Gareth Harris – Maurizio Cattelan presents a banana priced at $ 120,000 + Jim Stone – What if all “liberal art” is just a way to receive a payoff? + Hard time believing the “banana” art story is not satire

Maurizio Cattelan presents first new work for a fair in 15 years – and it is a banana priced at $ 120,000

The piece of fruit taped to a wall at Art Basel in Miami Beach “offers insight into how we assign worth“, Perrotin gallery says.

The maverick Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is showing a new “sculpture” at Art Basel Miami Beach – the first new piece he has offered at a fair in more than 15 years – comprising just a banana attached to the wall with grey duct tape. The work “offers insight [into] how we assign worth and what kind of objects we value”, according to a statement from Perrotin gallery, which is showing the found object assemblage.

Cattelan developed the idea a year ago when he began thinking of creating a sculpture shaped like a banana. “He made several models: first in resin, then in bronze and in painted bronze before finally coming back to the initial idea of a real banana,” the gallery says. It added that the fruit on display was “locally sourced” from a grocery store in Miami. The work, an edition of three with two artist’s proofs, is aptly titled Comedian and is priced at $ 120,000.

Interested collectors should note, however, that there are no precise instructions for the the work’s long-term care. “If the banana moulds, a decision on that will be made on site,” the gallery says.

UPDATE (4 December): Dealer Emmanuel Perrotin tells us: “The first edition of the banana was sold at 1:15PM. Edition two sold at 3:30PM and we are in discussion for edition three with a museum. Maurizio is seriously back.”

The Art Newspaper, 4th December 2019, 10:12 GMT

What if all that “liberal art” that makes no sense at all is just a way to receive a payoff?

Book deals” are a well known front for stuffing corrupt morons with cash, every well known leftist gets an outrageous “book deal” that pays in full even if nothing sells, and now, a new item has taken the cake:

In “liberal art” land, some moron who obviously was only receiving a payoff for something took three bananas to the museum, taped them to the wall one at a time with a $ 120, 000 price tag each, and sold all three.

I don’t know why this stuff is not investigated, there’s absolutely no question the banana trick was fronted for a payoff. Normal bananas. That would spoil in less than a week. $ 120, 000 each. YEP.

I tried to see if this was satire and evidently it is not, “art” is now clearly being used as a front for payoffs, be real careful of what you take seriously!

Jim Stone, December 3th, 2019

I have a hard time believing the “banana” art story is not satire

I looked it over as closely as could be expediently done and it does not appear to be satire. Perhaps Snopes might be useful for something, I wonder what they’ll say about it if they bring it up.

Jim Stone, December 5th, 2019

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