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First published at 15:20 UTC on March 15th, 2022

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The Khazarian Mafia have been Changing the History Books to Conceal Their Very Existence from A World that was Made Ignorant about the Presence of Their Hidden Hand. They moved Proverbial Mountains to Ensure that History was Written by Them so that the Puppet Masters could Remain Unseen in the Shadows. Thus, the People of the World would Never Know Who Their Controllers Were, or What They Have Done

A Prime Example of the Khazarian S Handiwork is the Fact that when the United States was Most Vulnerable, America S Staunchest Ally Intervened with Their Navy and Saved America from the Treachery that would have Destroyed Her. There would Not Be A United States of America Today if her Closest Friend, Russia, had Not Saved Their Bacon, and Yet Thanks to the Khazarians Many Americans think Russia is Their Enemy and Their True Enemies are Their Friends.

The Up is Down and Down is Up Clown World We are Experiencing Today, Actually Started A Very Long Time Ago


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Night Aerial, Astana, Kazakhstan

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Vladimir Putin versus the New World Order: Khazarian Empire Exposed, Hidden History: Russia Saved the US

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What You need to Understand is that Not All Jews are Actually Jews, there is A Large Criminal Group that are Called Jews, but They Share No Blood with the Tribes of Israel.

I know Thy Works, and Tribulation, and Poverty, (but Thou art Rich) and I know the Blasphemy of Them which say They are Jews, and are Not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”
Revelation, 2:9

They are the Khazars, and they were Openly Worshippers of Moloch until the 6th Century, when the Russian Czar had Enough of Them and Their Evil and gave Them an Ultimatum to Convert to One of the 3 Abrahamic Religions or Get Wiped Out. They Chose Judaism, but Never Actually stopped Worshiping Baal (Lucifer | Satan).

The Khazarian Maffia includes the Rothschild S and the Rockefeller S, They Control the World Bank, are Responsible for the Holocaust, 9/11, Both World Wars, and the Practice of Ritual Pedophilia, Child Sacrifice, Adrenochrome and Pretty Well Every Other Atrocity You can Think of.

Veterans Today has A Great Article about Them, it S Well Worth the Read. It covers All of This, and A Lot More

They don T Operate Out of Israel, as their Power Center is the City of London. They are the Puppet Masters Pulling the String, Along with the Vatican, and the Freemasons. They All Worship the SameGod” and Practice the Same Child Sacrificing Pedophilic Religion.

If You want to Learn ore about How the Royals Fit into All of This, Look Up1.000 Points of LightMothers of Darkness”.

I don T Believe that These People and, I Use that Term Lightly, are Fully Human. They are from the Line of Cain, and Their Father was the Serpent from the Garden of Eden.

God is Spirit, and Those Who Worship Him must Worship in Spirit and Truth.
John, 4:24

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