Martin Vrijland – Israeli Bombing of Gaza Hospital, Problem, Reaction, Solution toward the Great Peace Maker?

Bombing of Gaza Hospital, Problem, Reaction, Solution toward the Great Peace Maker?

Leaving Aside for A Moment Whether or Not, This Kind of News is Part of the Movie Production War Hype, the Reaction is Clear, The Arab World is Up Side Down!

All the Peace that Seemed Closer than Ever A Few Years Ago, under Jared Kushner’s Abraham Accords, Driven by Donald Trump, has Been Abruptly and Adamantly Swept Off the Table through this Great Drama. And that Seems to Be Exactly the Intention if We see It in the Context of the Master Script and the Problem, Reaction, Solution Fame towards the Desired Solution.

Then What Exactly is that Desired Solution within that Master Script? That Solution is that Donald Trump will Be Pushed into the Anti Christ Role and that Anti Christ will Begin his Period as A Peace Maker.

In my Book The Phoenix Will Rise Soon I Point Out, Not Logical at the Moment, but will Become Clear As these Events Unfold.

What we can Expect are the Things that Go With that Anti Christ Role. For Example, he Will Rise from the Dead and Will Perform Miracles. He will Also Be Embraced by the Islamic World.

These Miracles are Perfectly Explainable if you Understand the Principles of the Simulation Dome and Materialization of Matter from Code. Some Things will Simply Be Explained Always Existed. For Example, if it is Mentioned in that Wonderful Religious Script Book that the Temple, From Which the Anti Christ will Reign, will Be Rebuilt in 3 Days, we might Think of Current Cement Printing Technologies and the Use of Robots.

Re Surrecting the Anti Christ From the Dead means he will Have to Die First. In that Context, I Expect an Assassination Hoax on Donald Trump. Very specifically, I Even Expect This to Happen in the Capitol, Where There will Be A Julius Caesar Type Attack on him. In Previous Articles, I Showed that This was Depicted in A 2017 New York New York Theatrical Performance in Which A Donald Trump Like Protagonist, Plays the Role of Julius Caesar.

Staging of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar,’ FeaturesTrumpGetting Assassinated

Published 4 okt 2023

Read This to Read the Prediction


The Fact that War Violence is Now Flaring Up in Israel and Gaza could Foreshadow the Creation of an Alibi for Blowing Up the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Golden Dome of the Rock. I Described That in This Article.

It Therefore seems Likely that it will Not Be Long Before Donald Trump is Launched into that Anti Christ Role.

And if that Anti Christ will Then Have to Rise from the Dead, he will First Have to BeMurdered.” And If that Proceeds According to that Julius Caesar Script, So he Must First Be Given A Role in the Capitol Soon. Is that in the Role of A President Elect? If So, We’ll Have to Wait A While, since the US Elections aren’t Until November 2024. Meanwhile, Trump is Being Made Quite Difficult to Stand for Election and the Biden Administration is Using All Means to Make it Impossible for him to Participate in the Election.

So What we can Expect is that Trump will Soon Become Speaker of the House. Not for Nothing Kevin McCarthy was Fired from that Role and Not for Nothing Jim Jordan’s Election Yesterday Failed.

Wayne Allen Root – Trump will Become Speaker of the House

Published 3 okt 2023

Martin Vrijland


As Early as October 3, 2023, I Predicted that Donald Trump will Assume the Role of Speaker of the House. For That to Happen, it Must First look Credible that No One Else Manages to Secure the Full Number of Votes, and For That to Happen, it Must Also First Look Credible that Trump Himself did Not Choose the Role, but was Urged to Do So by his Party Colleagues because they could Not Find Anyone Else. This is Also Why Trump Initially Backed Jim Jordan in This Role.

Bombing the Hospital in Gaza, will Now Provide an Additional Incentive to the Republican Party to Elect Trump to the Position of Speaker of the House. For Then he will Be Able to Instigate the Impeachment Proceedings Initiated under Kevin McCarthy against Joe Biden, Effectively Pushing for Joe Biden’s Resignation. And That in Turn provides A Wonderful Alibi for A Julius Caesar Like Assassination Attempt on Trump From Within the Democratic Party.

So All the Pieces are Being Carefully Positioned for the Upcoming Election of Donald Trump in A Role on that Hill of Golgotha, Capital Hill. All the Pieces are Being Put in Position for the Assassination Hoax and the Miraculous Resurrection. And All the Pieces are Being Put in Contention for the Rebuilding of the Temple.

