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Barrack Obama | Joseph Biden | Hillary Clinton | Nancy Pelosi | The White House Pedophile Ring | Uncovered by WikiLeaks

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Judy Byington

We have hard proof that President Obama ran a Pedophile Ring out of The White House” said Julian Assange in a Fox News Hannity bombshell report on Sun. 25 April.

“(… ) a young boy the age of five (…) will make the perfect catamite for the President” read a WikiLeaks email to Obama according to Assange. “He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. I’m sure the President will be pleased.”

Other Notables named as being involved in the Pedophile Ring were Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy Carter, Harry Reid, Ben Affleck, Cory Booker, Al Franken and Nancy Pelosi. Trump Attorney Lin Wood also included Chief Justice John Roberts in the group. https://undergroundreportorg.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/wikileaks-obama-ran-pedophile-ring-out-of-whitehouse

Child Trafficking by the Obama | Biden Administration using the Clinton Foundation was well known in the Intelligence Community. The extensive network of Child Sex Trafficking was believed organized by the Black Hats*, or iLLUMiNATi* at the Vatican and funded by the CIA Black Budget and Chinese Communist Party Child Trafficking Ring.

Apparently their Ring extended to Trafficking Children caught at the border, those who went by Submarine to Biden owned Water Island that lay next door to Epstein’s Pedophile Island, DUMB Tunnels that ran beneath every Capitol City in the Nation and Globe, including an Underground Tunnel System under Biden owned property in the Ukraine and another buried two miles beneath The White House.

The chief income producer for Child Trafficking was the sale of Adrenochrome – obtained by Harvesting the Blood of a traumatized child. It was said to produce a “high” and prevent Aging, although one of the side effects was death if the supply was taken away.

Adrenochrome Harvesting Data Dump (2)
Products for Sale, 2021 Child Hunting Parties Schedule for US

Adrenochrome | The Leaked Documents | Awakening? Start Here

An Alliance** of Nations was rescuing millions of children being sex trafficked and used for Organ Transplants and Adrenochrome Production in an extensive Labyrinth of iLLUMiNATi* Tunnels across the globe. The Ring was run by the Vatican and financed by the Chinese Communist Party using Bitcoin Facilities beneath China’s Three Gorges Dam – a Tunnel that ran to the Wuhan Lab that produced and released the CV19 Corona Virus Global Plague.

Trump and the Alliance** to the rescue. Their Military Missions culminated with US Navy Seals, Russian Special Ops and OUR Protection Team discovering 1,245 barely alive children, teens and adults and taking 1,366 dead bodies from 30,000 containers on the iLLUMiNATi’* Evergreen Evergiven ship that blocked the Suez Canal from Tuesday 23 March to Monday 29 March. Evergiven and accompanying vessels caught in the Canal were shipped by the Chinese Communist Party. They also had on board tanks of Adrenochrome, a nuclear device and Weapons of Mass Destruction including the CV19 vaccine. All were destined to start a War in the Middle East and decimate the World Population for their New World Order Agenda.

The discovery of an international Child Trafficking Ring centered at The White House under direction of Obama and Biden had everything to do with Washington DC being surrounded by an eight foot high barbed wire fence guarded on the inside by 30,000 National Guard since before the 20 January Biden Inauguration.

In the early morning hours of Sunday 24 Januari 2021 Special Forces (SOF) Units were videotaped coming out of an empty White House with Tortured Children they had rescued out of Underground Tunnels buried two miles beneath Capitol Hill. The Military had just defeated Deep State CIA Forces trying to hinder them from removing what was later discovered to be thousands of mainly babies, although there were many children, teens and adults up to 60 years old who had been held in Electrified Cages.

Many Capitol Hill Tunnel victims were found to have been born in the Tunnels, while some had been kidnapped and spent up to 30 years in these tombs. All were malnourished and physically, psychologically and sexually abused. In the Tunnels troops also discovered Labs designed to Torture, extract Adrenochrome and organs from caged babies, children, teens and adults.

During the Capitol Hill Rescue Operation another video was found of Hillary Clinton and her assistant Huma Abedin. It was said 100 times worse than Frazzledrip: the infamous video New York Police found of Clinton and Abadin ripping the face off, torturing and killing a preteen girl and then drinking her Adrenochromed blood.

