The Glenn Beck Podcast | Glenn Beck – (187) ‘Podfather’ Adam Curry Was SCARED to Tell Joe Rogan

(187) ‘Pod Father‘ Adam Curry Was SCARED to Tell Joe Rogan

In première gegaan op 27 mei 2023

Glenn Beck

After Years as an Atheist, Former MTV VJ Adam Curry did the Unthinkable. He told Joe Rogan to Give Jesus A Chance. But it was Not an Easy Task. Adam Joins Glenn to Tell the Story of How he Arrived at that “Scary” Moment when he Knew he had to Tell his Friend, and Millions of Listeners about How Christianity Transformed his Life. But, as he tells Glenn, it did Not Happen All at Once. God has Been Working on him and through him for A Long Time. But Now, he has Fully Joined the Fight against Evil.

“We’re at the Never Again Moment.” Glenn and Adam go On A Journey through the Battlefield of Today’s Broken World, from the Roots of Trans Genderism and Its Effects on Teenage Girls to the Devastating Power of Big Pharma.

Adam as the “Black Sheep” of A Family with Plenty of Ties to the Military and Intelligence Worlds, his Uncle was Even A CIA Agent,  also Provides Insight into the Deep State, Including the History of Shady Intelligence Operations like “Operation Paperclip.” This leads Seamlessly into A Discussion about Big Tech and AI and why he’s Much More Optimistic about it than Glenn is. As Adam Argues, there’s Plenty to be Hopeful about. He tells Glenn, “When you Change your Words, You’ll Change Your World.” This Episode is Proof.


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