Michiel Willems – Arrests after Another Night of Violence in The Netherlands + Ruptly – Protest Against COVID Restrictions + Donna van der Horst – Demonstratie op Dam, Amsterdam

Riots in The Netherlands (foto cityam.com)

Arrests in The Hague after Another Night of Anti Lockdown Violence in The Netherlands

Dozens of Rioters have been Arrested after Another Night of Anti Lockdown Disorder in The Netherlands, during which Fireworks were Thrown at Officers in The Hague.

The Unrest came a Day after Police Opened Fire on Protesters in Rotterdam Amid What the Port City’s Mayor called “An Orgy of Violence” that broke out at a Protest Against Corona Virus Restrictions.

Local Media Outlet Regio 15 reported that Rioters threw Bicycles, Wooden Pallets and Motorised Scooters on One of the Fires.

Police said in a Tweet that Seven People were Arrested in The Hague and Five Officers were Injured, while One needed Treatment in a Hospital.

Elsewhere in The Netherlands, Two Football Matches in the Top Professional League had to be Briefly Halted after FansBanned from Matches under a Partial Lockdown in Force in The Netherlands for a WeekBroke into Stadiums in the Towns of Alkmaar and Almelo on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, Two Protests against Covid 19 Measures Went Off Peacefully in Amsterdam and the Southern City of Breda.

Orgy of Violence

The Rioting in The Hague was on a Smaller Scale than the Battles on the Streets of Rotterdam on Friday Night.

Dutch Police Opened fire on Protesters and Seven People were Injured in Rioting that Erupted in Rotterdam around a Demonstration against Covid 19 Restrictions.

The City’s Mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, called it “An Orgy of Violence”.

Aboutaleb told Reporters in the Early Hours of Saturday Morning that “On a Number of Occasions the Police Felt It Necessary to Draw Their Weapons to Defend Themselves” as Rioters ran Rampage through the Port City’s Central Shopping District, Setting Fires and Throwing Rocks and Fireworks at Officers.

They Shot at Protesters, People were Injured,” Aboutaleb said. He did Not Have Details on the Injuries but did say Police Also fired Warning Shots.

Photos from the Scene showed at least One Police Car in Flames and Another with a Bicycle Slammed through its Windscreen. Riot Police and a Water Cannon Restored Calm after Midnight.

It was One of the Worst Outbreaks of Violence in The Netherlands since Corona Virus Restrictions were First Imposed Last Year.

In January, Rioters also Attacked Police and Set Fires on the Streets of Rotterdam After a Curfew Came into Force.

Justice Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus Condemned the Events. “The Riots and Extreme Violence against Police Officers, Riot Police and Firefighters Last Night in Rotterdam are Disgusting to See,” he said in a Statement.

CITY AM, Sunday 21 November 2021 9:51, AM


Demonstrators Protest Against COVID 19 Restrictions in The Hague

Live gestreamd 20 november 2021

Live from The Hague on Saturday, November 20, as Protesters Demonstrate Against COVID 19 Restrictions imposed by the Dutch Government last week.

On Saturday Night, The Netherlands went into a Three Week Partial Lockdown. The Restrictions Imply, Among Other Measures, that Bars, Restaurants and Supermarkets Shut their Doors at 20:00 and Non Essential Stores Close at 18:00 Each Day. People are Urged to Work from Home as Much as Possible.

The Caretaker Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s Announcement was Followed by Protests in The Hague where around 200 Demonstrators Clashed with Police, and a Water Cannon was Used to Disperse Protesters.

On Thursday, the Number of New COVID 19 iInfections in the Netherlands Surged to its Highest Level on Record, Topping 20,000 for the Third Day in a Row. Some 23,600 New Cases were Registered, According to the Country’s National Health Institute.

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Demonstratie op de Dam, Amsterdam, 20 november 2021

Live gestreamd 20 november 2021

Donna van der Horst


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