William Reed – DISCLOSURE 2024, Syllabus, Updated April 5, 2024

DISCLOSURE 2024, Syllabus, Updated April 5, 2024

Links to All Pascal Najadi and Derek Johnson’s Work

The Creator of this Page is Not an Insider. I’m Only an Internet Researcher Who wanted Fellow Researchers to Have A Syllabus to Save Time. All These Links Relate to the DISCLOSURE Information from the Sources Pascal Najadi & Derek Johnson. I have Reviewed All this Source Material and Believe It is True. Research the Proof they Claim in Official Government Documents, Executive Orders, Military Actions and Protocols, et cetera.

For Those Familiar with the Narrative from The Great Awakening, Nesara | Gesara, Q Anon, Jump Right into the DISCLOSURE 2024, Syllabus. For Those Unfamiliar with this Narrative, or Conspiracy Theories in General Please Read the Summary of the DISCLOSURE 2024 Narrative. It also Includes the Narrative of the Rumored Martial Law Event Coming Very Soon. Please Keep A 2 Week Supply of Food and Water for the Temporary Lockdown Rumored to Occur during the DISCLOSURE EVENT. A Summary of the DISCLOSURE 2024 Narrative is at the Bottom of this Syllabus.

Pascal Najadi Seems to Be the 1st Public face of Space Force in DISCLOSURE. He is A Former Swiss Air Force Officer and Investment Banker who is in the article and Video Links. Pascal Confirms in the Latest Nnterview N° 21 and Onward that he is Working with the Space Force. Pascal Najadi Continues to Release New Videos on RUMBLE @ https://rumble.com/user/neutralswiss

Telegram @
Truth Social @




Derek Johnson is A US Military Veteran and is the Author of several PDF Books on the Website 1776 NATION https://thedocuments.info/
There you will Find 11 PDF Books Showing Various Parts of “THE PLAN” There is Quite A Bit of Reading Here. I would Start with Optics 101. Derek’s Work helps us Understand the Official Government Documents, Executive Orders, Military Actions and Protocols that Allowed this Global Military Operation to Operate Covertly.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rattletrap1776
X TwitterTwitter https://twitter.com/rattletrap1776

The Midnight Rider Rides Again” by Derek Johnson https://rattletrap1776.myshopify.com/products/the-midnight-rider-rides-again

Suggested Order to Watch

Read Articles N° 1 and N° 2. Then Videos N° 3, N° 4 and N° 5, All Short Videos.

Skip to Videos N° 26 – N° 36 Most Recent Disclosures, All Short Videos, Plus the Julian Assange Disclosures.
Video N° 6, 80 Minutes Documentary about Trump’s Covert Operations in the First 4 Years. By Good Lion Films.
It Explains the Covert Military Plan based on Derek Johnson’s Material.
Watch Interviews Backward. N° 25 – N° 7, Interviews Tend to Be Long, Around 1 Hour Each, They give Extra Details, but Save These for Last if You are Short on Time.
N° 25 The Most Important Interview. About Graphene Oxide Poisoning We All Have and What We Need to Do to Detox.



Former Swiss Air Force Officer Pascal Najadi Announces the Imminent Surfacing of the Covert US Led Defense War Operation #STORM in Public Address at the Tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte in Paris,  January 2024

Link N° 1
https://therealpreneur.com/politics/former-swiss-air-force-officer-pascal-najadi-announces-the-imminent-surfacing-of-the-covert-us-led-defense- war-operation-storm-in-public-address-at-the-tomb-of-napoleon-bonaparte-in-paris-in-january/?amp=1
Link N° 2
https://ventsmagazine.com/2024/01/22/former-swiss-air-force-officer-pascal-najadi-announces-military-justice-intervention-in-a-public-address-a t-the-tomb-of-napoleon-bonaparte-in-paris-on-friday-january-19th-2024/



Pascal Najadi “Global US Military Operation #STORM Reality in 2024

Link N° 1 https://jons-wilson.medium.com/pascal-najadi-global-us-military-operation-storm-reality-in-2024-21a95372ad7b

Link N° 2 https://huffmag.com/pascal-najadi-global-us-military-operation-storm-reality-in-2024/
Link N° 3 https://app.box.com/s/2krzxl4r0ygt7du3mbtq6hqtemnb6kz3



