G Edward Griffin – Interview Norman Dodd on the Reece Committee Investigation

Interview Norman Dodd on the Reece Committee Investigation

Published 30 mrt 2020


G Edward Griffin interviews Norman Dodd, who was the Congressional Director of Research for the Reece Committee, 1953 – 1954. In 1953, Congress tasked Republic Carroll Reece with Establishing and Directing A Congressional Investigative Committee to Investigate the Activities of the Major Wall Street Tax Exempt Foundations, Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller, On the Ground of Suspicions of Subversion.

The Reece Committee was Thus Created. The Committee‘s Investigation involved Numerous Interviews and the Thorough Study of these Foundations’ Private Records, On Site. It Determined the Foundations’ Activities to be Un American and Subversive, and to Consist of the Use of Propaganda, Influence and Grant Making Power to Control the Channels of Social Influence, Media, Advertising, et Cetera and, Thus, Public Opinion, but Also to Control Education, and to Infiltrate Institutions and Co Opt Nexuses of Power.

A Key Aspect in All This was the Debasement of Education and its Transformation into A Vehicle of Indoctrination. Also Essential, the Use of Social Influence and Institutional Power to Advance Socialist Legislation and Globalist Policies, As Well as to Bring About the Incremental Destitution of Congress, it Being the Truly Representative Body of Government, and the Simultaneous Empowerment of the Executive Branch towards Semi Autocratic Standards. After All, it’s Easier to Run the Government When Most Power is Concentrated in the Executive, and you Covertly Run the Executive, and the President, from Behind the Scenes.

The Declared Aim was to Create A Silent, Non Bloody Revolution in the United States.

The Purpose was Also, Ostensibly, to Degrade and Debase the Population to Make Them More Manageable and Controllable. If You’re Debased and Dissolute You Won’t Care about the Take Over of Society, Won’t Stand for Principle, and Won’t Join with Others to Fix Stuff. You will, In Fact, Help Take Down the Fabric of Society by Means of Inept, Degraded Inter Personal Behavior. Also, if the Focus of your Concerns is Whether You Feel Good, Special and Cool, Have Nice Things for Your Self, et Cetera, then You’re Easily Controlled by Those Who have the Power to Either Give you Candy, or to Chastise and Punish You. You’re Fit for Social Control, and that’s What these Foundation Characters Knew.

Yet, there was More. As Rowan Gaither, the Director of the Ford Foundation, Explained to Norman Dodd «All of Us Here have At One Time or Another Served in the OSS [the Office of Strategic Services, Forerunner of the CIA], or the European Economic Administration, Operating under Directives from the White House. We [still] Operate under those Same Directives. The Substance of the Directives under Which we Operate is that We should Use our Grant Making Power to So Alter Life in the United States that we can Be Comfortably Merged with the Soviet Union». The “Merger of the United States with the Soviet Union

Gaither Alludes to Occurs at Two Levels. First, it Refers to Merging Capitalist Democracy with the Paradigm of the Socialist Controlled Society to Create A Form of Technocratic, Corporate Fascism, What we’ve Gradually Been Going Into for the Last Decades, Pace Now Speeding Big Time. But it Also Refers to What has since Become Known as “Convergence”, to Literally Converge the US and the Soviet Union, Along with the Rest of the World, into A Standardized System of World Governance, One that will Eventually Be Run by A Socialist World Government, On Behalf of A High Oligarchic Elite.

Read the Reece Committee Report. Go to http://www.americandeception.com/index.php. Type InReece Committee” in the Search Box, and You’ll Get the Links for the Report PDF Files, Each PDF contains A Section of the Report.

In Addition to this Interview, you should Also Read Professor Carroll Quigley’s Writings, “Tragedy and Hope” and “The Anglo American Establishment”. Professor Quigley, Being Somewhat of an In House Historian for the Old Anglo American Aristocratic and Mercantile Dynasties that Run the US, What may Loosely Be Termed the Establishment, Describes their Agenda for the World, Whom he Personally Advocated. He Also Describes their Vast Institutional and Organizational Networks, Extending from Finance Banking to Commercial Banking, and Then to Industry, to Politics and to Civil Society, and Including the Big Wall Street Foundations. He Lets you Know How these Networks are Organized to Fulfill the General Oligarchical Policies and Agendas that Emanate from Establishment Circles. Everything Norman Dodd Mentions in this Interview is Validated in Professor Quigley’s Books.

You should Also Read Charlotte Iserbyt’s Work on the Foundations’ Role on the Debasement of Education. Charlotte was Senior Policy Advisor for the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan and is an Accomplished Author on the Use of Education and the Social Sciences to Subvert and Degrade Populations. Her Essential Bestseller is “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”.


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