Nino Rodriguez – Jessie Czebotar discusses”The Dark Hidden Ritual behind the LGBTQ Agenda”

Jessie Czebotar discusses”The Dark Hidden Ritual behind the LGBTQ Agenda

First published at 09:41 UTC on September 9th, 2023

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Goodbye to June PRIDE, Normalizing Pedophilia, Month!
Why is MSM Normalizing WOKE and Pedophilia? LGBTQIA + (…) ’P
Because over 90% of the Elites are Pedophiles, in their Reptoid or Soulless Clone Brains did Not Do Anything Wrong, therefore Apparently No Crimes against Children or Humanity. “Do What Thou WiltSatanists, Psychopaths!
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Child Trafficking is Part of the Narrative, Crimes against Children unite Humanity, Game Over

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Mandela Effect Links.pdf’ Is God Removing Protection for Mocking Righteousness with All this Satanic Inversion Agenda? The Actual Rainbow is Now Inverted Permanently , Links! 26, 2023

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July 1, 2023.
Nino Rodriguez  – Jessie Czebotar discusses “The Dark Hidden Ritual behind the LGBTQ Agenda” June 27 2023

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Welcome to the Demonic Psychopathic, Cheating Uni Party, Liberal Hive Mind, and Pride Month, Satanic Agenda
Grooming Children
Indoctrinating Children
Raping Children
CDC stands for “Child Death Cult” ()


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