Judy Byington – Biden, Pelosi, Obama to be Arrested, DC on Lockdown, CCP to Attack US, EBS to Activate Wednesday

The Third Obama Presidency (foto The Dallas Mornig News)

Biden, Pelosi, Obama to be Arrested, DC on Lockdown, CCP to Attack US, EBS to Activate Wednesday

Joseph Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and over 200,000 global and political elites were soon to be arrested. Trump has activated the Insurrection Act and Washington DC was on lockdown. The Pentagon has received death threats from the Chinese Communist Party and after a Marine raid on CIA Headquarters last weekend, the nation’s top generals took away their support of the CIA and FBI.

The Internet was set to go offline, with a form of Martial Law instigated not only in the US, but across the globe as the world transitioned to NESARA | GESARA and a Global Currency Reset that took US taxpayer dollars away from corrupt bankers and iLLUMiNATi families and gave it back to The People.

On Wed. 20 January Inauguration Day the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) would be activated. The FCC was telling major networks that their programming would be preempted from 8 AM EST for up to 72 hours. If they didn’t comply, they would be off the air.

On that first EBS broadcast President Trump was expected to say, “The Storm is Upon Us.” Tune into any TV station for unprecedented events of the Presidential Inauguration.


Ten Days of Darkness would begin as Mass Arrests of over 500,000 individuals was expected to happen worldwide. On the EBS eight hour videos would be broadcast three times a day for ten days straight. The videos contained Military Tribunals filled with confessions of high profile elite individuals exposed for their Crimes Against Humanity.

For security reasons people would likely be asked to stay in their residences. It was advised to have enough food, water, batteries and necessities for the duration of what was called the Ten Days of Darkness.

Last weekend the Marines raided CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. A Military general said they came away with a ton of evidence. Well known US politicians appeared guilty of embezzlement, identity fraud, pedophilia, assassination plots and murders.

By Monday 18 January DNI Ratcliffe dropped a bombshell report alleging that China had interfered in 2020 Election – in collusion with members of the Democrat Party. The Pentagon intercepted a message from the Chinese Communist Party that showed a plan to assassinate Pentagon Generals.

As a result and coupled with the evidence from the CIA raid, the Pentagon has withdrawn their support of the CIA and FBI, while President Trump activated the Insurrection Act – an abbreviated Military Law. We would need it by Wednesday 20 January for the Presidential Inauguration.

It was rumored that once everyone was in place for the Inauguration, the National Guard would secure the perimeter of the Capitol grounds. Nobody out. Nobody in. Marines would guard tunnels under the Capitol.

As Biden came on stage the Secret Service would detain and issue arrest warrants on 50 – 100 members of the audience including Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, at least ten senators and most of Democratic House members. All seen live on national TV.

Since 2016, over 200,000 indictments had been filed in federal courts across the nation. US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been very busy presenting evidence of political corruption and pedophilia to State Ground Juries across the nation. Their indictments would be unsealed and arrest warrants issued across the nation, and globe.

It was believed that in Washington DC the Marines would escort their assigned charges to an Deep Underground Military Base where they would be tried for their crimes on live TV. All TV stations would be required to tune into the trials so the evidence would be made public.

This dramatic scene was more than essential for the survival of the free world. Thousands of Chinese troops were known to be sitting on both the Mexican and Canadian borders, plus their ships were just inside International Waters on both the East and West coasts. It was said that if Biden were inaugurated President they would invade and take over the country.

On Mon. 18 January the US Capitol was preparing for this big event and was put on lockdown.

Trump left DC on Tues. 19 January with an unprecedented Military Farewell event, while DC was being turned into a detainment camp to hold thousands of traitors who committed treason against the US. The Washington DC area was actually a holding facility for enemies of America and it would soon host Military Tribunals.


It has now been proven that it was the Radical Left and Antifa members who broke into the State Capitol on Wednesday 6 January They entered the fenced in area and Capitol Building with the help of DC police. CNN reporters were in on it as they filmed the riot while President Trump was giving his speech to millions of his peaceful supporters two miles away.

During the raid the US Military confiscated Pelosi and other Democrat laptops which later were found to have evidence proving that the Democrats were coordinating the raid from their offices at the State Capitol.


Chris Miller at the Department of Defense was anticipating a much more sophisticated attack on DC on Wed, including air to ground weapons, missiles or rockets. The Military was prepared with 40.000+ troops, F18 fighter jets, Stryker vehicles and Patriot Missiles.

Tens of thousands of National Guard troops in DC have been checking the ID of people leaving the area, not arriving. Bolts on the security fencing around the White House were on the outside, preventing people from leaving, not getting in. There have been 4.000 members of the National Guard who were sworn in as US Marshalls.

Over the last few years Antifa members trained in Somalia for this attack on America. Their sophisticated weapons were smuggled into the US by the CCP and included Club K concealed rockets and missile systems capable of a 100+ mile range, rocket propelled grenades and 60 M224 mortars with a range of several hundred meters that were capable of hitting the Capitol Building and White House.

Their most likely target was the US power grid system and Military installations. The CCP may even attempt to detonate an Electro Magnetic Pulse system to take down the national power grid.


Media Isn’t Free, Censorship Of Alternative Websites Across The Internet Is In Full Swing.

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