Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – February 10th 2019 + FED to Be Nationalized! Mueller Money Laundering!

February 10th 2019

Robert Mueller’s Skeletons Coming Out! Boom! Tom Heneghan (2-10-19) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 2:37 PM EST

FED to Be Nationalized! Mueller Money Laundering!

Tom Heneghan gave a brief update today on his podcast. The big news is Tom is hearing the Federal Reserve is going to be nationalized! Let’s pray this happens as it’s the only way America can ever be free again! Big news today regarding Robert Mueller! Tom reports he’s now being investigated over a money laundering operation he was doing with the Clinton foundation. It seems the top people in the FBI and DOJ are the biggest criminals but they never bet any trouble, instead they spend $500,000 raiding Roger Stone who really did nothing at all. Lots covered in this broadcast including free energy! Spread this story around! Here’s a free energy solution that needs to be spread everywhere! Tweet this story to Trump!

Free Energy is HERE! Tell Trump @potus @realdonaldtrump

ZPower Discovers Tesla Free Energy Using Sun! Send Viral! (foto Before It's News)

ZPower Discovers Tesla Free Energy Using Sun! Send Viral!

ZPower Discovers Tesla Free Energy Using Sun! Send Viral! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 2:45 PM ES

A company called ZPower just changed everything! They just created a device that makes power from the sun even in the middle of the night! It doesn’t use the visible light from the sun, it uses other forms of energy produced by the sun all around us! It’s what Nikola Tesla figured out how to do over 100 years ago! ZPower literally taps into the unlimited power of the sun 24 hours a day! The inventor calls it flux energy and it has properties of both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). There’s nothing else like it! They’ve already got working prototypes you’ll see in the video and stand ready to be a part of solving the Earth’s problems.

The ZPower unit is solid state so it has no moving parts to wear out! It operates outside the visible spectrum of light so it makes power 24 hours a day! The energy from the sun this device is getting is not stopped by the Earth so it works underground too! This isn’t just some pie in the sky theory. They’ve already built devices that work perfectly! In this video, you’ll see them light up a high powered light from a helicopter with ease when a car battery can’t even do it! They also built a 6000 Watt prototype unit capable of powering a house but their next goal is a (1) megawatt unit using (20) 50 kW modules housed inside a custom made shipping container. There’s no limit to what could be powered with this thing!

Thank you patriots for sharing the truth! Let’s cause chaos for the new world order by telling everybody about it. Tell all your friends! We’re done with being slaves! We’re ready for our free energy!

The Free Energy Song! You Can’t Stop It! Dedicated to Truth Warriors Worldwide! God bless you all!


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“Free Energy” is the first release of ELEVATE’s Solution Series, featuring the Luminaries. The series in intend to bring awareness to globally significant issues and their solutions. Free Energy was produced in conjunction with Pachamama Alliance. Our production team for Free Energy was Will Bystrov, Felipe Soares, JQuest Ionz, Kevin Carpenter and Mikki Willis.

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To gather round
The moments now
How will it all turn out?

To gather round
The moments now
How will it all turn out?

Ever think what the wars are fought for?
Ever dream that the world could be more?
My stand, my life, I vow, one day
We can do it together


There’s a public outcry for people who want a better planet
And there are powers that be that let the people panic
Look at the Gulf & Japan could they have really planned it?
Heading for the ice berg like the Titanic
Atlantic mystery, Atlantis wiped from history
The truth about the pyramids, n ancient Mayan Prophecy
Space odyssey, look into the anomalies
and you will find suppression of free energy technology
A false democracy born out of a monopoly sacred knowledge robbery
like the towers they toppling
There’s no stopping Free,
J Brave
Guido C.
Coming from the Inner Me


The oil’s running dry,
Our monies burning out
Solar panels on the roof of the white house


We bringing on some real change
Water catchment systems,
We collecting rain


Time To gather round
The moments now
How will it all turn out?
And from the crowd
Be the one who’s demanding change
it’s time for free energy

Time to free energy


Stay tuned for our next release, “Hemp.”

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