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Missing Children’s Statistics

One Missing Child Is One Too Many

The Lack of a Common Definition ofMissing Child,” and a Common Response to the Issue, results in few Reliable Statistics on the Scope of the Problem around the World.

Even with this Challenge, we know that

In Australia, an estimated 20,000 Children are reported Missing every year.
Australian Federal Police, National Coordination Centre.

In Canada, an estimated 45,288 Children are reported Missing each year.
Government of Canada, Canada’s Missing | 2015 Fast Fact Sheet

In Germany, an estimated 100,000 Children are reported Missing each year.
Initiative Vermisste Kinder.

In India, an estimated 96,000 Children go Missing each year.
Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Missing Children of India.

In Jamaica, an estimated 1,984 Children were reporting Missing in 2015.
Jamaica’s Office of Children’s Registry.

In Russia, an estimated 45,000 Children were reported Missing in 2015.
Interview with Pavel Astakhov MIA “Russia Today”, April 4, 2016.

In Spain, an estimated 20,000 Children are reported Missing every year.
Spain Joins EU Hotline for Missing Children, Sep. 22, 2010.

In the United Kingdom, an estimated 112,853 Children are reported Missing every year.
National Crime Agency, United Kingdom Missing Persons Bureau.

In the United States, an estimated 460,000 Children are reported Missing every year.
Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

This, however, is only a snapshot of the Problem. In many countries, Statistics on Missing Children are not even available; and, unfortunately, even available Statistics may be inaccurate due to Under Reporting and Under Recognition, Inflation, Incorrect Database Entry of Case Information, and Deletion of Records once a Case is closed.

The lack of Numbers, and the Discrepancy in the Numbers that do exist, is one of the Key Reasons why ICMEC developed and advocates for the Model Missing Child Framework, which assists Countries with building strong, well rounded National Responses, and facilitates more efficient Investigations, Management, and Resolution of Missing Children cases.

We firmly believe that one Missing Child is one too many, and we are committed to improving the global understanding of and response to Missing and abducted Children.

Missing Children’s Statistics

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The Dark Side of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

Prayer for the Missing Children (foto Facebook)
The ICMEC Board (ffoto SteemIt)


Clinton Mindmap (foto SteemIt)

The ICMEC was formed in 1998 in the Aftermath of the Dutroux Affair and the Massive Cover Up to save High Profile Perpetrators. The Belgium Public was outraged, there were large Protests in the Streets and the only Man making Progress in the Investigation was sacked. (1)

Action was needed to placate the People.

Several Child Protection Agencies sprung up around the World, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) acting as a Template Organization who then founded ICMEC to act as the Head Coordinating Effort. The NCMEC Office is located nearby, also in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Official Launch of ICMEC was made in London 1999, launched by Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair, Wife of Tony Blair.

This Article will attempt to digest many of their Significant Connections which can be backed by Solid Evidence in furtherance of my Goals to preserve such Information cohesively on the Blockchain. This will include the Connections illustrated in the above Clinton Mindmap, as well as valuable additional Information.

Top Mindmap from

Relation to the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

At least two Board Members for ICMEC, Ernie Allen and Elizabeth Bagley, had some Connection to the Madeleine McCann Family and or possibly Madeleine’s Disappearance.

Ernie Allen is the Chairman of ICMEC. His Work got Wall Street and Big Pharma Support for ICMEC. Gerry McCann, Father of Madeleine McCann, personally flew to from Portugal to Washington DC to meet with him in August 2007. Apparently he makes millions from Taxpayers covering up Missing Children Statistics.

Mr Allen is personally raking in nearly one million US Dollars ($ 1.000.000,00) Annually Courtesy of the United States Taxpayer. On the basis of his Center’s Missing Children Statistics, Congress rewarded the American Center with a huge Budget that must be the Envy of every Non Governemental Organization on the Planet, without any Oversight or Preconditions. Yet, were it not for the Pressure being placed on Mr Allen by Members of this Committee, in both Civil and Criminal Proceedings, the American Public and the World Community would still be entirely unaware that they were being misled.

The December 2, 2009 Testimony of Mr Ernie Allen before the Tom Lantos Commission demonstrates that the American Organisations are hiding from the Public their Real Knowledge about the Children they advertise as “Missing“. Mr. Allen’s Recommendation to modify the Federal Definition of ‘Missing Child’ is self serving and does nothing for the little Victims of Missing Child Fraud.
Steel Magnolia at Pact of Silence

In the 2016 Democratic National Committee Email Leaks published by WikiLeaks, Emails from Elizabeth Bagley were discovered revealing her Involvement in manipulating Donor Status to gain access to Influential People. Curiously enough, Bagley was also the Ambassador of Portugal at the time of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Bagley was also a close friend of Hillary Clinton at this time. (2)

