Kees Klein – The New Rabotnik (251): Amsterdam, a Sinfonietta of a Metropolis

Het Wapen van Amsterdam (foto Memory of the Netherlands)

Gepubliceerd op 22 okt. 2019

A sequel to the photo & film archives expo at the Amsterdam Stadsarchief. First an intro in the cellar of the archive, with some material of the current expo with works from the ’20 and ’30 decades of the last century. Then the crew of the New Rabotnik makes a choice of some remarkable moments of the Amsterdam scene of the last decade.
Not the usual suspects you can expect, but some remarkable moments and minutes that caught our attention.
With Eberhard van der Laan talking with Gilbert & George, with Rudi Fuchs joining Joaquin Wall. And the opening of the Europaplein metro station as a concert hall. And many other strange scenes.
The music as written by Janacek, his famous “Sinfonietta“, as recored with our own House band. That is, a sequel of Walter Ruttmann, “Berlin, a symphony of a big city” (1927).

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