Jeroen van Paassen | PLAY room – ACR: A Dutch Tragedy, How Rob Scholte Lost Everything

ACR: A Dutch Tragedy, How Rob Scholte Lost Everything

Gepubliceerd 29 jan 2021

Jeroen van Paassen

The Dutch Andy Warhol, Super Talent Rob Scholte, was Not Only an International Leading Figure in the Arts, but also A Huge Art Collector. He collected from Contemporaries like Peter Klashorst and John Breed, but also the Big Names like Warhol and Jenny Holzer.

More than 8.000 Art Pieces including his Own Artworks. Ten Years Ago he got the Possibility to Establish his Own Museum in the Dying City of Den Helder.

In Den Helder the Royal Dutch Marine has its Headquarters. And after the Fall of the Sovjet Union A Huge Cutback in the Defense Funding had the Navy Reduced to just 40% of its Original Size. Which had A Enormous Impact on the City and All its Bars and Shops, Leaving its City Center Empty.

After Opening of the Rob Scholte Museum People Started to Visit this City Again. And you would expect A Happy End for this Story, But No () it Ended in Tragedy. A Curator Reviews ()

Curator Jeroen van Paassen
Camera Jasmine de Vries


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