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Revealed: Hitler in Argentina (foto YouTube)

Revealed: Adolf Hitler in Argentina

Published 24 dec. 2012

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Producers Statement
In the last four years, 1.3 Million viewers watched our Revealed: Hitler in Argentina trailer on YouTube.
We planned to complete this documentary film by the end of 2016 and release it worldwide, as we thought every person on earth should be allowed access to the unbelievable testimonies and documents we have gathered in our 13 years of research.

We received close to 2,500 comments on YouTube, in addition to thousands of emails, phone calls and posted letters. Many of those expressed interest in our work, however the majority of comments came from another direction: Hitler fans, neo Nazis, Holocaust deniers or simply Jew hating individuals, many of them calling for the immediate release of the film. Those voices have multiplied and intensified in the last year. After long deliberations, we decided not to continue our work on this film. As much as we want this story out, we cannot live with the feeling that we may have provided pride or satisfaction to such individuals.

For us the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust are not just our national history, but also a private one. With the new voices coming from Germany and elsewhere, we feel that it is not the time to tell this story.
Thank you for your interest in REVEALED. Maybe one day it will come out.


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