Cutting Off the Head of the Snake in Geneva | Over 600 Million Views



DISCLOSURE, The Covid PsyOp Born with Swiss Support

Swiss Government Supported the Largest Ever Executed Crime against Humanity.  This was the Kiss of Death for Switzerlands Political Democracy Now Getting

Deleted in 2024 by US Military Operation #STORM




Spiritual Warfare Infiltration Instead of Invasion, Trump White Hats Psychological Operation


WATCH THE VIDEO, 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

DISCLOSURE Current War Time President and Commander  in Chief Donald J Trump, US Military Operation #STORM is Surfacing 2024, The Film 2024




DISCLOSURE 2024 All are Now Entrapped in Our Locked Stratagems, Escape Impossible, US War Military Operation #STORM Surfaces 2024, Soon



DISCLOSURE Pascal Najadi on RT Russia Today, “President Trump and President Putin are Not Guilty of Anything in the Covid PsyOp and Democide Created Out Of and With Switzerland” US Covert Mililtary War Operation, #STORM Judgement!


Link N° 1 https://rumble.com/v4dyewt-disclosure.html
Link N° 2 https://www.rt.com/shows/whistleblowers/592263-twitter-ban-whistleblowers-pascal-najadi/


WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 14 Minutes

Pascal Najadi, Son Of WEF
Co Founder
, Says “Arrest Those People Immediately” in New Documentary Short with Dr Kelly | Victory, Ask Dr Drew



DISCLOSURE The US | USSF Global Military Operation #STORM, Surfacing 2024, Also in Switzerland


(11 A)

WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 17 Minutes

DISCLOSURE Current Wartime President Commander in Chief Donald J Trump Declared A Global Defence War 20.12.2019, the Covert Global Military War Alliance Operation #STORM is Now Surfacing 2024, Also in Switzerland, Quite Soon!

(11 B)


Shortened Version of the Video Disclosure, Obliterate the Deep State


WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 18 Minutes

D I S C L O S U R E Our Stratagems Trapped Them All, Our Retribution is US Military Operation #STORMAll Rogue Swiss Government Elements Trapped as Well, of Course.



WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 41 Minutes

DISCLOSURE With US Military Veteran and Friend of the US Wartime President and Commander in Chief Donald J Trump



DISCLOSURE The 2024 Removal of All Political Democratic Systems, Military Rule and Military Judiciary Will Be Installed, Also in Switzerland, the US Led Global Covert Defence War #STORM Surfacing Now, Soon!



DISCLOSURE Swiss Government is Target of the US Led Global Covert Defence War Military Operation #STORM!!




The WAR to end All Wars is Almost Over, with Pascal Najadi


WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 16 Minutes

DISCLOSURE On Truth Stream Show  20.12.2019, Declaration US Led Global Covert Defence War Operation #STORM Cancelling and Punishing in 2024, Soon, the Swiss Government and All Other Democratic Political Systems, UN, WHO




DISCLOSURE Comment on A Piégé le Président Suisse Alain Berset, Justice Suisse et Swissmedic par Nos Stratagèmes




DISCLOSURE Avec Stéphanie Renaud pour Profession Gendarme, Paris, War Time Président Donald J Trump, Operation Clandestine Militaire #STORM Elimination des Systèmes Politiques Suisse, UE, Monde Entier, Frappe Début 2024, HARD RESET



Former Swiss Air Force officer Pascal Najadi made A Report and Presented Evidence to USAF and USSF JAG Corps Officers on January 27,

https://www.profession-gendarme.com/lancien-officier-de-larmee-de-lair-suisse-pascal-najadi-a-fait-un-rapportet-prese nte-des-preuves-aux-officiers-du-corps-du-jag-de-lusaf-et-delussf-le-27-janvier-2024/


WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 25 Minutes

DISCLOSURE 2024 Special for We The People of the Hellenic Republic (Greece) Wartime President Trump, 2024 Springtime #STORM



FINAL DISCLOSURE 2024 Deleting Swiss Political Democracy for Crimes against Humanity, US Led Defence War Military Operation #STORM Springtime of 2024, US Space Force USSF




