Infowars | Alex Jones – David Icke & Adam Curry destroy The New World Order, Oktober 1, 2022 + Project Camelot | Kerry Cassidy – Key Excerpts from A Source

David Icke & Adam Curry destroy The New World Order, Oktober 1, 2022

First published October 2nd, 2022, 05:41 UTC



Get Wise to Whats Going Down, People. A Lot of People have been Warning of the iLLUMiNATi for Decades, but they are Right in the Middle of Making their Transitional Move from the Shadows of 1963 to Full Dictatorial Power in the 21st Century. Its A Multi Generational Organization that spans what will Likely prove to be Centuries. I m sure you ll heard the Joseph Biden ‘Speech‘, it was an iLLUMiNATi Message to the People of the United States.

They dont want us To Be Free Any Longer and will be Attempting to Remove our Freedoms under the Guise of ‘Safety’. They will try to Take Away your Freedom in the Name of ‘Safety‘, it worked for Adolf Hitler, and if you havent Noticed these People are Osing the Same Play Book because THEY ARE THE SAME PEOPLE. Safe from APandemic‘ () Safe from Crazy People with Guns by taking yours away even though you are A Law Abiding Citizen. Safe from Monkeypox, Safe from () Fill In the Blank. The People behind this Biden Speech are under the Same Direction as the High Level Officers who escaped Nazi Germany. Listen to his Speech as if you are Watching an Old 1939 Speech from Hitler () its the Same Message of Hate and Division. Biden is Spelling out Whats to Come in the Near Future. If you were in 1939 Germany, what would you do if you were Still lying under the Radar Undetected? Leave the Country? Join the Nazi Party? Start an Underground Resistance Movement and sabotage Trains? I think People need to Really Think about this Speech and what he’s saying as its Going in A Definite Direction that will Start Playing Out in Less than A Year. The Problem is this Group of Anti Human Criminals Just dont have the Numbers to Really Pull Off what they are Trying to Do, hence the Need to Depopulate and Exactly Why all the Propaganda and Disinformation. They were Banking on Depopulating USA with the Vaccine and Pushing for Gun Legislation to Remove Firearms from the Public thats Left to Fight, but Both Measures have ailed. Plan B for them is Shutting Down the Food Sources, while at the Same Time Instigating Civil Wars Worldwide in Hopes of it Turning into A Major World War on Several Fronts. The Deep State’s Plan is Full and 100% Complete Digital Social and Economic Surveillance World Wide and the United States with the Millions of Guns in Citizen Hands is Whats Standing in the Way. If USA falls the World Falls. The Stakes are High. Step Back and realize the Wealth of Natural Resources of USA. Think of Every Country that would Love to Gain Control of those Resources and See USA Destroyed. Better Yet, find A Solid Ally to USA in the World Right Now, if thats Possible. USA has Never been Weaker Due to Treasonous Traitors Who are Supposed to be Serving our Country as Elected Officials, and this makes us look like Wounded Prey on A World Stage of Starving Lions. Before All Hell breaks Loose, I think we can Expect an Attempted Crackdown (who knows the Extent of it at this Point) of Trump Supporters or as Dictator Brandon calls it, MAGA supporters, as we are Starting to See. Expect Continued Harassment from the FBI and IRS of nyone Not in Agreement with the Status Quo and I‘m guessing that will Trickle Down to Anyone Who refused the Vax, or the Likely Next Vax that will be Coming for the ‘Next‘ Pandemic. Expect at Least One Attempted Political Assassination if Not Several within the Next Year, and that includes Brandon Biden, So they can Replace him with A Dictator More Proactive to the Cause and has No Hesitance using Brutal Force to show the People the New ‘Order‘. I think they are going to Introduce Even More Surveillance Tools as CCP China has like Major Cities using 5G for Contact Tracing, Not to Mention A Social Credit Score and the Introduction of A World Digital Currency that is Directly Connected to it All from A Digital Implanted Chip, A Mandatory Thing if you want to Participate in the New Digital World (…) Yet Nobody seems to Connect Deep Underground Military bases (DUMB‘s) and How it plays in. The iLLUMiNATi could Pull Off A Nuclear War with the Plan of living in DUMBS until it is Safe Again. They have done So Much Genetic Experimenting Down There, who knows Whats Really Going On? Cloning? Human Hybrids? Hybrids with What? From What Planet? What if A Transhuman Super Cyber Race has been Designed for War and is brought to the Surface with High Tech Weaponry on Top of their Genetic Superiority? We are at A Place in History that seems to be Spelling Out ‘Mark of the Beast‘ () and its All Biblical. Get Right with God. If you were Born to exist in this Time you are One of the Chosen ()

