Ladislas & Irene Starevich – The Tale of the Fox (1937) (Color) + The Tale of the Fox | Le Roman de Renard (1937)

The Tale of the Fox (1937) (Color)

Published 8 mei 2022

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Here are A Series of Sequences I Colourized from the First Feature Length Stop Motion FilmLe Roman de Reynard“. It Blew my Mind that this was Completely Designed and Shot by Russian Animator Ladislas Starevich and his Daughter Irene Starewicz in 1929 – 1930. Later Released in 1937. A Large Influence on Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr Fox“. If you Enjoyed This I Highly Recommend Watching the Full Movie.


The Tale of the Fox | Le Roman de Renard (1937)

Published 1 Oct 2020

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Author FleurRinna Guta


Edzard Dideric – REINAERT DE VOS (ofwel een woordenschat)

Reynaertgenootschap – e-brief 2008 Nr. 4

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