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No Jesus No Life Ministries (NJNLM) is a Non Profit and Non Governmental Organization started by katambala Simon Peter on 26th December 2010.

Our work priorizes in nutritional, housing, gospel, educational, healthcare, water and sanitation needs, as well as building other infrastructure and income generating projects that will help the communities we serve.

No Jesus No Life Ministries is a Registered Organization and we’re registered as a Company limited by Guarantee.

What we do

We’re dedicated to ensuring the children’s needs are met so they are equipped and better able to pursue God’s destiny for their lives.

One of our current projects is purchasing land for the ministry and building a children’s home on a four  acres of land we would like to purchase. We currently have 103 orphaned and vulnerable children under our care in our programs #everychild #everyday program but the current premises which we rent on a monthly basis are inadequate to accommodate them.

We’re currently seeking for working partners to help us build the children’s home and a church.we would like to purchase land on which we have plans to construct a children’s home, a primary school, a healthcare center, and other structures to meet the children’s needs, as well as provide other programming to help meet the needs of the rural community and village.

My name is katambala Simon Peter, I  am a pastor ministering No Jesus No Life Ministries and Orphanage. It’s a non profit religious organization that takes care of children in the vulnerable communities in Uganda. These include the orphans, children infected with HIV | AIDS , the vulnerable poor, children with disabilities and children abandoned by their parents. We help them in terms of food, shelter, health, education and basic necessities seeking to contact with any kind hearted person who can stand with us to save the starving children and sharing various aspects of life like adventures and cultures.

I am 30 years old and I hail from a humble family, down to earth and God fearing of two children and I am the second of the two children (all boys). Both my parents died and so I am an orphan. At the moment, I am done with my studies and I persued a Diploma in Journalism. I’m a staunch Christian and I’m the principal director of “No Jesus No Life Ministries” a community based organization which take care of 103 orphaned and vulnerable children here in Uganda. My hobbies include playing football, reading novels, travelling and seeing new places and cultures, making new friends, climbing mountains and listening to gospel music.

I am a non smoker and a non alcoholic which means I don’t smoke and neither do I drink alcohol because I prefer a healthy life.

About nine years back in 2010, I and my friends took it upon ourselves to look after the less privileged children in our home and hence formed a Charity Organization “No Jesus No Life Ministries” that is well registered and recognized by the central government of our country Uganda as evidenced by the certificate of registration attached to this email to prove that our Charity Organization is genuine and well recognized in our society for its efforts to make a better tomorrow for the less privileged children in our community.

No Jesus No Life Ministries

There’s much need in Uganda and we’re desperately need help here to care for the poorest of the poor children. Please reach out to us. We’re struggling greatly to care for the 103 children in rural communities. The smiles and love of the children for Christ is great but they’re struggling greatly.

Dear visitors, even if you come and visit our ministry we’re sure you will get the love of children in return.

We’re hoping compassionate people would like to be with part of our Ministry to save the starving children. We would like to find a way to try and help them with these basic needs. There are the major things that we had told you that the Ministry needs to see that the children do get cared for very well.

(1) Bibles which will equip the children more about Jesus and His work on the cross and Bible trucks which the children can use to mark where they have stopped while reading God’s word.

(2) Food, we need to be feeding our poorest of the poor children with food everyday and this is a very big challenge for us.this may include rice, wheat, cooking oil, beans, meat, milk, eggs, sugar, tea bags, salt, bread and bread paste and others that meal does help to give the children a very good diet.

(3) Clothings which includes dresses for girls, trousers for boys and girls, shirts, tops, pants, curtains to put in the windows and doors ways, bras for girls, vests for both girls and boys, night wears, sockings, jumpers which they wear when it’s cold, shoes for both boys and girls and other kinds of clothing.

(4) Beddings which includes bed sheets, blankets, mosquito nets and this will help the mosquitoes from biting the children and hence preventing malaria from the children, mattresses and many more other kind of beddings you can come across.

(5) Scholastic materials, these include school fees, pencils, pens,colors which the children use to draw and shade pictures, books in which the children do their work, rulers, markers, mathematical sets, rubbers and many other scholastic tools.

(6) Foot wear, that is shoes and sandles.

(7) Novels for reading more so Christian literature, this helps the children to know more about Jesus Christ as their Savior.

(8) Land; this is where we would like to put our permanent Ministry structure because we’re struggling alot with the rent fees and we would like to aquire our own land where we can have the ministry buildings, garden, a school and other projects like poultry and many more.

(9) Sanitation materials, sanitary towels for girls and this will help the girls during their menstruation cycle, in that during the menstruation cycle, in that case they won’t have to use small clothes for them to stop the periods to pass through their clothes and they won’t need to stop going to school until when the monthly cycle is done, toilet treatments, these helps the toilets from smelling too bad for the children and also the people around the area, vasiline for children to apply on their bodies so that they don’t look too dry, medication like paracetamol, fever tablets, flue tablets, and any other kind of medication, soap to use while bathing and washing their clothes, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

(10) Playing materials like footballs, netballs, playing toys and bears, with that and so many other playing materials thy do help to bring out the children’s talents.

(11) Loving letters,with those loving letters, children get to know that not only the people around them loves and cares for them, but also there are other people who would love them and care for them and pray for them that God is love and He loved us first so we have to also love others. We’re looking for committed and compassionate samaritans to stand with us in these trying moments to save the starving children, we can’t do this alone without you dear visitors and friends.

In 2015, we had a committed sponsor who used to provide everything required for the orphaned children but unfortunately he perished in a car accident which changed everything in the lives of the poorest of the poor childrenbut by the moment we lost him, we were evicted from the buildings which we were renting due to the failure of getting the rent fees. Children are starving so much for a living and this is why we were touched by the situation at our ministry to write to you as a godly man seeking for assistance to save the starving children. We have children who have never experienced how a full life feels good.

We would like to pursue financial support and or partnership with you, and we are certain that our mission and work in Uganda will further your commitment to glorify Jesus through strengthening children and communities through local efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our organization. I look forward to seeing more lives transformed through our work, supported by your generous donation.

For any financial support you can send it through worldremit or
http://www.SENDWAVE.COM to +256701306815 to
TELEPHONE +256701306815

You can wire transfer to our ministry bank account.

ACCOUNT NUMBER 1016100991775

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