Long ago Clinton had been arrested, recently tried at a GITMO Military Tribunal and was scheduled to be hanged today, Monday 26 April. To save her own skin Abedin had testified against her former boss, “I can’t count the number of underage boys and girls Clinton brought to the US under the pretense of providing them with a fruitful life,” Abedin said at the Tribunal, “but there were many, most of whom were later sold or donated to influential members of the Clinton Cabal. https://freedomminds.com/2021/04/19/clinton-military-tribunal-day-5-conviction

Rape, Torture and Human Sacrifice of children in Satanic Rituals was believed rampant among political elites. Though Trump and the Alliance were on top of the situation. Right after Trump took office in 2016 US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and 740 investigators were hired to probe those political elites who into Pedophilia. Since then Huber and team had held Grand Juries and filed over 200,000 Sealed Indictments across the US, in tandem with over 500,000 filed across the globe by the Alliance.

These children lived in perpetual fear because of the global presence of the Black Market Human Trafficking Syndicates, even in the USA” said Mexican journalist based in Tijuana Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez. Ramirez has done extensive investigation on Biden’s connection to children caught in the Maffia’s international Trafficking at the border.

On 23 October 2020 after the Presidential Debate, Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez exposed a UN Open Borders Compact that Joe Biden and Barrack Obama signed. The policy led to a massive influx of Antifa Black Market Coyote Network trafficking over 90,000 children, who then went missing. It has been documented that over 20,000 were put in cages by the Obama Administration during their tenure in office.

Mexican Journalist Exposes Joe Biden’s Human Trafficking Compact (soonerpolitics.org)

The extensive Biden fortune was not just gained by selling children at the border. On New Year’s Day 2021 Delta Forces raided Joe Biden’s 200 acre property in the Ukraine where they found a maze of Underground Chambers and Tunnels that ran for miles in every direction. Bits of necrotic flesh hung from ankle and wrist shackles bolted to the walls.

The Biden owned Water Island next to convicted Pedophile’s Epstein Island was another source of Biden income. It was known to have long been used in the international Child Trafficking Network.
Biden Arrested, SCOTUS Roberts Caught, CIA Child Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring Exposed

In Biden’s Ukraine Underground Tunnels seized laptops were said full of evidence of a massive International Money Laundering, Gun and Drug Running, Child and Human Trafficking Scheme – that appeared connected to other high powerful Elites.

That long List of Indictments were said to include SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts, who was suspected of being Blackmailed to make certain Supreme Court Decisions according to Trump Attorney Lin Wood in a series of tweets on Monday 4 January.

Chief Justice John Roberts and a multitude of powerful individuals worldwide were being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape and murder of children captured on videotape. I have the key to the files containing the videos. Others also have the Encryption Key.”

The Blackmail Targets are approached with a gun, a child, and a camera,” claimed Wood. “The Target is ordered to rape the child on video. The Target is then ordered to shoot the child on video. The Target is then owned and controlled by the Blackmailers until Blackmail Evidence loses its value.”

Obama’s, Biden’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi’s and Robert’s Crimes against Humanity appeared connected through the CIA, along with nine other Intelligence agencies including the FBI. The covert agencies were believed running a Human Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring used to Blackmail political Elites. All was being funded by US taxpayer dollars funneled through a CIA Black Budget – long known to have worked with Jeffrey Epstein and his Pedophile Island in the Blackmail of political and Global Elites.

On the Biden Ukraine Property the Military seized $ 300 million in Gold Bullion, Chinese manufactured Type 56 Assault Rifles, tens of thousands of rounds of Ammunition, Laptops and in an Underground Antechamber were twelve duffel bags filled with Black Tar Heroin.

Wood said, “One of those Intelligence Agencies was hacked by a group known as Lizard Squad. The Blackmail Files of Rape and Murder were obtained and a copy was provided to Isaac Kappy. Kappy gave the files to one friend and the Encryption Key to another friend shortly before he was murdered in May 13, 2019.

