New Africa – How Mobutu Conquered Congo | The Complex History of the Leopard of Zaire

How Mobuto Conquered Congo (foto YouTube)

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Mobutu Sese Seko (foto Reddit)

Joseph Desiré Mombuto The Leopard of Zaire (foto Twitter)

Mobutu Sese Seko Changed The Name of Congo to Zaire (foto

How Mobutu Conquered Congo | The Complex History of the Leopard of Zaire

In première gegaan op 23 apr. 2021


As far as African Dictators go, there is probably No Single Greater Illustration of the Nuances and Complexities that underpin Dictatorships in Africa, than Joseph Desire Mobutu’s 31 Year Stint, as the Leader of the Nation Known Today as the Democratic Republic Congo.

A Self Proclaimed Anti Communist who modelled his Entire State Apparatus after China’s Chairman Mao. A Self Styled African Revolutionary, who collaborated with his Country’s Former Colonisers to Assassinate his Own Prime Minister and a Proud Afrocentric, whose Love for European Luxuries and Prestige would see him seize Control of an Estimated One Third of his Country’s GDP and build a Personal Net Worth nearly Twice the Size of his Country’s National Debt.

A Paradoxical Man from a Nation of Paradox. Mobutu may have been Stereotypically Arrogant and Cruel, but he was far from a Simpleton. His over Three Decades as Congo’s Supreme Leader.

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Written by KB Taiwo

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