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Microscopy Photo of Blood Clots, Extracted from who Suddenly Died (foto Miami Standard)

Not Blood Clots, but Structures Extracted from Those who Have Suddenly Died

Microscopy Photos of Blood Clots Extracted from Those who “Suddenly Died”, Crystalline Structures, Nano Wires, Chalky Particles and Fibrous Structures


Today we are publishing A Series of Lab Microscopy Photos of Bizarre Clots which are Now being Routinely found in Adults who “Suddenly Died,” Usually in A Number of Months following Covid Vaccinations.

These Clots are often referred to as “Blood Clots” but they are Nothing at all like Normal Clots, and they consist of far more than Mere Blood Cells. Unlike Normal Clots which are Gelatinous, almost Jelly like, these so called “Clots” contain extremely large, complex, repeating structural Elements (all shown below) that are clearly being constructed in the Blood of the Victims who died from these Clots.

All of these Clots were extracted from Patients within A few Hours of their Death. These are not the Result of Post Mortem Blood Stasis. These are Structures found in Blood Vessels and Arteries. They are Not Congealed Blood.

We wish to publicly thank Dr Jane Ruby for connecting us to the Embalmer Richard Hirschman who provided these Clots. Telegram channel T.ME/DRJANERUBY. Without the Persistence of Dr Ruby, you would not be seeing this Report. Dr Ruby is frequently featured on the Stew Peters Show (StewPeters.TV) and will also be my featured guest Monday on the broadcast.

Here S A vial of these raw Clots, washed of Blood and Preserved, before staining.

These Structures exhibit the following Properties.

  • They are tough, fibrous and resilient, showing material Properties similar to small Rubber Bands.
  • They consist of many Strands of small, fibrous Strands.
  • These fibrous Strands (see the very last Photo Set below) show repeating Patterns of scale like Engineering, as if the Body has been programmed to build another Life Form inside the Blood Vessels.
  • There are strange Crystalline like Structures found on these Clots, exhibiting Transparency and Resistance to normal Gram staining Techniques.
  • Below, you will find one Example of A Structure that appears to resemble A Silicon like Bio Circuitry or Micro Chip like Structure. We don T yet know what it is.
  • One of the Photo Sets below reveals what appears to be a Bio Circuitry Wire which clearly shows repeating Patterns and Nano Scale  Interface Structures that are assembled in A specific Geometry for an unknown Purpose.

Context for the Photos you are about to see.

  • I received these “Blood Clot” Samples from A reputable Embalmer, Richard Hirschman, who is active in the Field of Embalming and who confirmed these are not Blood Vessels or other Tissues of any Kind. They are Structures that were evacuated from Inside Blood Vessels during embalming Procedures.
  • I stained these Samples using standard Gram staining Techniques used for Microbiology in order to enhance structural Contrast during Microscopy. One of the Samples below, the more Yellowish Sample, was stained only with Iodine, not any Violet colored Stains.
  • The Samples were then washed with Ethyl Alcohol and prepared on Slides using standard Tissue Sample Preparation for Microscopy.
  • Microscope Magnification varies from 20 X to 1500 X, depending on the Photo shown below. Magnifications are indicated with each Photo Set.
  • I retain Possession of these Samples and can reproduce these Photographs if required. Any competent Lab Microscopy Operator could reproduce these Photos using the same Samples.
  • My Descriptions shown below are merely my own Observations and are not intended to indicate Certainty of the Substances being identified. For Example, when I talk about “Bio Circuitry” or “Nano Wires,” I cannot confirm these are Structures actually engineered for Purposes of Bio Circuits. Merely, they resemble Structures that seem to indicate such A Purpose, but further Research would be needed to confirm these Observations.

Microscopy Photo Set N° 1

Strange Crystal like Nano Structures

This first Set shows strange Crystal like Structures that resist staining Techniques and appear to show some Sort of Nano Scale, clear Crystalline Structures which would normally never appear in Blood or Blood Clots.

Everything you are looking at in these Photos is Part of A Blood Clot extracted from an Expired Human Being.

Magnifications shown here are 20 X, 50 X, 200 X and 500 X.

Microscopy Photo Set N° 2

Structures, Strands and Particles

This second Set shows very Close Up Details on the Strands, Structures and Particles found in these Blood Clots.

Magnifications shown are 20 X, 50 X, 100 X, 200 X, 500 X, 1000 X (extreme Magnifications causes A Loss of Depth of Field which is why the highly magnified Photos seem so blurry in certain Areas)

Microscopy Photo Set N° 3

Crystal Shaped Structures

Crystal like Structures are attached to the Bark like Structure of the Blood Clot. Remember, this Clot is stained using A Violet Stain, which accounts for its dark Purple Color.