Connection to the Podesta Group

John and Tony Podesta (foto SteemIt)

Mission Statement (foto Twitter)

Franz Humer, Chairman of Diageo and Roche and Member of the Board for ICMEC, paid the Podesta Group millions of dollars for over 10 years between 1998 and 2010. (3)

Mike Denoma, Director for ICMEC, paid the Podesta Group over $ 1 million dollars between 2011 and 2015. Göran Ando, also a Director for ICMEC, paid the Podesta Group $ 1,780,000 between 2004 and 2012. (4)

In addition, Corporate Sponsors of ICMEC also paid over $34 million to the Podesta Group for Lobbying. (5)

I have mentioned in a previous Steemit article that the Podesta Group has a notorious History of Fighting against Human Rights.

Connection to David Brock and Hillary Clinton

Have You Seen Me? (foto Pinterest)

Itemized Receipt for Jeff Koons (foto Steemit)

Correct the Record paid Jeff Koons, previously mentioned Child Molester and Board Member for ICMEC, $ 50,000 in June of 2016 according to their Securities and Exchange Commission Filing, seen here on Page 9. Correct the Record, as we know, was an Army of Paid Trolls founded by David Brock which worked on behalf of the Clinton Presidential Campaign in 2016.

Connection to Palantir

Alexander Karp, Co Founder of Palantir alongside Peter Thiel, has also worked closely with NCMEC and Palantir is even used by NCMEC directly. (6)

Karin Knox of Palantir is also on the record as stating

Take our work with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), which uses Palantir to sift through Mountains of Data, identifying leads to help find Missing Children in the moments that matter, bust Child Porn Rings and solve Cold Cases.”

Sounds like progress, right? NCMEC themselves claims to have assisted in the Recovery of more than 208,000 Children. (7)

That, however, has been over the Course of 32 Years.

Conclusions and the real effectiveness of ICMEC | NCMEC

Missing Children (foto NCMEC)
99 out of 100 Times (foto

The Issue is Non Family Abductions & Attemps (foto NCMEC)

According to NCMEC, in 2016 alone they assisted more than 20,500 Cases of Missing Children, 90% of which were “Endangered Runaways“. Only 4% of those Cases were Non Family abductions, lost, or “critically missing”. For all their resources, NCMEC investigated only 820 such cases.

Contrast this with the Statistics of the National Human Trafficking Hotline where in 2016 alone 7,572 Cases of Human Trafficking were reported which were mostly Cases of Sex Trafficking and about a third of which were Children. (8) In reality, this gives us about 2,271 Children who were reported to have been exploited in 2016 alone.

Furthermore, contrast these Statistics with an ABC Report NCMEC themselves stated that “roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States.” (9)

Lastly, compare all these to a Report published in 2001 by the University of Pennsylvania titled Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the US Canada and Mexico which describes that as many as 1.8 million Children are at Risk of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. (10)

The shocking Data Tables can be seen below and even conservatively dwarf any Efforts by the NCMEC.

Richard J Estes & Neil Alan Weiner – The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in US, Canada and Mexico, University of Pennsylvania, September 2001

In addition to the Scandal surrounding Ernie Allen, it would seem that ICMEC | NCMEC has an agenda for downplaying the Reality of the Number of Missing and Exploited Children around the world. Notable Researchers like William Craddick have long ago pointed out that NCMEC is likely an Organization who’s motives should be put into question. The Information presented here, however, and taken in its Totality, leaves little Margin for Error in this Judgement. After all

You don’t need a Weatherman to know which way the Wind blows.”
Robert Zimmerman AKA Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues

Published 9 okt. 2015

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As soon as one reads “Hillary Clinton” and “Podesta” in relation to Children, the Conclusion is seriously negative. It isn’t called the Clinton Crime Family for nuttin.

The Correlations between the Subjects are astounding. Who’d have thunk all these Groups were just this cozy? And we’re still just on the Surface.

The official Story is that the ICMEC was created in response to the Dutroux Affair but I believe it was created to Control and Cover for Elite Sexual Predation of Children in the Dutroux Affair and Beyond.

Baron Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer (ICMEC’s First President, Belgian Banker and ICMEC Board of Directors). Mr Cardon was closely connected to many of the People who were named in the Dutroux Affair.

How is this accomplished?

Legislation and Police Training (Research at the Koons Family Institute)

International Database for Missing Children at the ICMEC, NCMEC, Amber Alert, and International Organizations (Database can be used to track, locate, target Children, control Information regarding Missing Children, can keep Track of Investigations and steer Directions of Investigations)

Provides Plausible Deniability for Perpetrators – upstanding Figures of High Society who are ‘Champions for Children‘ – Hiding in Plain Sight

At least this is my Working Theory concerning the Organization.

NCMEC (Tracking Software)

NCMEC and Big Pharma

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