Thierry Michel – Mobutu, Roi du Zaire (Documentary, English subtitles)

Mobutu, Roi du Zaire (foto BOZAR)

Mobutu, Roi du Zaire (foto Amazon)

Mobutu, Roi du Zaire (Documentary, English subtitles)

Published 1 mei 2019

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Un film de Thierry Michel, 1999

Of all the passions of the human race, the appetite for domination is the most intoxicating” Sint Augustine. Ultimate “African King“, Joseph Désiré Mobutu was one of the oldest and most tenacious dictators of the Cold War and decolonization. November 1965. With the help of the CIA, Mobutu makes a Military coup and takes power in the former Belgian Congo. He renamed the country “Zaire” and imposed on his people a peace based on fear, violence, repression. In less than a quarter of a century, this young sergeant from the Colonial Army became one of the most feared leaders of this world.


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