FINAL DISCLOSURE We are the Guardians of Humanity and Our Light Obliterates the Darkness of Evil, Always USSF US Space Force, #SemperSupra




DISCLOSURE US Space Force USSF, We are the Light Obliterating all Rogue Elements Linked to the Swiss Born COVID PsyOp and Global COVID Bio Weapon Injections, No Exceptions, No Escape from our #STORM, Spring 2024#SemperSupra




DISCLOSURE URGENTThey Poisoned All Humans in the World” with Dr Robert Young, USA, Swiss Territory Born Swiss Government Sponsored Global Crime against Humanity and Treason on United States, Swiss in US Crosshairs EO 13818



(26 A)

READ THE POST Pascal Najadi, Space Force “Julian Assange is Actually Safe and More than Fine. He is Indeed A Hero.


(26 B)


To All Rogue Elements of the Current and Former Swiss Governments. You have Committed Serious Crimes against Humanity, Treason against the United States during War Time and Corruption with your Harbouring and Sponsorship of the Swiss Born Global COVID Bio Weapon Injections 2020 until today 2024


(26 C)


DISCLOSURE Declassified and Authorized the Truth about Julian Assange and Wikileaks, Julian is Fine, was A US Military Intelligence Operation Busted the 2016 Clinton Elections Coup d’Etat, Protected Trump Presidency and USA, #STORM, 2024, Soon.

(26 D)


DECLASSIFIED The Apocalypse that Triggered #STORM US Special Operations and Julian Assange Caught and Foiled the 2016 Clinton, Obama, Biden Treason Coup on Trump Presidency, Criminals Executed


(27 A)


FINAL ACT Statement Swiss Governments reported by me to US DoD on 27.1.2024 for Crimes against Humanity and Treason against the United States during Wartime with Military Grade Bio Weapon Covid Injections, EO 13818 Active 2024


(27 B)


FINAL ACT, 17 ,Hey, Rogue Swiss and All Other Government Elements and Politicians Your Time is Up, We are Coming for You #STORM Q Declassified




The Swiss COVID Crimes and Treason against the United States during Ongoing Global Wartime 50 USC 1550  #STORM Springtime 2024  Retribution




General Flynn, Truth, A Hero that was Key Helping to Save the United States. #STORM Springtime 2024, to Swiss Traitors “We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God and We Now Show You Where God Resides”




FINAL Acceleration, US led Global Defence War #STORM is Surfacing Soon, Springtime 2024, Beyond Biblical




EO 13818 Enacted 20.12.2017, Current Wartime President and CIC Donald Trump, Enemy Targets Definition on All Governments and Criminals for Ongoing, Current US Led 50 USC 1550 Defence War, Cleansing by Military Operations Focus on Switzerland




VERDICTIn Legibus Salus Civitatis Posita EstCurrent United States 50 USC 1550, EO 13818, 18 USC 2381 Delete Swiss
Democracy and Severely Punish Swiss Governments by Current Wartime President Trump , Spring 2024




FACT Traitor, Former VP under Traitor Obama, the Real Joe Biden, has Been Executed for Treason and COVID Psy Op, Buried January 20th 2021, and Now () You Witness Very Soon, in Springtime 2024, Surfacing #STORM



WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 15 Minutes

DISCLOSURE With Sherry B, A Right To Know, USA, The Acceleration of Surfacing the Ongoing Covert Global US Led Defence War 50 USC 1550, Spring ’24 #STORM with Special Operations Cleansing Focus in Swiss Territory




BONUS FAKE MOON LANDING FOOTAGE TRUTHWe are the Guardians of Humanity and Our Light Obliterates the Darkness of Evil, and Treason, Always” – We are Human Species and Now We are Striking Back, Spring of 2024 #STORMBeyond Biblical


WATCH THE INTERVIEW, 1 Hour 19 Minutes

NON NEGOTIABLE Our Ongoing Retribution for the Swiss Born, Harboured and Executed Global COVID Psy Op and Military Grade COVID Bio Weapon Injections Democide, Spring 2024 #STORM, Global US 50 USC 1550



These Websites share A Similar Narrative. I do Not Know or Claim Any Connection Linking Them, I am not an insider, I am only a researcher trying to share a syllabus with other researchers on this topic. There are Many More websites, podcasts, and social media accounts sharing this similar narrative. Perhaps others can add to this Syllabus. Please Feel Free to Share This if You Find this Syllabus Helpful.

