The Mark Attwood Show – The Quest for Trump, Short Film about Donald Trump’s Visit to Ireland in 2023 + Michael Freeman – Watch Trump’s Incredibly Awkward Arrival on Irish Soil (2014)

The Quest for Trump, A Short Film about Donald Trump’s Visit to Ireland in 2023

Published June 7 2023

The Mark Attwood Show

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Watch Donald Trump’s Incredibly Awkward Arrival on Irish Soil (2014)

*National Cringe*

Donald Trump has Officially Arrived on Irish Soil to Have A Look at the Doonbeg Golf Resort that he Bought in February.

He Landed at  This Morning. It was A Very Irish Welcome.

First, There were People Looking Extremely Cold.

The Red Carpet was Way Too Short.

Also Curling Up A Bit At the End.

When the Musicians Finished, Donald Trump Clapped but Nobody Else Joined In.

Except for One Other Guy, Who Quickly realises his Mistake. What did the Musicians do Wrong?

And When they went Inside, Trump Just Turned his Back on Finance Minister Michael Noonan.

See Noonan on the Left Here, Just Standing Around Really Awkwardly Like you Do When you’re At A Party and the Only Person you know has Gone to the Toilet.

Donald Trump Turning his Back to Michael Noonan


Basically, it was All Very Awkward, Here’s the Full Video.

Trump Arrival in Shannon


Video by Daragh Brophy,

Michael Freeman

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Bye from, and Thanks for All the Memories


May 12th 2014, 01:49 PM
Interesting Analogy, What if Trump had Not Been Bankrupted, had Not Restructured his Debt, but Instead had Been Forced to Carry the Debts and Associated Interest of Failed Businesses for Decades, would he Have Been able to Rise Again.

Ciaran Morgan
May 12th 2014, 01:10 PM
Why isn’t Noonan In Work? Slacker!

May 12th 2014, 07:24 PM
Why was the Guy with the Camera Carrying A White Handbag? It didn’t Even Match his Suit. I’m Not Even Sure What I Just Watched. Were the ‘band’ Just Warming Up? Was the Arrival A Dress Rehearsal of Sorts? That’s One of the Strangest Things I’ve Ever Watched. Why was Donald Trump Even Getting Some Big Welcome? Why wasn’t Ryan Tubridy There? I’ve Got So Many Questions about This

Ciaran Morgan
May 12th 2014, 01:14 PM
Ireland could Take A Lesson from Trump. He’s Been Bankrupt Three Times and has Bounced Back Every Time, in Ireland we Bend over Backwards to Ensure that Our Golden Circle are Never Bankrupted while we Throw People Out on to the Street for Paltry Debts

Jo Archer You Guys should Join Tripping Up Trump on Facebook. There are Hundreds of Photographs of “The Best Golf Course in the World” and the Damage It has Caused. It is A Shame that the Powers that Be Over There have Not Researched this Snake Oil Salesman before Agreeing to Sell. God Help Anyone should their Homes Overlook the Course and Forget Any Idea that he will Abide by Any Planning Rules. His Business Here has Caused Nothing but Problems. Good Luck, You are Going to Need It., May 12th 2014, 12:17 PM

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