Martin Vrijland – War, Alibi Blowing Up Al Aqsa to Make Anti Christ Temple? + The Incredible Journey – Rebuilt in Three Days + Revolution of China – 20,000 Houses in Africa in 72 Hours

Israel Gaza War, Alibi for Blowing Up Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock to Make Way for Anti Christ Temple?

It is, Of Course, Another Tragedy of Mega Proportions What We are Seeing from Gaza. Thousands of Rockets Allegedly Fired. Dead and Wounded. Our Perception is Through the Media and Images and So We are Quickly Convinced. We might Wonder if it is Not Very Convenient for Netanyahu. Has an Alibi Now  Been Created for Crackdowns? Meanwhile, he has Officially Declared War, Which Means that he has Effectively Declared Martial Law. The People Must from Now on Listen to Instructions from the Army.

Although I Argue that the Biblical Anti Christ is A Role to Cover Up the Upcoming Vast Plasma Events, with the Accompanying Transition to the Super Dome In Which Humanity Lands in A New World, A 176 Times Larger Earth’s Surface and an XX|XY Gender Neutral or Hermaphroditic Humanity, the Script is Carried Out through Accompanying Acts and Characters from the Religious Prophecies. That Means that the Anit Christ Must Take his Place in the Rebuilt Temple of Solomon on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. That is So Scripted.

Now that the AssassinatiRon Attempt, Hoax on Anti Christ Donald Trump is Getting Closer and Closer, and Thus, after his, Acted, Resurrection, after the Phoenix Moment, he will Also have to Take his Place in that Rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, Read, Rule the World from this Temple, that Temple will Then have to Be Rebuilt First.

However, there is One Big stand in the Way and That is that Famous Mosque on the Temple Mount, Al Aqsa Mosque. That’s that Mosque Opposite that Building with that Beautiful Golden Dome.

And so Israel Needs an Alibi to Be Able to Blow Up that Mosque. If you Ask me, we are Now at that Stage and Israel will Now Presumably Blow Up that Temple Quickly to Make Way for the Rebuilding of that Temple of Solomon. The Preparations for that Rebuilding have Been Going On for Years. The Video Below shows What that Temple should Look Like, and Read Further Below.

3D Walk Through of the Temple in Jerusalem

Published 25 jul 2023

Biblical Culture

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Rabbi Dr David Moster is the Director of the Institute of Biblical Culture and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is the Author of Two Biblical Hebrew Cards, Links Above, and “Etrog, How A Chinese Fruit Became A Jewish Symbol.” David Received his PhD in תנ״ך, Hebrew Bible from Bar Ilan University in Israel, and Holds Degrees in Bible, Education, and Rabbinics from Yeshiva University and New York University.


So we are Probably Going to See A Giant Escalation of this War Movie in Israel Soon, because It is Necessary for the Script.

It is Important that you Take These Predictions Seriously and Start Seeing What is On the Agenda. For That, it is Helpful to Read the Series of Two Books The Simulation Dome Explains Everything and The Phoenix Will Rise Soon to Read. Then You will Understand Not Only What is Happening on the World Stage, but Also What Real Underlying Events are Being Concealed by the Acting on the Stage.

The, Upcoming, Blowing Up of the Dome on the Temple Mount is A Reference to the End of the Period under the Current Plasma Dome and the Erection of the Super Dome, as Described in Those Books. It is Time to See Through the  Big Picture.

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(160) The Temple Rebuilt in Three Days, Mark 14:57 – 59

Published 3 mei 2023

The Incredible Journey

During Jesus’ Ti before the Sanhedrin, Many Witnesses Have Testified against him, but As is Always the Case, Evil can Never Agree Even within Itself, and the Witnesses All Contradicted Each Other. Eventually, his Enemies Brought Out their Key Accusation against Jesus.

57 Then Some Stood Up and Gave this False Testimony against him
58We heard him Say, ‘I will Destroy this Temple Made with Human Hands and In Three Days will Build Another, Not Made with Hands.’”
59 Yet Even Then their Testimony did Not Agree
Mark 14:57 – 59

It is Very Significant that the Most Common Accusation Brought against Jesus in the Gospels is that he had Said that he would Destroy the Temple and Rebuild It in Three Days. He was Also Mocked with This at the Cross. According to the Gospel of John, Chapter Two, this is Based on Christ’s First Statement of his Public Ministry. And the People Who Heard It Never Forgot It. Why was this Important? Because the Evidence from the Bible and From History Tells Us that the Jews were Expecting to Identify the Messiah When he Came because he would Cleanse and Rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. And This is What Jesus had Claimed that he would Do. So, the Key Accusation Made against Jesus was that he was A False Messiah. Notice Also the Lie in the Accusation. Jesus Never Said that he would Destroy the Temple. Jesus had Only Said that he would Rebuild It in Three Days. This Idea of the “Three Days” went on to Become One of the Most Important Motifs of the Gospel in the New Testament, for On the Third Day Jesus Rose from the Dead. The Very Thing for Which the Jews Apparently Condemned Jesus was Turned into A Key Sign of his Victory. Can you Think of an Example in your Own Life in Which God has Taken One of your Apparent Weaknesses and Turned into A Wonderful Strength?

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