God’s Most Powerful Warriors of All Time Eternity Proven throughout History (…) brought into Existence in this Time to Fight the Last Good Fight. In Luke 22:36 Jesus says, “Let the one who has No Sword sell his Cloak and buy One.” I think the Next Few Years are Going to be So over the Top it would be Hard to Believe if you were Reading it () unless you were There and lived through it.


Key Excerpts from A Source

Currently, there are 57 Underground Bases and Bunkers around the United States that are in Use for Various Purposes. There are 439 Bunkers in the Entire World. ALL of these Bunkers and Bases are Controlled and Maintained by the iLLUMiNATi. The Largest Underground Bunker is in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Some People that Stayed in these Bunkers

Leon Trotsky

After Joseph Stalin defeated Trotsky and Secured Power in the Soviet Union following Vladimir Lenin’s Death, Trotsky was Moved to an Underground Bunker Just inside Switzerland.

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was NOT Murdered by John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln was Placed in the Office of Presidency as A Pawn. The iLLUMiNATi knew that if he was Elected then the South would Secede. The Civil War made the North Very, Very Rich.

Saddam Hussein

Hussein was in Power in Iraq Merely to Raise Justification for Invasion by the United States and Other Nations. Many of you are Already Familiar with What I have Said about the Plans to Entirely Take Over the Middle East and to Secure the Oil that is Currently Untapped.


You All know about the HAARP Machine Conspiracy. It is Real. I can Assure You. The Machine is Housed Entirely in A Bunker that is Underwater in the Pacific Ocean. This Machine was Developed Back in the 1980’s, and was First used in the Late Nineties. This machine has Capability of Creating Any Natural Disaster that the iLLUMiNATi wish to Create
Another Thing that is Housed in these Bunkers are Drugs.
Multiple Bunkers are Also Equipped to Serve as Crematories.
Yet More of these Bunkers contain Robots that are Designed and Ready to Infiltrate the Workplace in the Case of A Labor Shortage.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is Not Who he Says he is. For Years he has been Working to Uncover the Secrets of the iLLUMiNATi and The New World Order, but Yet he is A Member of the Former, and will be in Power in the Latter. Jones has been Placed in the World of Conspiracy Theories to Feed False Information, to Throw Trackers Off the Trail.

Moon Landing

The Moon Landing in 1969 was Real, but there was A Moon Landing Seven Years Earlier that was the First Real Landing. In Truth, the Russians were the First Ones to Land on the Moon; However, they did Not Publicize the Mission nor the Results.
While on the Moon, the American Astronauts began the First Construction of Nuclear Missile Sites on the Moon.
These Nuclear Missile Sites have been Added onto over the Years by Way of Subsequent Moon Missions and Work by Remote Control Robots. The Purpose of these Missile Sites is the Ability to Launch Nuclear Missiles without the Risk of Tracing the Missiles Back to A Particular Country.
Scientists working for the iLLUMiNATi have Found A Way that they can “Shut” Off the Sun. A Weapon has been Created that shoot A Beam of High Density Radiation Right into the Heart of A Planet or Star. This Beam of Radiation penetrates through the Planet creating A Very Large Cylinder in the Exact Middle of it.

North America

Warren Buffett is Most Likely the Head of All iLLUMiNATi Operations. Followed by Ben Bernanke, Followed by Lloyd Blankfein who is CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Europe and Africa

Nicolas Sarkozy is the Main Guy. He controls the Majority of the Operations in Europe and Africa.

Middle East

The Middle East is Controlled Largely by Benjamin Netanyahu which should Not Come as Much of A Surprise. Netanyahu does Not have as Much Control as you would Think However. As I have stated Before, Israel is the Grand Puppet State of the iLLUMiNATi.

I Was in the iLLUMiNATi I’m Going to Tell You EverythingShocking Expose

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