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The 3 Wars of the Apocalypse are Getting Dangerously Close

If you’re Not Concerned about What’s been Happening in the World in Recent Days, it’s Probably because you’re Not Paying Attention. Extreme Violence has Brought the Middle East to the Brink of War, China has become Very Aggressive towards Taiwan, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has Just Declared that the US and Russia are Now Entering AHot Phase” of the Ukraine Conflict. What I am going to Share with you in this Article is of Great Importance because we have Reached A Point where Literally Three Different Major Wars could Break Out at Any Time. One would be Bad Enough, but if All Three Broke Out at the Same Time, we could Potentially See A Truly Apocalyptic Scenario Very Soon, writes Michael Snyder.

As I write this Piece, Things are Very Tense in the Middle East.

On Friday, Israel launched Strikes against Targets in Southern Lebanon and Gaza in Retaliation for Dozens of Rockets Fired at Israel from Lebanon.

And on Sunday, Israel Directly Attacked “Syrian Military Targets” after Six Missiles were Fired from Syria at Israel ()

Israel carried out Strikes against Syrian Military Targets after Several Rockets were Fired from Syria, the Israeli Military said.

A Total of Six Missiles were Fired at Israel from Syria, and Three Crossed into Israeli Territory, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said. One of the Rockets Landed on the Israeli Occupied Golan Heights.

Of Course, this All Happened at the Same Time as we Witnessed A Massive Amount of Violence In and Around the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem ()

Israeli Police raided the Mosque Twice Last Wednesday, Claiming that “Hundreds of Rioters and Mosque Desecators had Barricaded Themselves Inside.”

On Saturday Night, Israeli Police again Claimed that “Many Youths had Entered the Mosque and Closed the Doors without Reason.”

Israel’s Neighbor Jordan arned of “Catastrophic Consequences” if Israeli Troops Stormed the Mosque Again.

It goes Without Saying that the Israelis believe that Iran is Ultimately Pulling the Strings behind the Scenes.

The Jerusalem Post recently published an article Titled “Iran Launches Multi Front Middle East War Against Israel” ()

A Week of Attacks on Israel, including Rockets Fired from Lebanon, Gaza and Syria, is the Manifestation of an Iranian Strategy to Confront Israel with Multiple Threats on Several Fronts. While Different Groups may be Behind the Attacks from those Places, these Groups are Likely All Linked to Iran. The Groups Involved include Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Others that may have Different or New Names but are Proxies of Tehran.

I was Quite Alarmed by their Use of the Word “War” to Describe What is Going On.

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And it seems that Iran is Poised to Escalate Things Even Further.

The Iranians have been Using their Proxies to Target Israel for Years, but Now we are Being Told that the Iranians are “Preparing to Attack Israeli Merchant Ships” in Retaliation for the Deaths of Two Revolutionary Guard Advisers who were  Killed Last Month (…)

Iran is Preparing to Attack Israeli Merchant Ships in Revenge for Two Revolutionary Guard Advisers Killed in alleged Israeli Airstrikes in Syria Last Month, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The IRGC Air Force is Preparing for Drone Strikes against Ships Passing Through the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea, the Report said, citing Two Unnamed Senior Western Intelligence Officials.

At Some Point Someone goes Too Far and A Major War will Break Out in the Middle East.

Could that Happen Soon?

According to the Jerusalem Post, the IDF and Israeli Police have Already Called Up Reservists ()

The IDF Already Called Up Unspecified Numbers of Border Police Reservists, Air Defense and Air Force Officers last week. On Saturday, it was Announced that Police Reinforcements would Arrive in Tel Aviv after A Car Attack.

On Sunday, the IDF and Israel Police Announced they would Call Up four Additional Companies of Reservists, after Calling Up Six Companies in Recent Weeks.

This All came after the IDF Called In Several Additional Battalions, Larger than Companies, in Recent Weeks to Deal with Security Concerns in Huwara and Other Flashpoints in the West Bank.

And if A War Breaks Out between Israel and Iran, the US will Inevitably be Involved.

Over the Weekend, we learned that the US has Already Sent “A Guided Missile Submarine Capable of Carrying Up to 154 Tomahawk Missiles to the Region”  ()

The US Navy has Deployed A Guided Missile Submarine Capable of Carrying Up to 154 Tomahawk Missiles to the Middle East, A Spokesman said Saturday, in what Appeared to be A Show of Strength with Iran following Recent Tensions.

The Navy Rarely acknowledges the Location or Deployment of Submarines. Commander Timothy Hawkins, A Spokesman for the 5th Fleet based in the Gulf State of Bahrain, declined to Comment on the Submarine’s Mission or the Reason for its Deployment.