Operation Disclosure, News https://operationdisclosureofficial.com/
American Media Group, News https://amg-news.com/
Gesara, News https://gesara.news/live.htm
Great Awakening, Videos https://greatawakening.world/
Great Awakening, Hub https://beacons.ai/greatawakening
Great Awakening Chat Forum https://greatawakening.win/
LOCALS General Flynn https://generalflynn.locals.com
QAnon Publications https://qanon.pub/
QAlerts https://qalerts.app
Ingersoll Lockwood https://www.ingersolllockwood.com
Dr Scott Young Understanding Nesara | Gesara https://drscottyoung.com/
17PLUS (News Hub Q Anon+ https://17plus.weebly.com/

Space Force https://www.spaceforce.com/

We are the Guardians of Humanity and Our Light Obliterates the Darkness of Evil, Always!


May God Bless and Protect All the White Hat’s and their Mission. Thank You for Your Service.


Summary of the DISCLOSURE 2024 Narrative, 6 Minutes Read

This summary is for people not familiar with all the conspiracy theories.

The creator of this summary is not an insider. This Summary is a combination of the info disclosed in the DISCLOSURE 2024 Syllabus and the narrative shared in The Great Awakening circles and conspiracy theories in general. This writer researcher takes any blame if I mischaracterize any statements made below. I am only trying to paint the big picture for new people from my gathering of the narrative.
William Reed *Updated April 5, 2024

First the GOOD NEWS. There has always been a battle of good versus evil in this world. We are now (2024) at the dawn of a new age where the evil forces have been defeated, and the good forces shall usher us into a world of peace and prosperity. Our hidden history will be revealed throughout the 2024 DISCLOSURES & beyond.
There has been a Covert Global Military Operation since 2016 that has secretly been arresting the Global Deep State individuals for crimes against humanity. The military has been successful and is about to reveal this hidden global military operation to the world. DISCLOSURE IS COMING IN 2024! DO NOT FEAR. REJOICE WITH LOVE IN YOUR HEART AS WONDERFUL THINGS ARE COMING!

Now some BAD NEWS. There may be a Martial Law Event where the WHITE HATS order the public to stay home for up to 10 days. This would be orchestrated through the EBS Emergency Broadcast System. It could be as early as March 2024. More details about this Martial Law Event will be given below. KEEP 2 WEEKS’ WORTH OF FOOD & WATER AT HOME IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.

Who are the evil forces? The Dark Cabal, the New World Order, the Global Deep State. It’s all very real and has been going on for a very very long time. They have infiltrated every part of society and installed their dark puppets within all organizations. Politicians & leaders of many nations, the banking & finance centers of the world, the military-industrial complex, Intelligence agencies, media & entertainment propaganda, religious & legal institutions, secret societies, big pharma, big tech, and the Corporation Empire. (Bad actors have infiltrated all these institutions. But that does not mean the institution itself is bad, just that corrupt actors are within them). U.S.A.-military-industrial complex, including the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, DOJ, IRS, Senate, House, & the Presidency. The Federal Reserve Banking System, Wall Street, etc. Geneva, Switzerland- W.E.F.= World Economic Forum:(Agenda 2030 & The Great Reset), W.H.O.= World Health Organization, Gavi-the Vaccine Alliance. The City of London, Vatican City, & Washington D.C. (All power centers of corruption. All 3 independent sovereign cities belonging to no nation). The Communist Party of China, Israel’s Mossad, The United Nations, IMF, BIS, and countless more NGOs (non-government organizations). The 13 hidden bloodline families, Royal Families, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, think tank groups like the Club of Rome, Committee of 300, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Bohemian Grove, etc.