Jeffrey Epstein used this same Blackmail Scheme of child rape and murder to either further his own interests, or those of any Intelligence Agency with whom he worked. I have no idea extent of Blackmail Scheme of raping and killing children but given the number of Agencies involved, the hundreds of thousands of missing children and otherwise inexplicable actions of many powerful officials, celebrities and business leaders, I fear the worst.

Many issues in our world may be tied to this Blackmail Scheme, including the bizarre behavior of Officials and Judges in the recent Election.”

The Ukraine Biden Estate was found to be the Headquarters of Paradine Global Advisors. In the late summer of 2006 the Biden Family bought Paradine as a Hedge Fund and fired 95% of staff. By June 2009 the company was found to be a Slush Fund for Laundering Money.”


The iLLUMiNATi, Cabal, Deep State or Black Hats

Gained their power over peoples of the globe by Worshipping Satan through Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice. The Cabal was composed of 13 iLLUMiNATi* Bloodline Families including the Habsburg Family. Below them were the Black Jesuit Pope Adolfo Nicolas and his six Generals, Pope Francis and 350 personnel in the Vatican including former Jesuit Secretary General Peter Hans Kolvenbach. In turn the Jesuits were part of most governments and leaders, especially the Freemasons, which has infiltrated every Intelligence Agency in the world with Masonic leaders, making them puppets that carried out Jesuit Orders. Other Cabal leaders were Maffia heads including Khazarian Mob Leaders, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Fascists, Royal Families of Europe including Queen Elizabeth, the Netherlands and Spanish Royals. The Cabal extended to Benjamin Netanyahu and the Zionists, Globalist and Political Elites, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger Group, Council of 300, United Nations, Council of Trent, Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, ASIO, M15, M16, NCIS, FSB, DGSF and the Mossad.


The Alliance or White Hats

Composed of President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, White Hats in the Department of Defense headed by Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, Undersecretary of Defense Intelligence Ezra Cohen Watnick and General Michael T Flynn, Q Force (composed of around 800 Special Operators who advise President Trump including Pentagon Generals Chairman Joint Chief Mark Milley, Vice Chief John Hyten, General James McConville, Admiral Michael Gilday, General CQ Brown, General Paul Nakasone and General Jay Raymond), QAnons (Volunteer Patriots headed by Ezra Cohen Watnick, General Flynn and JF Kennedy Jr, who is Q), the National Security Agency headed by our present Acting US President Richard Grenell who, with the US under Martial Law, was running Military Operations in Washington DC and various Militaries across the globe, including the International Force authorized to make arrests in any country, Interpol.

List of DUMBs by StateComplete List of Military Underground Bases in USA (video)

Underground Tunnels

Thursday April 22 2021
Underground Tunnels
Driving Through Deep Underground Tunnel (Never Seen Footage)
New Dark Outpost: Military Fights Underground War, Deep Underground Bases

Saturday April 17 2021
South American and Beirut DUMBS, Gene Decode
Gene Decode Intel Drop: South American DUMBS and Beirut DUMB (Video)
Robert David Steele Mirror: Navy Seal Michael Jaco & Gene Decode Give An Update On Disclosure & Child Rescue!

Sunday February 7 2021
Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill

Tuesday January 5 2021

Tuesday September 8 2020

Friday Augustus 28 2020

Thursday April 9 2020
April 21 2020: Over 50,000 Traumatized Children Rescued by Military Out of Tunnels Beneath US Cities

Charlie Ward / Evergiven Cargo / Fauci / CDC Fraud! – Must Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News

The Man In Front of the Evergreen Container: You’re Watching History Happen

Simon Parkes Update: Deep State Take Down White Hats** Cargo Vessel Evergreen and More (Video)

Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Over 1,000 Trafficked Kids Found In Shipping Containers On Suez Canal Ship, Ever Given!

Thursday 22 April  2019
Live Fraud in DC Streets

Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill

Children rescued from Underground Hell

David Zublick, Simon Parkes

Lines of Buses with darkened windows were seen taking the children away from their Underground Hell

Adrenochrome Production: Traumatizing and Killing Children

Before It’s News, Monday, April 26, 2021 15:10


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