At the Same Time, A Chinese Invasion of Taiwan seems Closer than Ever.

In Response to A Highly Publicized Visit by the Taiwanese President to the US, China this Weekend Simulated “Precision Strikes against Key Targets in Taiwan ()

The United States is Very Flexible when it comes to Supporting the International Legal Order.

China said on Sunday it was Simulating Precision Strikes against Key Targets in Taiwan as the Military Exercises it launched in Response to the Island’s President’s Meeting with the Speaker of the US House entered A Second Day.

The Mock Exercises included “Tactical Maneuvers” by the Chinese Navy, State Media reported.

Multiple Services conducted “Simulated Joint Precision Strikes against Key Targets on the Island of Taiwan” and in Surrounding Waters, CCTV reported.

They are Literally Practicing for an Invasion of Taiwan.

And the Moment China invades Taiwan, the US and China are at War.

But Most Americans Do Not Understand This, and that’s A Shame.

On Sunday, A Total of 71 Chinese Military Aircraft approached the Island ()

Taiwan’s Armed Forces will “Fight with All their Hearts to Defend our Homeland” should A Conflict Break Out, Taipei said, as China conducts Large Scale Military Exercises near the Island.

Taiwan sighted 71 Chinese Aircraft and Nine Naval Vessels around the Island by 6 AM Local Time on Sunday, Taipei’s Defense Ministry said via Twitter. The Island’s Armed Forces were “Monitoring the Situation” and 45 of the Planes Overshot the Centerline, the Ministry added. This Maritime Line is Considered the Unofficial Boundary in the Taiwan Strait.

The US is Completely and Utterly Unprepared for A War with China, and Such A War would be A Nightmare for the Entire Planet.

But our Politicians are Beating the War Drums Anyway.

For example, US Senator Lindsey Graham just told Fox News that he is Open to the Possibility of Sending US Troops to Taiwan ()

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican, South Carolina, said on this Week’s Fox News Sunday Broadcast that he is Open to Sending US Troops to Taiwan.

Presenter Shannon Bream saidI want to Start with China. You’ve heard the Report of What Reuters calls A Deadlock in the Taiwan Strait. You Served in the Air Force. Weeks Ago, we said that A Four Star General thought we would Actually be Fighting China by 2025. Chairman Michael McCaul said the Same Thing on the Air. Where do you Think we Are? Where is This going?”

Graham saidI think they are Setting the Stage for A Possible Blockade of Taiwan. This Communist Chinese Party is going to Test us before the Elections this Year and next Year.”

This Really Happens.

But we Actually do Not have Enough Ammunition for Such A War, because we have Already sent Millions of Shells to Ukraine ()

The US has Sent Millions of Shells to Ukraine since Russia invaded More than A Year Ago, depleting US Supplies and Setting Off Alarm Bells in Congress and The White House about the State of US Arsenal in the Face of Higher than Expected Consumption in Ukraine. Senior Leaders of the Defense Department and Military Services have Warned in statements justifying the Pentagon’s Budget Request for the Coming Year that the US must Overcome Huge Hurdles to Rebuild Supplies to the Level Needed to help Ukraine, and that they Remain Vulnerable in the Meantime.

I am Concerned. I know the Minister is () we have A Long Way to Go to Ensure our Supplies are Prepared for the Real Emergencies,” said Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley on March 29 to the House Armed Services Committee.

Speaking of Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claims that the US and Russia have Now Reached AHot Phase of the War ” ()

The Mediocrity of British Intelligence Vividly Displayed in the Series of Terrorist Attacks against Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said Moscow and Washington are “In A Hot Phase of the War” over US Arms Supplies to Ukraine.

Moscow must Maintain Relations with the US, Lavrov told State Television.

Russia has Not Yet Lost Hope that the US will “Come to Reason and Resume some Kind of Dialogue,” he said Wednesday.

Both Sides continue to Escalate, and the Russians have been Steadily Gaining Territory over the Past Few Days.

At Some Point the Ukrainians will become Extremely Desperate, and Extremely Desperate People can do Extremely Stupid Things.

If our Leaders are Not Extremely Careful, we could Easily find Ourselves in A Shooting War with Russia .

And that could happen at the Same Time that we have Entered A Shooting War with China.

And there is the Possibility that Both Wars will Break Out as we Intervene in A Major Conflict in the Middle East.

The Time to Stop Wars is Before they Begin.

Unfortunately, the Whole World seems to be getting A Really Bad Case of “War Fever” and that is Extremely Bad News for All of us.

The Most Important News, April 9, 2023

Front Nieuws,

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