referencing above in Ben’s post taken from his last week’s report that Zanderboy & I commented on. 🎶
Thanks for reposting the information Ben. 💖
Greencastle, Ind. – Warren J Reynolds, a 1939 graduate of DePauw University, has been named publisher of Parade, a Sunday newspaper magazine. The publication has weekly distribution of nearly 13 million copies through 77 papers.
Reynolds joined Parade in 1947 as a member of the Chicago sales staff and became manager of that office in 1954. He transferred to New York as assistant publisher in 1960, was elected to the board of directors in 1962, and the following year was appointed vice president.
Leland Roth
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Two posts from Benjamin Fulford, how lucky we all are, it’s like Christmas
 I did a two hour video with Alfred yesterday, but he says it will take awhile to get it up as he is trying to get earlier ones up. My wife felt weird and insisted on going to medical today, I couldn’t talk her out of it. She didn’t have shortness of breath or any of the other signs of the Corona Virus that everyone is worried about. There was tons of hoops to jump through as everyone was worried about the Corona Virus. Lucky my wife was first in line, but it still took two hours and the doctor said she didn’t have anything and prescribed something for her cold symptoms. She is just afraid from hearing so much stuff online from her Cambodian friends. Being scared makes everything much worse and that was her problem, so don’t be scared or worried and things will go better.
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03 15 2020 Disclosures with Peter the Insider
Jessica Arael Marrocco
Hello everyone, today Peter joins us again to continue the discussion about the matrix breaking down, he gives us more background information about what is going on and he gives us a few ways to help manifest the best possible outcome. Thank you for listening, and please continue to uphold the highest unlimited potential for humanity.
March 16, 2020 9:14 PM
Thank you, Ben.
March 16, 2020 9:12 PM


February 9, 1986 issue of the nationwide Sunday Supplement magazine “PARADE.”

The World War II Cairo conference between Pres. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ended on Oct.  26, 1943.  That evening I was given orders to fly a group of participants from Cairo to Tehran.  Up to that time, I had not been aware that there was going to be a Big Four meeting of the Super Powers in Tehran.

As I went out to the plane that morning to get it ready to go, two limousines came from the city. They were TV Soong’s Chinese delegates. I flew them to Tehran that day.

En route, I stopped at Habbaniyah in Iraq for refueling, and while on the ground an Air Force B25 arrived with an old friend of mine flying it, and with Luitenant Colonel Elliott Roosevelt, the President’s son.  I introduced him and Roosevelt to the Chinese, and vice versa.

I don’t know whether any of you ever realized this, but years later the fact that Elliott Roosevelt had gone to the Tehran conference brought up one of the most amazing untold facts in our history. I can only imagine why more had not been written about it.

Because Elliott had met Joseph Stalin in Tehran with his father in 1943, in late 1946, Gardner Cowless, publisher of LOOK magazine asked him to go to Moscow to interview Stalin.

Roosevelt accepted this offer and did interview Stalin there. At the end of a long interview, he turned to the Generalissimo and asked one more question, “Why is it that my mother has never been permitted to visit Moscow even though she has made three very formal applications for the trip?

Stalin glared at Elliott and said, “You don’t know why?

Elliott replied, “No!

Quickly, Stalin responded, “Don’t you know who killed your father?

Roosevelt shocked answered, “No.”

Stalin rising from his chair, continued, “Well, I’ll tell you why I have not invited her here.  As soon as your father died, I asked my ambassador in Washington to go immediately to Georgia with a request to view the body.Stalin believed that if Gromyko could see the body he would confirm that the cerebral hemorrhage that had caused his death had caused extensive discoloration and distortion.

Elliot responded that he knew nothing about that and then Stalin said, “Your mother refused to permit the lid of the coffin to be opened so that my ambassador could see the body.” Adding “I sent him there three times trying to impress upon your mother that it was very important for him to view the President’s body. She never accepted that. I have never forgiven her.”

This forced Elliott to ask this last question, “(…) but why?

Stalin took a few steps around the office, and almost in a rage roared, “They poisoned your father, of course, just as they have tried repeatedly to poison me.”

They, who are they,” Elliot asked

The Churchill gang!Stalin roared, “They poisoned your father, and they continue to try to poison me (…) the Churchill gang!

I had heard, while in Tehran, that Roosevelt and Churchill had had a strenuous argument in front of Stalin and Chiang during the conference on the subject of decolonization of South East Asia. I have read it in a government publication of the time.  Then, this account of Elliott’s visit to Moscow in 1946 was written and signed by him and appeared in the February 9, 1986 issue of the nationwide Sunday Supplement magazine “PARADE.”
PS Many of us – including several future billionaires ~ grew up as very close friends of Parade Magazine publisher’s brother & his wonderful family – who also worked for Parade Magazine back then in Edina, Minnesota )
Reason? Just go to the BIS (the granddaddy of Rothschild’s banking empire) history in Wikipedia &they’ leave that info right there for EVERYONE to see.
The 1944 Bretton Woods Conference recommended the “liquidation of the Bank for International Settlements at the earliest possible moment”.  This resulted in the BIS being the subject of a disagreement between the US  and British delegations. The liquidation of the bank was supported by other EUropean delegates, as well as Americans (including Harry Dexter White and Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau JR). [11] But it was opposed by John Maynard Keynes, head of the British delegation.
Keynes went to Morgenthau hoping to prevent or postpone the dissolution, but the next day it was approved. However, the liquidation of the bank was never actually undertaken. [12] In April 1945, the new US president Harry S Truman ended US involvement in the scheme. The British government suspended the dissolution, and the decision to liquidate the BIS was officially reversed in 1948. [13].


Mein Mann und ich sind jetzt seit ungefähr sieben Jahren verheiratet. Wir waren glücklich verheiratet und hatten zwei Kinder, einen Jungen und ein Mädchen. Vor drei Monaten bemerkte ich merkwürdiges Verhalten von ihm und einige Wochen später stellte ich fest, dass mein Mann jemanden sah. Er kam spät von der Arbeit nach Hause, kümmert sich nicht mehr um mich oder die Kinder, manchmal geht er aus und kommt für zwei drei Tage nicht einmal nach Hause. Ich habe alles getan, um dieses Problem zu beheben, aber nicht umsonst. Ich wurde sehr besorgt und brauchte Hilfe. Eines Tages, als ich im Internet suchte, stieß ich auf eine Website, auf der Dr. Padman vorschlagen konnte, Eheprobleme zu lösen, zerbrochene Beziehungen wiederherzustellen und so weiter. Ich hatte das Gefühl, ich musste es versuchen. Ich habe ihn kontaktiert und er hat mich verzaubert. Zwei Tage später kam mein Mann zu mir und entschuldigte sich für das Unrecht, das er begangen hatte und versprach, es nie wieder zu tun. Seitdem hat sich alles wieder normalisiert. Meine Familie und ich leben wieder glücklich zusammen. Vielen Dank an Dr. Padman. Wenn Sie einen Zauberwirker benötigen, der in der Lage ist, einen Zauber zu wirken, der wirklich funktioniert, sollten Sie ihn kontaktieren. Er wird dich nicht enttäuschen. Hier ist seine email oder, WhatsApp +1 949 229 386


Meer informatie’s