Truth Warriors – Antigravity Secrets: They’ve Hidden! Mind Blowing!

Published on 9 nov. 2018


Huge information revealed in this video. Everything you’ve been told is a lie. We haven’t needed rockets to get into space for over 100 years! But they can’t tell you this because then you would want a flying car or something they’ve been promising us for 60 years now! Once you knew free energy was real, you wouldn’t be happy getting ripped off for gasoline either!

A man who worked for RCA talks about how he was told in an office memo one of their engineers had just started flying around on an antigravity device! They listed a document number for more information about the antigravity device. When the man asked RCA management for more information and asked why are we still using rockets? They told him the experiment failed and there was no document with that number anymore!

Nikola Tesla had a working flying platform he flew around on over 100 years ago! He also had a patent for a flying saucer type craft.
Otis T. Carr worked with Nikola Tesla. He began making antigravity craft that did work. The US government shut him down!
Much more is covered! Spread the word. Everything we’ve been told is a lie! They keep antigravity and free energy from us to keep us in slavery. It’s all about control. This matrix of lies begins to fall apart as more and more people are aware of their lies though and that’s why it’s important we all spread the truth!

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