Who are the good forces? THE WHITE HATS, the World’s Alliance of Generals, the Guardians of Humanity. (Good people serving in the military and the above institutions, who became aware of the corrupt people who infiltrated these institutions). The WHITE HATS have been actively planning to dismantle this Global Deep State for over 60 years. President Eisenhower warned us of these bad people in the military-industrial complex in his final speech. President John F. Kennedy also warned the public in his famous speech about ‘secret societies’. JFK planned to break up the corrupt CIA, dissolve the corrupt Federal Reserve Bank, and reinstate the US Treasury to once again control the currency. But he was assassinated in 1963. Since then, the WHITE HATS knew they needed to develop a plan to take out the deep state, once and for all. They needed to grow in numbers and form alliances worldwide, as the Dark Cabal had a long history and had infiltrated all parts of the world. The current WHITE HATS are the World’s Alliance of Generals, which includes 200 active US generals, and 34 additional countries with 600 more global military generals. (please note that each general commands up to 7000 soldiers, this means nearly the entire US military and large facets of a global military are part of the WHITE HATS plan). In 2012 they met with Donald Trump and began orchestrating their master plan. Donald Trump would run for President of the United States working in full cooperation with the WHITE HATS to take down the entire Global Deep State. REPEAT: Donald Trump is the face of the WHITE HATS and the Global Military Alliance to take out the Global Deep State. He is not truly a Republican or Democrat, forget all the lies the Deep State Media sold us to confuse us with a false narrative these last 7 years. The Deep State controlled most of the Media. President Trump established the Space Force. The Space Force is currently the active command of the WHITE HAT Alliance. The DISCLOSURE of this Covert Global Military Operation to rid the Global Deep State since 2016 is beginning to go public.

In the DISCLOSURE 2024 Syllabus, you will find the following story and details. Please read the articles, watch the videos, and read the PDFs on the thedocuments.info/ site. Here are some highlights

The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Biden’s are all part of the deep state. Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Mark Zuckerberg are all part of the deep state. The Communist Party of China, parts of The Vatican, and The British Royal Family are part of the deep state. Thousands more are part of the Global Deep State. Most have already been arrested for crimes against humanity. Many are involved in Satanic practices including pedophilia, child trafficking, child abuse & murder. Jeffrey Epstein and all the evidence/blackmail he had on this extensive pedophile network will come out in the DISCLOSURES. Many political & financial leaders and celebrities in Hollywood & Music are part of these hidden Satanic Occult practices. The stories of Adrenochrome are all true. All these criminals are arrested, taken to GITMO, the Guantanamo Bay prison, trial by Military Tribunals, and will be imprisoned or executed for their crimes against humanity. Donald Trump is currently the Commander in Chief of our Military and still our current President. YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! The proof is in the links. Under the Department of Defense’s LAW OF WAR MANUAL (2015 & updated 2023) and On December 20, 2017, by Executive Order 13818, President Trump declared a national emergency and On December 20th, 2019, he invoked the use of military force and ordered assistance with allied troops under the War Powers Resolution Act 50 Ch. 33 Sec. 1550. Since then we have been under emergency military powers. The Election in 2020 was just OPTICS & Stratagems. The real Joe Biden was arrested, taken to Gitmo, and executed in January 2021. An actor has been playing the current Biden as the WHITE HATS use Optics and Stratagems to flush out the remaining Deep State Players. The entire Biden Administration is an OPTICS show and is under the control of the WHITE HATS. Many other big-name deep-state criminals have already been arrested and are also played by actors with advanced prosthetics to keep up with OPTICS until DISCLOSURE was given the green light. President Putin of Russia is working with the WHITE HATS and the Ukraine War is not what it seems. Ukraine is home to over 140 bio-chemical weapon LABS, 46 paid for by the US Pentagon. Many Nazi-like militias working for the Deep State are there.

