Yael Deckelbaum – Women Of The World Unite (Official Video)

Women of the World Unite (Official Video)

Published 8 mrt 2020

Yael Deckelbaum

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Official Music Video

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Women of the World Unite

There’s an Secret Remedy
Hiding Underneath the Trees
In the Seed Form Which We Came Together
Women of the World Unite!

Cast Aside for Centuries
Bound in Chains of Slavery
Waiting for the Roots to Come Together
Women of the World Unite!

For the Sake of Humanity, Unite!
In the Name of Integrity, Unite!
To Retrieve our Felicity, Unite!
And Our Love of Diversity, Unite!
Use Your Gifts with Wisdom, Unite!
For the Future of Our Children, Unite!
To Protect our Planet, Peace, Unite!

With Your AncientWwisdomm Unite!
With Your Natural Rhythmm Unite!
With the Light You Have Hidden
A New Wave has Come
Elevate Your Power
Like A Beautiful Flower
Free the Love that Brings Us All Together
Women of the World Unite!

Now the Seeds Began to Sprout
Women of the World We Shout
Races and Religions Come Together
Women of the World Unite

Stand Up for the Tree of Life
Hug the Darkness with Our Light
We can Heal Our Pain When We’re Together
Women of the World Unite!

Calling All Our Sisters, Unite!
And Magnificent Brothers, Unite!
Each and Every Mother, Unite!
And Courageous Daughter, Unite!
In the Darkest Hours, Unite!
Liberate Your Powers, Unite!
Give A Voice to Sanity, Unite!
Celebrate Fumanity, Unite!

With Our Ancient Wisdom, Unite!
With Our Natural Rhythm, Unite!
With the Life We Have Given
A New Wave has Come
Elevate Your Power
Like A Beautiful Flower
Free the Love that brings Us All Together
Women of the World Umite

With the Flowers
With the Leaves
With the Spiders the Birds and the Bees
With the Mountains
With the Sea
With the Valleys the Roots of the Trees
With Our Passion
With Our Wombs
With the Sun and the Earth and the Moon
With the Living with the Dead
With the Stars
the Mother of All Mothers
Who Gave Birth to It All
From her Soul From her Body From her Blood
From the Depth of Our Pain to Infinity
Hides the Key
That Brings Us to the Garden

Of Our Ancient Wisdom
And Our Natural Rhythm
With the Life We have Given
A New Wave has Come
Elevate Your Power
Like A Beautiful FlowerAll Together
Women of the World Unite!

Women of the World Unite


Lyrics by Yael Deckelbaum
Music by Yael Deckelbaum & Adam Ben Amiti
Musical Production, Arrangements, Guitars, Bass and Samples Adam Ben Amitai
Drums Karen Teperberg
Cello Leat Sabbah
Lead and Back Vocals Yael Deckelbaum


The Mothers”: Meera Eilabuni, Batchen Edri, Daniel Rubin, Yirat Yaakov, Adaluz Khouriyeh, Einat Harel, Tal Sandman
South Africa: Nolufefe Mtshabe, Tina Mene, Noluthando Xesha, Siya Mpisekaya, Abulele Matu, Sihle Nceka, Zodwa Mjuleni, Sinesihle Kula
More Vocals Mika Sade, Maya Johanna, Jenny Penkin

Trombone Maayan Milo
French Horn Shachar Ziv
Trumpet Itamar Ben Yakir

Recorded by Marco Gurkan at Kichastudios, Israel
South Africa Choir Recorded by Daniel Eppel of Edible Audio, Cape Town ZA

Mix and Master Ronen Hillel – iScream Studio

Video Clip Credits
Edited by Yael Deckelbaum
Studio Shooting Zohar Ron
Makeup Gitla Brushel
Animation by Nina Pale From Seder Masochism – Link to original movie – https://archive.org/details/sedermaso ()
Styling Consultant  Rakefet Levi

Marching Footages Filmed by
Gil Shani
Amnon Haas
Julia Buschmann
Gustavo Guedes de Castro
Omer Shalev
Mujeres Tejiendo La Paz.
Video Production TomakToma
Yair Moss, Noam Chokonovski, Danny Shechtman
Drone Footage from lo spirito festival – Italy
Additional Footage Licensed by Screenocean, Ruptly, AP

Countries in Which Marches Took Place
Israel Palastine
South Africa
Saudi Arabia

Winning Israeli Canadian Singer Song Witer and Activist. Known as A Founding Member of  Habanot Nechamam, an Israeli Folk Band Who’s Self Titled Album went Platinum in Israel with Over 40,000 Records Sold. Yael has Performed on the Same Stage with Sir George Martin, Suzanne Vega, Chris Cornell, Livingston Taylor, Tom Chaplin, Bobby McFerrin, Matisyahu, Gregory Porter. She has Released 4 solo Albums and Participated in Several Influential Albums within Israel.

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