The Reveal – Q, It’s Time! + Silver Surfer – The Set Up Paved the Way for Martial Law, 2024 + Trump was Chosen to Facilitate the Transition to the New World Order

Q, It’s Time!

Monday June 17, EBS , Executions Televised!

WORLDWIDE TELEVISED EXECUTIONS, MONDAY JUNE 17! Welcome to the Greatest Behind the Scenes Military Intelligence Sting Operation of All Time! You Have A Front Row Seat! Every Scenario was Planned For. Every Detail was Accounted For. The Storm has Finally Arrived! We’re in The Final Stage of The Plan! It’s Happening Now!


The Coup Attempt against President Trump will Not Go Unpunished! And Treason is Only The Beginning! No One Gets A Free Pass! President Trump and The Q Team are Draining The Swamp!

You’re Watching A Scripted Movie in Which Trump is the Hero! The Corrupt Players And Their Propaganda Media Partners Will Have A Grand Finale Exit Soon! They will Be Nowhere To Be Found! We’re Part of the Greatest Inteligence Operation that Involves All Major Countries of the Earth.

The World will Witness Arrests and Military Tribunals Tomorrow!

Like the Greatest Movies of All Time from Steven Spielberg, James Cameron And Martin Scorsese, You Will See the Clintons, Bidens, Obamas, Soros, Fauci, Schiff, Pelosi, Bill Gates, et cetera. All End up in GITMO. They Will Be Tried and Executed For for High Treason, Sedition and Crimes against Humanity! Trump and the Q Team Set A Trap! They took the Bait! Trump Caught Them All!

When do You Play the Trump Card? At the End of the Game Which is Now!

The Satanic NWO Deep State Criminal Cabal has Partnered with Corrupt Politicians, The Propaganda Media, Big Tech, Big Corporations and the Hollywood and Entertainment Industries to Bring Us the Greatest Story Ever Told where the Little People of Earth are Triumphant in the End, God Wins!

The Reveal
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BOMBSHELL The Set Up Paved the Way for Martial Law, 2024

First published on April 10th, 2024 at 21:14 UTC

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Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer



Trump was Chosen to Facilitate the Transition to the New World Order

First published on August 24th, 2023 at 15:26 UTC

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Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

It’s Not What Trump does in the Open. It’s What he does Behind the Scenes that Matters.
The Deep State Plans Centuries in Advance. They know Our Human Nature and What We Yearn for and Trump has Been Groomed for this Particular Time in History. It’s the Perfect Deception It’s Your 5D Chess, it’s All A Show and the Director is the Davos Crowd.

Notice that There’s No Other Logical Choice for the 2024 Election? A Perfect Set Up.

They Flaunt Victory in Your Face while Everyone sits Enjoying the Show as They March Us to the Slaughter.

6.66 Billion was Spent for the Q Psyop Operation and Its Operatives the White Hats

The Phil Godlewski’s Info about the 300 Trillion is What the Deep State paid Themselves for the GREAT RESET. There’s No Nesara Gesara for Us. It’s All for Them.

When Trump Traveled All over the World Early in his Presidency, iIt was to Unify All Governments for this Great Reset. I Seriously Recommend that You Share this to OUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE, THE MILITIA.

The Tragedy in Maui has Caused me to Pause and ask Some Very important Hard Questions.

(1) How could Space Force Not Know that This was Going to Happen?
(2) Why did the Military Stationed in Maui and Kuai Not Interfere?
(3) Why did the Military that’s Stationed All over the World Not Interfere?
(4) Did the Military in Maui and Kuai Do This?
(5) Why is Oprah Still Walking Around Buying Property in Hawaii?
(6) Is this the New 9/11 that will Stop the Nesara Gesara and Propel the Deep State to Their Next Phase of the NWO?
(7) Is the Perfect Storm and 5D Chess Psyop Being Perpetrated on We the People?
(8) The Proof that the 2020 Election was Stolen was Available to Us Right after It Happened. Mike Lindell had Every Cyber Detail on Other Countries having Access to the Dominion Machines Not to Mention the 2.000 Mules! Why did Trump put Them on Hold?
(9) How Long did We Wait for Bill Barr Just to Find Out he was a Deep State Operative?
(10) What Happened to Mr Punisher John Durham?
(11) Day after Day, Week after Week, Month after Month and 3 Years Later is the Same “Trust the Plan” “Gesara Nesara Happening Next Week” “Fasten Your Seat Belts” “Its Happening” “Its Going Down” and Yet Nothing Happens?
(12) Why Wait for Everyone to Wake Up and Wait to Be at the Brink of Destruction while Millions are Being Killed through Vaccines and Deep State Related Events Such as Hawaii?

The Entire Country’s FEMA Camps are Now Ready for the iInflux of American Citizens.


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