Manufacturing Intellect | Ireland’s National Television | Richard Ellmann – The World of James Joyce: His Life & Work (1986) (Documentary)

James Joyce, the emigrant who left Dublin in body but not in mind (foto Irish Times)

James Joyce through the Years (foto Behance)

JJ – Ulysses (foto Pinterest)

The World of James Joyce: His Life & Work (1986) (Documentary)

Published 4 nov. 2017

The authoritative documentary on the man who single handedly transformed English literature in the 20th century.

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Produced by Ireland’s National Television with the assistance of Richard Ellmann, the program was shot in Joyce’s tracks in Dublin, Trieste, Zurich, Rome, London, and Paris; it draws on the reminiscences of numerous associates, friends, and relatives, and shows the role in Joyce’s development of such figures as Harriet Weaver and Sylvia Beach.

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