Joe d’Amato – Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade (1978) (English Dubbed)

Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade (1978) (English Dubbed)

Published 19 March 2022

Ever Intrepid Investigative Reporter Emanuelle, Laura Gemser, is Currently in Africa, Having Tracked Down an Elusive American Gangster, Venantino Venantini. It doesn’t Take That Long for him to Succumb to her Charms and Those of her Friend Susan, Ely Galleani), and he agrees to an Interview. But the Tale doesn’t End There. Emanuelle becomes Intrigued by Another American Character, Francis Harley, Gabriele Tinti, Whom she spies wWhile on this Current Assignment, and she Learns that he’s Involved in the White Slave Trade. Back in America, she Gets into his Good Graces, and begins Working as A Prostitute in A Bordello rRn by Madame Claude, Gota Gobert,. But She could Really be Risking her Neck if the Madame and Others Find Out that She’s Actually A Journalist. and the White Slave Trade and the White Slave Trade


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