Last but Not Least, the Anti Christ will be A Peace Maker. This is Possible Only if he Manages to Convince All Religious People that he is the Long Awaited Messiah. And for That, the Unfolding of the Script Points Mentioned Above is So Important. Moreover, Trump will Turn Out to Be of the David Blood Line, and Thus of the Judah Blood Line and Thus of the Abraham Blood Line. And that Fact, Combined with the Unfolding Scripted Events, will Bring Every Believer Worldwide to their Knees to Worship and Embrace him As the Great Savior and Peace Maker.

To Embrace A Savior, A Great Enemy Must First Exist. That Principle is Beautifully Explained in the Video Below Here After.

If You Want to Fully Understand Why we are Dealing with A Script and Why these Events Must Unfold, Delve into the Books that Fully Explain It.

    1. The Simulation Dome Explains Everything
    2. The Phoenix Will Rise Soon

Two World Orders, the Good Guys versus Bad Guys Game Explained

Published 14 okt 2023

Martin Vrijland

Check Out



Important Message

Published 8 okt 2023

Martin Vrijland


Bombing  Gaza   Hospital

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Martin Vrijland, Oct. 18, 2023


October 18, 2023 at 13:14
The Majority of the Billions of Believers will See an Almost Literal Rendering Take Place Before their Eyes, Leaving them Completely in “Awe” and Most Importantly Completely Convinced of God’s Word. They will Say, You See, the Bible is A Literal Interpretation Manual and then walk straight into the next round. So the consciousness conscious people, on the other hand, know the score.
Does the psyop in Brussels also play a specific role in this or is that more of a repeat of psyop moves to keep polarization (Western world – Islamic world) at a high level and thereby create broad support for Trump the savior?

Martin Vrijland
October 18, 2023 at 13:33
I don’t know if it will be Christianity that will prevail under Trump. After all, he will declare himself God.
The Brussels story is of the “how many times do we have to discover how AI film productions work?” category. It is all part of creating the problem for the benefit of the >Problem, Reaction, Solution game in which the evil deepstate (and its policies) must be pointed out as the cause of all misery.

In the Omega Code, Martin’s version is exactly played out with an antichrist and the Bible has prophetic value. After an attempt on his life and a death, the antichrist resurrects.

The Omega Code

Published 9 dec 2012

ilobaechine ebele

The Anti Christ Revealed


October 18, 2023 at 14:28
Interesting Tik Tok Movie about A Book The Last President that is Over 100 Years Old.


October 18, 2023 at 18:26
It is therefore very likely that it was already literally written in the stars. That is to say, knowing that the script is fixed and that the bloodlines know this script to their very core, you can imagine that the coming anti-Christ event was also decided in detail a long time ago, including the name of the “miracle son. While the story may have been slightly bastardized to make it not quite similar, that would have been a bit too much of a stretch.

October 19, 2023 at 10:13
Very interesting indeed!!!
Namely yet more evidence that Donald Trump is the Antichrist with clear hints in the names of his parents
Trump’s mother : Mary Anne MacLeod Trump (Mary = Mary)
Trump’s father : Frederick (Fred) Christ Trump (Christ = Jesus)<

October 18, 2023 at 16:59
Your Opening Line
Leaving aside the question of whether or not this kind of news is part of the film production war hype, the reaction is clear: the Arab world is upside down!”
May I be so bold as to say
Yes, it’s part of the movie production war hustle and the ‘Arab world’ is of course mostly upside down in the media. Most people in the Arab world, just like everywhere else in the world view this (considered complete truth) spectacle exclusively from behind their screens, adopting the currently pushed (religious) imagery.”

October 19, 2023 at 10:26
I Completely Agree with You, This can Hardly Even Be the Truth.
Obviously they are Playing on Our Emotions Again Just Like the Bull Shit Story about the Babies.
Who Bombs A Hospital Now, How Inhumane , I am So Angry!!! Not Really.
And Our Media is That of the Deep State that is Going to Fall, European Union, America, Biden, Israel et Cetera, So Why does that Media Let Us Hear Anything Very Negative about Israel her War Crimes?
For the Same Reason that our Media Also Suddenly Shared with Us the Nazi Past of Our Royal Family.
Because in Fact They Themselves Contribute to Their  Planned Down Fall. Because the Media Controls What They Write, You can see this in the fact that our media is still not hearing that we have worldwide over mortality due to the MRNA prick.
So the media bosses have complete control over the news. Yet now we are allowed to know something very negative about their own beloved Israel. And that is why I am 100% sure that absolutely no hospital was bombed.
the news hits me 0.0% I know immediately when it’s BS again.

Martin Vrijland
October 18, 2023 at 17:59
It is All by Design. Biden has to Come Across as the incapable man; the man who has to read from bills and stutters and stammers in at the most crucial moment.

