Not Just Bike – Why Amsterdam is Removing 10,000 Parking Spaces

Why Amsterdam is Removing 10,000 Parking Spaces

Published 12 dec 2022

Not Just Bikes

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In 2018, the Political Party GroenLinks Promised to Remove 10,000 Parking Spaces from the Streets of Amsterdam by 2025. So How is That Going?

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00:00   Introduction
01:12     Getting Rid of Parking is Contentious
02:11     The Problem with Street Parking
02:46    The Finances of Street Parking
04:36    The Japanese Example
05:47    The Exceptions
07:20    How did they Do It?
08:01    Example Construction Projects
08:41    Crumbling Canal Walls
09:47   Just Do It
10:28    Frans Hals Buurt
11:22    Underwater Cars
12:46   How is 10,000 Counted?
13:17    Off Street Parking is A Problem, Too
14:12   Amsterdam’s Car Poblem
15:46   Why are these People Driving!?
17:04   How to Reduce Car use in the Centre
17:35   4.000 and Counting
18:07  Give Well
19:39  Patreon Shout Out



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