Magnifications are 20 X, 50 X, 100 X, 200 X, 500 X and 1000 X.

Microscopy Photo Set N° 4

Fibrous Material is Not Simply Congealed Blood Cells

The following Sample was stained with Iodine, then washed with Ethyl Alcohol. If you did not realize where this came from, you might think this was A Sample of Beef Jerky or A Chicken Nugget. In Reality, all of this is Clot Tissue that was found inside Blood Vessels or Arteries.

As you can see, these are in no way “Normal Blood Clots. These have Structure and are Fibrous. They are clearly being built by the Body, using Protein Synthesis Instructions to create this large Mass that nearly resembles Muscle Tissue. Yet it is being built inside the Blood Vessels.

Magnifications are 20 X, 50 X, 100 X and 200 X.

Microscopy Photo Set N° 5

Silicon like “Chip” Structure

This Series shows something that appears to resemble Silicon based Micro Chip Structures, although I cannot claim with Certainty that this is A Circuit of any Kind. It simply resembles what Micro Circuitry looks like at similar Magnifications.

Magnifications used here at 20 X, 50 X, 100 X, 200 X and 500 X.

Microscopy Photo Set N° 6

Chalk like White Particles

An Ambalmer told me that Blood emptied from the Bodies of these People during Embalming often appears to show “Chalk likeWhite Particles which are visible even to the Naked Eye in certain Cases.

My Microscopy Photos seem to have captured some of these Chalk like White Particles which resist staining and seem to be scattered across certain Regions of these Clots.

Magnifications used here are 20 X, 50 X, 100 X, 200 X, 500 X, 1000 X and 1500 X.

Microscopy photo set N° 7

Nano Wire” Structures and Repeating, Structural Scales

What follows here is A stunning Look at what appears to be, at first, A Micro Scale Wire. Zooming it, we see A Series of repeating Structures along the Top that appear to be Nano Scale Wire Interface Junctions. The entire “Wire” is made of repeating Segments, and it S outer Layer is covered in repeating “Scale like” Patterns that actually resemble Reptile Skin more than anything Human.

For the Record, we don T know what these Structures are. However, it S Clear this doesn T belong anywhere in the Circulatory System.

Finally, this Fiber is not simply A Human Hair. It is firmly attached to the Blood Clot and when I tried to remove it, it would not tear away easily. This is not A Contamination Issue, it is A Structure emanating from the Clot itself. Everything you see here came out of a Human Being S Blood Vessels.

Magnifications used here are 20 X, 50 X, 100 X, 200 X, 200 X, 500 X, 500 X, 500 X, 1000 X and 1500 X.

What is all this?

We don T yet know what all these Structures are. We know what they are not, however. They are not simply clotted Blood cells. If they were, then at the 1.500 X Magnification shown in the last Photo, above, we would be able to see individual Blood Cells. These are not Blood Cells, they are Protein Structures.

Protein structures circulating in the Blood like this, building up over time, are clearly being constructed by the Body S Cells. The Ribosomes in the Cells instruct the Body what Proteins to construct. These Ribosomes are hijacked by mRNA Gene Therapy Injections, which overwrite new Instructions to the Cells, causing them to Manufacture something other than Human.

I believe the Structures you are seeing above are the Result of mRNA Protein Synthesis Instructions which have been injected into People under the false Umbrella of “Vaccines.” I welcome Input from other Experts who may have other Theories or Explanations of where this is coming from.

More Research is needed to confirm the Function and Composition of these Structures, yet because of the Extreme Censorship and “Science Authoritarianism” that now exists in the World, no Lab or University will dare examine these Clots and honestly report the Results. To do so would risk losing all NIH Funding and Federal Grants, since the very same People who engineer Vaccines and  Bio Weapons also control most Science Funding in America.

Thus, only independent Scientists, Labs and Journalists will dare tell the Truth about these Clots.

In conclusion, they are not “Blood” Clots. They are Structures in the Blood. They are “Structural Clots” or “Fibrous Clots” that are extremely large and are being constructed inside the Body over Time.

My grave Concern is that every Person who has been injected with mRNA Instructions may be constructing these Fibrous Structures inside their Bodies at this very Minute, and that it S only A Matter of Time before they block major Arteries or cause Heart Attacks, Strokes or other acute Causes of “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS).

I believe these Structures may very well explain why so many seemingly healthy Adults are suddenly dying.

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