Sky News Australia – Biden Grilled for ‘Blathering’ in Meeting with Israeli PM

Published 18 okt 2023

Sky News Australia

Sky News host Paul Murray has Grilled US President Joe Biden for “Blathering” and Reading Off Palm Cards in his Meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Not Being Able to Show Any Physical or Verbal or Emotional Strength despite the Power of his Office to Be Able to Literally Stand There and Say to Netanyahu, ‘Okay, What’s the Plan, What are you Going to Do’?
This is Joe Biden When the Stakes couldn Not be Higher, Blathering.”
Seriously, we’ve Laughed at this Guy for Too Long, This is Now Serious.”
“The Stakes could Not Be Higher Including for Innocent Civilians that Clearly he does Not Care About.”


October 18, 2023 at 18:46
Ja, Genau, es muß Nur So Aus Sehen () als Ob das Alles Wirklich So Wäre.
Obwohl GeschicktGemacht“, ist es Doch Nur ein Schau Spiel.

Frank Holland
October 18, 2023 at 20:24
Yes, This is an Operetta that Biden and That Guy Sitting Next to him, Neetanyahoo, Good Counter Part By the Way, Sure, he Knows about It.
But How can This Still bBe Taken Seriously, when it is the Highest Position Available, Ahem.

Camera 2
October 18, 2023 at 19:08
It can Never Be Too Crazy
And the sentence from the above article
((((The bombing of the hospital in Gaza, will now provide additional incentive to the Republican party to elect Trump to the position of Speaker of the House.)))))

October 18, 2023 at 20:29<
Yes, it can never be too crazy, but really it shouldn’t get any crazier.
I can totally see it already;
Everything regarding the whole Trump anti-Christ thing is really going to happen soon (but just the fact of when he will become speaker of the house should have been a mindblowing prediction by Martin for the masses, because that probably sounded very implausible to the masses at the time when Martin predicted it).
All the facts, truths and falsehoods that are already being shared now (including here) will of course continue to be shared even after that happens. Even then the masses will stare unwillingly or ignorantly in front of them. And yet even then ‘we’ will continue to try to inform, to get the truth to as many individual consciousnesses as possible.

Camera 2

October 18, 2023 at 19:22

It was literally suggested in BNR in the morning
(not that we are going to take the msm seriously now but to see the game in play)
Minute -07;20 a swerve ? from Gaza?

October 18, 2023 at 20:19
FLASHBACK Obama Says He Wants To Control AFront ManPresident Through An Earpiece
Ironically, Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s Vice President. Biden Also is Essentially Unable to Speak without Using A teleprompter. Who is Really Telling Biden What to Say?

FLASHBACK Obama says He Wants to Control AFront ManPresident through an Ear Piece

During an Interview, Former President Barack Obama Expressed Interest in Controlling AFront ManPresident Through an Ear Piece in Order to Have A De Facto Third Term. According to Obama, “If I could Make an Arrangement Where I had A Front Man and They had an Ear Piece In () and I was Just in my Basement (…) then I could Deliver the Lines () I’d be Fine with That”. Ironically, Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s Vice President () Biden Also is Essentially Unable to Speak without Using A Tele Prompter. Who is Really Telling Biden What to Say?

Suggested by CBS CID
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Is Biden is Wearing an Ear Piece on Stage that OBOMBA Talks Into.
Look for Biden To Be Out of Office this Summer while Commies Trying to Replace Biden with Mike Michelle Obama, Even Vice President Kamala Harris is A Man, but the “Free Mason GlobalistDo Not Want him as President because Harris is So Stupid, they Do Not Trust him, AKA Harris. Nancy Pelosi is Also Brain Dead.

All FirstLadiesHave ALL Been Men , Even Hillary Clinton is A Man, USA has Never had A Woman President’s Wife.


October 18, 2023 at 22:29
Another So Called Government Shutdown may Be Looming A Month from Now. Will they Honor the Traditional American Showmanship and Only Pull Trump Out of the Top Hat At the Last Minute as A True Stop Gap Measure, or will it Go A Little More Moderately than That and Thus Make it Look like Inevitable via A Real Election of Trump?

October 19, 2023 at 10:39
Maybe I am Missing Something but All I See in Photos or Videos of the Hospital is A Parking Lot with Some Burned Out Cars and A Half Collapsed Canopy at the Entrance.
I did Not Know you could Die from That Too ()

Trapped Soul
October 19, 2023 at 12:2
You would have Stood under that Canopy, you do Not Recount That.

Martin Vrijland – War, Alibi Blowing Up Al Aqsa to Make Anti Christ Temple? + The Incredible Journey – Rebuilt in Three Days + Revolution of China – 20,000 Houses in Africa in 72 Hours

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