Front Nieuws – Side Effect “Spinning Death”? Panic for the Invisible before People Die in Convulsions

Several Screen Shots of the Incidents where People react in Panic to Invisible Things and then  collapse in Convulsions (foto Front Nieuws)

Side EffectSpinning Death”? Panic for the Invisible before People Die in Convulsions

The Short Agony of Death seems Agonizing. Especially on the Internet Platform Twitter, Sudden and Unexpected Deaths have been Collected for Weeks under the TermSpinning Death”. Of Course One has to be Careful, because the Place and Time of the Incidents are Rarely Documented. The Incidents focus on People who see Something Threatening Next to or Behind Them, Fight it Briefly, and then Collapse in Convulsions and Appear to Die, reports

Is it Cerebral Infarction, id est Malnutrition of the Brain due to Thrombosis, or is it Another Phenomenon? The Videos Circulating under the TitleSpinning Death” are Shocking and Disturbing. Just Yesterday, A New Video Surfaced that was Allegedly Shot in a Korean Pub. A Few Young People are Sitting Together, Talking and Having Fun. They are Broadcast Live on the Internet. Suddenly A Young Man behind Him seems to Notice Something. He turns, before Falling Uncontrollably to the Ground. His Colleagues thought it was A Joke at First, but then became Very Concerned. The Man Reportedly Died after this Incident. We could Not Research A Place or Time for This.

Many Such Incidents have become Public in Recent Weeks and Months. We have Collected Them for You. Many of Them come from Asia. Sometimes the Bizarre Scenes resemble Something from A Fantasy Series, where the Main Characters are Attacked by Unseen Ghosts and Demons. They desperately defend themselves against the Invisible Danger. It is More Likely that One Half of the Brain stops Functioning Due to A Lack of Blood and therefore Oxygen. It can be Hallucinations, but also Unilateral Spasms. There is No Evidence that All of These People have Previously Received One or More of the So CalledCorona Vaccinations”, but Given that we know Global Vaccination Rates, such A Connection cannot be Ruled Out.

Translation by Frontnieuws, 2022

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Front Nieuws

My Body is Not Owned by the State. I have Soleand Exclusive Autonomy over My Bodyand No Politician, Official or Doctor has theLegal or Moral Right to Force me to Undergo an Unlicensed, Experimental Vaccine or Any Other Medical Treatment or Procedure without My Specific and Informed Consent. The Decision is Mine and Mine Alone and I will Not Submit to Blackmail by the Governmentor Emotional Manipulation by the Media, So Called Celebrity Influencers or Rutte.


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Front Nieuws, November 29, 2022


It’s a pity that all these people probably fell for the syringe.

As humans, we can only see a small part of the bandwidth of the entire spectrum. Our senses are limited. It seems that all these persons who ascend just before they die and suddenly have a much higher consciousness and register much more than is normally the case. They suddenly see the unseen world as if a veil has been lifted from it.
The people in the examples are anxious about whether they want to fight something that comes their way. Invisible evil entities or demons that we cannot see but can see them. Those mRNA syringes are the devil’s work – that’s for sure.

Wherever those elite and globalists live there is evil within their walls so they can’t help but follow the path they have created until the end of their miserable life then first comes their reckoning which will not be tender that’s why they try as long as possible to live in their old shriveled bodies just look at what they all do to look a little youthful “children’s blood etc.” The gates on earth that were largely closed regarding demons are now wide open so our fight will have to be to remain a bright spot and a pure soul in these dark times.

Dimmer November 29, 2022 at 09:03
A comment on Nehemiah.
Experienced a few times with a loved one that they saw something before they died and grabbed something. Spinning Death is also new to me. But I certainly believe in the story of Nehemiah

There is definitely more between heaven and earth than we register in everyday life.

Antichrist Is in the Vatican
I can attest to this as an expert by experience.

With what I see around me I wonder who is crazy?

I don’t think that a cocktail of vaccines that have been cobbled together in record time and whose effects have never been studied per vaccine over a longer period of time is pure Russian roulette for anyone who has this in their blood!
Time will tell.
I can only give one opinion, it is a biological war against the people.

Misunderstanding Patrick, the “vaccines” have not been cobbled together in record time. But have been deliberately prepared many years ago. Self-assembling graphene oxide nanoparticles were also known around 2000. It was just waiting for the right time to implement it and bring it into humanity. That has been going on for a few years now, while it is not excluded that humanity has also received this rubbish through other channels before.

Agree, that WEF and co-perpetrators just needed time to organize it globally. And see, right … Trudeau, Merkel, Rutte, Macron etc all in the run of the global leaders. Pre-trained and instructed and the technology has now been improved and implemented (G5, Digital world currency, cash gone and much more) they are now busy rolling out. There is no turning back except for a millimeter. One more time everyone wins the elections and the job is done.

Whatever one may think of it. In this short video we see a few possessed people and also a possessed girl being subjected to exorcism. She is also asked questions about the mRNA vaccines and whether there is magic involved. In the video they changed the word vaccine to pharmacy because there is a lot of censorship on internet platforms regarding the vaccines. The answers it gives them are staggering and certainly food for thought. You can clearly see that the girl has been taken over by a dark entity that speaks through her. Judge yourself.

Antichrist Is in the Vatican
People who know how to exorcise demons risk the chance of being locked up. This says enough I think.

If they can carry out their work in political The Hague, they will still be busy for the next ten years.

Antichrist Is in the Vatican
When this is handled skillfully, it can be done in a shorter time… They will not want to cooperate, hence the word ‘skillful’

Can compare it to DMT effects that are released when people are dying….

I think this is the same as mad cow disease.

Something in it, at least with the same symptoms.

Just like meningitis in sheep. They also go round in circles with the head tilted upwards to the back.

Ronjas press
The satanic globalist elite who are behind those deadly corona vaccinazis. They call the liquid in the vaccinazis luciferase, the patent number is 060606.

There you have it. Lucifer is Satan and 666

Why does this always happen with those slit eyes? Maybe I ate 1 snake too many???

I’ve also seen it in people who didn’t have slit eyes


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