Putin is cleaning it up. He is working in alliance with the WHITE HATS. The COVID-19 Virus also was released from Ukraine along with the Wuhan Lab in China. President Xi Jinping of China is working with the White Hats and taking out China’s Communist Party

(Deep State Invention). The people of China want to be free from communism. The Global Elites had an evil plan with the WEF, the WHO, and Gavi. They wanted to reduce the world’s population by 90%, using engineered bioweapons to kill us. While keeping the remaining 10% locked up in FEMA-like encampments while being forced to take multiple vaccines a year to weaken us. They would use CBDC (central bank digital currencies), a social credit system, and total surveillance to control us. This disgusting agenda was planned for decades and many parts of it were revealed in The Rockefeller Foundation 2010 Report ”Operation Lockstep”, the UN’s Agenda 21, and the WEF’s Agenda 2030:The Great Reset. This evil agenda was disguised as a plan to save the planet from climate change. The COVID-19 LOCKDOWNS and forced vaccinations were a last-ditch effort of the Global Deep State to attack the world’s population. There were many active Deep State Players still at that time. The gain-of-function coronavirus was bad, but the vaccinations were worse. President Trump and the WHITE HATS did put a stop to it and continued the OPTICS of the vaccines being distributed with safe vaccines. But unfortunately, many of us did receive the bio-weaponized vaccine and are paying the price for it with our health. The vaccine’s mRNA design disrupts our DNA, causing damage to the mitochondria, and weakening the immune system. The blood clots caused by the hydrogel with nano-particles are observable and being reported on now by the medical industry. The hydrogel blood clots increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, and the excess mortality rates since 2020 are being observed in the medical industry. You will hear in the following links (interview sections), where Pascal Najadi mentions the Democide or genocide war crimes of the Global Deep State. He mentions that of the 5.7 billion people who received the vaccinations, as many as 30% may have deteriorating health issues due to the bio-weapon vaccines that were forced upon us. The White Hats and Space Force are working tirelessly to find a remedy to this bio-weapon vaccine attack. In a recent interview #25, Pascal Najadi mentions progress on this subject of seeking an antidote.

THE EVENT – (Rumored Martial Law Event)

(Again, I am not an Insider. I am just an internet researcher who has seen all the Pascal & Derek’s Material and I have heard the rumors from the Great Awakening, Nesara/Gesara, and Q Anon circles.) The rumors say that the WHITE HATS might announce a Martial Law Emergency Event. It would be announced over the E.B.S. Emergency Broadcast System, through all cell phones, television, and radio. The rumors are there could be a communication blackout for 10 days. No Internet, No TV, No cell phones except the 911 emergency phone call system will work. Rumor also says Signal App may work as it is military encrypted. Rumor says the White Hats will broadcast 24 hours a day, videos explaining the disclosure, the arrest of the Global Deep State Players, and the proof of their crimes. I’ve heard no mention of the electric grid. I assume it will be up. The White Hats want the people to stay home and stay safe, so I hope there is no need to disturb the grid. I

assume there will be planned coordination with local law officers, ambulance & hospital services, and departments like the electric grid. But again I don’t know. The rumor is that during the 10-day communication blackout that atm’s and credit cards may not work either. This is why we should have plenty of food and water on hand. No Bank Runs Please. We will not lose any of our money or possessions. Do Not Panic. Stay Home and Stay Safe, and watch the Disclosure videos being broadcast to educate yourself. Enjoy all the food and snacks you have in your full fridge and pantry as you were wise and prepared. Make some popcorn and Enjoy the Show! I am not clear what kind of military operation could happen during the Martial Law Event. I can only speculate. They say the U.S. has one million active troops. Perhaps our soldiers will be evenly distributed around our cities, and finish out any kind of round-up and arrests of the lower-level deep-state individuals. Perhaps the round-up of any of the Trojan horse terrorist cells who came in over our open border these last many years? I only speculate. I do not know. Again there were rumors this event is imminent in April 2024. Stock up on Food Today. Rumor has it the White Hats will reboot the internet onto a new quantum system internet, some kind of encryption-proof, blockchain system brought to us through Starlink by Space Force or Space X, we shall see? Also, rumors of a new quantum financial system, instead of the current Swift-based system, which is the corrupt fiat, debt-based, federal-reserve-banking system. The details are not known, but rumors say not only are the WHITE HATS purging the world of the evil cabal, but they will give a new economic system designed to bring abundance to all the world’s populations. Rumors also claim they are releasing the withheld technologies in the realm of Star Trek and Tesla Technologies. Rumors say this is the birthing of a new wondrous reality to be given to the whole planet.

And it begins sooner than we could even dream.


DISCLOSURE 2024 Syllabus, Links to All Pascal Najadi and Derek Johnson


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