Trading Coach UK – Lehman Brothers: The Bank That Bust The World (Documentary)


Lehman Brothers: The Bank that Bust the World (Documentary)

Published 13 jan 2023

Trading Coach UK

In 2008, Lehman Brothers went Bankrupt, Causing the Global Financial Crisis. In this Video, we’ll Explore the History of Lehman Brothers and the 2008 Financial Crisis, from Sub Prime Mortgages to the Global Recession.

This Video is for History Buffs, Financial Experts, and Anyone Who wants to Learn More about the 2008 Financial Crisis. Lehman Brothers is A Key Player in this Epic Story, and we’ll Tell you All about the Bank that Broke the World. Don’t Miss this Fascinating Video!

A Definitive Account of the September 2008 Collapse of the Banking Giant Lehman Brothers that Precipitated the Global Financial Crisis. A Panel of World Leaders and CEO’s discuss the Tense Negotiations that took Place in New York and London as the Investment Bank Spiralled towards Bankruptcy. Amongst those Featured in this BBC Documentary are the Then UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling and US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.


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