Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter – BS was spread by some of you Guys about us being Kidnapped and even Murdered by the Cabal!!!

Janet & Cyntha, June 19th 2021 (foto Telegram)

Bull Shit was spread by some of you Guys about us being Kidnapped and even Murdered by the Cabal!!!

Hello my dear friends, this is Janet ‘speaking‘. To my utter amazement and shock, I noticed – upon opening my PC – that there was sheer panic amongst many of you. Both Cyntha and I received 100’s of PMs begging for a sign of life. Which is totally sweet and lovely, don’t get me wrong. But it wasn’t like we had been gone for weeks, right?

Not just that, a lot of BS was spread by some of you guys about us being kidnapped and even murdered by the Cabal!!! Let me be perfectly clear.
(1) We were NOT kidnapped. NOBODY WANTS US! 😁
(2) We were NOT murdered. We are like WEED that just won’t go away, no matter wat you try. Alright?

We took the liberty to move to the Pyrenees where we are totally remote, safe, away from 5G and Shedding. In order to get there safely, we left our phones behind and used OLD fashioned MAPS instead of SatNav (TomTom), remember, maps made from paper?

Our PCs are fully secured. WE ARE SAFE AND WE WILL REMAIN SAFE.

Now that you can all breathe again, please hear me out. I am shocked by the amounts of EGO’s who took their chances and stepped forward with all sort of BSpersonal information‘. Nobody knew where we lived, so nobody drove by to see if we were OK. There is just one exception, his name is Joost Knevel. He had our address and visited us, as he is our friend and we trust him fully. He does NOT know where we are right now. Nobody knows so nobody can be in danger because of us. Alright?

We did NOT live in Benidorm. Who the heck said that? Have you ever been there? It’s a hell hole! No f…ng way!

If I ever feel in danger I will tell my closest friends, nobody else. Those who are indeed my best friends (FMM and A) know that. They are all Dutch, and they know whom I a referring to. Three of them were very worried, even though they knew we were simply moving house. They were worried because of all the BS on the internet about us being missing. That breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that my best friends were so worried they couldn’t sleep.

So, next time we take the insane liberty of taking a few days off and enjoy the delights of being off line, for the sake of God, CHILL! Alright?

So, all you other guys (you know exactly whom I am referring to) please stop spreading BS and even lies about us, OK? Not good.

And next time, when you think I am missing, please use another photo of me. I look like crap! 😂 And please do spell my name correctly. It’s Janet Ossebaard. Not Jeannet Ossenbard. You would never have found me searching me via that name..

And last but not least: It’s not “Janet, the maker of the Fall of the Cabal, and her friend Cyntha“. It’s “Janet and Cyntha who make the Fall of the Cabal documentaries”. We are co workers and co producers, and yes, we are friends. But she is one hell of a researcher, so please don’t leave her out, alright? This includes all future interviews. It is both us us, or none.

I understand some of you might not like my tone. That’s perfectly alright. I am not here to be politically correct. I am too autistic to even care. I am here to wake people up. That’s it. Don’t turn me into some sort of hero, for I am not. I simply do what I do because it’s all I want to do. The true heroes are out there liberating children. The Special Forces who risk their lives, who cannot un see what hey have seen, the ones who will never sleep again because of it. The true heroes are the Chinese Whistle Blowers who speak up and are subsequently murdered (which they knew in advance). The true heroes are the survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse who have the courage to speak up and name the ones who abused and tortured them, who made them watch as they murdered other children. I pray for them each and every day.

To all you who were genuinely concerned without any ego games: THANK YOU. Thank you for your kindness, thank you for your concern. And please accept my apologies for your worries. We truly are safe and we are currently working on part (15) of the Sequel. It’s gonna be a BLAST! WE LOVE YOU. WWG1WGA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

FallCabal, June 19th 2021


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